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Chat Friends Review

Chat Friends Review
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Active Audience 93%
Quality Matches 91%
Popular Age 20-45
Profiles 153 000
Reply Rate 88%
Ease of Use 6.7
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • You can make use of one of the best facilities online in the chat rooms called "Streaming Radio Player."
  • Texting is possible with the help of Chat Friends.
  • Texting is possible with the help of Chat Friends.
  • Sending messages to one of the users is possible using a private room.
  • You can even see the chat history of the member online.
  • Additional chat tools will help you in finding it easy to talk online to others.
  • The free or guest account will not allow you to receive and send messages.
  • You won't even be able to use other features such as additional chat tools, voice messages, chat history, private rooms, and much more without paying.

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The only thing that matters after trying out dating apps is the platform for chatting. Chat rooms are getting quite a lot of attention from all the singles across the world. One of the best places you can ever use is Chat Friends, which aims to bring two lonely hearts together to form a long-lasting friendship.

It is an online platform that allows you to relax and chat freely with other users online. You can share hobbies and interests without being on guard. The community of Chat Friends is lively enough to invite you to join the fun and other members. You could simply gain the upper hand at relationships by joining the groups and sending users private messages.

Chat Friendse

When Was Chat Friends Founded?

Chat Friends is a unique app that enables you to make buddies online without the help of any third wheel. Ever since the new update back in 2018, the website has thrived both as the website and mobile phone app.

Who Owns Chat Friends?

This awesome chat place is built specifically for singles in the UK. As Amazon states on a promoting page of the app, the developer company is also called Chat Friends. Since the year 2018, it works to ensure that all the singles worldwide can benefit from having a special place to make friends online.

Registration & Profile

When it comes to chatting, what you need is a platform where you can find friends easily. Chat Friends is one of the most effective places where you will find a lot of friends online. You can find friends to make and find dates near your location. The most surprising thing is that the user doesn’t waste more than a few minutes on registration.

When you open the website, you will see a banner and two buttons in the middle. The first button will tell you more about chat room rules before you go ahead and register your account.

If you want, you can read the rules and regulations before you register. This process may take a few more minutes. After you finish, you can click on the “Login/Register” button to create an account. After clicking on the register button on the next page, you will be directed to a form specifically meant to register your account online.

On that form, you will be responsible for providing a unique username and password that will help the website identify you. You will also need a valid email that you will use to verify your account in terms of security.

After creating your profile on this chat room website, you need to share your information. It will help you in enhancing the effectiveness of your time here. Posting your profile picture and a little bit about yourself is needed to make sure that your introduction is attractive enough.

Registration & Profile


After registering online, you can use the chat room to find more friends. They can be available in another part of the world. You might be surprised to find a local person in your chat room. If you already have a few friends in the local area, you can invite them to chat with new people to get more benefits.

You can observe someone’s profile while chatting with them online. When you open the app or website of Chat Friends, you will find that it is a fascinating way to meet exciting strangers. If you like someone while messaging in the group, you can click on the profile and send a private message. By doing this, you won’t be disrupted whenever you are talking to other people in the chat room.

You will also get a particular chat room dedicated to people dealing with anxiety and depression. Even if you happen to be among LGBT members, you will get a safe chat room for chatting with people, explicitly belonging to this special category. It would make you feel safer while spending time on the site.

There is also a particular spot for teens that allows them to talk freely without the fear of offending adults. If there are some parents on the platform, they also get a separate chat room so that they can allow themselves to be honest and specific about issues regarding raising a child. Trivia games are also available that enable you to have fun online with your friends.


How To Search For People On Chat Friends?

If you want to search for someone online on this platform, you first have to open the application and go to the dropdown menu after registering. Surely, searching would be of no effect if you have not updated your profile yet. It enables you to find someone easily without having to work hard. But keep in mind, that if you want to search a member on Chat Friends after registering, you will have to purchase a premium membership.

How To Delete The Chat Friends Account?

If you want to delete your Chat Friends’ account for some reason, you just have to follow some steps to do that. You can access your profile after logging in to your account. After going through your profile for a while, you’ll see a “delete account” option. You just have to click the button and wait for seven days.

Your account will be closed automatically, and your name would be deleted from the database of Chat Friends. If you don’t want to delete your profile and click the “delete account” button accidentally or just changed your mind, you can cancel the request.

Members Structure

Among all the members, the majority of the profiles belong to the youth in the United Kingdom. You would also find many singles spread across the United States. However, it would be difficult for you to find members belonging to any other background since the website is not available for other countries.

Even though Chat Friends can also be used for finding dates online, it is not explicitly limited to romance. That’s why the users don’t need to be only above 18 years of age to make an account on Chat Friends. The website clearly states that you can at least be 13 years and above to create an account. If any user is found to be below this particular range, the moderators instantly ban the account without hesitation. Even available members of the Chat Friends have the power to report the users below 13.

Members Structure

Sexual Preferences

There is no limit to sexual preferences when it comes to chatting friends. If you are single and ready to find a partner of the opposite gender, you can move to the general chat room. On the other hand, however, if you are willing to find someone of the same gender to have a relationship with, you can join the LGBT group. Even if you are out there to make friends online, you can randomly join any chat room.

Race And Ethnicity

The only people allowed to create an account on Chat Friends are the individuals residing in either the United Kingdom or the US. The particular user’s background doesn’t matter, they just have to be a resident of these countries. According to this, you can meet people of any race and ethnicity, because both countries are multinational.

Religious Orientation

A user can belong to any religious background when it comes to Chat Friends. This app is meant for the users striving to make friends online. That’s why the app doesn’t focus on religious orientation and allows the members to express themselves freely without hesitation. Still, if you find someone abusing you based on your religion online, you can report them to Chat Friends admins.

Pricing Policies

When it comes to online chatting platforms, nearly all of them have premium memberships. Such aspects allow users to experience a deeper side of chatting or dating websites. The cases are similar when it comes to chatting with friends.

All the payments are supposed to be made with the help of a PayPal account. The website promises not to hold or share any payment information with other users on the server.

Free Membership

The free membership allows you to create an account on the website easily. You can even access the public chat rooms with the help of the account. It is not easy for a free membership to send a message to the other person in the private chat. The free member can only use a streaming radio player and upload photos online on the profile.

All the registered members are usually asked to upgrade their accounts and get VIP membership. It ensures that you can experience the best chatting operation while finding friends online. Several features that the VIP members can use are mentioned below:

  • You can change username anytime unlimitedly.
  • GIF in YouTube searches is possible to give you an enhanced experience.
  • You can use profile cover themes to attract the attention of other members of the chat rooms.
  • Listening to the radio is possible by giving you a list of all the stations online.
  • You will get a chance to read three days of chat history in the chat rooms.
  • You will be able to update your mood status online.
  • Searching members is only possible with the help of a VIP account.
  • Color changes feature instantly allows you to stand out while chatting.
  • You can create a new masterpiece using an art feature called “paint palette.”


  • The guest account is free of cost.
  • You’ll be allowed to pay at least £29.99 a year to get the VIP account at hand.

How To Cancel Chat Friends Paid Subscription?

If you want to cancel the subscription and go back to using a free account, you can contact the website’s moderators. On the other hand, you can go to PayPal’s official account and cancel the subscription there.

Is Chat Friends Safe?

The website makes sure that all the users online remain safe and sound while having fun with their friends. For this, the website presents you with a bunch of tips and tricks for staying safe online.

The website asks the users to research thoroughly before meeting someone from Chat Friends in real life. You don’t have to send money online and neither the bank details. Chat Friends repeatedly tells you that if you happen to find any suspicious activities, you can use contact form on the website to get help. You can also use it to report scammers.

Chat Friends also have strict rules to protect the younger generation online. Both the moderators and admins are responsible for monitoring all the activities in the chat rooms.

Is Chat Friends Safe

Quality Of Profiles

The profile quality is high, and it ensures to protect all the members online. For safety purposes, before you even make an account, the website clearly states that you don’t have to include your birth date and surname while creating a profile.

Using a personal contact number also wouldn’t be suitable for your safety when it comes to profile. It includes your email id, telephone number, and home address. You don’t even have to post your account information on your profile.

In this way, the team of Chat Friends makes sure that the profile stays up-to-date, even if you don’t share personal details. You need to provide enough information to easily attract other members online and keep your profile theme attractive enough.

Website Design And Usability

The app has plenty of tools that make it possible for users to have extensive experience with Chat Friends. Such efforts help you win the hearts of people online easily.

The first thing that comes after texting is voice messages. You can send messages in the form of your voice recordings. It is also easy to share YouTube funny videos and music tracks to the members in the chat room.

The website contains a lot of animated GIFS that allow you to express yourself freely while you’re conversing with a group of people. The streaming radio player will allow you to feel energetic along with your friends while listening to music. Last but not least, paint palettes help you in expressing yourself in the form of art.

Website Design And Usability

How does Chat Friends work?

Before you can chat, the website urges you to make an account. After this, you get to choose whether you want to use the free version or purchase a VIP profile. That moment you’re free to join the chat rooms available before you. VIP members will get a chance to search for other users and chat rooms online.

Chat Friends App

Most of the users usually run the Android application to join Chat Friends. If you are a VIP member, you will get to use all the features available easily in the Chat Friends app.

Alternatives Of Chat Friends


This app is famous and fun in a way that invites friends to chat online together. You can take unique photos and videos online. Filtering your posts is also done quickly.


It is a unique platform for meeting friends on an app. You can even go live using MeetMe. It lets you do video chatting, live streaming, and search for people worldwide.


When it comes to chat room facilities, Chat Friends is a unique app that allows you to relax and find friends easily. They can even be the locals you have never met before. For this, you can either have a free or VIP account. You can make an attractive profile and share your interests and hobbies with other members of the chat room online. This unique website allows you to experience multiple types of chat rooms every time you use it.

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