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MaiOtaku Review

MaiOtaku Review
About Site
Active Audience 67%
Quality Matches 89%
Popular Age 23-26
Profiles 1 600 000
Reply Rate 88%
Ease of Use 6.1
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • You can perceive a strong sense of community, as all the users share the same interests;
  • There are strict controls over spammers;
  • You are encouraged to report any scam activity you notice on MaiOtaku;
  • You are not forced to date. You may also be here just to chat or share your opinion about the latest anime you have seen.
  • You don’t understand the interface at first sight, as there are no writings below the tabs. No big deal, if you click on them, you will soon be able to surf quickly.

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If you consider yourself a geek, going on dating websites may not always be a pleasure. Is the other person so keen on chatting about what happens in Naruto Shippuuden? This and many other questions may populate your anime-oriented mind.

What brings together everyone here on MaiOtaku is not just a dating purpose. You will understand it easily only by going to their main page — anime is the focus of everyone’s attention.

It’s a free and public chat space, which gives you the possibility of creating your own profiles and chatting with others. It’s a beautiful and completely new way of making new acquaintances and a fun chance to know more about manga conventions. This is all that you will find on MaiOtaku.

Read through this review if you would like to know more about MaiOtaku’s features, its audience, and all the entertainment you will find here. By the end of this review, you will understand if this is the right community for you. Let’s get started.

When Was MaiOtaku Founded?

MaiOtaku Review

During the summer of 2009, the Internet anime-lovers world was hit by a warm wave someone bought the MaiOtaku domain and created the website. Today it counts thousands of users, and it’s populated by the most geek guys and ladies from around the world.

Since 2015, MaiOtaku has been providing its members with the opportunity to live chat, exchange quick thoughts, impressions, or news about the latest convention available.

Now it is as it is, popular and working smoothly — making the anime universe a little bit brighter. It shows a young anime couple dancing on the main page. For those who have not seen it yet, you can wear an artichoke and still be fancy.

Who Owns MaiOtaku?

Ryan Kopf owns MaiOtaku. He is an Internet computer scientist engineer, fond of books and anime, and was born in 1988. He is the founder of MaiOtaku, and he is still managing it.

It’s always best when the webmaster learns the audience he’s hosting, they say. This is the case: Mr. Kopf knows the Otaku’s world, and you can tell this from a lot of small details on the site.

He has managed to get a good-working and friendly community, despite the high number of users joining and participating in public chat rooms, discussions, advice sections, and so on.

Registration & Profile

MaiOtaku Review

The registration process on MaiOtaku is effortless. Write down your e-mail and username — done. Then you will be redirected to your profile page, and you will be able to edit it by updating your location, uploading a profile picture, writing a brief (please!) and a fun description of who you are.

It is strongly recommended to keep your anime list up to date. This will help the algorithm to match it with other users’ tastes and will suggest a mutual friendship. Why relying on the chance if you can make a machine do all dirty work?

Aren’t you here to find like-minded people, after all? So, while you edit your page, you can start looking for matches and chatting a bit.


Communicating on a site has never been so easy. As you may be here for different purposes, they all are plainly shown to you in the main toolbar. You will see mute icons, and you will have to tap them to unveil their secrets.

So, here’s how to chat on MaiOtaku: click on a person’s profile and friend them. It is needed to be able to interact with them, so there is no spam or annoying flooding messages from unknown users.

If you would like to stay in your haven without interactions, you can! Take a look around and check the forum section. You can use the first icon in the toolbar: see the “anime,” groups, and conventions sections. Pick the one you need and lurk a little. Then you can write exciting content about your favorite anime, and friendship’s request will start popping up.

What about the matches? They will occur only when MaiOtaku will decide you are compatible with another person. You like the same anime, and you are going to the same convention, you are coming from the same city, and so on.

Throw yourself into the warm arms of MaiOtaku. It will show you who you may like. Then, you are free to start a brand-new friendship or a chat.

How to Search for People on MaiOtaku?

MaiOtaku Review

As said in the paragraph above, the website will perform searches of new users for you. See the first icon on the main toolbar? Click on it, and you will be shown your profile section.

If you edit and update your page correctly, you will be able to see people who like your own anime series, for example. You can update your gender, birth date, the featured content you are fond of on MaiOtaku.

Then, you can take a look at forums and find new people to chat with from there. It’s an excellent way, and it may remind you of the free forum environment there was online in the 90s Golden Age of the Internet.

How to Delete Your MaiOtaku Account?

As you won’t be bothered by notifications, there is no point in deleting your account. If you are tired of MaiOtaku and you really believe something will change if you get rid of it, then you can do it by contacting customer support. You can only deactivate your account but not technically delete it.

Be aware that by subscribing, you have signed a Privacy Policy agreement, which you must have read fully.

Like many other dating websites or social networks, here on MaiOtaku, they help themselves with your data. They are not directly related to your person when they share it with third parties, so don’t be worried about that.

Marketing companies are eager to know more about statistics of this kind of service, as online marketing basically lives thanks to them. If you are already using a free social network, that’s how it works nowadays.

Members Structure

MaiOtaku Review

Everyone is an otaku here. If that’s your bread and butter, you are in the right place. If you are not familiar with the “otaku” definition: that’s a geek, passionate about anime and manga world. Not just a cosplayer or a Full Metal Alchemist reader… Let’s say being an otaku is a state of mind.

The members mostly come from the US and Europe. Not everyone has the location on, so you can’t always tell who comes from where. It can be said they all share an anime world.

The general attitude here is positive, and even though it’s hard to say they don’t misbehave, you should really try the community sense you perceive from the forum and anime section.

Members here, not just the paying ones but also the free ones, feel like being inside a community. The magic of public chat… It’s great they haven’t lost it with the mass-direction the Internet features these days.

Still, you can find here in MaiOtaku a sense of elite group. They don’t fear the world outside, but they feel more comfortable welcoming you inside if you stay humble and respectful of everyone.

Not just a chatting and dating environment, then. More like a community of people.

Sexual Preferences

Slow down. You are here to chat, date, and meet new acquaintances. So, sexual preference might be a reasonable concern. Still, you need to think about this place as a free and fun environment of people fond of the same things.

So, don’t conceal your sexual preferences, but don’t expect MaiOtaku to show what is the straight/homosexual ratio, for example. No mention about that.

Race and Ethnicity

MaiOtaku Review

If you are here for a boring swipe right/swipe left experience or for a selection of your favorite ethnic type, change the marketplace and try with a “regular” dating website.

Here a significant part of the profile images is an avatar, so it’s hard to tell the ethnic ratio. More Caucasian manga avatars, that’s for sure. Some of them also show bright blue skin, so they were supposedly born in Pandora or in a close country.

Fairies are also a big part of the community. They are just as respected as other members, despite their tininess and misuse of emojis.

Religious Orientation

Anime-worshippers, without any doubt. They believe in well-shaped and glowing cartoon characters used to behave in fun, heroic, normal, horny ways. There’s no specific attitude or ritual related, so you are not really able to spot the anime-worshippers in the first place.

Then, they fell blasphemy a lot. For example, if you claim to be an anime-worshipper just because you made your parents buy you a Goku suit for Halloween, they may feel offended.

Pricing Policies

One in a while, MaiOtaku opens a campaign to earn new members. The campaign’s ad will show up only after 200 page-views so that you won’t be that much bothered by it.

It’s a little different from the other chat and dating websites, as they are technically trying to reach an objective. So, the ad will go away only when they will achieve their goal. Don’t worry. For example, as this review is being written, their goal is to pay domain costs to Amazon AWS. Let’s see the features associated with a Premium membership.

Free Membership

MaiOtaku Review

With a free membership, you can do everything. You can chat using the light blue cartoon bubble at the bottom right of the page, participate in forum discussions, and verify your e-mail address. You can also show the “verified” badge on your profile image.

You can see new anime’s suggestions, conventions, photos from other users, and so on. You can live with a free membership. Still, if you feel you are a part of this community, maybe you should commit to it. It is very cheap, indeed – see the next paragraph.

For 3,99$/month, you will get some extra benefits. Help MaiOtaku pay the bills! You will be featured in the “new members” features list, so every newcomer will instantly see your smiling face and get to talk to you more easily.

Then, the location features are more precise, and you will be able to see where was the last place a user logged in. You will also be able to see up to 5 reasons why you are matched with another Otaku person. Or, you can save your message history forever and upload thousands of pictures.

Then, soon you will also be able to send a “crush” to other users, a sort of Facebook like, and be shown less captcha. If you are a robot, this latter feature will be just the best option for you.

How to Cancel MaiOtaku Paid Subscription?

Are you leaving already? If you would like to cancel your MaiOtaku paid subscription, just go to your account settings and downgrade. You will be able to do everything a free member can do, without any limitation.

Feel free to avail of a premium membership over and over again. If you already feel a part of the community, that would be a good idea.

Is MaiOtaku Safe?

MaiOtaku Review

You may be logged out from MaiOtaku if you are using an unsecured IP. So yes, they perform quite strict security controls over visitors. If you are not convinced yet, consider that you are encouraged to verify your profile all the time, and you should upload a profile picture. At least, once.

Quality of Profiles

As said, there are thousands of profiles, and the most active members also have complete and good-quality pages. They share fun descriptions, and sometimes just by reading them, you can tell who they are in real life.

Not every page carries a fictional character. Well, let’s say that even when they do, there is reality beneath. Many people claim they have found real and long-lasting friendships on this kind of social network for manga lovers.

Website Design and Usability

The interface is understandable and very fast to be used. Take your time to understand where the main toolbar will lead you. Tap on each tab, and it will be easy to surf MaiOtaku.

Maybe the only flaw here is that there are no writings on the tabs, so you don’t understand what’s what. At least you don’t understand it right away. Don’t be discouraged; if you are Otaku enough, you will get through this.

One tip: see the light blue cartoon bubble in the bottom right corner of the screen? That is the chat.

How Does MaiOtaku Work?

MaiOtaku Review

Still, having some doubts about how everything works? Well, you can do many things here. The first icon, you see your profile and the website’s sections. Then, other menus on the main toolbar will lead you to different blocks.

You will be free to participate in various public discussions. It’s forum-like: you select a chat room, you post, everyone will see it — no big deal.

MaiOtaku App

Although there are a lot of Otaku messaging apps, a MaiOtaku one has not been developed yet. If you are fond of coding and have experience with software creation, you may be the creator.

Alternatives to MaiOtaku

Otaku, Otaku Social, Animega, Geek Hangout are just a few examples. These are some of them where the dating part is more interesting than the public chat room and forum one. If you are a real otaku, you already have your references and your favorite communities related to your preferred anime.


MaiOtaku Review

If you were looking for an otaku date, this might be the right place for you. Secured from the outer world’s eyes, here you can be yourself, especially if you are feeling a geek all the time.

Hopefully, this review has been helpful to you. Have a good otaku experience, find new friendships, and join your otaku community!

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