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Loveroulette Review 2024

Loveroulette Review 2024
About Site
Active Audience 64%
Quality Matches 76%
Popular Age 25-40
Profiles 3 560 000
Reply Rate 81%
Ease of Use 6.8
Popularity 8.0
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The site has many traffic and engagement
  • It is open to people of all gender, race, and religion.
  • The registration process is simple.
  • The search is quite useful, and you can also block users.
  • People can download pirated movies, which is not the purpose of the site in the first place.
  • The website speed is not fast and needs improvement.
  • The owner of the website is hiding his identity, which lowers the credibility of the website.
  • No app version for android.

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Loveroulette is an alternative to the popular Chatroulette. Chatroulette is a popular website that pairs random individuals and initiates webcam or chat-based interaction. This Loveroulette review will try to cover almost all parts of the site and bring before you a true and fair face of the website. You have the option of leaving a chat and joining another one as per your wish and choice. It can be your go-to platform for dating, as it is an excellent platform for both casual as well as serious dating. We take you through the application in this Loveroulette review so that you can know how good it will turn out for you.

When Was Loveroulette Founded?

The website was founded in 2011 and is now nine years old. It shows that it is not a new idea and has been there for quite some time. Even though the website is passed, they continuously update to ensure customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. It is continually trying to raise the bar with exciting updates. They will continue to entice you with new and fresh ideas.

Who Owns Loveroulette?

The owner of the site has hidden his identity, which is not good. Revealing the owner’s identity brings many credibilities and is recommended to make the users feel safe and secure.

You can avail of the services of Loveroulette by visiting their website Loveroulette.net. The app version is available only for iPhone users, and you can find the app in the App store. It is a bit disappointing as they are missing out on a list of potential members who are Android users. The website is very safe, even though you may experience the site being a little slow. You have the option of leaving a chat whenever you feel like and interact with more people.

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Registration and Profile

To get started, you need to sign up as a user. A straightforward registration process won’t take more than 15 minutes of your time. All you have to do is visit the site Loveroulette.net and hit sign up. You have to mention your gender and gender preference. The website is open to gay, bisexuals, lesbians, etc. You also have to provide a valid email address and a password for your account. It is followed by choosing a username for your profile. Try not to sound fake and keep it expressive and cool instead of creepy. It will be followed by some necessary information like age, location, etc. to find a better match. You can also try the app, which is available in the app store.


The site may ask a bit of personal information to provide you with better matches. It can be tiring, but it is better to give the info if you want to be in a committed relationship. The app then uses your information to find your potential list of users interested in dating you. You can strike a chat with the person you find as suitable. The site has many users looking for serious relationships. You can always choose to stop a conversation and begin a new one with a new person. You can do the regular chat interaction like any other dating app. However, It also has the added feature of webcam-based meetings and communication. It helps you to know your match in a better way.

How to Search for People on Loveroulette

The website considers gender, age, photo, and whether the person is online to find matches for the user. There are specific specialized search criteria to provide you with better service. Local search is also available to connect you with users in your locality. You can block users if you find creepy users or users who don’t ring a bell with you. It has been found that the matches found are very accurate, and you end up finding your type of people.

All in all, it is an excellent site to meet and interact with new people. It is particularly useful if you want something above a casual fling. The app’s primary purpose is to find you a partner, and there is no doubt that the website is capable of that. The feature of a webcam facility is a big plus for the site and adds to the success.

How to Delete Loveroulette Account?

The site is very flexible when it comes to deleting your account. The members have the option of canceling their paid membership and still keep their accounts. If you want to exit permanently, you have two options. You can deactivate your account, and your profile will be hidden and will not be visible to other users. You can always reactivate your account and come back as a user. Other users can see your profile once you reactivate your account. The other option is that you close your account by deleting it. In this, you can delete your account, and your profile is permanently removed from the website. You will have to make a new account to re-join. It is an outstanding feature of the website, as it doesn’t force its users to stick around if they are not interested in continuing.

How to Delete Loveroulette Account?

Members Structure

The majority of the members on the website are looking for a real relationship. If you are up for something casual, it is better not to indulge in this website as you may break someone else’s heart as people might be there for something serious. We would tell you to go for it if you are up for something exciting.

Sexual Preference

It is not restricted to any gender or sex. You can find all types of people on the website, and the website has a fair share of gay and lesbians.

Race and Ethnicity

There is no restriction or discrimination based on race or ethnicity. You can find people of all races and ethnicity spread all across the world.

Religious Orientation

The website doesn’t take into account the religion of the user. You will find people from all religions, and there is no restriction to date, someone based on faith.

Religious Orientation

Pricing Policies

There are lots of price plans. So you can choose according to your preference and enjoy your time interacting with new people. Three types of membership are weekly, monthly, and yearly. They also provide a trial of 3 weeks. Some of the fellowships are non-recurring, and some are recurring.

Free Membership

There is no free membership. You have to buy a membership to be its member and to use it. You can only watch videos but can’t use the maximum features like chat can’t check member’s profiles.

There is a trial plan

Three weeks – (you can pay for this plan through communipay.net) – $3.28

(NOTE:- you will be automatically enrolled into the recurring plan if you don’t cancel the trial plan subscription before the end of the trial period.)

1 Month – $38.24 ( you can pay for this plan through communipay.net )

This plan is non-recurring, and you don’t need to worry about anything.

Basic membership – ( you can pay for this plan through communipay.net ) – $38.24/month

(NOTE:- this is a recurring plan. You have to cancel it for further payments )

Power membership – ( you can pay for this plan through communipay.net ) – $81.85/ 3months

(NOTE:- this is a recurring plan. You have to cancel it for further payments )

Weekly subscription – ( you can pay by phone) – $10.95/week

(NOTE:- this is a recurring plan. You have to cancel it for further payments )

Yearly membership- ( you can pay for this plan through communipay.net ) – $218.04/year

This plan is non-recurring, and you don’t need to worry about anything.

How to Cancel Loveroulette Paid Subscription?

If you have purchased a membership, you need to know that your subscription can be canceled. Yes, you can cancel your subscription whenever you want. If you’re going to end your subscription on Loveoulette, you can cancel it online. It allows its members to cancel your subscription. But it still keeps their online profile active. You have only two options to remove your account- deactivating your profile will help you hide your profile, and other members will not be able to view it. You can also reactivate your account anytime. You can close your account, and your account will be deleted. If you want to use Loveroulette again in the future, then you have to create a new account.

How to Cancel Loveroulette Paid Subscription?

Is Loveroulette Safe?

After reviewing the dating website, we realized that the site is quite safe for its users and provides all assistance if there is any problem. It always confirms your email address before making an account, and you have to verify your email address. Apart from this, the moderator approves all the pictures before they are visible on the site. It prevents images like (a pet, a cartoon character, a celebrity, etc.). If you find any member fake, you can report them, and they will be further investigated. You can always refer to the site’s safety page.

You can also help yourself and other people by bringing suspicious accounts to the attention. It also helps users have a problem with their accounts or cancel their accounts for any reason.

Quality of Profiles

Most people who join the site are looking for commitment, long term relationships, and marriage. For providing you with the best results, they ask you for quite a bit of information, so you get the most compatible members. It may take a lot of time, but the fruit of patience is always sweet. This website doesn’t allow anyone to see your profile if he/she is not registered as a member. It gives your profile the primary level of privacy and offers the option to add private photos and only allow access to those members you approve of. If you find any profile as fake, you can report them to the moderator. The more you will provide information with more compatible matches, you will find it.

Website Design and Usability

The website is simple and sleek with nine options in the top menu, which are:

  • Home
  • Chat Random
  • Cam Chat
  • Chatrooms
  • Bazoocam
  • Free video chat- Wematcher
  • Naked Models chat- Realive
  • Random Girls Chat – Coomeet
  • Milf and Teen Chat – Flirtymania

Just after the top menu, the next section is “Select your preferred chat,” here, you will see your preferred chat options. Then below that, there is some information about the Loveroulette, below that you will see the features and specifications and details about the chat options, then come the benefits and important tips for using Chatroulette.

Website Design and Usability

How does Loveroulette Work?

It is one of the best sites for casual and more serious dating. This site provides you with every single feature or element you expect from a dating site. This site has much good stuff to offer if you are seeking love or even marriage. You can sign up with a straightforward process that will finish in 15 minutes or less. This site will ask for gender identification, valid email address, and select a password.

Extended searches are available using more specific criteria.

First, you have to log in to the website then and get a subscription. This website allows you to do local searches to identify people interested in dating in your location. You can also block members from reaching you. It will help you when you receive too many responses from members you are not interested in.

The website’s essential search criteria include gender, age, online now, with photo only.

You can also invite members to private chats. The website provides video surveillance of chat rooms, which makes it possible to preview. You can also send virtual gifts to other members.

Loveroulette App

The app is only available for the iPhone. It is more convenient to stay signed in using your app, and some people don’t like to download it. The mobile app is a pleasant experience.

Loveroulette App

Alternatives of Loveroulette

Loveroulette review brought us to some alternatives:

  • Reflap – Reflap is another Chatroulette site that allows you to meet random people, but it adds some filters so that you select to meet people from your city or college.
  • Omegle – this is one of the most popular Chatroulette websites. This site allows you video chat with strangers across the globe. This website will enable you to chat during a video call.
  • Runfaces – This is a platform that allows you to video chat with random users and can chat with them. You can also post video updates on these sites.
  • Jottle – This website is quite underrated, but it is still doing a great job by allowing you to talk to strangers. They also provide some safety features to protect you from indulging with pervs.
  • Airtime – This website refers to people of the same interest to you, like if you like to talk about fashion, you will quickly get a person who also has an interest in fashion. Shawn Fanning and Sean Parker founded it.
  • Hey-people – This website was one of the first websites which allowed users to talk to random people, which add them to a contact list afterward. This site is easy to use for fun.
  • CamZap – For this website, you don’t require to login or signup. You can press the next button directly when you reach the site and find someone new.


This Loveroulette review has tried to cover almost all of the website’s parts and bring a true and fair face to the website. It is continually working to raise the bar with exciting updates. All in all, it is a very good site to meet and interact with new people. It is particularly good if you want to be in something serious. The app’s primary purpose is to find you a partner, and there is no doubt that the website is capable of that. The website is very safe, even though you may experience the site being a little slow. You have the option of leaving a chat whenever you feel like and interact with more people. The feature of a webcam facility is a big plus as you can see the person and know the person in a better way. We would tell you to go for it if you are up for something exciting. You can find your love, on Loveroulette.


Contact Information

  • Company: Privacy Protect, LLC (PrivacyProtect.org) (The owner of the website is hiding his identity. Spammers use this information to promote services to website owners)
  • Address: 10 Corporate Drive, Burlington, US – 01803
  • Phone: +1.8022274003
  • Email: [email protected]
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