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Babel Review 2024

Babel Review 2024
About Site
Active Audience 93%
Quality Matches 92%
Popular Age 18-25
Profiles 2 000 000
Reply Rate 89%
Ease of Use 6.7
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Beautiful design
  • Easy to use
  • 100% free
  • Large and active userbase
  • Mobile apps
  • Ads
  • Some profiles are empty
  • No vetting process stopping scammers
  • No matchmaking processes
  • Mandatory add-on for people who don’t want to register

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International dating has been here for quite some time, and it has gained much popularity recently. Part of it is due to the convenience it brings. Even so, some dating platforms still follow some design choices that people consider unnecessary or even disruptive. The main culprit here is the mandatory registration. Without a profile system, there would be no need for a registration process. For this reason, there are many dating platforms out there that provide just that.

Among those sites is Babel (not to be confused with Babbel). Babel puts users’ convenience at the forefront and designs their entire website around this concept. For one, they allow users to use their platform without even creating an account. All their features are available for free as well. What’s more, they even have mobile applications for both Android and iOS. This is the complete package that addresses the problem.

When was Babel Founded?

Babel was founded back in 2013. Compared to other dating sites out there, Babel is in the middle. It is neither old nor young in the dating industry. Even so, they compete with some of the best dating sites that have been around for 20 years.

Who Owns Babel?

Babel is owned by 123MULTIMEDIA Company.

Who Owns Babel?

Registration & Profile

First, let’s talk about how you can register on Babel. One thing that we love about Babel is that registration is entirely optional. Anyone can use Babel without creating an account. Without a membership, users still have many features available, including anonymity protection, unlimited chat, consultation, and searches.

These features are often put behind a paywall, so users must pay up to use most websites. Babel does not do that. You don’t even need to be a member of Babel to access these essential features. One needs to add Babel extension to a browser to use it without registration, though. That concerns people using Google Chrome. Firefox users must provide a little information about themselves, such as their gender and birthdate (just to confirm that you are above 18).

Even better still, people can register on Babel for additional content, which is also 100% free. Through registration, users get all the above features. In addition, they benefit from a nickname, a detailed profile system, video upload option, and adding others to a list of favorites or a blacklist.

All of these features are accessible for free.

We recommend registering on Babel since it does not cost anything anyway. Babel has two different websites, which can be confusing. If you go to babel.com, you will be taken to their French site with no way of translating the page. Instead, we went to Chat.babel.com, which is an English site. Go to the latter, and you will see that there are two ways to register on Babel.

First, users can link their Facebook account or their Google account to Babel. Doing so will prompt you to allow Babel to scan your profiles so they can import some personal information and put together a profile for you.

While this is handy since most of your profile is completed for you and you don’t have to sit through the registration process, we do not recommend it. That is not to say that Babel is an unsafe website. Since they guarantee anonymity, it should be pretty safe. Even so, using a different email is a basic safety practice. That way, even if a privacy breach or security becomes compromised, the damage is contained.

For this reason, we recommend you go the long route and register with your email. You should provide the following information:

  • Gender
  • Sexuality
  • Email
  • Username
  • Password

You also must agree with their terms of use and privacy policy. Subscribing for their email newsletter is optional.

After this, you will be prompted to verify your account. This is your standard email verification process, so go to your inbox. If you do not see it, check the spam folder. If you do not see the email still, try refreshing or wait a bit. You should see the email and the link that you should click to verify your identity. Then, you will be awarded a Babel VIP badge to adorn your profile.

Registration & Profile


Communication is done via a messaging system, which is pretty basic yet adequate. There is a list of all online users to the left. Click on it, and you will be presented with a user’s profile. Clicking on a black “Chat” button, and you will be taken to the chatroom. Babel chat system lacks any means to send pictures or videos, but it does have a voice call. You can still use text and send emojis, which add color and character to your texts. But if you do not know how to start a conversation or feel shy, there is a bunch of templates to choose from.

One more feature is accessible when you view other users’ profiles. This feature is called the “Flash Messages,” which gives you some default messages you can quickly send to that user. It does lack video and voice chat, but to be fair, they provide all of these for free.

How to Search for People on Babel?

Searching for other users is pretty straightforward. You just have to click on a little magnifying icon in the lower-left corner. You will be taken to the search tab. Here, users can narrow down their search based on gender, age range, whether a user uploaded any pictures, country, username, and dating type. These are quite extensive. It could use some improvement by allowing users to search based on physical appearance, but that also means changing the profile system and risk compromising anonymity.

Plus, we also like the direction Babel takes. They want to encourage their users to focus more on other users’ character than physical appearance, so these search functions are more than enough for this purpose.

You can also use a live map feature that allows you to see other active users in your local area in real-time.

How to Delete Babel Account?

Deleting your Babel account is simple and can be done in the settings menu. For those who use Babel without creating an account, just clicking on “Disconnect” icon is enough.

How to Delete Babel Account?

Members Structure

Babel has a very large and active member from across the globe. To date, there are well over 2,500 active users at any given moment, meaning that there is always someone to talk to 24/7.

Sexual Preferences

We do not have a figure on the members’ sexual preferences, but users can either pick what gender they are looking for (male or female). So, we can say that Babel welcomes everyone despite their sexuality.

Race and Ethnicity

Babel has users from across the globe, so there should be someone living nearby that you can hang out with. And, of course, you can find people of different ethnic backgrounds here.

Religious Orientation

We have no data on user beliefs, but we know that Babel is not affiliated with any religion. So we can say that anyone can join regardless of their faith.

Religious Orientation

Pricing Policies

Babel is one of the truly free dating sites. They do not sell any subscriptions, so no hidden costs with this service.

Is Babel Safe?

Babel is 100% safe. They provide encrypted connections, meaning that your data on Babel is safe from hackers. Babel guarantees that your privacy is their concern, and they claim to keep all user data to themselves. While they do lack in scammer protection, you can protect yourself by being cautious and only talk to people who verified their accounts. Never commit to anything unless you have met that person, and you should be fine.

Quality of Profiles

Next, let’s talk about profile quality. While Babel guarantees anonymity, that does not mean you won’t find out anything about other users. They give just enough information, so you know who you are talking to, but not too much that you can picture them in your head. When viewing other users’ profiles, you can see the following information:

  • Username
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Location
  • Gender
  • Membership status
  • Online status
  • Short bio
  • Sexuality
  • Dating objective
  • Size and weight
  • Interests
  • Popularity
  • Zodiac sign
  • Chinese Zodiac

Quality of Profiles

As you can see, their profile system is quite extensive. At the top of the profile, you can even rate other user’s profile by clicking on stars at the upper right. That way, if you do not like how they behave, you can give them a bad rating. If you had a good time with them, you can also let others know. This will inform other users about that particular member. This review system keeps users in check and scammers at bay as well.

To report a user, click on a triangle with an exclamation mark. Click on a heart icon with a plus if you want to add them to your list of favorites. To blacklist that person, click on a broken heart icon.

When you blacklist someone, they will not be able to contact you at all, and their profile becomes invisible to you. That way, if you ever encounter someone particularly annoying, you can blacklist them, so they are out of sight and out of mind.

Online status is shown as a little green dot on the user’s profile picture, and their last online timestamp is to the right, under two heart icons.

When you view other users’ profiles, you may see a little crown icon. That means that this user has created an account on Babel. This VIP member badge is given to everyone who registered on Babel. But do not be alarmed by the VIP tag. You do not have to pay for it. It is given to you once you have verified your identity after registering on Babel.

Zodiac sign and Chinese zodiac tell you more about their personality. You will know their signs and any characteristics associated with them.

If you have not created an account on Babel, you get a simpler profile. Others can see your username, location, relationship goals, and sexuality. As you can see, this pales in comparison to what you can get by spending a few minutes to register on Babel.

To access your profile, click on “Settings” icon at the lower left. We recommend spending some time putting your profile together so that other users know what kind of person you are. Having a complete profile tells others that you are not a scammer. So, they would be more inclined to reply to you.

Finally, users can upload photos and videos to their profiles. We recommend uploading nine or so pictures and videos. Again, this is to prove your identity and let others know about your personality.

Quality of Profiles

Website Design and Usability

Next up, let’s talk about design and usability. The French website looks a bit cluttered, although its images and graphics look very clean and beautiful. The English site looks simplified, and we prefer this minimalist look. They make use of dark colors such as dark blue, black, and a touch of dark yellow.

You can register or use Babel without registration, and you can log in by clicking either. When you scroll down a bit, you will see a massive wall of text that tells you everything you need to know about Babel. The fonts here are a little small and hard to read, but they contrast with the white background. But these issues are only on the landing page.

The homepage looks very clean. You can find online users on the list to the left. The most relevant information is highlighted. Babel also uses a little color bar to the left of the user’s profile picture so you can tell at a glance whether they are male or female. The tabs are located at the bottom left corner. Everything you need is put into a convenient little package off to the corner of the screen. 80% of your screen space is for chat and pictures, which are the important bits.

We appreciate Babel’s approach to navigation. Everything is simple yet efficient. You won’t have to click far to find the settings you need. Everything is self-explanatory, so even new users can get around the site very easily. The loading time is quick, and the animations are smooth as well.

The only downside is that Babel has ads, which is the only way they can keep their website up while offering everything else for free. The ads may be distracting, but Babel made sure to put those in a way that does not distract users from using their site. These ads are often placed to the side or at the bottom panel of the site so that people would hardly notice that them.

Overall, Babel does a very good job of putting their website together. The ads could be distracting, but they are not intrusive at all.

How Does Babel Work?

Babel puts many features into their members’ hands, which allow them to connect freely. The search system is adequate, although there is no matchmaking system. Instead, people are given a list of all online users that they can scroll through. If you see someone you like, you can shoot them a message and arrange to meet in person if you two hit it off.

How does Babel Work?

Babel App

As mentioned before, Babel designed their website around the concept of convenience. For this reason, there is also a Babel mobile app that is free. It is compatible with both Android and iOS, so no one is missing out here. Its design, usability, and features are the same as its desktop site counterpart. Users do not sacrifice anything by going mobile other than the smaller screen.

Alternatives of Babel

What if Babel is inadequate, but you want something that provides similar features? We have some suggestions for you:

  • ChatKi: A feature-rich app that is 100% free
  • Chatib: Another free platform with online games
  • FaceFlow: A free dating platform with a massive userbase
  • Chatrandom: For those who look for casual dating
  • FriendFinderX: For those who are after casual hookups


In short, do we recommend Babel? Of course! Babel is a feature-rich dating platform that matches users from across the globe. With so many free features, Babel is one of the best options out there. Since it won’t cost you a penny to use it anyway, why not give it a spin?


Contact Information

Company: 123MULTIMEDIA Company

Address: 123MULTIMEDIA BP 73675 – 31036 Toulouse CEDEX 01, France

Phone: +33 978 232 425

Email: [email protected]

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