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Daddyhunt Review

Daddyhunt Review
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Active Audience 59%
Quality Matches 89%
Popular Age 20-24
Profiles 1 700 000
Reply Rate 88%
Ease of Use 8.5
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • A highly decent place where only modest pictures are public and profiles are verified;
  • Usable interface;
  • The rules are clear from the beginning and make you perceive a sense of community;
  • The premium membership is cheap.
  • There are no millions of users online;
  • Not everyone likes the dark background color of the app.

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Either you are a daddy, a hunter, or a mister, here on Daddyhunt, there’s enough room for you and your most private fantasies of kinks. Now, slow down, this is meant to be a decent place. Admins are very serious about photos, especially when they are public.

Within your private conversations, you can post everything you like, trying, of course, to avoid offense, obscenity, and unneeded psychological violence. But on public, respect the community standards of this popular, well-rated homosexual dating and sexting website.

Here you can set your location and meet people around. You can also have a chat within a friendly community, and you won’t feel judged for being too clear or too talkative.

By the end of this review, you will learn everything you need to know before signing up for Daddyhunt. Also, you will be able to make a wise choice in regards to payments. Are you ready to meet daddies all around you? Let’s get started!

When Was Daddyhunt Founded?

Daddyhunt Review

When the domain was bought in 2004, the owners of Daddyhunt didn’t know this was going to be such a great success. Now it has been quite a long time, and the features kept growing over and over again.

Who Owns Daddyhunt?

Daddyhunt is owned and managed by DH Services, LCC, a company in the middle of New York City.

Registration & Profile

As the greatest part of mobile apps, Daddyhunt tries to make it simple for you to sign up and log in.

First of all, you should download the application from the App Store or Google Play Store. The first signup page will be displayed in front of you, and you will clearly see the next steps you should make to get through the registration process.

You will be asked to give your email address and your name. Then, you will need to select a safe password. Go on, just don’t use “password,” please. Now you are ready for your confirmation email, as Daddyhunt takes privacy and verification issues very seriously.

Once you have received your confirmation, click on the button, and it’s done. Go back to the profile and press “next.” You will be redirected to your Daddyhunt profile section, and from now on, it’s like going downhill.

You will be asked whether you identify yourself more as a daddy, hunter, or mister. No more explanation is needed here. But just in case, you will find one more paragraph dedicated to this.

Then, you should agree with some basic rules before you can go on. Just show them you are a trustworthy person and keep on pressing “next.”

Rules are really basic and open-minded: acting like an adult, no games and no attitude, live honestly, protect your health and your partner’s health. Then, always behave respectfully and clearly, and try to enjoy what you are doing.


Daddyhunt Review

Now you can enable your location, choose your profile picture, and verify your profile by making a gesture in front of the camera.

After that, the communication process may start. See the toolbar at the bottom of the page? There’s a cartoon bubble on it, and that’s where the chat messages are. Here you will find the conversation which is already started.

How can you find new people to chat with? You can just look for them using the browser button, and here you will see another nice way Daddyhunt has to make you communicate with others: the “shout” message.

See the little megaphone on the other user’s picture? This is similar to a “like” button on Facebook: it will send that person a sign of your appreciation. Don’t worry, it’s something more sophisticated and violence-free than catcalling, as people are here to receive compliments!

There is no sound alert for the messages coming in, so you will need to keep looking at the icon and wait for a red dot to appear.

You can tap on a conversation you wish to delete and click on the trash icon if you don’t want it to be there anymore. Bear in mind that you can only remove it from your folder, and the other user will keep on seeing it.

You can also add some messages to favorites and save them in a list. You can delete them if needed by clicking on the “x” cross. Type phrases that you like, which are an excellent conversation starter, a standard compliment, and so on.

How to Search for People on Daddyhunt?

Daddyhunt Review

It’s easy to search for people within the app. See the top-right icon? Yes, that one with the three lines. Here you can select filters. Some of them are only enabled with a Premium membership: for example, “show only new users,” “height,” or “show only hot users,” or “type,” “body hair,” “sexual position,” and so on.

By editing your Daddyhunt profile and filling all those fields, you may attract more visitors and, therefore, get more matches. If you are wondering where you can view the profiles you selected filters for… tap on the center icon! They will be displayed, all there.

One note about the small icons you are seeing on them: the green circle means that the user is online at the moment. The “D” stands for daddy. Consequently, the “h” is for “hunter,” and the “m” is for “mister.”

Would you like to know more about daddy, hunter, and mister? Then, you are indeed a newbie or an old-style dater. But here, your classy approach will be just perfect. This article will explain to you the slang, though. Skip to the “members structure” paragraph if you would like to know more about this.

How to Delete Daddyhunt Account?

Daddyhunt Review

Tap the profile section, and you will be able to edit your page. Just go to the privacy tab, and then you can delete your profile. Do not forget your conversations, favorites, and so on.

Once you have them removed, you won’t be able to recover them, so think about that in advance. If you notice missing conversations with people you were talking to, this may mean they have canceled their profile.

They may also have blocked you, but that’s another chapter of the story.

Members Structure

As promised, we will talk about the small letters you see on the profiles. They are “D,” “H,” and “M.” Let’s summarize what “daddy” means first. A daddy is a mature partner, typically more responsible, steady, and older.

The “hunter” is the younger one. If you identify yourself with the “hunter,” this does not necessarily mean you will be only pampered and mentored. It’s just a generic way to understand relationships, so don’t feel categorized.

If you don’t like the idea of being more one than another, you can go for the “mister” version. You are just a person, looking for other people, no matter the age.

Sexual Preferences

Daddyhunt is an application for gay men.

Race and Ethnicity

Daddyhunt Review

There is not one single ethnicity, as you can download Daddyhunt from all over the world. It’s used more in multi-ethnic continents, like North America and Europe.

There are also people from other countries, so don’t be afraid of mono-colors.

Religious Orientation

There is no reference to religion. Plus, not many religions allow people to go with the same sex, so this usually is a legit reason to leave your childhood religion behind.

Religious people are encouraged to find their own dedicated websites. Here the content is not that explicit, but it usually is within other dating sites. A sexually-moral view of life might not be respected here.

Pricing Policies

There is only a Premium paid membership, which discloses a lot of features to showcase yourself. You will have an unlimited chat history, for example, and you can upload in your private gallery up to 25 photos or videos.

Read on to see the differences between a premium and a free membership on Daddyhunt.

Free Membership

You can chat with a basic inbox and do basic searches. Save attractive members as your favorites and block a limited number of users. You will be able to narrow the search results if you switch to premium. Let’s see more about it.

Daddyhunt Review

The premium membership will allow you to check who visited your Daddyhunt profile and upload up to 25 pictures to your private gallery. As said, you have an infinite chat history; moreover, you can exchange videos and browse anonymously.

Then, you will be able to switch on the travel feature, changing your location without the need to change it manually, and you will be able to perform infinite user blocks. Ok, there’s no point in blocking anyone, but if you add extremely hot pictures, this may be helpful.

Then, last but not least, your life on Daddyhunt will be ad-free.

You can get one month for 7,99$, three months for 9,99$ for each month – don’t ask, it’s hard to understand why the 1-month plan is cheaper than the longer one. Then, finally, 5,83$/month will grant you a 12-month membership.

How to Cancel Daddyhunt Paid Membership?

Daddyhunt Review

Your Premium membership can be canceled at any time. You will do that directly from your apps store. Either the Apple Appstore or the Google Play Store has the unsubscribe options there.

Consider the administrative time required by a downgrade, so remember to unsubscribe at least 24 hours before the auto-renewal. Otherwise, you will be charged regularly at the next billing cycle.

Bear in mind that Daddyhunt has a no-refund policy, so if you forget to unsubscribe on time, your money will be gone. If you have bought a premium account through the website, use CCBill as you did the first time.

Deleting your account will not cancel your paid subscription.

Is Daddyhunt Safe?

Daddyhunt cares about privacy and safety on the website. You should be able to showcase yourself without being threatened by scammers, blackmailers, or data leaks.

There’s a nice feature you can use to browse anonymously — the anonymous browser. It can be used only by premium members, though.

Then, all the profiles have been verified, and the payments are encrypted. Of course, it’s up to you to stay safe using some common-sense measure, like not sharing your credit card details or clicking onto some malicious links other people are sending you.

Those are basic survival tips to stay alive on the Web. You should have no problems here on Daddyhunt, as there a strict profile verification is performed. You are encouraged to report suspicious activity within the app to the customer support.

Quality of Profiles

Daddyhunt Review

First of all, you can’t be here without having your email confirmed. You just can’t get in; there’s no way to circumvent this. While you are in, you will be asked to verify your page.

See the profile section? Tap the pencil next to it, and you will be able to upload an image of yourself and verify that you are a real existing user. So, be sure that the overall quality of your page is high. Humans have not learned how to train bots well enough to fake to this point.

Let’s enjoy this moment while it lasts, and let’s hope science geeks will seek more profitable ways to use their smartness.

Then, one last thing about the quality of the photos. All of them have to be G-rated. This means that if you are posting a nude or sexually explicit picture in your public gallery, the images will be canceled. The underwear is good, as long as it’s not showing visible erections. Also, a nude chest is ok, and the muscles are ok.

Let’s cut it short: keep your sexy photos for your private gallery.

Website Design and Usability

Daddyhunt is straightforward to use. Like many other apps today, you can’t possibly lose yourself in tabs, profiles, and chats. No labyrinth, a clear and modern dark design, and a very user-friendly interface.

How Does Daddyhunt Work?

What is still missed is the “favorites.” If you like a user or you are particularly enjoying the chat with them, mark that person as your favorite. How? By using the glowing star next to their profile! Then, every other feature was already discussed: you can search, chat, browse, see tons of accounts and hot pictures.

Keep in mind the rules and the nude photos policy. This way, you will be a beloved and welcomed part of the community, and you won’t be blocked or banned.

Daddyhunt App

The Daddyhunt app is available both in the Android and iOS versions. You can easily download it from your Google Play Store and Apple Store. It shows no bugs nor compatibility issues, so everything will likely be just fine with it.

It’s a shame they don’t have a Web browser version, as you may have liked to use it from your laptop, in your office, and who knows where. But in the end, you can carry your phone wherever you go.

Alternatives to Daddyhunt

The most popular alternative is perhaps Grindr, a dating app where you can meet millions of people from all around the world. There are also smaller but cute ones, like Match.com, Zoosk, Men Nation, Craigslist, and Gay Cupid.


Daddyhunt Review

If you are still waiting for a good reason to join a dating website or app, the enthusiasm some users show for Daddyhunt may be a good encouragement for you. Hopefully, you have found everything you were looking for in this review and understood who Daddyhunt is designed for.

Everyone has their own favorite environment to chat. On Daddyhunt, they try to preserve a place from scammers and fakers. This may diminish the overall sexy air of the website. Still, they are declaring the rules from the beginning, so you are not forced to stick to them if you don’t want to be on the app.

Such an honest approach is highly appreciated, and you will probably like it in the end. Have a happy match!

Contact Information

Company: DH Services, LCC

Address: DH Services, LLC 174 West 4th Street Suite 328 New York, NY 10014

Phone: 1-888-596-9279 (only for bill support)

Email: [email protected]

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