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Match.com Review

Match.com Review
About Site
Active Audience 62%
Quality Matches 92%
Popular Age 20-40
Profiles 300 000
Reply Rate 90%
Ease of Use 9.8
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Massive user base
  • Large LGBT community
  • Intuitive features
  • Detailed profiles
  • Competitively priced
  • Not for hookups
  • Cannot start a conversation as a free user
  • Incognito only for premium users
  • No way to tell if someone is a premium user
  • The search system can be confusing, especially for new users

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The fact that online dating becomes so popular should be no surprise to anyone. People could get connected and chat whenever they want from the comfort of their own home is a very appealing prospect. Plus, virtual dating takes away the awkwardness associated with first encounters that often ruin many people’s dates. It allows everyone a chance to get to know each other in a comfortable environment.

Match.com is a dating platform that strives to connect all singles all over the world. With over 25 years of experience, Match.com aims to provide the best online dating experience ever. So, how do they match up to other dating providers? Let’s find out.

When Was Match.Com Founded?

This dating platform was officially launched in 1995. In other words, they have over 20 years of experience in the online dating industry.

When Was Match.Com Founded

Who Owns Match.Com?

IAC owns Match, a dating platform in a network of dating sites known as Match Group.

Registration & Profile

Next up, let us discuss how one could register on Match. They keep things very straightforward. It should take you no longer than 5 minutes. Simply go to match.com, and users will be greeted with a friendly and professional-looking page. We will discuss the usability and overall aesthetic later.

On this page, users will find a simple form. Here, you will have to provide the following information:

  • Email address
  • Date of birth
  • Zip Code
  • Sexual preference
  • Username
  • Password

After providing all of these details, users will be taken to their profile, where they should offer additional personal information to complete their profiles. Users will also be prompted to write a short bio. You’re only allowed to write 100 characters, though, so get creative.

Finally, users should upload their profile pictures. Since they don’t have a team to monitor and approve all uploaded photos, you can upload any images you want. Even so, that does not mean users can upload whatever they please. How you present yourself determines your success on Match, and your profile picture is one way to do this.

A highlight in this entire process is that there is no email verification. Users do not have to verify their identity at all. They can just log in and get started immediately after creating an account. We consider this to be a neat feature since people don’t have to dig up their spam folder to find that verification email.

We understand that the lack of verification poses a security problem later down the line, but there is nothing to worry about.

Registration & Profile


Users have a few options for getting in touch with one another. That includes instant messaging, likes, MatchPhone, and Vibe Check. Most of these are premium features, meaning that you will need to purchase a membership plan to use them.

Instant messaging is self-explanatory. It works like a Facebook messenger. Although essential, this feature is only fully available for premium users. Free users can still receive messages, but they cannot start a conversation.

Likes are similar to flirts, which can be found on many other dating platforms. It is a way of showing your interest in other users and is quite good for getting a conversation going.

MatchPhone is a unique feature that allows voice calling other users on Match. This site will generate a phone number for you, hiding your actual phone number.

Finally, there’s Vibe Check. Without going further into its actual definition, this feature allows video calling other users. Since this is a very intimate experience, it can only be done if both users agree to a video call. Users could make video calls to each other only if they exchanged messages with each other in the past. In that case, a user may send a Vibe Check invitation that the other person can accept or decline.


How to Search for People on Match?

Match keeps things as simple as possible with their search functions. Look for the “Search” button on the menu, and users will be presented with various search options. The “Go Search” feature allows looking for other users based on any criteria users select. Mutual Search narrows down your search based on how much they match your standards. Reverse match sorts users based on how well you match the interest of other users.

How to Search for People on Match

How to Delete Match Account?

Deleting your account is an effortless process. You can do so by going into account settings and following a few simple steps Match leads you through.

Members Structure

As with any other dating platform, the most essential aspect is the website userbase. If the community is too small, chances are you won’t find your match that easily.

As expected from a website that has existed this long, Match has over 4 million users coming from the United States alone. That is already impressive enough, but there is more. Over 75% of those users are active every day. So, you are looking at a vast and very active community.

Most users on Match are looking for a serious relationship. So if you want to have a casual hookup with no strings attached, you are better off looking for another dating site. Match is a platform dedicated to those who wish to long-term relationships that may eventually lead to marriage.

Members Structure

Sexual Preferences

There are around 2 million members from the LGBT community on Match.com. So, we can say that they welcome users with all sexual preferences, which is made clear during registration.

Race and Ethnicity

While Match has 4 million users in the United States, we are only scratching the surface here. There are well over 20 million users worldwide, so you can still find a match outside the US. In other words, Match is a worldwide dating platform.

Religious Orientation

We have no clear data on their religious orientations, but we know that Match welcomes everyone regardless of their beliefs.

Pricing Policies

Match.com looks pretty good so far. How much does it cost to use their services?

Free Membership

Everyone starts as a free user, and they can access the following features:

  • Account and profile creation
  • Ability to send and receive likes
  • Access to the search system
  • Access to the matchmaking game
  • Ability to view profiles of other users

Free Membership

Users who want to upgrade have two main membership options: Standard and Premium. Going forward as a paying member unlocks such features as:

  • Sending and receiving unlimited messages
  • Receiving live notifications
  • Viewing who checked out your profile
  • Email notification when someone read your message
  • Preferential listing
  • Match phone
  • Going incognito

Match.com provides three durations on their premium plans.

Users looking to upgrade to a Standard Plan will need to spend $13, $10, and $8 per month for the 3, 6, or 12-month plan, respectively. As a Standard Member, you have access to all the functions you need to have a great time on Match. That includes sending and receiving unlimited messages, viewing who checked out your profile, etc.

But if you are willing to spend a little more, then perhaps Premium Plan would suit your fancy. Here, the price is $15, $12, and $9 per month for the 3, 6, and 12-month plans, respectively. Premium Members can browse anonymously, meaning that no one will know that they are online. Some consider this useful if they do not want to feel pressured to reply to other users. Other than that, Premium Members will receive an email from match.com to notify them that their messages have been read.

We had a hard time looking at all these plans, suggesting which one is the best for you. We would recommend a Standard Plan because it has everything you need. Plus, we would advise against picking up a Premium Plan since it often contains certain bells and whistles that don’t add much to your experience.

Considering that the price difference is less than 5 dollars between these two plans, we recommend you go for a 12-month premium plan if you like Match. With all of these features, it is hard to argue their price point.

It is one of the most competitive prices we can find on the market. Their 3-month Premium Plan would cost you 50 cents per day, whereas their 12-month Premium plan costs you 30 cents per day. That’s hardly a large sum.

Paid Membership

How to Cancel Match Paid Subscription?

Users can cancel their plan by going into their account settings page. Keep in mind that you will not get a refund. However, you at least get to enjoy their premium features up until the next billing cycle. By then, your membership would be reverted.

Is Match Safe?

Given Match.com’s nature, most of the security is ensured by its users rather than the moderation team itself. The team does provide dating safety tips, protecting its users from scammers or other dangers. Or, at least, trying to.

There is a consensus among the users. They usually do not respond to people who have an empty profile or free members. That means scammers have to provide personal information and pay to contact other members. The paywall is a major deterrence against many scammers.

Given this deterrence and the community’s behavior toward free or lazy users, we can say with certainty that Match is safe to use.

Is Match Safe

Quality of Profiles

Next, let’s talk about the profile system. Many users on Match have detailed profiles because all users need to fill out all information as part of their profile creation process. It is very useful for many reasons.

For one, users have the freedom to talk about themselves. It helps others find them faster because the search system works in unison with the profile system. It is also why certain personal information is sectioned off properly.

When viewing other users’ profiles, you will see their username, short bio, and a brief information box with photos of that user. Match goes the extra mile to provide additional information based on what you two have in common. It also works if the user matches your interest, which is a pretty handy feature.

Other than that, each user’s profile shows you the compatibility rate between you two. It is displayed as a percentage, although the formula they used for this calculation is unknown. We suspect that the percentage is higher if the users have more things in common. However, even if the compatibility percentage is low, do not let it stop you from reaching out. There have been many success stories of couples who have little to nothing in common, and yet they lived happily together.

Another handy little feature is the “suggested” feature. In other words, while you are viewing a user’s profile, you may receive up to three offers from other users. Match thinks you should check out. These suggestions are based on the similarity between those users compared to the one you are currently looking at.

Quality of Profiles

Website Design and Usability

Next, let’s talk about design and usability. Its have perfected the art of designing an easy-to-use user interface. The website looks clean and crisp, with everything properly sectioned off to give users some room to breathe. It is especially important considering that there are plenty of things to look at. Everything can be found through a neat little drop-down menu at the top.

The colors are sharp, and the images are crisp, as expected from one of the top-rated dating providers. They are trying to take on a new modern look by going for a minimalist theme. It is easier said than done for a dating site that has to convey as much information as possible in such a limited space without overwhelming its users. So match.com cuts down all the unnecessary things, and that includes reading.

That’s right. Match knows that one of the things their users do not want to do is read all the little insignificant details. It takes time, and it’s just getting old in this day and age. So, they use icons wherever they can.

Website Design and Usability

How does Match Work?

Users find matches and get matched with others based on what they say in their profiles. The information is used as criteria in the search system to help other users narrow down their search. Their suggestion features work based on your activities on the website.

Match App

Let’s face it. Virtual dating is not so much fun or convenient if users have to sit in front of their computer screens all the time, even when all they want is to send a quick reply. It would make very little difference compared to “real-life” dating.

Match thought about this and created a mobile app for its users. It is compatible with both Android and IOS, and it is entirely free.

The mobile app works very well, almost better than its desktop counterpart since it is a fully-fledged and optimized mobile application as opposed to a browser. The overall aesthetic looks are similar to its desktop counterpart, and it offers all the same functionalities.

Navigation is a breeze as everything you need is a few taps away at most. The only drawback is that you have to trade the large screen of a monitor for a smaller phone screen. But such is the price of going mobile.

Match App

Alternatives of Match

What if you don’t like Match.com but want to find something on the same level? Here are a few suggestions:

  • eHarmony: More in-depth profiles, matchmaking, and communicating systems
  • OkCupid: Free to use
  • Zoosk: Works like OkCupid and Match combined
  • Bumble: Flips the scripts and dares women to make the first move and respond
  • Badoo: For those who are interested in trying their luck at speed dating


So how well does Match.com age? Very well, in fact. They know precisely how to design their platform so that it is easy to use for their users and very pleasing to the eye, all thanks to their extensive experience.

This platform is feature-rich while still maintaining those minimalistic aesthetics.

For what this site asks for, we believe that its services are very competitive. It’s hard to find other dating platforms that provide so much but ask for so little. The customer support and moderation team is also top-notch.

Overall, there is not much to complain about Match because they got many things right. We have to nitpick to find faults in their design. Even so, the flaws are insignificant for most ordinary users. Do we recommend it? Of course! You could never go wrong with Match.

Contact Information

  • Company: Match.com, L.L.C
  • Address: 8750 N Cntl Expy Ste 1400 Dallas, Texas 75231, USA
  • Phone: 1-800-926-2824
  • Email: [email protected]
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