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SilverDaddies Review 2024

SilverDaddies Review 2024
About Site
Active Audience 86%
Quality Matches 90%
Popular Age 40-50
Profiles 400 000
Reply Rate 88%
Ease of Use 6
Popularity 9.3
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Lots of members to keep you company;
  • Signing up is free;
  • Gays you'll meet here are always ready to hook up;
  • It is common knowledge that no one is looking for a commitment;
  • User-friendly.
  • Privacy and safety are not this website's main concern;
  • Layout is a little bit dusty when it comes to design;
  • You may need to be patient with the loading process of some features;
  • It is not the place to look for a serious connection;
  • It can be a little difficult to browse for users with free memberships.

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While SilverDaddies may not be the ideal place to look for a serious, long-term relationship, it is THE site to find casual, no strings attached kind of fun. There are plenty of hot, sexy members who cannot wait to hookup and experience casual sex. So, if you’re sure that this is what you’re looking for, SilverDaddies is the place to be! This platform caters to both young and older gay people, allowing them to access chats, webcam sessions, hookups, and dating. While some of this site’s practices may seem a little old-fashioned, such as mailing cash to pay for your subscription, others are quite fun and up to date. There is a wide range of services to be enjoyed, such as messaging, joining different chat rooms, and seeing your conversation partner via webcam. But the cherry on top of this site’s cake is the fact that it has its own porn site, called SilverDaddies-Videos.com.

When was SilverDaddies Founded?

SilverDaddies helps gay mature men find hookups since 2002. This community is nice and friendly, but the level of intimacy may be disappointing if you’re looking for a serious relationship.

Who Owns SilverDaddies?

SilverDaddies is owned by a 44-year-old gay man from Denmark, who is also this site’s webmaster. He’s proud to say that some of his favorite things are working for SilverDaddies and enjoying the company of his 74-year-old boyfriend. Suddenly you can see where the inspiration from the site came from! He says that given his interest in older gay men, he was inspired by this preference to cater to others like him. Turning this passion on a website and also into a business seems to work out great for Dennis!

Who Owns SilverDaddies?

Registration & Profile

As SilverDaddies focuses on casual relationships and hookups, it only makes sense that this website’s registration process is as easy as finding a partner here. You don’t need to provide too much information about yourself, so you should be ready to start browsing in under ten minutes. On the main sign-in page, you will be required to select your gender and the gender of those you’d like to hook up with. After providing an email address and creating a password, you will get to pick your username. On this particular platform, it seems that the username is quite an important part of any user profile. The more attractive and intriguing it sounds, the more chances you have to find interested members. You should pick something that speaks about you and your personality, maybe focusing on one special quality that you think you possess, just to help other members get an idea about you and what you’re interested in. The last step of SilverDaddies’ registration process is providing some location information and your birthday. Now newcomers can log in and let the fun begin since there are thousands and thousands of hotties just waiting to hook up.


SilverDaddies focuses on communication in the shape of messaging and connecting with other members. The type of communication that you can expect to run into here looks more like an email than a chat: people seem to be well-mannered and pretty generous when it comes to exchanging information. It only makes sense that there is a true sense of community on SilverDaddies since gay dating sites for an older audience is more of a niche than a fully-fledged branch of the industry. However, once you skip initial niceties, you should expect to run into some pretty explicit content.


How to Search for People on SilverDaddies?

Being a hookup site mostly, searching for other members, is the main activity on SilverDaddies. While you get a pretty decent amount of information on other users, some aspects seem to be neglected, like their HIV status, for example. It seems other platforms caught up with the importance of providing such vital info, but SilverDaddies hasn’t done so yet. However, there’s a global pool of users available, most being located in the US and the UK. If you find your way through this platform and its tips and tricks, you might be in for a treat! But still, being careful and safe is always better than being sorry.

How to Delete your SilverDaddies Account?

SilverDaddies gives everyone a chance to delete their account. But if you want to think it over before taking this step, then you should know that you can always set your profile as inactive. It will make you invisible to searches and impossible to reach out to through messages. The good news is that you can still contact others! So, you have all the advantages of owning a profile plus the comfort and protection of deciding who gets to see and contact you!

How to Delete your SilverDaddies Account?

Members Structure

Potentially interested users should make sure that they understand what SilverDaddies is all about before signing up. Once again, if you’re looking for a serious relationship or even marriage, it might not be the place for you. This platform helps mature gay men connect to find almost instant hookups with the ultimate goal of meeting and having a hot and sexy time with no strings attached. Casual sex is on the mind of many here, so you shouldn’t be surprised if you run into members ready to hook up right away. So, once you know what you are signing up for, nothing is standing in the way of some NSA sexy time. SilverDaddies does a really good job of making its users feel safe and accepted, and this is a really important aspect of the LGBTQ+ community. Its creator is dedicated to helping members feel comfortable, and that’s why knowing from the beginning the vibe of this platform and what most of its users are looking for is a really important part of this site’s experience. Once you’ve established that your interests are similar to those of the majority of SilverDaddies users, you will most probably have a very good time in the LBGTQ+ place of fun and hookups!

Sexual Preferences

The name of this site is pretty self-explanatory. It is a place where gay men and mature gay men can come and look for lovers or have casual interactions. While communication is on everyone’s mind here, relationships are not, so don’t be disappointed if you don’t find a future husband on SilverDaddies!

Race and Ethnicity

SilverDaddies is a very inclusive platform. Anyone looking for an NSA connection should feel comfortable here. Members include African Americans, Caucasians, Hispanics, Asians, and more. So, there is room for everybody, as this is truly a very friendly and accepting community.

Religious Orientation

Same as with race and ethnicity, people on this site respect each other’s beliefs and orientation and see past differences. It doesn’t matter if a person is a Christian, Jew, Hindu, or believe in anything else for that matter here; for as long, of course, as all this person wants is to have fun!

Religious Orientation

Pricing Policies

SilverDaddies is all about communication. People seem to be very open towards each other and tend to exchange a lot of messages and information, even with free accounts. Hookups may not always be the main interest, but talking to one another can result in that most of the time. Anyone enjoying a free membership might soon find that the number of messages they’re allowed to send might not be enough. That is why many users provide alternate ways of communication, such as their Whatsapp number or email address. Subscription prices for a paid membership start at 15$ for a three-month package, 30$ for six months, 40$ for nine months, and 50$ for a full year of access to this platform. Users can pay for their subscription using both credit or debit cards; or, they can even mail the cash straight to Dennis!

Free Membership

A free membership will allow anyone to meet like-minded mature gay men and even create their own personal ads. Free users have access to a gallery and chat feature. So, they seem to get a great portion of this site’s fun for free.

A Premium account will give users quite a few added benefits: they’ll be able to see who looked through their profiles or be notified as soon as someone they have selected as a favorite is online. Blocking people you have had enough of also comes at a cost, but on the plus side, this will only end up costing you 4$ or 5$ a month, depending on what membership pack you’re on. Considering that this site caters to a niche of the dating world, the fees seem a small price to meet and hook up with people who have the same interest and preferences as SilverDaddies users.

How to Cancel SilverDaddies Paid Subscription?

People paying for SilverDaddies membership have access to quite a lot of premium features. Besides, this site does not use recurring payments, so often, there is no need to cancel any subscriptions. As long as users stop paying, they stop enjoying their premium perks. Once users pay for their package, their money will be gone. So, you cannot cancel the plan before the time that you paid for. The good part is that no money will be withdrawn from your account again unless you want to renew your membership.

How to Cancel SilverDaddies Paid Subscription?

Is SilverDaddies Safe?

As far as messages go, SilverDaddies is a safe platform that encrypts all messages. However, this site is a bit out of date and can leave users a little disappointed when it comes to overall safety. If you run into any dubious profiles, the best thing to do is to contact Dennis directly and make a report regarding your issues to help other members avoid similar incidents. Your best bet is to listen to your instinct and end any communication that starts to feel weird in any way. Also, it’s important to let your complaints be known to the site’s moderator so that such issues can be addressed and fixed. Users should also reach out to the team if they decide to cancel their membership.

Quality of Profiles

Even if SilverDaddies is mostly about casual sex, this is no reason to skip on making a quality and comprehensive profile. Most members pay a lot of attention to portraying themselves as best as they can in their profile descriptions. The best thing a user can do is let others know what they’re about. That makes any profile attractive and credible. The more information you provide, the more chances you have to find someone interesting and exciting! Most profile questions will have to do with your preferences, desires, and ideals; this is why people have profiles on SilverDaddies. Letting others know all these things will only help you find better matches, so take your time and put some effort into your profile like others did; it won’t take too long anyway. Profiles here usually have at least a few profile pictures uploaded. These pics make their users look real and inviting so that other members don’t have any doubts when thinking of chatting with them. Having a good profile too will increase your chances to attract other SilverDaddies, so put some thought into it, and you won’t be disappointed!

Quality of Profiles

Website Design and Usability

The layout of the SilverDaddies website is a little bit outdated, and it makes navigating it difficult or rather confusing. Also, the less-than-fortunate typography makes reading text challenging. If you have a critical eye, then you’ll be a little bothered by the random use of color in this site’s design, too.

How does SilverDaddies Work?

Well, this is where things get a little sensitive. The home page lets all users know that SilverDaddies is for mature men and young ones ‘who are interested in keeping their daddy happy and/or sexually satisfied.’ It raises a series of questions, as it seems to encourage an unequal balance of power in the type of relationships it promotes. Other than helping mature gay men find each other, this site also promotes the kind of young men or houseboys looking to please an older partner dynamic. Once you are past this aspect, it’s good to know that you can have your own personal ad and browse through galleries that are refreshed daily.

How does SilverDaddies Work?

SilverDaddies App

There is a SilverDaddies app for iPhone, but not for Android. Depending on your lifestyle and what you find most comfortable, it’s good to know that the app gives users the same features and benefits that they can find on the website. Users have access to all the SilverDaddies desktop features right from their mobile browser. So whether you will be using your phone or your computer, the amount of fun you can have will stay the same, and your chatting experience will be just as entertaining!

Alternatives of SilverDaddies

Depending on what you’re looking for, there are quite a few other platforms that can ensure a similar experience. For example, Daddyhunt, Gaydar, Gayromeo, Caffmoscommunity, Guys4men, Adam4adam, Manjam, or Dudesnude. Besides, they are more carefully designed and are more tailored to younger gays. SilverDaddies, on the other hand, is very age- and niche-specific. With SilverDaddies, users can search for mature hookup partners, and few other sites can compete with that, for better or worse.

Alternatives of SilverDaddies


SilverDaddies is probably the ideal place for anyone who wants to enjoy the company of mature gay men. Dennis did a good job of creating a nice and welcoming community. Its main issue is the extremely outdated layout and design. If you can find it in your heart to look past this, then you’ll most probably have a good time here. Whether you agree or disagree with the kind of relationship dynamics promoted is your call. You have many options to keep yourself entertained and meet others, such as chatting, looking at hot pictures, and looking for a date for the evening. If you want to enjoy your experience on SilverDaddies to the fullest, you should better consider paying for the Premium package. For 5$ a month seems like a small price for the number of dates that you can find here. Most users are in their 60s and 70s, and members come from all over the world. If you find someone in your area, then you’re most likely to have fun! So, if SilverDaddies offers what you are looking for, you’re in for an enjoyable experience overall.

Contact Information

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