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KinkyAds Review 2024

KinkyAds Review 2024
About Site
Active Audience 56%
Quality Matches 92%
Popular Age 25-30
Profiles 185 000
Reply Rate 85%
Ease of Use 8.7
Popularity 9.0
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The nature of the site is carefree and easy to grasp.
  • This site is straightforward to use, with a unique sensual aesthetic.
  • The profiles are very detailed and insightful.
  • The essential features of the site are made available to all users for free.
  • There is a community feature that lets you express yourself in blog format.
  • This site does not have a working mobile app.
  • It lacks advanced features that are present on other dating sites.
  • Some website profiles are too sexually explicit.

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KinkyAds is an online dating site designed to suit the needs of singles interested in casual relationships— that is, with no strings attached. When entering into what they considered a prudish industry, KinkyAds decided to create a platform where sexual expression would not be limited.

When was KinkyAds Founded?

KinkyAds was founded in July 2018 for like-minded individuals to meet and hook up. KinkyAds has grown from a small startup dating site to having almost 200 thousand members—their growth rate testifies to the quality of their service. They’ve broken the glass ceiling that separates hook up sites and community.

Who Owns KinkyAds?

Professional Idiots, Inc owns KinkyAds. Yes, that’s what they’re called. Professional Idiots are self-described, “unemployable misfits,” who took it upon themselves to create a business where their eccentricities would be considered normal.

They intended to create an atmosphere of work where staff would feel comfortable dressing and acting. However, they deem fit and be productive at the same time. But really though, these guys let their team come to work naked. They are basically a real-life version of KinkyAds. They launched KinkyAds in 2018 and have seen great success so far. And at the rate they’re going, they’re no doubt going to get bigger.

Who Owns KinkyAds?

Registration & Profile

To join KinkyAds, you will need to go to the site’s homepage. In the top right corner, you will see a blue icon that says ‘Join KinkyAds,’ click this and proceed to the sign-up page. The sign-up page will require you to fill in a registration form, which includes categories such as your e-mail address, desired username, chosen password, gender, and date of birth.

Other categories include your relationship status, sexual orientation, and preferred match. Once you’ve taken these steps, you will have to fill in your location and provide your phone number for verification purposes. A verification code will be sent to you to gain access to the site if your number is legit. This is done to weed out possible trolls, catfishes, or scammers.

As for your profile, you will have to fill in a lot of information about yourself but nothing too personal. The info centers around your sexual preferences. You can include a short bio detailing your favorite things about yourself and stuff you want other people to know about you. You can also upload as many pictures and videos as you like, note that full nudity is permitted on this platform. Also, you have a section where you can list all your kinks for other members to see, this helps you link up with other members who have the same kinks as you.


To get matched on KinkyAds, you will need to post ads on your profile. These ads are like phrases where you detail exactly what you’re looking for in a sexual partner. The ad should not be more than two sentences. It has to be straight to the point and detailed—the aim is to catch the attention of a prospective partner.

However, there is a short section beneath the ad heading where you can add all the other details you wish to add. This could be a short essay explaining the specific requirements any prospective partner must fulfill to be considered. After, you can quickly post the ad and wait for a reply. Alternatively, you can respond to ads by other members if you meet their requirements.

You can also post anonymously. This way, your ads won’t be tied to your account. So if you don’t feel comfortable making your sexual preferences public, you would be just fine with the anonymous ad feature.


How to Search for People on KinkyAds

To search on KinkyAds, you can use the search function. Once you click the search function, you will be presented with a list of profiles that suit the information you filled about yourself in your profile. You can decide to filter your search results. Your search results can be filtered based on sexual orientation, gender, location, and sexual kinks. You can also search exclusively for profiles that are presently online—you can also search based on profile ratings, recently updated profiles, new members, etc.

To make things even better, you could just scroll through ads and look for the ones that you seem fit for. This way, you don’t have to go through the harrowing process of searching through endless profiles before finding a suitable match.

How to Delete Your KinkyAds Account?

To Delete your KinkyAds Account, you will need to contact their customer support team. This is so that the customer support team does not have any excuse to, for instance, auto-renew your paid subscription. It is also to ensure that your account stays permanently deleted.

So you’ve got to message your customer service and explain precisely why you wish to terminate your account. They will likely try to dissuade you from leaving, but this is to be expected. It is, after all, a business, and the last thing any business wants is customers dropping their service. So they will likely try to persuade you to stay, but if your mind is made up to delete your account, make sure you send your proof of payment along with the message. This way, the whole process will go by much quicker.

How to Delete Your KinkyAds Account?

Members Structure

  • Total Members
  • KinkyAds has amassed a whopping 200 thousand users in their short run. Their unique take on dating and the soft but evident blend of social commentary is the cause of this growth. KinkyAds has created an atmosphere where sexuality can be freely expressed and celebrated, the way one might celebrate their culture. We’re surprised that they don’t have more users.

  • Top Geography
  • Most of the members of KinkyAds are based in the US, and that is the vast majority. KinkyAds doesn’t even pretend to be a global site, they likely aim to be, but they don’t present themselves as a worldwide entity. They even restrict the countries that can apply for their membership, leaving out whole continents such as Africa and Asia. Apart from the US, they also have a lot of members in the UK.

  • Age
  • The age range of their users is very diverse, going from 18 and above. It is literally that diverse. Some octogenarians use this site, which is pretty wild if you think about it. However, they do not allow anyone below the age of 18 to register on this site for obvious reasons. First, it would be unethical to bring under-aged kids to a site that allows nudity and thrives of sexual hedonism. Secondly, it would be illegal, and KinkyAds wants to be kicked off the internet and banned from all future operations.

Members Structure

Sexual Preferences

This is another area where this site is very diverse. Although there are more heterosexual members on this site, there is also a vast number of bisexual and gay members. This is largely because this site welcomes diversity and encourages people from all sexual backgrounds to join them. No form of homophobia will be tolerated on this site. Bigotry goes against the very thing this site stands for, which is freedom.

Race and Ethnicity

Race and Ethnicity is another area where this site is very diverse. All races and ethnicities are welcome on this site. There is a rich mix of people from all ethnic backgrounds, Black, White, Hispanic, and Asian. All races can be found on this site, particularly because it is a US-based site, and the US is known for being a hub of diversity. No racism will be tolerated on this site, although you can choose only to have sexual encounters with a specific race, no one will begrudge you.

Religious Orientation

There is no restriction when it comes to participation on this site. They don’t even ask for your religion when you’re registering. It simply doesn’t matter what religion you’re in; you can join this site regardless. If you do encounter any form of religious discrimination on this site, you should definitely contact the customer service, who will swiftly help to solve that problem.

Religious Orientation

Pricing Policies

This site might have a decent free option, but you won’t get access to the best it has to offer unless you upgrade to a paid subscription. They have very reasonable prices and discounts, but the duration differs based on the payment plan you decide to use.

  • One month $22.99
  • Three months $60.00
  • Six months $110.00
  • One year $200.00

Free Membership

This option is free. It gives you free access to KinkyAds for as long as you would like to use it. You can choose to register with the paid option at any time you wish, but you will not be forced. While you’re using the free option, you will be able to send messages, post ads and respond to ads. But the highest-rated profiles will be hidden from you. Plus, you will have to put up with ads, a lot of ads. So, while the free option is pretty good, considering how useless the free option on other sites tends to be, you would be better off paying for an upgrade to get the best this site offers.

The paid membership option features different plans that give you unrestricted access to the site’s abundant resources for different durations of time. You will have access to the highest-rated accounts and the freakiest profiles. Your ads will also have a much larger reach. To make it perfect, you will no longer be plagued by any annoying ads.

How to Cancel KinkyAds Paid Subscription?

Before you attempt to cancel your paid subscription, you should take care to make sure that you’re not deleting your account instead. This is a mistake that a lot of people make. To cancel your paid subscription, head to the dating site, and log in. Then click on account settings, choose subscriptions or payments menu. You’ll see options related to payments, look for anything related to auto-renewals, and cancel it. If you do not do this, then your payment will auto-renew anyway.

After this, make sure you contact the customer support and inform them of your decision to cancel your paid subscription. Do this and send your proof of payment as well. Make sure they respond. This way, they can’t sneakily charge you for another month or a couple of months.

How to Cancel KinkyAds Paid Subscription?

Is KinkyAds Safe?

KinkyAds takes care to prevent catfishes and scammers from entering into their site. They use a location tracker to ensure that they filter out any fake accounts. KinkyAds is quite safe as far as your private information is concerned. They provide the government with only the information that is legally required. However, you have to be smart and make sure you do not give out information that could possibly harm you to anyone you haven’t met in real life.

Quality of Profiles

The profiles are very insightful, and they contain a lot of information about the person behind the profile. However, most of the information pertains to the specific sexual kinks and fantasies that a person has. The aesthetics is sensual and have a dark theme, giving an almost cavernous sense of privacy. You will definitely feel free on this site. The profiles also contain a gallery where you can view videos and pictures of whoever’s profile you’re looking through. The profiles give a lot of information into the character and personality of the person who owns the profile.

Quality of Profiles

Website Design and Usability

KinkyAds is for people who want casual, no-strings-attached sexual encounters on the internet. As a result, it has a very appealing design and a dark aesthetic that creates a feeling of privacy and safety on the site. The design of the interface is quite simple. The functions are easily identifiable, accessible, and simple to use. You have swift access to your profile, your private inbox, and your search function, which helps you look through different ads to find a suitable match. There is also a customer support team that will help you out with whatever problems you may encounter.

How does KinkyAds Work?

Once you’re done registering your account, you can start to use the site instantly. Then you can either pay for a premium subscription option or use the free option. Once you’ve gotten registration out of the way and possibly made any necessary payments, you can then begin to post ads or respond to ads from other members on the site. You can use the search function to look for profiles and ads that fit your preferences. As long as you’re following the rules, you’ll have a great time on this site.

KinkyAds App

No, they do not have a working mobile app. You can only access this site through the web. However, the website is perfect for online hook-up purposes. It has all the necessary features for you to find a great match. The great is that you can use this website on any browser on your mobile phone.

KinkyAds App

Alternatives of KinkyAds

  • CasualX
  • This is the biggest casual dating app, and it is an excellent alternative to KinkyAds. It has a very free atmosphere and exceptional functions that help you find the best matches. This site has been running for two years and in that time has seen a ridiculously massive surge in traffic. With hundreds of thousands of users, you won’t even miss KinkyAds.

  • DoubleList
  • This site was crafted to fill the void that was left open by Craigslist. It is great for one-night stands or even meeting someone you can consistently hook up with. The prices are very affordable, and the features are great. This is a decent alternative to KinkyAds.

Alternatives of KinkyAds


Overall, this is an impressive website. It has not only succeeded in creating what has got to be a sexual revolution on the internet, but it has also managed to do so with style. This site is a sure go-to for hook-ups, with great and affordable prices and a highly functional site. We fully recommend KinkyAds.

Contact Information

Company: Professional Idiots, Inc.

Address: 834 S Perry St Suite F Castle Rock, CO 80104

Phone: N/A

Email: [email protected]

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