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USASexGuide Review

USASexGuide Review
About Site
Active Audience 60%
Quality Matches 78%
Popular Age 18-40
Profiles 876 000
Reply Rate 76%
Ease of Use 9.4
Popularity 8.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Great for hookups and relationships
  • Everything is fair
  • People that desire to make money can easily fulfill their goals here
  • Women and men are equally in demand
  • A great database that will provide you with thousands of variants and possibilities
  • You don't need to sign up
  • Completely anonymous
  • There is a forum that will be a great helper
  • Not very modern interface
  • Sex goals prevail over relationships
  • The site might not be safe for those who meet in real life

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If you are thinking that escort dating sites are shameful and unnecessary in the 21st century, think again. People are making a profit from similar dating sites where thousands of girls are exchanging money for sexual pleasure, and it is normal because everyone pursues their goals. As long as it’s mutual and legitimate, why not try a dating site that will bring you a positive experience. USASexGuide is one of those sites!

The goal of this site was to create a safe and judgment-free space for those seeking financially successful no-strings-attached relationships that don’t lead to marriages or anything serious. Here you can create a personal ad and promote yourself or your services for monetary exchange and simple human pleasure. You can also browse for girls in your proximity who would like to exchange sex for money or gifts. It works just like any other escort service, although you have more choices, and women here would gladly and openly tell you about their desires. This site is not disguised as a dating app because the policy is quite clear: sex and escort services are exchanged for money and other profit.

When was USASexGuide founded?

Although there is no direct information about the creation of this website, the manual domain checker says that the USASexGuide domain was created in 2018. Although the forum isn’t an old website, it became quite popular among people even outside America. Initially, the concept was created in 2001, although there are no traces of an original forum.

Who owns USASexGuide?

USASexGuide was created by USASG Internet Properties S.A. This company owns the copyright to the website as well as its properties.

Registration & Profile

You don’t have to own an account to go through the forum and scroll down the information. Registration here is entirely free of charge and doesn’t involve providing personal information. If you want to see what pics are in the gallery, save and create posts, and communicate with other members, you will need a registration form. Don’t worry, it doesn’t take much time to get started. Here is what you’re going to do:

First of all, you want to select the type of account you’re going to work with. It is possible to communicate with people through the forum, search for escort options and become an escort member yourself. Then, you will have to create a unique name and a trustworthy password. Because there is no additional security, you have to be precise with the password. After creating a secure password, you will provide an email and agree on the terms and conditions of the website.

Confirming your email is a secondary option, but you have to do it if you want to do it safely. Check your inbox and select the message from a USASexGuide team. Then you can see a confirmation link, click on it to get started with the website and find your first partner. If you cannot see the message in your inbox, it is better to check in the spam folder. It’s time for you to find your first sex partner.

This website provides an extensive set of features for everyone registered and a random user. As a member of the USASexGuide website, you can use plenty of features, such as escort services and the forum itself. Here you can ask for a piece of advice and share your personal experience. Even though the forum is completely free of charge, you have to pay for escort services, and the type of service will define its cost. If you want to get the prices, just browse through the site or ask a person of your interest what their fees are.

Registration & Profile


Most of the USASexGuide girls live in the US, so you are free to spot them by location. Every group is sectioned by state, so it doesn’t matter where you are from, you can find anyone anywhere. Communication with these girls includes searching them in sections and texting the one who’s currently is in the same city as you. If you are an American, expect to meet girls from Arizona, Pennsylvania, Iowa state, sweet home Alabama, Arizona, Indiana, and various other cities. Some of these women come directly from strip clubs and other similar institutions. All of them are United by the idea that using an escort service is completely ok as long as it is mutual and financially compensable.

How to search for people on USASexGuide?

Searching people on USASexGuide is more than easy. For this, you simply have to visit the website and see who is currently online. Every active user is listed at the bottom of a page. Additionally, you can search people by sections and theme categories.

How to delete USASexGuide account?

Even though it’s fairly easy to register and use your account, the process of its deletion isn’t as easy because it consumes a little bit of time. To delete your account, you have to contact support and ask for your account to be deactivated. After explaining the reason and confirming deletion, your account will be deactivated, but you can get back to anytime you want. It is easy to re-register on USASexGuide. Most members choose not to delete their accounts because the website doesn’t send notifications annoying you in any way.

Members structure

It’s hard to determine a complete members structure because this website is divided into different categories and includes various services. All in all, it is a forum, not a dating site. Its goal is to connect people who want to know more about sex experiences, learn about dating and escort, share their embarrassing and instructive stories, hire escort girls, and engage in sex games online. It is among the most forward and well-known sex places with more than 570 thousand visitors. On average, you can expect about 3000 to 5000 users online, depending on whether it is the weekday or the weekend. Most of the people, approximately 350.000 members, are from the US. Most of these people are women, sometimes more than 55%.

Their age is not known or is kept secret. That’s why it is wise not to believe all of the provided information on other websites and reviews. In general, you can expect women in their 20s and men who are slightly to significantly older. You have to be at least 18 to be registered as a member, although visitors can be of any age as registration is not obligatory. In some countries, you have to be over 21 years old to join the website and talk to older men (a fully legal age.)

Sexual preferences

The sexual preferences of the dating pool are quite understandable because it is a site meant for men who are searching for escort women. It is a website mainly consisting of heterosexuals, although you can find anyone including homosexual people, bisexual, trans, non-binary, as well as people of every preference. It doesn’t matter and isn’t stated anywhere, but the site is mainly used by heterosexual men and straight women who cater to them.

Race And Ethnicity

You can find practically any nation and ethnicity represented on this website because anyone can use it. Of course, most members are white males and females, although you can find anyone from dark skin color to ivory and fair skin, black men and women, brown girls and men, anyone of your liking. Additionally, this website caters to nations and doesn’t discriminate against countries at all.

Religious Orientation

The site doesn’t focus on religious orientation because here, it doesn’t matter. You can be a hardcore Christian and atheist, a Buddhist, anyone at this point – the only thing that matters is how you perceive the escort business. Yes, even married Christian men use this service, so it doesn’t matter what religion you belong to.


Pricing Policies

The site doesn’t provide you with a list of prices, but it does have all sorts of memberships. You can upgrade to the next level, but the system is quite interesting. You have to stay on the website for more than 6-months to receive a Senior Member title. Newbies who just went through email verification are on the Beginner level of using this website. You should read the forum to understand what the difference is. All in all, you can only search for people and read the forum as a beginner member. If you want to edit your content or see more results, you must qualify as a regular member.

The forum moderator sees everyone’s success and can upgrade you after 6-months of use. If you are on the website for more than half a year, the moderator will still review your texts, but only briefly as you gain some form of trust and can express yourself more freely for now. The highest title says you are unmoderated and can write whatever you want without being checked or reprimanded.

Free membership

The free membership includes posting your thoughts, scrolling through the photos, using advice, asking advice, answering questions, and communicating on different topics. You can comfortably look through the photos without having to pay. Also, the registration is completely free. Everything connected to the forum side is free of charge. However, if you want to use escorts services, the pay for it is strictly particular and varies from girl to girl.

If you want to understand the algorithm, a soon-to-be USASexGuide member has to get a deeper understanding of what the site is capable of. As a paid member, you can create posts and share them with your friends or random users, recommend topics for new posts, get checked by moderators less frequently, send messages, share your content, scroll through reports in your city or state, exchange addresses and numbers with other members, join group convos and meetings, talk to several people at once, share ads, search for reviews on the category you want to see more, see the live escort and webcam girls, as well as contact girls and use their escort services. Also, escort service costs might differ from state to state, for example.

If you’re interested in escorts services, they usually differ from $50 to $1,000 hourly. It all comes down to the procedure and the longevity of the session. As usual, the one-hour session will cost you $250. If you want to pay for a massage parlor, this might be up to $300 in most States of America. The price for a specific hookup service will vary depending on the popularity of the state, popularity among tourists, local rules, and girls’ preferences.

For instance, the service for Arizona escort is approximately $1,000 per day in Phoenix city. If you want to find a hookup in California, the prices would be up to $500 hourly. But in places like Santa Ana, you will dish out only $100. Florida and particularly Orlando will make you pay $450 per hour. Indianapolis has an average price of $500 hourly, where you will fulfill your deepest desires. Oral sex in Minnesota will cost you up to $60. For example, Nevada has legal brothels where sex costs up to $650 per hour. The NY city obtains elite escort where you are going to dish out some money. In the state of Oregon, men did shout up to $490 hourly for different kinds of escorts. Washington sex costs about $250 per 1-hour.

How to cancel USASexGuide paid subscription?

If you wish to cancel the subscription service, all you need to do is contact the support team to take away the membership, so you no longer pay up for services. Because most services require a one-time payment, you don’t have to ask anyone for help regarding the cancellation of your membership.

Sexual preferences

Is USASexGuide Safe?

The website is safe, but alas, not for women. Although the site itself is strictly managed by moderators, no one can guarantee you that your real-life experience will be 100% safe and secure. Unfortunately, there are no rules or regulations against real-life meetings.

When it comes to privacy, the site is completely anonymous, and you don’t have to share any kind of personal information during or after registration.

Quality Of Profiles

The profiles are not filled in with information, so you have to guess what a person looks like and their nationality or personal traits. Online members are enlisted in a row, which looks crazy for 2024.

Website Design And Usability

The design of the website is one of its main downsides. Its navigation is a bit confusing, and the website doesn’t look too modern for the 21st century. The interface is a bit too much, that’s why it’s difficult to navigate it. USASexGuide looks like an old-fashioned forum where you have to do everything manually.

How does USASexGuide work?

If you want to know how the USASexGuide works, the experience is different for men and women. Suppose you are a man, you have to register or visit their website as a guest and talk to women by seeing their profiles in a list of online members. You can join conversations and discuss different topics related to sex and escort. If you want to try out escort services, all you have to do is follow the blinking bar on top of the page and see the prices for each region. If you are a woman and want to enlist yourself as an escort, the procedure is separate as you place the ad with prices and services directly onto the website.

USASexGuide App

USASexGuide doesn’t have an application, so it’s another downside. However, you can easily use the website by reaching it from your mobile phone or tablet anywhere in the house because it operates the same way, and the interface doesn’t look different. You can still watch the webcam and order particular services by visiting the site on your phone or tablet from the comfort of your home.

Website Design And Usability

Alternatives Of USASexGuide

The most popular alternatives to USASexGuide are:

  • DoubleList
  • Bedpage.com
  • Adultsearch.com
  • Outpersonals
  • Oodle.com

If you want to use other websites, check their similarities and differences manually.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is USASexGuide site?

This is a unique network with unparalleled services. USASexGuide functions in different states in the USA. Subscribers can sign up on the site and then choose the type of service that they want. There are different plans available, depending on your location. Also, you have to make payments for the type of escort that you want. Then you can get these sex services right at your convenient location.

How to sign-up for USASexGuide?

The registration process is really simple on the network. Participants have to provide their basic information and answer a few questions to complete this procedure. You can sign up for free. You will also have to select your location where you want to get the services. Make sure you check out all the terms and functions of the network before completing this process.

What are the available payment methods?

Users on the site can opt to make a transaction using their credit cards and debit cards. There are no recurring payments since all of these are one-time services that subscribers can choose again. All these options make it convenient for the members to avail the benefits of USASexGuide.

How much does it cost on USASexGuide?

The pricing structure on the network varies a lot, and depending on the location where you are, it differs. The type of service that you want also matters significantly. The prices are from $50 to $1000 per hour, depending on the type of entertainment that they want. Therefore, the cost is certainly on the higher side.

Is USASexGuide worth the money?

Yes! Though this depends on what you are looking for and the type of escorts you are interested in. Also, the pricing structure is a little bit on the higher side, but the services are reliable, and it is totally worth the investment.


USASexGuide is good for those seeking all sorts of sex services, sex advice, random hookups, webcam services, and other online experiences. Here, you can talk to users for free and meet girls from different states. The site allows you to converse with groups of people and individuals if it is a private session.

Contact Information

company: vBulletin Solutions, Inc.

address: n/a

phone: n/a

email: only in the Contact Us section

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