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The League Review 2024

The League Review 2024
About Site
Active Audience 84%
Quality Matches 90%
Popular Age 25-30
Profiles 2 000 000
Reply Rate 87%
Ease of Use 9.6
Popularity 8.5
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Authentication and verification protocols guarantee genuine users
  • LinkedIn and Facebook based user registration
  • The League is freemium based
  • User privacy enhanced by segregating profile from work and immediate social circle
  • Above par customer service
  • High standard of quality matches
  • Video speed dating feature
  • High membership fees
  • Rigorous profile screening
  • Only four matches a day

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Hailed as elitist and the online dating community version of the “cool kids,” The League certainly has made some waves on the dating scene. The brainchild of Amanda Bradford, this app is geared towards upwardly mobile and highly educated professionals who are dissatisfied with a low standard of matchups on most high playing dating apps. Bradford defines her niche as ambitious singles who are not yet ready for a white picket fence but are also not out to trawl modern online meat markets for short-term hookups.

The League offers a selection of highly qualified and authenticated matches, in small enough increments (four curated matches a day) for career-focused individuals who are seeking meaningful and longer-term relationships. Instead of being elitist and exclusive, Bradford dubs their rigorous registration prerequisites as a “prioritization funnel” and a highly selective match criteria of their members as being “self-aware.”

In December 2019, The League app introduced an ingenious way of bypassing time-consuming chats and dates that never work out. They have introduced “League Live,” a video-based speed dating feature of three, two-minute video chats with your curated matches. This happens once a week, on Sunday nights to make sure everyone has a couple of minutes to spare. Especially when you know already that some dates will never work for you. Who wants to sit through another hour of polite conversation?

The League Review 2020

From the comfort of your living room couch, not only can you decide whether a person matches the pic, but whether you get along in real-time. Haven’t we all experienced that amazing chat connection, but after a couple of minutes we realized this match is not a match at all? Awkward is a euphemism in this regard.

And the biggest surprise? The 40-50-year-old demographic showed a marked presence alongside 30-somethings that swelled up over 50 percent over time. Bradford attributes this to video dating resonating with older users with experience of retro face-to-face speed dating. The League is available in over 60 cities in the US already, and many more are in the works, including Sydney Melbourne, Dubai, Hong Kong and Manchester city.

Bradford is huge with her funnel analogy. It’s all about getting further down the funnel of choices. And further down the funnel?

When was The League Founded?

The League social and dating app was launched in 2015 and is available in numerous US cities in both Android and iOS formats. It bases its curated members mostly on their LinkedIn and Facebook verifications.

Who Owns The League?

This app was founded by CEO Amanda Bradford in 2014 as a reaction to her frustrations in finding like-minded partners in an online dating scene. Popular dating apps either catered on casual sex hookups or long-term marriage and 2.3 children scenarios; and, as a professional focused on her career, she found that she fell somewhere between these two agenda.

Who Owns The League?

Registration & Profile

Popular opinion seems to be polarized when it comes to The League. Is this an Elitist Country club or a site dedicated to weeding out all bottom feeders of the dating community? It is a matter of perspective. If there are Fetish sites like FetLife and senior sites like SilverSingles, why should there not be a niche site for an upwardly mobile career-focused demographic?

That being said, the screening process is rigorous. You need to provide both your Facebook and your LinkedIn credentials and to authenticate your account, as well as provide six photographs that are assessed by the registration team. One must keep in mind that this seemingly laborious process is the very safeguard of identity that makes using this expensive app worth your while. Absolutely all singles people find on this site will be qualified professionals who can earn their own living.

The League moves in mysterious ways, and their human interface is the one that decides whether you are one of their kind. The vague media fodder about membership rules seem to imply that interesting and successful people are a shoe-in, regardless of Ivy league credentials, but hearing oh so blonde Amanda Bradford waft on mysteriously, we are given a community that enjoys stability mixed in with a bit of diversity.

There is no such thing as a sign up until you have gone through initiation to this dating app sorority. They will scrutinize your Facebook and LinkedIn profiles and assess your best double-chin free shots. Then you get to wait for an undisclosed amount of time for their approval. You can grease the wheels with an upfront membership fee, but it’s no guarantee. Don’t hold your breath because, apparently, 100,000 pledges are waiting to join this sorority/fraternity in the USA alone.

If you have survived the hazing, then you can begin to create your profile. You may upload 6 HD photos. No blurry sunsets or dog fishing, hiding behind the pooch shots. Your photo quality will be assessed. Then you are whisked into familiar app dating territory, with generic bio information such as height, age, ethnicity, religion, interests, and location. You can then wow your potential match with a wise-cracking, seat wetting bio.

The whole race bias that has put The League into much media debate is explained as so. The League makes disclosure of ethnicity mandatory, which Bradford claims is a measure to promote diversity rather than prevent it. Mandatory ethnicity disclosure is unusual in dating apps, and some believe that it shows particular race bias.

It’s a prerequisite to link your account to both your Facebook and LinkedIn profiles, where your information will be vetted and synched with your user profile. This is a measure to prevent the bugbear of most dating sites, bots, scammers, and people with fake profiles. This, of course, may seem strange, but it works. After all, it is not so easy to fake a real Facebook or LinkedIn profiles.

Registration & Profile


Every evening at 5 pm, The League designated “Happy hour,” you will receive a batch of one to nine “Prospects” according to who meets your criteria in your area, as well as your membership tier. When two people like each other, they tap the “heart” icon, and a match is created. Be aware that you have only two weeks to get it, or you will be greeted with the words “you got unmatched.” Their messaging platform is, however, still available for 21 days.

Alternatively, you may make use of The League Live option where you can do three, two-minute recons on video chat. This is perfectly timed to a 9 pm Sunday slot, when most users are at home and open to chat. You can “heart” your video date during or after the two-minute chat, and if both of you like each other, a messaging platform opens for you.

For an app that claims to cater to selective and discerning singles, be aware that you can be too picky, even for The League. If your “x” or expire too many of your presented selections, you can be branded as “Flaky” on your League score. This can affect your success rate with matches who are looking for singles serious about wanting a long-term relationship. If your selection criteria are too narrow, you are presented with fewer choices as well.

Alternatively, you may partake in many events and mixers created by members of this app but, bear in mind, you have to wait for the concierge to extend an invitation to you.

The League’s exact match algorithm is unknown, but they do let some information slip about what behaviors affect your on-site rating. Free members will get the boot if they do not log into the app for 30 days, and active daily users get a 10 percent higher match score. If you don’t respond to users’ messages or send messages consistently, your rating also drops, and you can be dropped from this site if you are a free member.

How to Search for People on The League?

Four curated matches will be presented to you daily by The League, and you may rest assured that they have been vetted and are quality prospects. Alternatively, you are presented with a batch of matches in The League happy hour. Another option allows you to join League Video and enjoy three short dates from the comfort of your sofa.

Unfortunately, there is not much chance of manual searches, but you are in good hands, The League claims, and they know better than you when it comes to matching people up. The user has access to advanced search filters, however, but all matches must be within a 100-mile radius. If you want to cast your net further into multi-city dating, you must be on a paid membership.

How to Delete Your League Account?

You may delete your account and personal data from League at your discretion. Simply navigate to the Settings section of The League app, scroll down to the bottom and click “Request A League Time Out,” and swipe down to the last section entitled “Delete Account.”

How to Delete your League Account?

Members Structure

Amanda Bradford claims that this site has 250,000 active users and these figures reflect the exclusivity of this dating site. 98% percent of The League members have university degrees, 8% PHD’s, and 30 percent advanced degrees. Over 39% are said to earn six-figure salaries. The average age of female users is 29 years old.

Sexual Preference

Bradford claims that 5 percent of The League’s user-base are members of the LBGTQ community and they are hoping to attract more members from this group. All sexual preferences are welcome to this site, but its main demographic is heterosexual.

Race and Ethnicity

The League caused a lot of controversy when they made disclosure of ethnicity mandatory at registration. They claim this is not a reflection of racial bias, but an attempt to increase their user-base diversity.

Religious Orientation

The League has an all-inclusive policy regarding religious affiliations.

Religious Orientation

Pricing Policies

The League certainly makes no bones about the fact that they are an exclusive app for high achieving singles, and their membership fees do reflect this exclusivity. Their pricing structures are at the high end of dating apps’ average pricing. If you can get in, however, free users have access to most of this app’s features.

Free Membership

  • “Happy hour” 5 pm, 3 match prospect list
  • Request friends
  • Browse user profiles

  • Advanced matches and search filters
  • Bumped up the waiting list
  • Exclusive passes to VIP events
  • Dedicated help and support
  • Customized profile
  • Six friend requests a day
  • Power Moves to boost your profile

Membership pricing:

  • 1 Month 99.00 USD / Month 99.00 USD
  • 6 Months 33.17 USD / Month 199.00 USD
  • 12 Months 29.08 USD / Month 349.00 USD

Ticket bundles:

  • 5 Credits 5.00 USD / Credit 25.00 USD
  • 15 Credits 4.00 USD / Credit 60.00 USD
  • 50 Credits 3.98 USD / Credit 199.00 USD
  • 300 Credits 3.33 USD / Credit 999.00 USD

Investor membership:

  • 12 Months 83.25 USD / Month 999.00 USD
  • 1 Month 199.00 USD / Month 199.00 USD

Paid Membership

How to Cancel The League Paid Subscription?

As The League is a social and dating app available on iOS and Android, paid subscriptions must be terminated according to Google or Apple cancellation policies. If you wish to cancel your membership before it renews, you must do it at least 24-hours before the end of your paid subscription.

Is The League Safe?

The rigorous vetting procedures of this site ensure, to a large degree, that its membership base is authentic users. This eliminates a lot of security problems associated with bots and fake profile-based scamming. This site adheres to safety and privacy protocols that are usually found on such dating apps.

Quality of Profiles

Only the best of the best is allowed on this exclusive site. You will find HD quality and vetted photographs, the initial profile shot in classic black and white. All profiles hold the standard bio’s and physical characteristics, but LinkedIn and Facebook linked accounts make you know that you are speaking to a real deal.

Quality of Profiles

Website Design and Usability

The League app is available in both iOS and Android versions and can be downloaded at no cost from their respective sites. This app is highly usable, but that’s all it is — an app, no desktop.

How Does The League Work?

This site advertises itself as a community of bright, ambitious professionals looking to find a similar upwardly mobile go-getter partner. With daily matches, Video dating, and exclusive events, The League aims to connect vetted and highly successful individuals in an elite boutique-style dating platform.

How does The League Work?

The League App

The League app’s design is sleek and user friendly and reflects the stylish and expensive leanings of the targeted demographic. With elegant fonts of turquoise, black, white, and, of course, gold tones, this app fits in pretty well with its niche market. Another important feature is its easy, intuitive navigation. All in all, developers came up with an excellent product, which is wise considering their target market.

Alternatives of The League

EliteSingles prides itself on its curated matches from a pool of successful and highly educated singles in the 20 something to 30 something demographic. Their vetting process is far laxer than that of The League and membership is open to all.

Luxy dating app prides itself on being the “millionaire’s matchmaker,” and Tinder “without poor people,” which sounds awful, but they boast 2+ million users so they can’t be doing all that badly.

Toffee dating app targets privately educated people and keeps its memberships exclusive.

Alternatives of The League


If Christians, farmers, and fetishists can have their own dating apps, why shouldn’t the successful and highly educated have their own niche?

The thorough vetting process and the prerequisite of a LinkedIn and Facebook account make this app’s dating experience a lot less of a roller coaster, with people all over the world misrepresenting themselves (and worse) on larger dating platforms.

Niche dating sites are gaining in popularity as the numbers swell on Tinder-style sites, and people are becoming lost in all swipes and likes and an endless procession of profiles. If a bunch of Ivy league twats in their boy/girl’s “cool club” is your thing, then this is the app for you. If not, there are a plethora of other platforms for you to identify with and enjoy.

Contact Information

Company: The League App, Inc.

Address: 55 Grace Street San Francisco, CA 94103

Phone: n/a

Email: [email protected]

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