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TenderMeets Review

TenderMeets Review
About Site
Active Audience 75%
Quality Matches 93%
Popular Age 18-45
Profiles 3 890 900
Reply Rate 87%
Ease of Use 6.9
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Registration is effortless
  • One of the fastest-growing dating websites around
  • It is fantastic for users looking for serious relationships
  • It is very supportive of the LGBTQ community
  • A less-than-secure verification process
  • There is no mobile app available

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These days, it seems as though online dating platforms and websites are springing up like mushrooms. With a new online dating platform created every other day, it is hard to determine which of them is fake or real. As such, we will be looking at TenderMeets — a new online dating platform with a plethora of unique features.

When Was TenderMeets Founded?

TenderMeets was founded in 2018. It was created to utilize the booming online dating market, and it aimed to strike a balance between flirting and finding happily ever after. So far, it has done a good job, as evidenced by the thousands of new users it gets every month. It has been praised for its ingenious principles as well as all-inclusive nature.

Who Owns TenderMeets?

PorticatoMedia Ltd owns TenderMeets. PorticatoMedia Ltd is a media company based in the United Kingdom but with offices in Australia and the United States. PorticatoMedia Ltd decided to join the profitable online dating platform industry, and TenderMeets is its first foray into the dating market.

Registration and Profile

Registration and Profile

The world is online, and everywhere is just a global online village. You can search on just about anything on Google, and gone are the days when finding a date was hard, and all the elements had to be in your favor. Now you can find an equally single individual that lives a few blocks away and is looking for something similar to you. That’s what TenderMeets brings to the table. How do you become a member?

You simply go to Google or log in through a friend’s shared link. You click on the Google-generated link or the friend-shared link, and it redirects you to the TenderMeets user homepage. You will see an interaction box with a couple of fields that you will be expected to fill most accurately and honestly possible. After that, you will be directed straight to your user profile as there is strangely no verification option. This does not seem right, and it instantly raises the eyebrows of suspicious activities and lots of potential catfish accounts on the site. On signing in, you will now be gifted five free chats as a free user, which you can use to message just about anyone on TenderMeets. Sadly, there is no mobile phone companion application available.



Matching is one of the new features of most new-age online dating platforms, and it is amazing. Just look at it. It is cool that you do not need to stress about long and annoying searches, which have a fifty-fifty chance of finding the one. It is not different on TenderMeets.

Matches are sorted out through your phone location to give more accuracy and reality in the matching process. They are updated quite frequently and even better equipped for premium subscribers. Following the matching procedure, it is effortless to chat with your crushes. You should get a paid subscription plan to enjoy the full perks of this feature.

How to Search for People on TenderMeets?

How to Search for People on TenderMeets?

Searching on TenderMeets is like every other developed online dating platform. It has great features for any type of device. All you do is go to the search toggle at the top of the screen. This is denoted by a magnifying glass symbol, which you will proceed to click on.

Following this, you will be given a plethora of filter options. You click, fine-tune, then press ‘search.’ Once you do this, you can now chat with any of the search results, as long as you are a paid subscriber. If you are a free user, you cannot benefit from this, as you have most likely exhausted your five free chats.

How to Delete Your TenderMeets Account?

Occasionally after some time, you decide that enough is enough, and it is time to put an end to your account. This is quite easy as all you need to do is go to your profile interface, click on Settings, and proceed to scroll down to Account Settings. You then click on ‘Permanently Delete the Account.’ They will ask whether you are sure; click on ‘Yes.’ It is worth noting that this is irreversible, so be sure this is what you want.

Membership Structure

Membership Structure
  • Members

There are tons of online dating platforms all over the internet, and the majority of them are either based in the United States of America or have their main target audience in the United States. As such, it is a very competitive marketplace that TenderMeets is working with.

However, TenderMeets still has a respectable following of over two million users and an addition of over a hundred thousand newcomers each month. This has been achieved thanks to a reputable name, the certainty of getting value for money, fantastic publicity, and a plethora of features that are unique to this incredible modern dating platform.

  • Geography

TenderMeets is based in the United States. It was founded by American citizens, and it has the majority of its logins from the country. Hence, there is little or no surprise that the target audience and top geography, too, is the United States of America.

TenderMeets is a relative newcomer to the online dating platform industry and, as such, has not grown large enough to spread its tentacles to other continents or nations. Aside from the United States of America, TenderMeets also caters to the needs of neighboring countries in North America, such as Mexico and Canada.

  • Age

TenderMeets is more centered on giving users happily ever after, and it does not promote hookups; hence this is no place for kids. The majority of TenderMeets members are around the ages of the late 20s and mid-50s, so it is easy to see why this seems like a marriage platform. Also, underage users are generally frowned at as TenderMeets has a strict no-minors policy. Any minor found on the site would be promptly kicked out as people below the age of eighteen are not welcome to TenderMeets, at least for now. This helps users know that they are chatting with real adults and not just silly catfish accounts looking for fun at their expense.

Sexual Preferences

An online dating platform with zero sexual boundaries and one that encourages experimenting as much as embracing — TenderMeets is open to male and female users, who can go out with either male or female members as they please.

There is no discrimination or segregation; any kind of homophobic slurs or gender connotations would be treated harshly by the TenderMeets team. This site has garnered immense plaudits from the LGBTQ community for the work it has done in all inclusion, and it has a mantra of pleasing all its members no matter their sexual choices.

Race and Ethnicity

An online dating platform founded in the home of global diversity, the United States of America, TenderMeets does not fail to measure up to standards as it admits. It allows all races and ethnicities to join and have equal opportunities, as other major online dating platforms do. This website welcomes Blacks, Whites, Hispanics, Latinos, and Asians to have fun and find love. It is not like a couple of similarly mainstream online dating platforms that aim to segregate users from other ethnic groups. TenderMeets instead is the complete opposite.

Religious Orientation

TenderMeets might not be another Christian Mingle, but they are certainly not haters of religions, nor are they unaware of the God factor. However, it is noteworthy that this online dating platform allows for every single user to have their religion without discrimination. It does not allow violent religious advertisements or drafts to be posted online.

However, you sure can mingle with ease on TenderMeets. This online dating website puts a lid on aggressive religious propaganda and has strict rules against that. If such a rule is violated, the violator will receive a warning, and if it persists, such a recalcitrant user will be removed from TenderMeets with no refund.

Pricing Policy

Pricing Policy

As is the case with most online dating platforms present these days, there are two options: either free or paid. The paid subscription includes:

Duration / Credits / Coins Costs Total
1-month membership (One-time payment)
1 Month 34.99 USD / Month 34.99 USD
3-month membership (One-time payment)
3 Months 19.99 USD / Month 59.97 USD
6-month membership (One-time payment)
6 Months 15.99 USD / Month 95.94 USD

Free Membership

Free users of TenderMeets are not left out of the fun as there is, in fact, a free subscriber option. However, it is markedly different from the paid subscription as a free subscriber-only gets five free chats. Even if you are in the process of closing out date plans with the girl or guy of your fantasy, as soon as your five free chats end, you cannot make any more progress until you pay.

You can update your profile as a free subscriber with relative ease; you can also search and get matched. However, the main gulf in difference between you and a paid subscriber is that you cannot chat anymore after your fifth chat, and finding dates is impossible without communication.

Paid subscribers on TenderMeets are the clear alpha dogs, as there is a wide gap between them and free users. As a premium member, you will have several advanced options to choose from, including unlimited chat options, better matches, advanced search options, and the best of all — you can hide your profile from other members of TenderMeets. Also, you can see your page visitors for easy hookups.

How to Cancel TenderMeets Paid Subscription

After a period of faithful patronage and monthly renewals, for some reason, you decide that you have had it with paying steep renewal fees and being a member of one of the best online dating platforms. You think that the time is right to terminate your payment package. Do not worry; this is quite easy to do. You simply go to the Contact Us section and send an email to the TenderMeets team.

In that email, you will state your name, subscription plan, and your proof of payment. You will get a response in a few days. Make sure this is what you truly want as it is irreversible. Once you make up your mind to take this route, ensure that you turn off the auto-renew option on existing subscriptions. This is essential to avoid constant renewals on an inactive account.

Is TenderMeets Safe?

Is TenderMeets Safe?

TenderMeets is very safe and secure compared to its alternatives and competition in the online dating industry, even though it does not possess a verification process after signing up to the website. It has passed various security checks and earned the badge of tried, tested, and trusted multiple times. Avoid sharing personal information with people online — this is the best form of personal security out there as it is not all gold that glitters.

Profile Quality on TenderMeets

Profile Quality on TenderMeets

The profile quality of TenderMeets is better than on most niche websites. This is in the sense that as a paid subscriber, you will enjoy the site. It has an ambient background that sets the vibe for what is to follow and promotes long-lasting committed and meaningful relationships. All in all, the profile offers sufficient details to learn more about others. Possessing widgets and toggles that are easy to access, on TenderMeets, you have all you need, and don’t forget that your profile interface is a gateway to potential dating heaven.

Website Design and Usability

Website Design and Usability

The website design is nice and very easy to use. It has friendly features, providing an environment that sets the mood for chats and casual flirts. It is well sorted and leaves users without headaches and complexities that most online dating platforms have these days. Sadly, there is no mobile phone application to help people on the go.

How Does TenderMeets Work?

How Does TenderMeets Work?

TenderMeets is one of the most straightforward online dating platforms out there, as it is so easy to use that some members have called it “downright addictive.” Once you have gone through the five-minute sign-up process and are now officially a member, you simply sign in. Because there is no verification procedure in place, signing in takes nanoseconds.

You should get a subscription plan to enjoy the full benefits. Have fun and be polite because there is a block for annoying and insulting members. TenderMeets has also come up with an awesome customer support team that you can contact just in case you run into any form of uncertainty.

TenderMeets App

There is no mobile application for TenderMeets. This is quite a letdown as the majority of its competitors have apps available, which can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. It is quite sad that a website that claims to be so modern does not conform to modern practices.

Alternatives to TenderMeets

Competitors of TenderMeets include the following:

It has decades of experience catering to lonely bikers’ needs and giving them a chance to fall in love. This website is biker-exclusive and only available to North Americans. It does not have a mobile application but more than makes up for it with its fantastic interface and excellent steady service to paying customers.

Known all around the world as the top dog in online dating platforms, this is the standard that many good dating sites aim to reach. Tinder has provided unparalleled service to the communities involved for the longest time among active dating websites. Tinder is truly a keeper, available in almost two hundred countries, and it has earned great plaudits for its steady supply of quality services.


Is TenderMeets safe?

TenderMeets is a safe matchmaking site. It would be good to have a look at the terms and conditions of use. The FAQ section may also be ideal for you to learn more about safety. There are also safety tips shared on the platform. Make an effort to go through them.

Is TenderMeets a real dating site?

Yes, there are multiple chances of finding a compatible partner right here. However, you should pay for a subscription so that you could leverage all the features. There are many reviews on the web that reveal how legit this site is.

How to use TenderMeets?

You have to make use of your email to log into your TenderMeets account. Also, you should develop a password that is easy to remember for you while hard to find out by others. On the site, you will come across different people. The profile should be unique. Also, multiple features could assist you in finding your match easily.

Is TenderMeets free?

Yes, the site can be accessed without paying any money. This gives you access to the basic plan elements, which may not be enough. This means that you will be required to pay to access the full bunch of the site’s features. Nonetheless, you can utilize the free plan to enjoy what the site has to offer.

Is TenderMeets really work?

As per reviews across the web, TenderMeets works. Past clients have left positive comments on the site. They have also testified on how the site helped them get partners. Those comments and reviews from members who once used the services of TenderMeets show that the site works perfectly.



TenderMeets is a fantastic app for serious relationships, and it aims to give paying subscribers a chance happily ever after. However, it is not particularly security-conscious and does not have a mobile app.

This online dating platform is certainly one on the rise and one that aims to give users good value for money. It has a nice website design that sets the mood for serious yet romantic conversations, and it is blessed with an awesome customer support team.

Contact Information

Company: Porticato Media Ltd

Address: Nwms Center 31 Southhampton Row, Office 3.11, 3rd Floor, London, England, United Kingdom WC1B 5HJ

Phone: +44-344 482 4945

Email: support@tendermeets.com

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