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Essential Safety Tips

Safety tips and precautions

Casual dating and hookups are fun while they are safe. Remember that both online and offline connections require responsibility. No hookup platform can prevent you from malicious members unless you choose to stay safe and take precautions. These are essential tips on how to protect yourself on the Internet and in real life:

Online Safety

Choosing online safety over lust and curiosity is the first step to a successful hookup. Neglecting the following rules might ruin the user experience and cause issues. Here is how to avoid that:

  • Never expose your credit information.

Under no circumstances should you share credit card information, reveal any digits or allow in-app third-party transactions. Scammers are quick to possess online cards while only knowing payment card numbers. Avoid agreeing to share money even if the member asks for financial help. Remember to report suspicious members and block them after receiving strange requests.

  • Don’t state your full name, phone number, or exact address.

Any scammer would love to obtain information, such as your full name or address. Even if you arrange a real meeting, no need to disclose the precise location. Even your phone number can be a weapon in a scammer’s hands.

  • Avoid clicking any suspicious links.

There is no need to follow strange links from unknown people. Spam is a standard way of stealing money through phishing sites. If you are bombarded with meaningless requests, filter the user out instead of trying to negotiate with them.

  • Report annoying members.

Online battles can be fun, but they can be potentially dangerous as well. Instead of answering consistently rude or snarky people, report those who violate terms of use. Sometimes you can help to permanently ban a malicious user with no chance of their return.

Offline safety

Another important step of a successful hookup is remaining alert even if you like the person. Here is what you want to do:

  • Always choose public places.

Never stay over at somebody’s house if you don’t know them. Moreover, you should never invite a stranger over if this is your first date. Alternatively, you may stay at hotels with 24/7 staff assistance or meet in public places like cafes or bars.

  • Inform your friends and family about the whereabouts

It might sound absurd to share information about your hookup, but this measure may become life-saving.

  • Don’t forget about protection.

STDs can ruin even the hottest one-night stand, so always care about protection. Remember that it is an equal responsibility of both partners.

Help and support

Always call 911 in case of emergency. These are 24/7 essential hotline numbers:

Abuse, Rape and Incest National Hotline: 1-800-656 HOPE

Planned Parenthood: 1-800-230-7526

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