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Matchbox Review

Matchbox Review
About Site
Active Audience 53%
Quality Matches 80%
Popular Age 23-33
Profiles 1 200 000
Reply Rate 85%
Ease of Use 8.1
Popularity 8.0
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • You can not find any fake profiles on the website because each new sign up is vetted by the in-house team of moderators. This means you can be 100% sure that what you see is what you get on the site.
  • It is an excellent place for Muslims who are looking for love because only single Muslims can use the service. It makes the platform better suited to serve the single Muslim community, unlike mixed websites.
  • All users are of legal age and are vetted to be above 18 years of age before joining the site.
  • The website concentrates on helping singles find long-lasting partners. Hence, you will only find serious partners on the site.
  • Matchbox is a security-oriented platform. Therefore, you can be sure that your data is secure.
  • The platform has a dedicated support team that will help you with any inquiries you may have. This makes the service easy to use even when you encounter problems.
  • The site costs money to use. To create a profile, users will have to pay $50 to start on the basic membership.
  • The platform is more pricey than its competitors, which may exclude people who want to use it to find a partner. Users have deemed the app to be cost higher than the average of other paid dating services.
  • Matchbox operates a unique offline model where they do not have any online experience for their users. There are no online chats, texts, rooms, or app. This can be a severe barrier for individuals who prefer online chats to physical communication.

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Matchbox is a Muslim dating site for individuals looking for love in the same religious circles. The platform focuses on matching Muslim singles with their dream partner using shared interests and a well-curated profile to allow everyone to find a significant other. Unlike hookup and flirty sites, this app focuses on helping people to find true love and long-lasting relationships. In this guide, we will explore every aspect of this website to give you a balanced view of the dating platform.

When Was Matchbox Founded?

Matchbox is a relatively new company in the dating space. The company has been in operation for five years as it was founded in 2016 in Ontario, Canada. Many users are from Canada (about 49% of them), while the remainder is scattered worldwide (Arabia, Europe, and the Americas). There’s a relatively even distribution of the Matchbox community, and it gives users the chance to pick a mate from a diverse pool of individuals.

Who Owns Matchbox?

Matchbox is wholly owned by the Matchbox company, created in 2016, the same year the app was launched. The company is headquartered in Ontario, Canada, making the primary language of the app English. Individuals who aren’t familiar with the language will find it hard to use the service as there are no alternate language selections.

Who Owns Matchbox?

Registration & Profile

Signing up on Matchbox is pretty easy as it is done on their website. The first thing you need to do is go to their website. Next, Click on “Create a profile” and fill out the form. The form contains details that are necessary to give life and authenticity to your profile. Once you are done filling out the form, you are required to choose the plan you wish to subscribe for (Matchbox does not have any free tier, all plans are paid). The three levels are platinum, premium, and basic, which each have their advantages and prices. Once you pick one, you will be asked to read the terms and conditions to ensure you know the relationship between yourself and the company.

The platform is strict about religion and requires members to be single Muslims looking for a serious relationship. Some of the required details for the registration form include:

  • Full Name
  • Occupation
  • Sex
  • Phone number
  • E-mail address
  • Family background


Communication is done offline, and although all profiles are available online for viewing, members cannot chat or contact other members online. Matchmakers will interview all sign-ups for no extra cost, and they will also answer any questions about potential matches without divulging any private information. All site profiles are searchable; therefore, users are not restricted when looking for a potential partner.

How to Search for People on Matchbox?

Searching for people on Matchbox is pretty straightforward. Users are helped by Matchmakers who automatically search for matches that they feel will be compatible with them. Users then have to choose if they like the match or if more potential matches should be recommended. The support team is on standby if you have any questions or issues while using the website. You can also view the available videos and tutorials available on the website to further navigate how to navigate.

How to Delete a Matchbox Account?

Deleting a Matchbox account is not a straightforward process. Unlike other platforms that allow their members to turn their online activity on and off at will, a Matchbox admin is the only one with the power to delete an account. If you want to delete your account, you will need to reach out to the support team, and they will help you delete your account from the service.

How to Delete a Matchbox Account?

Members Structure

The site is host to a diverse crowd of individuals. Every user on the site is above the legal age, although there isn’t any upper limit on the maximum age allowed to use the platform. A core percentage of their users is based in Canada, while the rest are scattered worldwide. Surveys taken have shown that the distribution of users on the site has women in the majority with 60% while men are in the minority with 40%. The site vets all profile sign-ups; therefore, we can say that these results are accurate due to the absence of fake profiles.

Sexual Preferences

Matchbox is centered around heterosexual matches, which ensures that men are matched with women. This website will not be ideal if you are a gay or lesbian Muslim looking for love. The Islamic nature of the website mostly backs this. Hence, we advise that homosexual individuals looking for love try out competing sites because they will have better luck on those sites.

Race and Ethnicity

There is no barrier to race or ethnicity as the service is available in multiple countries. The primary deciding factor is religion, as the platform focuses on matchmaking single Muslims into successful long-term relationships. Matchbox is the right choice for you if you hope to get into a relationship with a Muslim from another race or ethnicity.

Religious Orientation

Matchbox is a Muslim dating site. It is not secular and is a bit restricted when pairing. When signing up, members have to pass the vetting process, which aims to prove that they are adult Muslims who are not legally married under Islam. Although stationed in Canada, the site serves the general Muslim community and is present in several countries worldwide. Individuals who are not Muslims are advised to use similar sites as they will not be well served at Matchbox.

Religious Orientation

Pricing Policies

Matchbox has three different tiers, namely basic, premium, and platinum. These each have their own prices. With each upgrade, users are allowed more flexibility and functionality on the app. These payments are structured to allow users to get better utility when paying for a higher-tier membership. Once payment has been made to the site, users will be unable to get any refunds, as this is clearly stated in terms of use agreed to when signing up.

Free Membership

Matchbox does not offer any free services on the platform. The first tier is a basic plan which costs $50. The company has been heavily criticized for this pricing model. Still, it serves as a filter that allows them to take only individuals who are serious about finding a match, unlike a free service that allows anybody at the entry level and gives them basic access to the platform before urging them to pay for more services.

The basic plan costs $50 and has entry-level benefits. On the second level, the premium plan costs $250, and it is a more upgraded version of Matchbox, which offers users more flexibility and a higher stream of matches to choose from. Suppose you want to enjoy the full benefits of the platform without any restrictions. In that case, you can pay for the platinum membership, which costs $500 and allows users to customize their potential match without any restrictions.

How to cancel a Matchbox paid subscription?

It is not a straightforward process when trying to cancel your subscription. The website is an avenue to access the offline dating services the company provides. Therefore, to cancel your subscription, you will need to contact the support team to terminate your account. This means that your profile will be taken off the site, and your relationship with the company ends. Please note that Matchbox does not do refunds, and the money paid will not be refunded even if you had not finished the duration you paid for.

How to cancel a Matchbox paid subscription?

Is Matchbox Safe?

Matchbox takes the Privacy and security of its users quite seriously. They use the highest level of encryptions because they hold a large amount of sensitive user data, which could cause harm if in the wrong hands. The next level of security is allowing only Matchbox team members to view user profiles and photos. Therefore, users who join the site to gain insight through profiles and pictures will be disappointed. Matchbox is safe to use, and your information is secure on their website.

Quality of Profiles

The Matchbox profiles are high quality because they ask for information that makes it easier for matchmakers to make matches. They also personally vet all profiles; therefore, there are no fake profiles, and no scammers are allowed on the platform. It makes the profiles on the website trustworthy and raises the quality of the site’s profiles. Although users cannot see other profiles, they can rest assured that they will get a close or perfect match for you.

Website Design and Usability

The website is designed in a modern and simple design that makes it easy to use. The color template is a triple mix consisting of dark red, blue, and white. The website also uses a simple UI and UX design, which allows users to browse through and find the information they need seamlessly. The buttons are well defined, and they are easy to spot. Unlike most dating sites cluttered with ads and other distracting elements, Matchbox visually appeals to the eye as it does not have ads or other distractions. They do not monetize through ads because they run a wholly paid service. It has put them above many of their peers in design and usage statistics.

How Does Matchbox Work?

Matchbox is quite different from other dating apps. It utilizes a matchmaker system to help members find partners offline. Once you are ready to use the site, you must sign up and submit your profile for verification from Matchbox. Once your profile is verified, it will be uploaded to the site, and matchmakers will be able to pair you with potential matches. If you are ready to look for a match, you will book an appointment with a matchmaker who will interview you. Once the interview is over, you are expected to pick the kind of person you are interested in. The matchmaker will look for a suitable match for you and contact you when one has been found. If you like the match presented to you, you can contact them. If you do not want the match, another one will be given to you, but you can only have one match at a time.

Searches are done weekly by matchmakers, and these matches are presented to potentials as soon as they are found. These searches are carried out using the website members’ parameters, including age, occupation, physical attributes, education, personal traits, and the local area.

How Does Matchbox Work?

Matchbox App

Unlike its counterparts, Matchbox does not run an online dating system. They match their users offline and allow them to communicate with potential matches offline and in person. They only have a mobile website, which is a better alternative to their desktop website.

Alternatives of Matchbox

If you think Matchbox is not up to your speed and you are looking for flexible alternatives that fit your lifestyle, here are some alternatives that may be a better fit for you.

  • Happn is an intuitive app that allows you to chat with potential matches that are in your area. It’s the app for you if you like fast-paced dating and would like to connect with your matches online before you meet them in person. It is a location-based app; therefore, your location might be a limitation for you.
  • OkCupid is a dating site that allows you to fully control your profile while you search for potential matches online. This is an excellent alternative if you want more control over your profile and would like to monitor who matches with you and who can view your profile.
  • Hinge is a dating site that allows you to properly communicate with your matches by sending conversation starters or prompts. This site is useful if you have a problem starting conversations or getting to know your match. The app also encourages you to talk with your match online before moving your relationship offline.
  • If you are more interested in other Muslim dating apps, Muslim Shaadi and Muslim Matrimony offer similar services to their users.
Alternatives of Matchbox

Questions and answers

Do you have any questions left? Check the FAQs-list below to find the answers.

Is Matchbox safe?

This application is safe. With the privacy and profile verification it offers, you can rest easy while getting to know your members. With this application, you will have the privacy and confidence that your data, photos, and conversations will not be seen or extracted for other uses. Similarly, they make sure that they can report it directly in case of noticing any strange behavior in their members. Thus, its operators verify the information and take the necessary actions to ensure its users’ tranquility and security.

Is Matchbox a real dating app?

No, the Matchbox app offers the ability to flirt and have fun while interacting with one or more of its members. Within the application, there is no in-person dating function. If it happens, it happens by mutual agreement between its users.

However, conversations are common to produce real dates and even relationships due to the application profile. Undoubtedly, the application facilitates interacting and meeting among its members to decide if you want to have an appointment.

How to use Matchbox?

To use the Matchbox application, you have to download it on any of your mobile devices. By doing so, you need to create an account quickly, and you can enjoy the application immediately. Just by touching your mobile screen and using the emoticons it offers, you will have no problem starting to flirt.

In the same way, you will see the users who want to establish contact or review members’ profiles related to your preferences. You can even take advantage of your hidden browsing to have the peace of mind you want and chat with your favorite user.

Is Matchbox free?

The application offers the possibility of using its services for free, allowing you to converse and interact with its users. Creating your profile, flirting, and chatting with your members is completely free. In these services, you will have many advantages without spending and investing money from your budget.

As in any application, there are more advanced services and functions to experiment with, and people can use these features by making a payment. If you decide to access these additional options, such as updating your profile, you can do so without making any payment. With these features, the experience of meeting users can be more entertaining and have more functions.

Does Matchbox work?

The Matchbox app works, and with it, you can have fun, flirt, and even find a partner if you want. With your preferences’ configuration, you will find members related to what you are looking for, facilitating your connection. Undoubtedly, this application can offer you the possibility of entertaining yourself or finding a stable partner in its members.

By downloading it, you can access all its free features and start meeting people from anywhere. If you are looking for a stable relationship, you can select users who match your search. Without rushing and enjoying the best of your connection, you will have enough time to get to know its members in-depth.

Many people have found a partner in this application or are having fun and dating with its use. Without a doubt, this application works, and the best thing is that it is available to everyone. With the functions, easy access, and free of charge, interacting with its members is easy and safe.


Matchbox is a site dedicated to helping single Muslims find love in this uncertain world. The site is designed by using matchmakers to ensure that users get potential long-term matches. The site is headquartered in Canada and renders the service to Muslims across the world. Its unique offline model is powered by the illegality of offline dating in Islam, and they use this genius model to keep people matched and happy. If you are looking for a casual relationship or fling, this website is not for you as it is designed for individuals looking for long term matches.

Contact Information

Company: Matchbox Matrimonial Company

Address: Matchbox Matrimonial, 2960 Sycamore Street, Oakville, Ontario, Canada.

Phone: N/A

E-mail: [email protected]

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