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321Chat Review

321Chat Review
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Active Audience 76%
Quality Matches 96%
Popular Age 18-50
Profiles 8 256 900
Reply Rate 89%
Ease of Use 8.6
Popularity 9.6
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Here you are accessing a community, not a private company selling you a service. It offers a nice feeling;
  • There are no bugs, everything working fine;
  • Moderators and admin will grant you a safe space where you can freely chat;
  • Easy sign-up.
  • You can't access the website from a private browser;
  • There are a lot of complaints about the moderators: apparently, they are very strict.

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321Сhat is a safe and anonymous place where you can chat in public chat rooms with other people.

Here, you will find gathered all religious and sexual orientations. No topic is off the menu, but you have to read the rules before signing up, and you should behave accordingly.

Everything terrible in the online world is banned at the speed of light: no violent behavior, no harassment, only pure chat, sexting, and adult fun. If you are a teenager, there’s also a “teen” and “gay teen” chat room. Don’t you know what a chatroom is? Are you curious about knowing more about this peculiar environment?

Continue to read this 321chat review and find out if this is the right fit for you!

When Was 321Chat Founded?

If you go to the “About Us” section on their website, you will surely become passionate about how they grew famous in the online world. First of all, the date of creation is 2002.

There was no specific sexual nuance, as far as we can tell, as the purpose was just to chat. Then, in 2008, the “lively” turn came.

The live cam section started around that time, and with Google Lively also present, this feature soon became viral. It was beneficial for the company to keep it.

At the moment, in 321Chat, you use the Cody chat software, and the design has become much more modern than in the beginning. The forums, which were initially open, have been closed due to excessive spam and people disturbing a peaceful atmosphere. Since 2018, the chat has remained more or less the same, with little or no changes.

Who Owns 321Chat?

321Chat was created by Greg Barrow, a web developer with a Bachelor of Science who already knew a lot about website creation, development, and maintenance. Greg has a Bachelor’s Degree in Science (BS).

Thanks to the success of his websites, he started growing them even more. 321Chat is the result of his SEO knowledge and initially run a specific chat software, created by Greg.

He is still responsible for SEO, design, marketing, and advertising.

Registration & Profile

Registration & Profile

Registering on 321Chat is a piece of cake. If you are using a low-quality VPN or a Tor Browser, it may be difficult for you to access the website. So, use your regular IP and avoid public Wi-Fi. We don’t mean to cut out public Wi-Fi at all, but it’s better for your security. We suggest that they are not safe for you, especially if you are sharing your credit card details.

You can log in with the traditional method or use a guest login if you are not sure whether you are going to like the website or not. In both, you will need to type your nickname, gender, age, and password. Well, using a guest login, you won’t need a password.

The guest login is meant to be temporary so that you can take a look, explore the features, the design, and decide whether you like this or not. A plain light blue interface will be displayed in front of you.

All the chat rooms are here, and without any further details, you can choose the one you like the most, or who represents you.



How can you access a chat? Just click on the name of it. Make sure you have read the rules carefully before starting the chat, as the moderators here are serious about their job. They don’t fool around and forgive bad behavior, as this community sticks together because of fairness.

Bear in mind that if they find out you are circumventing the bans and mutes on the chats, you will be banned forever. Chat and be free, then, but follow the rules. For example, getting into a chat room and speaking only with a person, then when the person logs outgoing away, may not be the best way to appear as a social and active member of the community.

Just a suggestion. One last thing about chats: see the small number below the chat icon? Those are the people inside that chat.

How To Search For People On 321Chat?

How To Search For People On 321Chat?

You can do this by chatting. There is an adult chat room, a kids’ chat room, a teenage chatroom, etc. You can see people’s profile images next to the chat room, and you can have an idea of the people online.

Here, the conversation is the primary goal. If you find a soulmate or your new best friend, you can communicate in the chat room.

You can also select a user and communicate privately with her/him. Do not abuse this feature! You are in a community, not on a dating website, so the community may sometimes be considered as more important than the private conversation you can have here, at least, by moderators. So the way to search for new friends is a chat room.

How To Delete A 321Chat Account?

There’s an easy log out button at the top right of the page, under the profile section. You can use it to log out and never come back if you don’t like the 321Chat environment.

We can’t tell why anyone who owns a free account would like to permanently delete the account, but maybe you are experiencing privacy issues or other problems. A solution might be to be banned forever. It is quite tricky, though, because you can’t just come into a chat and scream, “I’m wearing a bomb!”. So maybe you should contact Customer Support and deal with them directly.

If you would like all your conversations and personal information to be deleted, remember to ask them specifically.

Members Structure

Members Structure

It’s tough to find a ratio within chat rooms and forums. Here in 321Chat, there’s everyone. Maybe, there are more adults than kids. That’s for sure. Still, all the chatrooms have some members inside.

Let’s have a closer look at the main chat rooms we can see at this very moment: gay, gay teen, transsexual, lesbian, Latino, Asian, The Lobby. There are many more. Feel free of lurking a little, but not too much, as this may be considered voyeurism.

Sexual Preferences

As said in the above paragraph, all sexual preferences are allowed here. You can go into the chatroom in which you feel more representative of your attitude, and there be just yourself. Though, behave and remember the rules about nudity and obscenity.

You can upload and download pictures, but please bear in mind that scammers are everywhere: don’t download .rar, .zip, or .exe files, as they may contain viruses or malware. Just a recommendation before going on: don’t be too direct to other members, as you may be banned.

Race and Ethnicity

As said in the paragraph above, there are races and ethnicities from all over the world. The icing on your cake—everybody is speaking English, so you won’t have communication issues in 321Chat.

Religious Orientation

There is no main religious orientation here. Even if you may find people who share their religious views with you, take this scenario with the lightness you have when events happen in real life.

What we mean is: take the chat as the real world. There are, of course, religious people, but they may be not be the majority. They usually stay in the shadows, and they do not create their own chatrooms.

Our recommendation if you are a religious person, you should go to specific groups, chats, and websites and earn your influential place in a community there. Here you will find people from all the orientations possible.

Pricing Policies

You can have a guest account, a regular paid membership account, which is called here a VIP membership (which is $15). See the icons which some users are carrying? There’s the moderator icon, a diamond icon, a VIP icon.

It’s a common way to detect who is who. If someone is a VIP user, you are sure he/she is paying for the service. So, they are likely more trustable, as they share their bank account information with the webmasters and are confident that they are in a safe place.

Let’s see the advantages you have with a free or with a paid membership, or VIP membership.

Free Membership

You can do everything with a free membership. You can sign-up for free and update your profile. You need to be a member and not a guest member, though. You can upload a picture and participate in chat rooms, say a word here, a word there, make new friends, and so on.

You can’t share your personal contacts, but this does not depend on the membership you buy. These are common-sense rules, and 321Chat rules, of course.

With a VIP membership, you can use certain unique emoticons and gifs, and you can have different colors in your username. You can even have a gradient name and change text colors. Then, you will be able to upload an animated profile picture, and finally be at the top of the user list.

All of that is starting with a price of 15$. There are different plans for you, but as they are changing through time, we recommend you go and check them on the website directly.

How To Cancel Your 321Chat Paid Subscription

You are paying for a VIP account, and you are not sure you are going to get all the advantages you have paid for. Another scenario: you have paid, but now you are being banned because of unknown reasons. Another scenario, again: you are banned, and you know the reason perfectly, but still you would like to have your money back.

Usually, 321Chat applies a no-refund policy, but we recommend you carefully read the agreement before you accept it. It contains all this information, and it is useful you have them beforehand.

So, are you experiencing issues on the platform, and you would like to unsubscribe and get a refund? Write to Customer Support and speak frankly to them. If all of this comes from a ban, you can apply against it and wait for the moderators’ answer.

Is 321Chat Safety?

Is 321Chat Safety?

Privacy settings and security measures are taken very seriously at 321Chat. Otherwise, they would not be at the top list of online chatrooms. Your privacy is secure here, but you can also decide you want to come under the spotlight and reveal your profile picture, some information about your personal life, and so on.

On the main page, 321Chat is giving you useful tips not to be scammed online. Here’s a debrief: there are some catfish scammers. They offer you large sums of money so that you have the feeling you are taking advantage of them. At some point, to wire you money, they will ask you for more details about your bank account. Don’t give anything: they will steal everything they can.

Then, there are the eWhores and cam bots: people pretending to be real, in both cases, who are just wanting you to send them money. You can imagine what eWhores are asking for. The issue is, they can also be under-aged people, trying to earn some extra money.

Quality Of Profiles

Quality Of Profiles

The profiles are generally real, and the quality of the conversation is high. There are not many guest profiles, so everyone carries a profile picture. There are also many VIP members.

Also, there are some scammers. Always bear in mind, they are the best in trying to earn your trust. In the second place, they will use your personal information against you.

These are just common-sense tips, but we think 321Chat tries to be as helpful as possible in sharing them in the first place. Not everyone knows the Internet in the same way.

Website Design and Usability

Website Design and Usability

Understanding the interface is no big deal. All toolbars and sidebars are displayed in front of you, and you just have to read through the page once you have logged in. Everything is simple there, and the interface is in light blue and white.

The developers have changed it several times to enhance your experience on the website. We should say that the result is very good.

How Does 321Chat Work?

321Chat is highly usable. As said in the “chat” paragraph, the chatrooms are easily displayed in front of you. You can chat with users using private messages by going to the sidebar on the right and selecting their profile picture.

Go back using the back arrow and log out by the top-right button. As easy as it sounds. You can also use a lot of emoticons and gifs here. No way you will get bored by all of that.

321Chat App

There’s, unfortunately, no mobile app for 321Chat. You can access the mobile browser, which is optimized to grant you a fast experience. Keep an eye on the battery and Internet connection, though.

Alternatives Of 321Chat

There is a vast population of friendly and adult chats online. You can choose freely among them. Here’s our selection of the best competitors of 321Chat: Zozo Chat, chat.com, Chat Avenue, Chat Bazar, and many others.


Is 321Chat Safe?

The website is cautious with all personal information provided to it by the users. They have a system in place with tight technical scrutiny that ensures 100 privacy and security. The responsibility is also on the user not to give any information on delicate nature inside the chatroom. The website is not responsible for any random disclosure of information made by the user to the other chatters.

Is 321Chat A Real Dating Site?

321chat cannot be categorized as a real dating site, but it has its full potential because people who meet in chatrooms can fix up and meet outside and take it further from there. Talking and meeting up on a chatting site is almost always the first step in the right direction.

How To Use 321Chat?

Using 321Chat is no rocket science. All you need to do is to log into the 321chat.com and browse all its 145 niche websites to decide which one you want to enter. The website allows guests to enter, and there is absolutely no need for any registration whatsoever. Enter the chatroom and begin chatting. Done!

Is 321Chat Free?

321Chat is completely free. There is not even a single service that you will need to pay for as a user. There are no hidden charges, either.

Does 321Chat Really Work?

To answer the question, one must be aware of the track record of this dating platform. The website 321Chat holds a long and illustrious history of over 15 years. There have been many people who have chosen to get onto its website and enter into its chatrooms to have a decent conversation.

There are numerous cases of couples who have met for the first time on 321Chat and taken it further by actually meeting up and dating after that. Most successful couples will vouch that 321Chat has the best people coming on it to chat in terms of quality and value.

So, yes, the site is really helpful, and there are chances of you meeting your soulmate.



Still, are you not convinced of trying 321Chat using a guest account? We hope you have found this review helpful, at least to understand the features on the website. Not everyone likes the same things, so it’s up to you to finally select the services you would like to pay for.

Don’t you want to pay for a service which you suppose should be free, such as chatting? Well, don’t worry, you can subscribe for free, as we said in the first place. Now all that’s left is to wish you: good chatting!

Contact Information

Company: 321Chat Inc

Address: 92 Carlton Terrace, Stewart Manor, NY, 11530

Phone: 6463162648

E-mail: [email protected]

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