do we evaluate websites?
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How do we evaluate websites?

How easy is it to find a worthwhile offer on the market now? Those who have ever faced the need to search for a product or service will say for sure that this is not an easy task. Considering how many different products and brands there are now, the search can take a long time. And in the modern world, time is money. And in this situation, it will not be superfluous to contact specialists who will analyze the market and provide you with the most successful products and services. Of course, we can’t decide for you, but it’s in our best interest to provide you with honest reviews of dating services and make your choice a little easier.

Our company provides comprehensive data to satisfy the consumer. Before posting any dating-related content, we will conduct an assessment. We compare the collected data and collect factual reports. We use other factors when looking at consumer information to provide a reliable estimate.

But the client is always interested in the question of how is the selection of the best goods going? What are the criteria by which experts evaluate and select the best deals? Do these criteria match my own? Below, we will answer this question and provide the main positions we consider when evaluating dating services.

High quality of services

We want our consumers to understand the kind of service they are receiving. That is why we conduct independent research and write reviews based on personal experience. This means that we register with the service and use it before providing information.

Price-quality ratio

Nobody wants to pay for a service that doesn’t meet quality criteria. Our goal is to protect clients from such a situation and to provide only proven valuable services. That’s why we compare the cost of each service or product on dating services and only offer the available ones. We work to ensure that users only purchase services that are worth the money spent.

In site reviews, we provide accurate information on the cost of premium subscriptions on dating sites and consider different payment plans.

Some sites ask for payment for registration and immediately for a month; others want to get paid for sending messages and videos to other users. There are also free ones, but this is rare. It is impossible to give advice here: you distribute the money yourself.

Premium account on dating sites reduces the time it takes to search for a match, displays the profile on the top, and allows the client to use all the features of a virtual dating service. In addition, privileged users are more likely to meet their partners on the dating portal. Our employees check the functionality of paid services and test their usefulness and the validity of the fees charged.

But our employees check not only paid sites but also portals with free or partially free functionality. The rating of the best dating sites is incomplete if only paid services are included in it. Most of the sites on the list offer free registration and a minimum set of publicly available features. But each contains advanced functionality to make it easier to find. There is also another group – services, which are completely paid.

User’s base

We strive to ensure that you choose the service that meets your needs. We know that consumers would like to use services that have a significant customer base. We provide you with accurate information about people who have already used the product and who you may encounter. We also share statistics based on weekly and monthly activity.

If most of the profiles look blank with a bare minimum of information, this is suspicious. First, such profiles most likely belong to scammers who do not want to give any useful information about themselves. Secondly, if the site does not delete abandoned profiles or does not show attention to empty accounts, we cannot recommend this site to customers.

To thoroughly test all the services of the site, we create both male and female profiles. Next, we check the quantitative composition of the audience and explore the possibilities of accounts for both genders – sometimes, they are different (girls are often given privileges).

Resources with a small number of real accounts are not included in the rating. During the check, we correspond with users, testing the work of messages and finding out the desires of the site’s audience. Next, we find out the goals of real users to evaluate which category we can classify the site into.

The number of user opinions is an indicator of the popularity of the service. We always focus only on the real statements of real people.

Reliability and security of the site

Each page of the website is potentially exposed to dangerous activities of third parties: hackers, spammers, competitors, etc. All undesirable activities should be predicted by the website creators, and the website should be secured appropriately.

The best dating sites share their security measures like SSL encryption or the ability to transact anonymously. But we invite our clients to familiarize themselves with the Privacy Policy of the resources. It must guarantee the protection, security of the users’ personal data from unauthorized access. It also describes the obligations of the administration to users about their data and their dissemination. If there is no such page on the site, we request this data from the administration. If the site cannot guarantee its security, we cannot recommend it to customers.

Interface and usability of the website

Regardless of the subject matter, a good website should provide each user with specific useful information clearly and legibly and offer easy navigation between subpages. We examine site navigation, assessing how easy it will be for users to work with it.

We assume that the customers will need to spend a lot of time on the site, and this time should be comfortable. Intrusive ads, obnoxious or overly vibrant colors, and a hard-to-understand interface – these are all big no’s to the site.

Adaptation of the website

Each Internet user browses the Internet in different conditions, from a desktop or laptop computer to, mobile phone or tablet. Users have a better or worse computer, a faster or slower connection, a smaller or larger monitor displaying a certain number of colors. The website should be designed to be equally functional on each of these devices. Of course, it will be an added advantage if it will have the same appearance apart from the proper operation. We also rate sites on how convenient it is to use them from a mobile device. Another important criterion for evaluating a dating site is the availability of a mobile application.

Many dating sites still haven’t invested in a responsive website or app, even nowadays, where mobile devices account for over 50% of internet traffic. Many of the companies that have done so have not made sure their website is user-friendly for mobile devices. In such a situation, it is difficult to talk about the website being able to meet its goals.

Customers service

Any service must support customers to attract them. It can be frustrating for a consumer to learn about something from a service provider who responds to their inquiries within days or even weeks. Our experts review the support offered by the service provider and estimate the response time.

We find out how quickly and effectively users’ problems are solved in case of unauthorized payments, account blocking, or other difficulties.

On a dating site, different situations can happen, including conflict situations that require the participation of the portal administration. Customer service must help the user resolve the issues that arise. On paid resources, the support service is a prerequisite.

Users can express their comments about the work of the site, and they will be surely considered by the specialists of the relevant department. It is the user comments that make the site’s service better. A good and reliable dating site has an email address for feedback and a chat to resolve problems online.

Additional services

Popular dating sites offer not only a virtual communication platform but also message translation (if it’s an international dating site), assistance in organizing dates, sending gifts and flowers around the world (customers can surprise a person from anywhere in the world).

The experts working on the creation of online dating sites developed for its customers’ personality tests. Based on the results of these tests, an analysis of the psychological compatibility of future partners is carried out. When choosing a partner, specialists take into account the peculiarities of his character in addition to the external data of the applicant. That pretty much makes it possible to leave out of frustration in the future life together. In addition, this testing helps to weed out customers whose goal is a passing acquaintance.


Typically, dating rating includes many other aspects that affect our reviews. We spend time and effort to ensure that our consumers receive reliable information. We are responsible for conducting proper research; our passion and desire to be exceptional is the driving force behind what we do. Our team does a tremendous job to provide users with only the best content and compile a rating of reliable, safe, and effective sites. Our employees personally test many resources and select only the best.

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