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Collarspace Review

Collarspace Review
About Site
Active Audience 78%
Quality Matches 82%
Popular Age 30-40
Profiles 790 800
Reply Rate 85%
Ease of Use 8.4
Popularity 9.3
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • This site's free;
  • No limit in messaging;
  • No censorship;
  • Rare example of exclusively BDSM oriented site;
  • Real possibility of finding dedicated to BDSM adepts.
  • Impossibility of chatting with other members;
  • Lots of fake accounts;
  • No mobile app;
  • A very long account approval procedure;
  • Inconvenient design.

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Collarspace is a website that focuses on BDSM practices and helps to find people who share common interests. This site is not producing an impression of a trendy one but has already gained the status of an online community known in certain circles. As the site administration claims, its slogan is “safe, sane, and consensual.” It means that no discrimination is supported here, and members of the community take everything with great responsibility. There is no secret that modern society still stigmatizes such practices. Sometimes it’s hard to find people who can share your preferences and understand the essence of BDSM culture. Nevertheless, such sites exist, and today we are going to review one of them. So what makes Collarspace so special?

When Was Collarspace Founded?

Collarspace was founded in 2007; over a decade of its existence, this site has managed to attract quite a loyal database of users. Sadly, they never bothered to update their website design, which is quite outdated compared to modern dating platforms.

Who Owns Collarspace?

The only thing known about this site’s origin is that Californian company Bayshore Software Technologies Inc. owns it. Collarspace has strong ties with its former domain, Collar.me, but due to disputes between its two founders, it has split into two separate websites.

Collarspace Review

Registration & Profile

As for the registration process, it seems to be quite inconvenient and illogical. First of all, when you click the “Join Collarspace” button, it redirects you to a completely different page. In most cases, it is alt.com, which is affiliated with this site. It’s similar to Collarspace, but such a procedure may seem quite confusing to those users who are unfamiliar with dating sites. Also, before you start sending messages and chatting here, you will have to wait until your account gets approved. According to other reviews, this process can take from 24 hours up to 4 days.


Like any dating site, Collarspace has its system of search and matches. It is based on matching users’ preferences, profile settings, and browsing through the list of users. Note that filters here are too precise, so you will have to find certain peculiarities via messaging with other members.

How to Search for People on Collarspace?

There are certain parameters that you can set to find someone close to what you are looking for. Filters include gender identity, orientation, sexuality, ethnicity, age, weight, and height. What is more, there are such parameters as search by other users’ preferences. This menu is appropriate for finding a partner based not on your preferences but on someone else’s expectations. This system of filters may seem unconventional to some users, but it works pretty well for such specific websites. The amount of information on profiles depends on the users themselves. That is why you are to be careful and attentive to the objects of your search and desire.


How to Delete Collarspace Account?

Sometimes users have to delete their accounts. The reasons for that can be various, from disappointment to gratification from finding the desired person. Nevertheless, if you want to delete your account, there is a simple procedure you have to go through. Go to the main menu and look at the left part of it. There you can find a section named “My Account.” Open that page and find the “Close Account” button, which you can find on the right side of this page.

Members Structure

In comparison to other multinational dating sites that unite people from all over the world, Collarspace is quite different. This site is targeting mainly US users, and this country’s residents represent around 56% of its audience, which equals 890,000 people. Collarspace contains navigation on states as a search filter. Other users include residents from the UK (16%) and Canada (5%).

The overall number of users is approximately 1.6 million. The site’s audience is quite active, with over 15,000 logins every day, which is not bad for a website with such specific content outside the mainstream zone. Males appear to be dominant sex on this site, being the largest group with 70% of a total user base. Females are the remaining 30%, and such a situation is typical for dating sites of almost any kind. Some users may be surprised by the fact that some accounts are inactive for a long time. Still, there is an option of filtering only online members, which is quite useful for the most active users. However, it may take some time to sort fake accounts from those who have serious interests.

Members Structure

Sexual Preferences

As for sexual preferences, Collarspace seems to support every type of them, not only within BDSM culture. Various orientations are available in the list of filters and are visible in users’ profiles. There is no visual impression that this site blocks any of them. On the other hand, no one expects that sites with such specifics can have different views on freedom of sexual relationships. In other words, respect and tolerance are the main motives of this site.

Race and Ethnicity

Most users come from Western countries. It is supposed that most of them are white males and females. Nevertheless, don’t forget that many Western countries have a mixed population and have residents of almost any race and ethnic background. For some people, sites like these are the only place where they can express themselves. With such an amount of members and daily logins, users with almost any preferences will be satisfied.

Religious Orientation

Taking into consideration all specifics of Collarspace, its administration doesn’t bother about the religious orientation of their users. There is no such field in the search menu. So, your religious view is not an issue on this site. Nevertheless, the defamation of other users’ religious views and ethnic backgrounds is strictly prohibited.

Pricing Policies and Membership Types

Collarspace is totally free. Membership on this dating platform is 100% free. Of course, it may seem strange, as this is a rarity when you deal with other dating sites, but this time they mean it.

Pricing Policies and Membership Types

Is Collarspace Safe?

The security of this site allows users to manage their profiles only after the registration process. On the one hand, moderators have to check all users manually as this guarantees a decent security level. However, no verification via Facebook, e-mail, or other social networks is required. This issue allows scammers and bots to get registered on Collarspace. Also, there is no privacy when it comes to information on users’ profiles. It is visible to anyone who browses this site. The good thing is that you may choose an option to make your profile “invisible” to other users. In any case, we don’t recommend communicating with suspicious accounts and sending personal information or money to anyone. Your safety is at your hands here.

From the tech side of things, everything is fine. Collarspace does not share user data with any thirds parties and encrypts all communications via the platform. So, it is pretty standard. Besides, since this site is free, there is no way your credit card details will leak online.

Quality of Profiles

Profile quality on Collarspace is average and has its pros and cons. First of all, there are no restrictions concerning nudity. You are free to upload everything you wish, which concerns community interests. Users are allowed to comment on each other’s photos and leave notes about their impressions. Profile journals are also available. Nevertheless, in most cases, profiles lack details due to their owners’ laziness, but there is always a possibility to change or fill your profile with new information. Every user who is active on Collarspace can easily see your profile unless you make it “invisible.”

Apart from your main information, there are several fields that you may fill to make your account more detailed. These issues are rather predictable and include such things as your sport preferences, music taste, education, hobbies, and special interests in BDSM. There is also an extra text field, which you are free to fill any way you want. Most users point out what kind of person they are looking for in this section.

Quality of Profiles

Website Design and Usability

As for Collarspace design, it looks old-fashioned and outdated. Buttons are tiny, so you will have to wear your glasses to see what is written on them. Developers seem to place them at random with no visible logic in planning this site’s interface. One can hardly call it readily comprehensive, especially for those users who had experienced more elaborated and well-designed dating sites. Nothing is catching the eye in this site’s design, and it looks plain and simple.

How Does Collarspace Work?

The ultimate goal of Collarspace is to help BDSM practitioners in finding like-minded people for consensual communication. The administration introduced several special features aimed at making this process easier. There is a system of likes called “Admirers.” If you like someone’s profile, you can add it to your list of profiles you adore and be notified about it. This function is handy for those who are too shy to start a conversation first. So, this will be a good reason for starting communication and relationships with the person you like.

Collarspace also operates as an educational platform containing many links to information about the basics of BDSM culture. This section may help some users find out more about various practices and rules that are common within this community. Links to LGBT issues and resources are also available.

There are also links to various events that fall within BDSM practices. They include parties and other thematic meetings. It’s worth noticing that such links will be especially useful for US residents as they are the main category of Collarspace users.

How Does Collarspace Work?

Collarspace App

Unfortunately, there’s no mobile app at all. This fact is one of the main flaws of Collarspace.

Alternatives of Collarspace

Collarspace is not the only dating site that deals with BDSM culture. There were plenty of alternatives that seem to be much better both in terms of safety and functionality. They are:

  • Alt.com – BDSM dating, fetish, and kink site. It’s well-designed and amateur-friendly;
  • Collar me – a former Collarspace affiliate which functions almost the same way;
  • FetLife – is another social network for BDSM adorers. It includes many extreme directions of BDSM, and it’s quite famous within the community. It’s a rare case when the BDSM dating site has its page on Wikipedia, but FetLife does.


Is Collarspace Safe?

Yes, Collarspace is a legit site that’s touted to be owned by Bayshore Software Technologies Inc, California.

Is Collarspace a Real Dating Site?

Yes. Collarspace is the biggest website that has been created for people practicing BDSM.

How to Use Collarspace?

It’s free of cost. You can sign up and start searching for profiles that match your taste. Messaging and viewing profiles are unlimited.

Is Collarspace Free?

Yes, Collarspace is an entirely free desktop web site to use.

Does Collarspace Really Work?

Yes, it really works. You can register on this site and meet with people who are completely open about the areas of sex that they want to explore. You can start chatting and plan meetings with people individually or at one of the many Collarspace events.


Collarspace represents quite a specific dating platform that has a limited circle of users. It’s not popular among users of casual dating sites and remains obscure to the majority of people. Nevertheless, it gained somewhat cult status within the BDSM community and has a pretty large user base. It offers communication with other BDSM-minded people, links to events, and particular files, as well as information related to this culture. We can hardly recommend it to casual users, but there’s a point in checking this site if you’re interested in unconventional sexual practices. Also, Collarspace is free, which is a rare case among dating sites in general. Talking about its weak points, we may say that it hasn’t gotten any mobile app. Only a desktop version is present.

Another minus is that this site’s interface is very mediocre. Inconvenient navigation, outdated menu, and not at all user-friendly navigation are its apparent flaws. Such a design can scare away users who are either inexperienced in using dating sites or those who got used to modern ones. Safety and security are also fragile there. In conclusion, we can say that Collarspace is not the best site that ever appeared in our reviews. But it is free, so there is no reason not to check it out in your free time.

Contact Information

  • Company: Bayshore Software Technologies Inc.
  • Address: 548 Market Street San Francisco, California 94104 United States
  • Phone: (902) 468-4803

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