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Amor en Linea Review 2024

Amor en Linea Review 2024
About Site
Active Audience 88%
Quality Matches 95%
Popular Age 18-25
Profiles 2 000 000
Reply Rate 93%
Ease of Use 8.7
Popularity 9.4
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • It has a quality mobile app.
  • It is free.
  • It has millions of users.
  • It links you to a broader platform.
  • There are one too many ads on this site, and it sullens the scenery.
  • There is no chat room.
  • It is a Spanish centric.

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Amor en Linea is a member of the Oasis Dating Network; this website aims to give the Spanish speaking love-seekers a place to call their own.

Amor en Linea Review

When was Amor en Linea Founded?

Amor en Linea was founded in the year 2008 by Dave Heysen and Daniel Haigh under the 3H Group of companies. It was founded to give the parent company Oasis Dating Network a stronghold on the developing dating market for Latinos. A registered company in America and one of the fastest-growing startups back then. This online dating platform has been on the rise ever since.

Who Owns Amor en Linea?

Amor en Linea is owned by the Oasis Dating Network, which has the sole and chief aim of offering quality and long-lasting dating platforms to the general populace. Over the years, it has improved significantly. Still, it has some way to go before it reaches the status of companies like eHarmony and Cupid, but it sure is on its way there as it garners millions of users every month due to its constant drive to improve.

Registration & Profile

Registration is easy. You will be asked three sets of questions, each of which is very important as they would form the backbone of your very detailed profile page. Following the completion of the said questionnaire, you will then be taken to your profile section. The profiles are quite detailed when compared to rival dating websites. It optimizes the information given to them by you and comes up with something laudable. You can upload about 20 pictures of you, which could be viewed by any user of the platform.

Registration & Profile


To communicate with other members of this website, all you have to do is follow a few natural instructions, and you are good to go. You then add fellow users to your contact list if they have not done the same thing. After this, you proceed to like their pictures and sending them a chat request. This request can only stay up for three days, after which it will disappear. You must ensure that you are calm, collected, and very polite as the site has many options, so the person you are chatting with probably has tons of suitors looking for a similar audience. Once the chat request is accepted, you two can hit it off. There is no matching option on this website as members must manually search and sort out filters hoping they can find a catch through this arduous method. You would expect it would be easier, and such matching would be similar to that done by Tinder and Biker Planet. It has been speculated and not denied that Amor en Linea is working around the clock to improve its matching process and other improvements.


How to Search for People on Amor en Linea?

You simply go to the search option at the top of the website screen. This search option is denoted by a microscope looking toggle, which you will click to get your partner search started. On clicking this, you can then sort out all the filters and try specifying what you want at that moment in time in a fellow user. It will give you a plethora of options, and you must remember that you can only like ten profiles hence a limited chance to shoot endless shots and hope that one finally clicks. After this, you follow the usual chat process, as stated initially. It must be noted that Amor en Linea does not automatically match users like others like Biker Planet. The searching is basic, and you must be on your A-Game to get lucky on the app or website.

How to Delete Amor en Linea Account?

You cannot delete your account on this page. How can you delete something that is free of charge and has nonexistent registration fees but mere advice to follow up on all the simple terms and conditions; however, people differ, and sometimes things happen? You cannot delete your account on the website or the mobile phone application. You can, however, refuse to log in; then, after some time, the account will be deleted automatically. This usually takes a six months period of a chance to come back for a prodigal user, kindly note that you can delete your phone app with relative ease.

How to Delete Amor en Linea Account?

Members Structure

  • Total Members
  • The total number of members of Armor en lines is not clear. However, it is part of the greater Oasis, with 20.9 million members, with 400,000 logging in daily. Amor exhibits enormous growth daily and is one of the fastest-growing Latino dating websites around.

  • Top Geography
  • It is a Latino centered dating site; hence the majority of its users come from Spanish speaking parts of North America such as large parts of the United States of America and the majority of Mexico.

  • Age
  • Amor en lines might be all-inclusive, but it has a strict no minors’ policy. Members must be at least eighteen years of age and prove that they are indeed mature enough to be privy to the explicit content which is available on the site.

Sexual Preferences

This is all-inclusive. Amor en Linea allows men to chat with and possibly eventually go out with fellow men and women. It also allows women to chat with and possibly go out with men or their fellow women. Amor en Linea does not segregate or discriminate; instead, it accommodates the users and gives them a chance at finding sweet love. Right from the homepage of this site, it is very apparent that Amor en Linea has spread its handles to welcome any new users to inspire of fetishes and interests. Amor en Linea has received numerous praise and plaudits from the LGBTQ community for its persistence in shunning the hateful nature if the world these days. Be you straight, gays, lesbians, transgender, or bisexual, you are welcome and encouraged to find love at Amor en Linea.

Sexual Preferences

Race and Ethnicity

Amor en Linea is largely Latino biased. However, this site caters to all ethnic groups and races, not just the Latino populace. Never has it been stated that a White, Black, Hispanic or any other ethnicity has been cruelty turned down by Amor en Linea.

Religious Orientations

It allows people from various religions to get in without denying a particular religious sect the chance to sign up, sign in or peruse its awesome website interface. Although Latinos are usually Catholic inclined, however, it must be noted that this website does not in any way whatsoever tolerate religious propaganda on the site or app. Quite smart and laudable, as tons of websites have been turned from dating sites or hookup spots to religious temples or an online pilgrimage site.

Religious Orientations

Pricing Policies

There is no pricing policy to discuss on Amor en Linea as its services and coverage are completely free of charge. As such, an intending love-struck member of this site does not have to worry about saving up a few hundreds of dollars or some quid to be a part of Amor en Linea. All the intending user has to do is read the terms and conditions of the website and try as well as possible that he or she does not contravene any of the laid down rules.

Free Membership

As a completely free online dating website, all the options of Amor en Linea are opened to users and quite easy to access. You can now chat, match or flirt with just about anyone on this website or its phone companion application without paying your life savings of taking out a crippling loan from a bank or friend. However, one issue is that, sadly, there are no ad removal options, and members are forced to go through such annoying ads popping up on the screen whenever they choose to close out a deal. The free nature of Amor en Linea makes all members of the platform equal. Millions of user’s care gotten each year, which expands the dating pool even more and leaves existing users spoilt for choice.

Free Membership

Unlike the majority of the top online dating platforms around, there is no paid membership option on Amor en Linea. All members are equal, and they can all access the same options without one needing to do a premium subscription plan or another one to purchase a gold or silver membership. This makes it a level playing ground as users would be judged on the strength of their profiles, convincing conversations, and unique features.

How to Cancel Amor en Linea Paid Subscription?

There is no paid subscription hence no termination. How can you cancel something that does not exist? And that is one of the things that make the site so beautiful.

Is Amor en Linea Safe?

Amorenlinea is one of the safest online dating platforms out there. Its mobile phone companion application is equally safe. This site has numerous intriguing firewalls that ensure its users are well protected by potential scammers that want to take advantage of a perceived emotional weakness usually found in a mainstream dating platform. It has conformed to and passed various national, regional, and international security checks with flying colors setting an example to other similar platforms in its vicinity that target the same Latino audience. Its app is equally safe and secure as it has a very high average security rating on both the Google Play Store and the iOS app store. Amorenlinea also undergoes regular robot checks to ensure that its app is not populated by claiming to be human beings when, in fact, they are far off. It ensures minors are not allowed in the site or using the app.

Quality of Profiles

The profile is your gateway to familiarity. There are many empty spaces that need to be filled in order to increase the chances of a match with your preferred partner. In fact, profile pictures are visible to anyone who wants to check the profiles of some site members. But each user should know that profile information and details can be changed later, and all this is absolutely free to use. Before the site profile is fully completed, the user can check, study, and view only up to 10 profiles of other participants.

Quality of Profiles

Website Design and Usability

The website has a nice orange and white background, which is very cordial and inviting to users as it sets a romantic backdrop as to the beautiful things to expect in being a part of this dating magnet. The site has easy access to widgets that can be spotted and operated with no extra knowledge or craft. It denotes such with catchy symbols and notifications. Amor en Linea also makes use of noticeable toggles that take you to where you want and when you want. It is also quite accessible to the general public at any point in time they deem it necessary.

How does Amor en Linea Work?

Following a glowing recommendation from a friend or maybe a casual mention in a bar while out with the guys, you find out about Amor en Linea’s unique online dating website. You then proceed to find the website on Google and click the link that directs you to the main Amor en Linea website homepage. Following this, you then proceed to sign up to the platform and complete its usual customer optimization questionnaire. Now you can make friends and chat with relative ease as Amor en Linea is well fully free of paid subscriptions or money centered requests. Amor en Linea operates in a similar way to Latinomeetup as it targets the Latino community. It is, however, different from Latinomeetup as it is a free service while Latinomeetup uses a paid subscription plan. This platform might not have the most users as compared to Tinder and eHarmomy, but they reply fast enough.

How does Amor en Linea Work?

Amor en Linea App

Armor en linea has a working mobile phone application that is available on the iOS app store and the Google Play Store for iPhone users and Android users, respectively. This phone application is good enough and gives members on the go and opportunity to chat and hookup with relative ease without necessarily having to log in constantly on the website as this could be a chore at times. It is aimed at giving users on the go a chance to stay connected and up to date with the happenings of the online dating world. The fact that Armor en linea has a mobile phone companion application is very laudable as it proves the site is modern and follows the current trend. It links users to their social media accounts for ease of access and options in viewing others.

Alternatives of Amor en Linea

These days no matter how good a service is, there will be competitors and similar services striving to snatch the crown. Competitions give them a reason to strive for perfection constantly. The case of Armorenlinea is not in any way different. Notable alternatives are:

  • Latinomeetup

    It is known as the Latino centered dating website. For the better part of the last decade, this site has provided Latinos with a new definition of true love. It set a blueprint which sites like Armor en Linea follows today, and is template is enshrined in online dating folklore as one of the greats.

  • Tinder

    A dating application that needs no introduction, Tinder is one of the greatest online inventions known to humanity. It is armed with a plethora of features and an enviable war chest, this application strives to improve and has its core features constantly copied by competitors and rivals alike.

Alternatives of Amor en Linea


This is a super cool application for Latinos to find love, build relationships, and enjoy meaningful things. It has a growing fan base and possesses an easy to use cool interface. It has the sole aim of giving users value for patronage as they do not pay a dime. Armor en linea is also pretty secure as it helps users stay protected and pleased with the service. Armor en linea also has a working mobile app that has gotten rave reviews on the internet and Google Play Store. Armor en linea is certainly one to look out for in the future.

Contact Information

Company: 3H Group Pty Ltd

Address: Suite 310, 46-56 Kippax St Surry Hills NSW 2010, Australia

Phone: (61) 2 9192 3211

Email: [email protected]

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