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OmgChat Review 2024

OmgChat Review 2024
About Site
Active Audience 82%
Quality Matches 92%
Popular Age 18-25
Profiles 3 000 000
Reply Rate 88%
Ease of Use 6.4
Popularity 8.6
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • This site has a free membership option that allows you to use the basic features of the site
  • It gives you access to free chat rooms where you can meet with friends, colleagues, or total strangers.
  • It has a strong customer support team.
  • It has a private chat room feature for one-on-one conversations.
  • Because it’s a free service, it should be no surprise to you that you will be bombarded with ads
  • It has a private chat room feature for one-on-one conversations.
  • The aesthetics are a bit overwhelming

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OmgChat is a webcam chat community that enables its users from all around the world to communicate with each other through its video chat features. This is a viral website that has almost 3 million users from around the world. The large membership indicates that this site is doing something right; it even further suggests that this site is genuine and not fraudulent in the slightest.

When was OmgChat Founded?

OmgChat was founded in 2008. The video chat service is based in California and was created to provide a global audience with free video chat services. Their services include group video calling, public and private chat rooms as well as mobile video calling. They’ve been in the business for 12 years and have grown to have almost 3 million users, which is wild when you consider that they went on a two-year hiatus.

Who Owns OmgChat?

OmgChat is owned independently by a group of individuals who have deemed it fit to keep their identities private. Regardless of whether we have information on the founders, the site has been running for 12 years and boasts a huge community. Their service quality is such that we have no reason to be bothered by their authenticity.

OmgChat Review 2020

Registration & Profile

To register on OmgChat, you can either download the mobile app, which is made available for both iOS and Android users, or register directly on the site. The next step would be to start the registration process. The register button is made available on the login screen, it is placed literally at the center of the screen and is so large it takes up half of the space on the screen. After tapping the register button, the next step would be to fill out the registration form completely so you can start using your account. The registration form has several categories. These categories include:

  • your preferred username
  • your chosen password
  • your retyped password
  • your valid email address
  • your preferred security question
  • your security answer.

Once you’ve done this, you’ll wait for your email to be verified, then you can start using your account immediately.

As for your profile, there’s not much information for you to fill out. You’ll just have a space for your profile picture, username, and a short bio to be viewed. This site encourages you to slide into people’s DMs, especially if they’re strangers. One of the selling points of an OmgChat account is that you get to video chat with strangers, this might seem like an odd selling point, but so far it has attracted about 3 million people.


OmgChat is designed to help you meet new people. Plus, its video chat features make the experience hyper-realistic and very thrilling. This is what makes OmgChat so different. Nearly all online friendships start with a text. Thus, you can only form an idea about the person you’re talking to. This is why so many people are dissatisfied when they meet their online friends or lovers in real life for the first time.

With OmgChat all you have to do is join a public chat room and make friends with anyone there, the moment you meet someone who wants to chat with you, you’ll be able to video chat with them instantly.

Don’t worry about what chat room you’ll join; there are so many chat rooms available, all with different themes. All you have to do is join one that is themed after one of your interests. That way, once you join a chat room, you’ll already have something in common with everyone there.

It doesn’t matter you’re interested in meeting new people for the heck of it or just trying to get a hot date, thousands of chat rooms are available for anything you might want to do.


How to Search for People on OmgChat?

Searching on OmgChat is easy as long as you know what you’re looking for. Once you get on your homepage, several chat rooms will be displayed on your screen. These are the most popular and highly rated chat rooms. You can join any one of these. However, you might not be satisfied with the recommended chat rooms. This is where the search function comes in. The search function is located at the top left corner of your homepage. Once you’ve successfully located the search function, you can just type in your desired keyword and browse through the results to select whatever catches your interest.

How to Delete OmgChat Account?

Deleting your OmgChat account can be done quite quickly. The first thing you have to do is to contact the customer support. As we mentioned earlier, OmgChat has an incredible customer support team. Once you send in your request to have your account deleted, they will likely probe into your reasons for wanting to terminate your account. They will probably even try to persuade you to continue using their services, but the decision to leave is still entirely in your hands. So you should contact them, preferably through email, and explain in detail your reasons for wanting to delete your account. You must attach your proof of payment so that they can process the deletion of your account quickly.

Members Structure

  • Total Members
  • OmgChat has almost 3 million users worldwide. This is amazing because this site went on a hiatus for two years.

    That would have devastated any other dating website, but OmgChat came back stronger and grew their website. So when you join OmgChat, you won’t have to worry about being the only one there, there are 3 million other users to connect with.

  • Top Geography
  • OmgChat is a global site in the truest sense. They have users from every continent on the globe, unlike the vast majority of dating sites that have most of their users in either the US or the UK. So whether you’re in Africa, Asia, Europe, North or South America, or even Australia, you’ll meet users that live in your country or at least a country near you. This is one of the best qualities of OmgChat.

  • Age
  • The age range of the users of OmgChat is very diverse. They have users from all legal ages. However, you have to be at least 18 and above to join this site. The age limit was placed for ethical and legal reasons; we can all agree that it would be irresponsible for under-aged children to be allowed on what is a webcam dating site that is swarming with adults. So if you’re not up to the age of 18, you won’t be allowed to join this site.

Members Structure

Sexual Preferences

All sexualities are accommodated on OmgChat. This site does not discriminate against members of the LGBTQ community in any way. The sexualities of the members of this site are diverse; all sexualities are represented on this site. Homophobia is not accepted on this platform, and anyone found using homophobic slurs would immediately be taken off the platform.

Race and Ethnicity

OmgChat accepts all races and ethnic backgrounds are welcome on OmgChat. As we mentioned earlier, this is a global site. There is a diverse mix of races and ethnicities on the platform. Black, White, Hispanic, and Asian can all be found on this site, and there is no visible form of discrimination. Any form of racism perpetuated on this platform will immediately lead to that account being taken off this platform.

Religious Orientation

There is a vibrant mix of religious orientations on this site. There are chat rooms that are dedicated to religious topics. Because of the global reach, this site has, all religions on the earth are represented on it. There are also atheists and agnostics on this site.

Religious Orientation

Pricing Policies

OmgChat comes with a free version that gives you access to the basic features of the site. With the basic features, you’ll be able to navigate the website effectively; you’ll also be able to join chat rooms and video chat with people. So the free option is a great deal. There is a premium version available to be purchased at surprisingly low prices. The paid option is affordable and has very luxurious features that will improve your experience on this site and make it more enjoyable and comfortable.

The pricing policy is as follows:

  • Free trial for $0.00
  • A week’s subscription for $10.00
  • A month’s subscription for $20.99
  • Three months subscription for $50.99
  • Lifetime subscription for $129.00

Pricing Policies

Free Membership

The free option of OmgChat makes its chat rooms accessible to you. Nevertheless, we have to admit that the free option is nothing close to the paid option. Whether you realize it or not, the free option gives you limited use of the site’s features. You will only be able to video chat with one person at a time and a low framerate. You will be denied access to the personal video chat option in your private inbox. There’s also the issue of the many ads that you will be swarmed with.

The paid option on OmgChat gives you full access to all the site’s features. You get access to the private messaging features that enable you to chat with video and audio options. Your home screen will be ad-free. You can also see how populated a room is before you join it. This way, you won’t end up joining rooms that haven’t been used for ages and are virtually empty. You get to see the rooms that are still actively used and can choose the best ones to join. You can also create your chat room and be the presiding admin.

How to Cancel OmgChat Paid Subscription?

To cancel your paid subscription, head to the contact us icon at the bottom of the screen. Choose any of the addresses provided for contact purposes. It would be much better if you select their email, though. Write a letter informing them of your decision to cancel your paid subscription. Be sure to send your proof of payment along with the mail. This way, they can’t sneakily charge you for another month or a couple of months.

Paid Membership

Is OmgChat Safe?

OmgChat is safe as long as you’re not giving out personal information that can harm you. You have to remember that you’re chatting with strangers, so you have to be very vigilant and wary. If you feel threatened, you should immediately contact the customer support. Be wary of predatory signs, and don’t give personal information to someone you haven’t met in real life or grown trust.

Quality of Profiles

The profile qualities of OmgChat are not very informative. This is probably intentional. OmgChat encourages its users to operate in an anonymous setting so that if you want to get to know a person, you’ll have to use the video chat function to communicate with them. The profiles don’t give a lot of information about the people behind them, which is intentional. Plus, most users of the site don’t even use their real names, like on twitter, most users go by a moniker. If you aim to make friends on this site or get into a relationship, you have to use the video chat function.

Website Design and Usability

The website design for OmgChat is very overwhelming. Though it isn’t completely unpleasant, the terrible mix of colors that don’t go well together can make some users feel uncomfortable. That is honestly the biggest problem with the design of this site. The ease of use, on the other hand, is an important point for this site. The account is straightforward to use, and all its functions are very accessible and easily identifiable. The more advanced features are a bit complicated, but after figuring out how to use it the first time, it becomes easy to use. The simple design makes it so that anyone can learn to use the functions in seconds. So while the design is overdone and unpalatable, the site is straightforward to use. Bad aesthetics are easy to forget when the site is easy to use.

How Does OmgChat Work?

As soon as you register your account and have a profile to use on this site, you just sign in and use it anytime you want. You can then decide to either make use of the paid subscription or continue using the free option, which is very limited compared to the paid option. Once you’ve done your registration and gone past the payment phase, you can begin to join chat rooms. The chat rooms will be displayed on your screen; you could also use the search function to look for chat rooms that suit your preferred specific taste. As long as you’re not breaking the rules, you will be allowed to join any chat room.

How does OmgChat Work?

OmgChat App

Yes, OmgChat does have a working mobile app. The mobile apps work for both android and iOS users. The mobile app is much better than the website and isn’t as ugly. The site is also elementary to navigate through. The app has over 100 thousand downloads and has decent ratings, so it’s recommendable. If you’re using the paid subscription option, you would have a great time on it.

Alternatives of OmgChat

It is no surprise that after the success of OmgChat, many similar apps would arise with similar features and functions. Of these alternatives, we’ve picked the best two.

  • ShockRooms
  • This is an app that provides a free webcam chat room and other chat related services. It has a worldwide reach and welcomes people of all identities—the video chat function is its crowning feature. This site has a free option but also has some very affordable pricing options for the paid subscription.

  • ChatSecure

This site is secure, so much so that it’s security is its selling point. This site has been around since 2010 and has grown to have thousands of users. This site secures its users using the OTR encryption over XMPP. As long as you’re on this site, you can be sure that your information and activities on this site are safe from hackers and potential scammers.


This is a great site for meeting new people, especially if you’re interested in connecting with strangers. This is a safe and secure site with a great design and easy to use accounts. The aesthetic may be brash, but that is honestly the worst thing about this site, everything else is great. We highly recommend this site for use.


Contact Information

Company: OmgChat.inc

Address: 5061 South State Road 7 Suite, 619, Davie, FL 33314

Phone: N/A

Email: [email protected]

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