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Chatroulette Review 2024

Chatroulette Review 2024
About Site
Active Audience 60%
Quality Matches 92%
Popular Age 20-25
Profiles 5 000 000
Reply Rate 91%
Ease of Use 6.4
Popularity 9.3
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Plenty of active users;
  • No lengthy registration;
  • Intuitive interface;
  • Free to use;
  • Quick switching between streams.
  • No moderation;
  • No chance to set your search filters;
  • No way to know what you'll see next.

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Today, Chatroulette may not be the only platform of its kind, but back in 2010, when it was created, the idea behind it was fresh and unique. Just like ten years ago, this webcam service does cause some controversial discussions — mostly because of nudity and sexually explicit content. On the other hand, that’s what most people come here for — to show off and to watch others’ show off. Chatroulette shows users random cam streams, which is its main feature. The question is, will you enjoy some random nudity? Take a look at our detailed review to find out.

When was Chatroulette Founded?

When was Chatroulette Founded?

Chatroulette was first launched in 2009, but it did not gain a more or less impressive user database till 2010. It did, however, grow pretty rapidly — in its first month online, this website had only 500 users. The next month, it already had 50,000. Ever since its launch, Chatroulette has been gaining more and more users each day — despite (or thanks to) website specifics.

Who Owns Chatroulette?

This site was developed and is still owned by Andrey Ternovskiy. At the time of Chatroulette’s creation, Ternovskiy was a 17-year old student. The whole idea behind Chatroulette is based on Russian roulette, which makes sense since this site was created in Moscow.

Registration & Profile

One of the most surprising features of Chatroulette is that it does not even call for registration. Absolutely anyone can access the site and start streaming. In a way, this could be one of the reasons why this service is so popular. On the other hand, though, such logic is a bit weird because this website has plenty of sexually explicit content.

On the bright side, regular users are welcome to register if they want to. This process will not take long and will require only basic details any other website would ask. These include a valid email, preferred username, and password. Registered users should also confirm that they are of legal age (18+).


Back when it all started, Chatroulette did have a text chat option on top of video streams. It made sense back in the 2010s, since some people could have a camera, but not necessarily a microphone. Now, most of us are using laptops, tablets, and smartphones, so the website decided to do away with an outdated text chat option. Today, Chatroulette only supports live and video calling. Anyone can chat all ways they want — with voice or gestures.

How to Search for People on Chatroulette?

How to Search for People on Chatroulette?

The main feature of Chatroulette is that it is entirely random, so absolutely everything will depend on your luck. Even though technically, this site allows users to set certain chat filters, the results still remain pretty unpredictable. Available chat filters include random, filtered, and unfiltered. Filtered chat does not allow adult content, but from what we’ve seen, this policy is regularly ignored by Chatroulette users.

It’s not exactly clear what the actual difference between ‘unfiltered’ and ‘random’ is. These two look and feel the same, and the only guideline with both is no minors whatsoever. The good news is that we have not seen any while giving Chatroulette a test go.

How to Delete Chatroulette Account?

If you have created one, you can delete it any time from the account settings. On the other hand, you may not even bother with that because Chatroulette accounts contain no info but your username and gender (if you provided any). So, you can simply stop using this website at any point. There is no need to worry about your personal data being stored on Chatroulette.

Members Structure

A few years after Chatroulette’s launch, it boasted a million and a half daily visits. Today, this service has lost some of its popularity and only has three million visits every month. People using this service come from all over the globe. The USA, for example, accounts for approximately a third of its visits. Germany lags behind with only 5%. The rest of this website’s users are scattered worldwide.

Obviously, people have to be 18+ to join or simply start using Chatroulette, but there is no factual data on the user database because registration and account completion are not necessary. Besides, you will clearly notice that most people using this service are men. Ladies are practically non-existent on Chatroulette these days, and it will take quite a lot of cam switching before you finally see one.

Sexual Preferences

Sexual Preferences

From what we’ve seen using Chatroulette, the primary sexual kink on this service is exhibitionism. Somehow, it would be logical to assume that voyeurism is the second-best popular trend here. As for the sexual orientations, there is no discrimination whatsoever. Absolutely anyone can show off their goods here and see what others are showing. Still, given how many men do the showing on Chatroulette, we would suggest this website to gay men and straight women — they’ll see a good show.

Race and Ethnicity

Once again, the absence of a classic user database does not allow drawing any conclusions on its racial structure. Besides, it is not always possible to guess one’s nationality from the intimate parts alone. Still, the fact that this site welcomes anyone above 18 years old is reason enough to believe you will find any races on Chatroulette.

Religious Orientation

As you can clearly see, Chatroulette is not for the truly faithful people. The actual denominations may vary, of course. But, like any adult webcam service, this site does not target people by religion. Neither any of this site’s activities are related to any faith or confession.

Pricing Policies

Chatroulette is entirely free of charge, and any action you see on a webcam depends on website users. There are absolutely no premium services to be paid for on this platform. And, even though occasionally, this site runs ads (that is the company’s primary source of revenue), there is no way to disable them. Technically, this could have been a premium feature for paying users, but it’s not. On the bright side, most ads are not too annoying, and none of them interferes with users’ webcam experience.

Is Chatroulette Safe?

Is Chatroulette Safe?

Your safety with Chatroulette will mostly depend on what you personally imply by ‘safety.’ From the tech side, everything is solid, meaning that any connections on this site are private and secure. Besides, since you do not disclose any personal or financial info, there really is nothing to worry about when it comes to data protection.

On the other hand, if for you ‘safety’ means an authentic connection with other people, you will not find this on Chatroulette. After all, this is not a dating or matchmaking platform. Neither will your screen be protected from adult and sexually explicit content because this is a very explicit cam site.

Quality of Profiles

Chatroulette does not really have a profile database. Even registered users do not have any info on their accounts — except gender (optional) and nickname. So, there is not much sense discussing profile legitimacy on this site. Anyone can pose as anyone, so users should obviously exercise reasonable caution when chatting on Chatroulette. But, we must once again stress that this is not a dating platform, not even a hookup site. This is a cam site where you can pamper your exhibitionism and voyeurism. That’s all there is to this site, so it remains as safe as it gets. Obviously, you should not disclose any sensitive info to people you see on cams here. But, we do not think any person would have such an inclination.

Website Design & Usability

This site has one of the most simplistic designs one can possibly imagine. This, of course, is not surprising since it does not have any communication tools except random cam chats. There is only one element in the center of the screen — a huge webcam window. Originally, there used to be two — with both users’ screens — but now, you can only see a person on the other side. This may sound a bit strange, but if you are here to watch, not show off, the system works. On the other hand, if you are here to stream and do not care about the stream quality, such an interface is also acceptable.

The header menu is also incredibly simple. Within a webcam window, users can see three tabs. The first one is ‘your gender.’ You can actually choose quite a lot of options here — aside from standard male & female, you have couple, group, non-binary, and rather not say.

Next, is the type of chat you’re interested in. It can be random, filtered, and unfiltered. As already mentioned, filtered chat allows no nudity. On the other hand, few users seem to follow this guideline.

The final tab asks if you would like to blur the partner’s image. You can choose no blur at all, light blur, or heavy blur. Below, there is a smaller window asking access to your camera and microphone. That’s all the functional elements from Chatroulette — you will not find any other features with this website.

How does Chatroulette Work?

Given how simple this website interface is, no wonder that the functionality behind it is also pretty simple. If you want to start showcasing yourself, you only need to give your laptop access to the camera. To get started with your first stream, you just need to show your face once and smile at the camera. Most likely, this policy was created to limit the amount of nudity on this site. But, since people only need to show their faces once, most users just switch their camera to more intimate parts once they have been approved for live chat. That is why you will still see quite a lot of nudity on Chatroulette.

If you want to watch streams, there is nothing easier. Once again, you need to allow your laptop access to the camera and get approved for streaming. The roulette will take care of the rest. Anyone can easily switch between streams — it only takes one click of a button. So, if you do not like what you’re seeing, you can keep switching until you find something to your liking.

If you give your laptop access to the microphone as well, you can have a voice chat. Any other search or communication tools on Chatroulette are non-existent. This website, after all, is based on the Russian roulette principle and is completely random.

Chatroulette App

Chatroulette App

This website only has a desktop version and no dedicated app whatsoever. You can, however, access it from a mobile browser on a smartphone or tablet. All you need is a stable Internet connection. Mobile-optimized version is not that different from desktop one — it’s really not about the features, more about the size of your screen.

Alternatives of Chatroulette

Since Chatroulette does not have a lot of women in its user database and remains rather simple, you may want to check out a couple of alternative cam sites.

  • Omegle — one more platform based on random cam chat with strangers.
  • hatrandom — this service already has some filters by gender and sexual orientation, so it is a bit less random.
  • Camsurf — has quite a lot of ladies streaming online.
  • Chatspin — another cam site that allows setting your gender preferences.
  • Shagle — same random chat logic, but sleeker user interface and more customization options.
  • Bazoocam — has the same logic and start date as Chatroulette, but has more users from Europe (mainly, France).
  • Tinychat — similar platform with more advanced search filters and individual chat rooms.



All in all, the idea behind Chatroulette was fresh a decade ago, and the platform seemed to be massively popular. Today, it has lost most of its popularity, especially after more platforms picked up on the idea and invested some effort into polishing up a set of available features. If, however, you feel nostalgic for the 2010s websites and are looking for something entirely random, Chatroulette could be worth a shot. Especially so, if you do not mind seeing more men than women. And, of course, Chatroulette is a good option for anyone who wants to show off and does not care who’s watching.

Contact Information

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Email: [email protected], [email protected]

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