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FabSwingers Review 2024

FabSwingers Review 2024
About Site
Active Audience 95%
Quality Matches 90%
Popular Age 20-25
Profiles 1 500 000
Reply Rate 92%
Ease of Use 6
Popularity 9.1
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • No charge on almost all features;
  • Access to events and parties in your area and beyond;
  • Real-time dates on "Meet Today" option;
  • Community chatrooms with an option of video ;
  • Rigorous verification protocols to eliminate fake user profiles;
  • Upload a whole album of pics if you wish.
  • Super old school website;
  • Despite the large database, there are only a small amount of dates/events;
  • No mobile app version, you are stuck with a web app;
  • User base predominantly male.

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With basically, all the FabSwingers features available for free, this is an affordable and funky option for couples who would like to explore the swinger lifestyle. Check out our full review to see if this could be your thing.

FabSwingers, as its name suggests, aims to create a space for swingers to connect in a “fun, free, fabulous” manner. Those whose sexual preferences lay somewhere outside of conventional monogamy have the opportunity to indulge their sexual fantasies.

FabSwingers is one of the largest swinger sites out there with an impressive database. The best part is that users can pretty much operate on this site without having to take on costly memberships. Their signups are said to push 200, 000 a day, so FabSwingers is by no means a small fry in the global dating community.

Uploading pics is a breeze, and it is encouraged on this site, to help couples to get their swing on or try out the perks of swapping partners. FabSwingers is available in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, and Ireland, so they have quite a large reach worldwide. This website has its home in the UK.

When was FabSwingers Founded?

FabSwingers was created in 2006 by a UK couple who claim to be swingers themselves. So, this site has had some mileage on its clock.

Who Owns FabSwingers?

Winchester Consultancy Limited owns FabSwingers under the trading name Fabulous Entertainment. They claim that the small group of people who head the helm of FabSwingers work on this site part-time and are themselves part of the swinger lifestyle.

Who Owns FabSwingers?

Registration & Profile

FabSwingers sign up is pretty quick and easy with the usual basic information such as age, gender, body type, and basic demographics. Then you step into the real focus of this site, which explores exactly the person or persons that you are seeking, such as gender, singles are couples. Then the real fun starts with an in-depth, 25-point checklist of just what kind of sexual activities float your proverbial boat. And Guys, it gets somewhat left field from here on with options from phone sex and cuckolding to voyeurs and gang bangers.

At this stage, you need to follow photo verification protocols by uploading a pic of yourself with your own hands holding up a sign with your username, and the Fabswingers.com site name written. It can take an hour or longer, depending on the site traffic.

You can only upload one photograph in your initial verification application. Still, once the site accepts your verification, you can upload your entire photo album if you want to go huge later.


FabSwingers’ claim to fame is their “Meet today” feature for those who want to get it on without any delays. You can alert other potential prospects to your availability and choose how long your offer will stand. Alternatively, you can browse events or get busy chatting and emailing some potential paramours. You will find a cornucopia of cams, photos, and videos to get you into the mood.


How to Search for People on FabSwingers?

Contacting another member is easy; the top menu bar allows a user to search for people they like under the search feature. Merely click your chosen users’ profile, click on the “Chat” button, write your love note, and click “send.”

FabSwingers’ search features are free for all as well as the personalized filter system. You are free to engage with any person on this site unless they actively block you. You have the option of chatting with your designated flirt(s) one on one, or you can choose the chat room function and hook up with like-minded folks in your area.

Best of all? It is free to catch an eyeful on other users’ live cam feeds. Create your own forum or choose to partake in an existing thread, but be aware that FabSwingers does exert some control over the content, so make sure you are clued up on their do and do not.

Be warned, though, FabSwingers is hardly a conservative site, and they are permissive when it comes to their shared content. Many of the feeds and images are of highly pornographic content, so if you are prudish, this is really not the site for you to be playing in.

How to Delete your FabSwingers Account?

Deleting your account is a simple process. Just click on your Accounts tab, and the link will pop up to delete your account. Don’t worry if you have a change of heart; you can re-join after deleting your account, but be aware that you need to go through the verification process and sign up again.

How to Delete your FabSwingers Account?

Members Structure

FabSwingers boast 300,000 members from the USA alone and up to 200,000 logins per day. Their user base is dominated by male users, who make up 60 percent of the site to a 40 percent female demographic.

The target users are both singles and couples looking to swap or swing, so couples share their accounts. FabSwingers’ tough verification protocols eliminate the risk of fake profiles, so generally, the incidence of fake profiles is almost non-existent. Members can message both couples and singles with ease.

Not surprisingly, this site has an obvious leaning towards men in their mid-forties to mid-fifties and then a spread of other age groups across the board, from 18-year olds to the 55+ market. Although there are many thousands of active users trafficking FabSwingers daily, they are mostly men looking for dates, so do not expect a guaranteed hook up, as the dating pool is quite low in number.

The free features offered by FabSwingers offset the lack of active users. But generally, members are quick to respond to messages or meet up in the many chatrooms. As a fast hookup site, however, FabSwingers is not the go-to service.

Sexual Preferences

FabSwingers has an impressively permissive ethos and encourages exploration in many non-mainstream sexual leanings. From voyeurism, online sex chats to partner swapping and cuckolding, FabSwingers has got you covered. If you want to know what cuckolding is, it is the sexual desire of a partner to watch their partner getting rogered.

On registration, FabSwingers will enquire if you are using this site as a female, male, or a couple. From there, you have the option of Male Couple (MM), Female Couple (FF,) or as a transvestite (TV), transsexual (TS), or a crossdresser (CD). So, there you have it, a space for all folk.

Race and Ethnicity

Due to its permissive nature, FabSwingers is inclusive of all ethnicities and races. The leaning in this site is toward any sexual preferences that drive you, not on who you are and which demographic you represent.

Religious Orientation

This site is hardly a Christian camp get together, but as stated previously, the focus is on sexual exploration and connections, and your religious affiliations are entirely incidental.

Religious Orientation

Pricing Policies

Most features on FabSwingers site are free, so a user can quite comfortably navigate the system without having to pay a cent.

Free Membership

Free services include:

  • Use of live cams of yourself and other users
  • Messaging and group chats
  • Upload your albums and view other members albums
  • Send winks and like other user’s photos
  • Status updates
  • Use of search filters
  • Creating forums and joining existing forums
  • Access the Swingers Club directory
  • Mailbox history of 30 days with reading and unread tags

FabSwingers is a free site, but they do allow members a chance to upgrade to a Silver or a Gold membership. Due to their claim to be a 100% free dating site with no credit card charges, this paid membership takes the form of “donations.” FabSwingers status of being a “supporter” allows you access to various features, the most useful being:

  • You may save your chats in an archive folder
  • Block ads on-site or in chat
  • View multiple webcams
  • Silver supporter gets one cam with two views
  • Silver gets 50 photos extra (8 daily)
  • Gold supporter gets three cams with four views
  • Gold gets 150 pictures (15 daily)
  • Find out who has been ogling your profile
  • Change your username
  • Check distance on your potential hookups

Donations start from 5 GBP per month. Both silver and gold memberships have a once-off payment, and you have a choice of 50 days for silver or 32 days for the gold where you get more perks.

Paid Membership

Premium option plans:


  • An extra doc cam
  • Eight photos daily
  • 50 days membership


  • Three extra doc cams
  • 15 photos daily
  • 32-day membership

How to cancel FabSwingers paid subscription

You are entitled to cancel your paid subscription with full reimbursement if you cancel within two weeks of entering the contract. Merely download FabSwinger’s legal contract form and send your communication to cancel before the 2-week deadline.

Is FabSwingers Safe?

FabSwingers have a rigorous photo verification protocol, so it is exceedingly difficult to create fake accounts. This site takes its member privacy seriously and will not release images or information to any third party. Payments go directly to FabSwingers payment partners, and the website does not receive such information.

FabSwingers privacy policy.

  • Your information and data are only used for creating your profile and improving your site experience
  • Users on-site information is secure
  • No spam is allowed, and correspondence from FabSwingers is strictly opt-in
  • Once you delete your account, the information is no longer recoverable. It is deleted from the site.

Quality of Profiles

All profiles are put through a strict verification process, and most profiles are fairly informative. Your profile information can be edited at any time, along with your photographs, which are available on FabSwingers for all users to view for free.

User profiles do not include users’ real names, and the ‘Meet Today’ feature is only accessible to members who have at least 72 hours on this site. There is also a review process for both profiles and photographs.

Unlike most dating sites, FabSwingers provide a detailed list of sexual preferences, so it’s much easier to tell if your interest is on the same page sexually. It allows people to express their desires in a site that embraces all the nuances of what defines us as sexual beings. FabSwingers itself claims that it was created by a swinging couple who were tired of trying to find a place in mainstream dating sites.

Quality of Profiles

Website Design & Usability

FabSwingers’ site is not pretty by most people’s standards with a slightly old-fashioned design. Although this site is user-friendly, the outdated look of its style is rather unpleasant.

FabSwingers’ design is clear and user-friendly, able to accommodate the most tech-phobic of users. But the clumsy old-school setup is certainly made up for with free access to most of this site’s features. It operates a bit like Facebook, but profile pics usually include your own or someone else’s junk. Pearl clutches beware, some shots do not leave much to the imagination.

How does FabSwingers Work?

This site is a meeting place for like-minded adults to explore their sexuality in a non-judgmental environment. The emphasis on joint couple profiles gives couples a secure hangout to connect with like-minded couples and individuals. You can choose to use this site as a hookup spot with their “Meet Today” feature or socialize in chatrooms or one on one to share ideas and learn more about your chosen scene.

How does FabSwingers Work?

FabSwingers App

As of yet, there is no app created for the FabSwingers site, but you can easily access this site’s features using your mobile browser. While this platform might look outdated, it still works fine on mobile.

Alternatives of FabSwingers

The biggest competitors for the site are SDC.com, Adult friend finder, and SwingLifestyle.com. These sites, however, cannot boast many of the free features that FabSwingers offers. Besides, they are not targeting swingers in particular; those are more ‘mainstream’ adult sites.


FabSwingers is a great place to find people who share a more adventurous idea of sexuality, including couples who would like to broaden their sexual horizons. Their community chatrooms come with video options, and even the paid membership is lower than the average dating site.

Users are usually friendly and quick to respond to messages, and after a quick sign-up and verification, you have access to a great database of very detailed profiles. The site’s strict photo verification protocols ensure a largely fake profile-free experience, and users have the option to load up to 36 images even on a free membership account.

Despite the lure of the “Meet Today” feature, dates seem relatively scarce, considering the high traffic of users that move through this site on a daily basis. There have been criticisms that users outside of the bigger cities struggle to meet other people or join in events. For those poor folks, it really is rare to find hookups nearby.

The photo verification can be a bit time-consuming and tedious for some, but it does work as a deterrent to fake activity on FabSwingers. The fact that this platform is a community, as well as a dating site, means that you can make use of the chatrooms and free messaging to learn more about the various lifestyles if you are curious and wish to learn more about it.


FabSwingers has a definite “nineties” look about it, and it seems unnecessary with the wealth of modern and progressive design in dating apps out there. Some content can also be a little disconcerting for people new to this lifestyle, and seeing as most members are male, expect a lot of dick pics. But then again, you didn’t sign up for a site like FabSwingers to share biscuit recipes, so graphic sexual content is par for the course.

FabSwingers also accommodates a wide variety of folks from curious newbies to veteran swingers. There has been some criticism that the trans and bisexual community is side-lined and actively discouraged within FabSwingers as well as members who openly flaunt or seek unprotected sexual encounters. Overall, however, the consensus is positive, and many long-time members will attest.

FabSwingers is also a great place to start exploring a swinger lifestyle without having to commit financially. Its real selling point is that you will meet genuine swingers, not the kind of fake members you find on sites with laxer verification protocols. Is this site as “fun, free, and fabulous” as they claim? Give them a try and make up your own mind.

Contact Information

Company: Winchester Consultancy limited (04484217)

Address: 6 York Street, London, England, W1U 6PZ

EMail: [email protected]

Phone: n/a

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