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Antichat Review

Antichat Review
About Site
Active Audience 81%
Quality Matches 87%
Popular Age 23-24
Profiles 2 000 000
Reply Rate 89%
Ease of Use 6.1
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Users can access the website and use it anonymously
  • Most features are accessible at no cost
  • The support system ensures users are safe by moderating conversations.
  • You can join both private and group chat rooms
  • There are multiple users you can chat with
  • You can make several friendships and even find hookups
  • You can share secrets anonymously
  • You can block annoying users
  • You can play several games such as truth and dare
  • You can purchase items in the chat rooms
  • Photos and memes can be shared anonymously
  • You also can learn several languages
  • You can face segregation such as racism
  • Aggression and bullying is inevitable
  • You may fall victim to predators
  • Scammers cannot be avoided
  • You are prone to online crimes
  • Immoral characters can still frustrate your online experience

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Before joining Antichat, you would want a genuine review. Usually, reviews help you make an informed decision. Nonetheless, since its launch, Antichat has attracted a multiple following, with many users liking the anonymous feature. As such, you can interact with other users anonymously.

Most of the features can be accessed at no cost. Meeting people is not restricted to a user’s location, but can be explored beyond the geographical region. Members can also join both private and group chat rooms. Besides, the support system moderates conversations to ensure no aggression amongst members. For a comprehensive review, you can read the entire article to feature how it works, sign-up process, and costs.

When Was Antichat Founded?

You will want to know if the brand has been in the media. It is essential to know how long the website has been operating. Furthermore, a brand that has been running its operations for several years can be trusted more than the one that is starting. Antichat was launched in 2015. Over time, Antichat was recognized as AntiLand because of its security features.

Who Owns Antichat?

Antichat Review

Before signing up, you would want to know who owns the dating site. Antichat is owned by Antiland Inc, a firm based in California.

Registration & Profile

The registration is simple and effortless. You can spend two-five minutes when signing up. Not only can you register on the website, but also via mobile application. To initiate the registration process, you will provide a valid email address. You will create a unique username. However, if your username matches another user’s, you will need to change it or add some characters. You will then proceed to create a password.

You will be required to submit essential details, including your age, location, gender, and the gender of your possible match. Notably, you will have to choose the language you are comfortable with. The language you choose will determine which group chats you can join. After submitting a password, you will receive an email notification that you will have to confirm through the verification link to create your profile successfully.

You may want to spend more time when creating your profile. By this, an extensive profile helps in generating compatible matches, saving the time you would spend in looking for viable matches. You will have several questions that you have to answer. These questions give more details about you. Thus, it is advisable to respond to each of them if you are looking for serious relationships.

Users can edit their profiles anytime. Besides, customizing your profile is a free feature of the website. For example, you can choose a particular color for your conversations and purchase ‘super powers’ from the profile display.

Noteworthy, the more detailed your profile is, the higher the chances of finding a partner. On Antichat’s user profile:

  • Captures the username, age, location, language, gender, and other necessary information
  • Indicates the language you use
  • Has more information about yourself
  • Includes the gender you are looking for
  • Two contact icons; open a private chat and send a gift
  • Report and block features are available below the contact options
  • You can access your profile shortcuts beside the ‘account settings’ feature


Antichat Review

Finding matches can be draining, especially with incomplete profiles. Since you registered the main reason to find compatible partners, it would disappoint if you can’t find a match. Nonetheless, using the advanced feature can help you find several users. As such, you can customize your search to find filter results to meet your criteria. For example, you can search by location, age, gender, who is online, and language, among others.

It gets impressive when you can chat with a person you find interesting. Communication is simple and can be done through the sites contacting options. You can connect with other users by opening a private chat room, joining a group chat, or sending a gift. Better yet, you can use the voice and video chat features to have a better experience.

Besides, you can join a group chat room where you will find several members interacting and connecting. When you click the green icon, indicated ‘join,’ you will, by default, join a group chat. Noteworthy, if a group chat does not excite you, you can opt to exit by clicking the ‘exit’ icon.

How To Search For People On Antichat

Most of the time, you may not be aware of finding people on the website, especially if you are trying out dating sites for the first time. Nevertheless, searching for other people is not complicated. You can search in multiple ways. The first search results usually are people who can match your profile. If the results don’t impress you, you can use the advanced search feature to filter particular search results.

If you cannot communicate with the users probably because they are offline, an ideal option can be searching by filtering to see who is online. By this, you will get several users, and you can choose to connect with as many as you wish.

How To Delete Antichat Account

Antichat Review

Unfortunately, there is no straightforward provision for deleting your account. Nonetheless, if you feel like you have got the most out of the website, you can set to disable your account. Through the account privacy settings, you can set to suspend your account after 30 days of inactivity.

Members Structure

Antichat has a substantial database of registered members. At least 1.6 million global users have used this brand since its launch. Though the brand operates globally, most users are from the USA, France, Japan, Germany, Turkey, Ukraine, China, Sweden, Korea, and Russia. You can access more than 1000 group chat rooms.

Sexual Preferences

As common with dating websites, sexual orientation is a non-issue. All kinds of relationships can be found in Antichat. Whether you are looking for gay, straight, lesbian, and any other sexual orientation, you can always find a similar desire.

Race and Etnicity

It is familiar with dating sites to have members from all races and all ethical backgrounds. As such, anyone can join without fearing any segregation against ethnicity and race. Besides, the website operates globally, thus having a vast membership across all races and ethnicities.

Religious Orientation

Antichat Review

Do you feel unfortunate in love because of your religious orientation? This does not have to be the case at Antichat. You can find people with different religious orientations. Besides, there is no bias, mainly based on religion.

Pricing Policies

While most of the website’s features can be accessed at no cost, there are pricing policies that members can enjoy. Users can purchase ‘Super Powers’ features that enhance your experience on the website. You can make payments via credit card or mobile phone. The subscription packages costs are:

  • Seven days: 4.99 USD
  • One month: 9.99 USD
  • Three months: 24.99 USD
  • Twelve months: 79.99 USD

Free Membership

Most features on Antichat cost nothing. You can chat anonymously, browse, and engage with as many people as you wish. Among other advantages, a free membership, a user can:

  • Create and edit your profile
  • Participate in group chats anonymously
  • Browse and view compatible matches
  • Earn karma points

However, a free membership limits you, such that you cannot have access to the following features:

  • Messaging
  • Less noisy environments
  • A browsing experience that doesn’t feature ads

Getting a premium membership usually gives you the advantage of accessing all the features. A premium subscription:

  • Increases the chances of finding a partner as serious members purchase packages.
  • Gives you an exceptional experience with fewer ads
  • You can initiate communication with other users
  • You get coupons that can be used to browse seamlessly
  • Get priority attention with from moderators
  • Be featured among the top results

A noteworthy feature for paid membership on the Antichat is referred to as Karma. This feature helps your interaction and increases the chances of initiating private chats. It may interest you to know how it works. It gives you social status, and you can use it to buy virtual gifts and avatars.

There are several guidelines on how the Karma points are used. If perchance you violate the guidelines, your profile will be flagged, hence reducing your Karma points. Notably, you can only earn Karma points by doing some tasks on the website. For instance, you can earn them by:

  • Doing some of the tasks from Antichat moderators
  • Send and receive virtual gifts to other users
  • Contributing to the chat topics
  • Actively participating in chat sites

How To Cancel Antichat Paid Subscription

Antichat Review

When you sign up for premium membership, some cash is deducted from your credit card or mobile money. For one reason or the other, you may want to cancel a paid subscription member. You can contact the help and support team to help in canceling, thus preventing membership’s automatic renewal. You can also cancel the premium membership by visiting the account settings.

Is Antichat Safe?

The website is safe for each user. The moderators do their best to ensure members are interacting safely. However, since everyone is interacting anonymously, you may be victims of bullying and all kinds of social media crimes.

Before signing up, you can use your instincts. If you feel unsafe, it is better to postpone the decision or aborting it altogether. Nonetheless, if you sign up and face safety threats, you can contact the help and support team for quick action.

For security purposes, Antichat captures the following:

  • Users can block abusive members
  • The Antichat team usually moderates private and public chat rooms
  • Aggressive members can be suspended
  • The site’s terms of use and guidelines have to be adhered to
  • Chatting is strictly anonymous

Quality Of Profiles

You would be interested in finding out about the quality of Antichat’s profiles. All profiles have a hidden identity, implying that you may not identify a particular user unless they share such information. Each profile is streamlined, and users can effortlessly access and browse through multiple user profiles. For editing and account settings, you can access the account setting tab. You can earn karma points for a customized experience and use them to enhance your messages’ colors. Through your profile, you can also purchase Super Powers.

Website Design And Usability

Antichat Review

Compared to hook up sites, Antichat is yet to be updated. When you log in to your profile, you will access the dashboard. The previous chat room you accessed is the default chat room you will be directed to. You can always start or join another chat room if you are not impressed with the current one.

Besides the default chat room, you can view other chat rooms you have accessed, located on the left. The chat rooms spare you the time you would spend looking for private and group chats that you previously accessed. You can also access the history of conversations in the site’s various tabs. Personal communications can also be accessed. To join group chats, you can access a link on the right side, view usernames, and view active users with karma points.

You can use the ‘+’ icon on the top left; you can browse and view public conversations, initiate group chats, and search for members. For profile settings and editing, you can access the account settings feature.

How Does Antichat Work?

If you are feeling lonely, bored, or depressed, then you might find joining Antichat fascinating. Users can view profiles, find compatible matches, and initiate conversations. After creating a profile, you can start browsing through multiple profiles. You can initiate a conversation by clicking a username, which would lead to a private conversation.

Besides, you can join group chat rooms where you can explore everything anonymously. Generally, searching for members can be through several features, search as who is online, usernames, location, and many more. You can explore your Antichat experience on its website by downloading the mobile app.

Antichat App

You get a better experience of Antichat, especially if you download the mobile app. Antichat’s application can be downloaded on the Appstore and Google Play Store. The app offers you a seamless and convenient way of connecting and interacting. All features accessed on the website are available in the app.

When you download the app, you can:

  • Connect with strangers and develop friendships with people across the globe
  • Share your ideas without revealing your ideas
  • Participate in group chats
  • Engage in role-play games
  • Get tips and ideas about flirting
  • Initiate group chat rooms
  • Enjoy a life of fun as you interact with other users and rid of boredom
  • Learn several languages such as French, Germany, Chinese, Danish, Russian, Portuguese, Italian, and Spanish
  • Record a video or audio cam and share in private chat rooms
  • Get Karma points by chatting

Alternatives of Antichat

Antichat Review

While Antichat offers significant features and opportunities to find compatible matches, there are better sites that users can explore. Antichat’s competitor brands include:

  • eHarmony
  • Ashley Madison
  • AdultFriendFinder


In the modern century, dating sites are becoming the new order of finding hookups. If your identity is vital when joining a hookup site, you will try finding a site that does not reveal your identity. You will want to chat anonymously with anyone without having to worry that someone may know you. Pus people can judge you harshly for using hook up sites. While these fears and concerns could prevent you from meeting your soul mate, Antichat ensures that you can be safe and secure when browsing and chatting with people as it does not reveal your identity.

Contact Information

Contacting Antichat is not complicated. You can do so by sending an email or making a phone call. The contact information is:

Company: Antiland Inc

Address: Los Gatos, California

Phone: 6506698385

Email: [email protected] or [email protected]

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