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Christian Mingle Review 2024

Christian Mingle Review 2024
About Site
Active Audience 68%
Quality Matches 89%
Popular Age 20-25
Profiles 600 000
Reply Rate 88%
Ease of Use 8.2
Popularity 9.0
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • This is for serious men and women that want to settle down.
  • Proven track record of delivering results
  • Fantastic security
  • It has a working phone application
  • The website has limited features
  • This website is quite boring
  • It has no special or unique features

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Not every single online dating site has to be X-rated or directed at getting a person in the sheets during the first few dates. Some dating sites have the mantra of giving users a higher chance of happily ever after in the not-so-distant future. A few places come to mind, but none of them can do it like Christian Mingle. This is the biggest and best Christian-centered dating website.

When Was Christian Mingle Founded?

It was founded by Spark Networks in 2001. Spark Network is a notable German brand that specializes in creating well-optimized dating applications and websites for public consumption.

At the turn of the century, they noticed that while their usual flirty and hookup-centered dating websites were doing quite well, it would be foolish to ignore the steadily improving religious market. As such, they created Christian Mingle, which is now a key player in the dating field as it services the needs of the serious and is ready to settle down.

Who Owns Christian Mingle?

Spark Networks own Christian Mingle. Spark Networks is an international brand owned by a group of German entrepreneurs that have a goal of ruling the world dating industry.

Who Owns Christian Mingle?

Registration & Profile

Becoming a member of Christian Mingle isn’t that hard neither does it require a Ph.D. in rocket science. The most critical condition, however, is stated in the title—you must be a Christian and ready to mingle. Once you tick those two boxes, you simply access the site through Google and get redirected to the Christian Mingle main website homepage. On getting here, you will see the sign-in option and the sign-up option.

As a new user, you should click the sign-up option. Following this, you read the terms and conditions as it is smart and pretty necessary to know what you are coming into as this is not your usual X-rated dating website with a plethora of nude women and explicit content anywhere you look. On reading the terms and scheming through the conditions, you will go through the strict verification process, which involves you proving that you are not a robot and passing the e-mail verification test. Once you are done with this, you are now an official member of Christian Mingle, and you can start mingling.


Some dating websites like Biker Planet and Tinder automatically match users with potential love interests seemingly effortlessly by using a series of well-developed algorithms to optimize searches and direct potential dates to a user’s timeline.

Christian Mingle does not work that way. Just like the saying goes, the fruit is a juicer when you work for it. Christian Mingle requires users to go on and do the matching process manually and in such a way that appeals to you and you alone. You will click on the search toggle above the screen and then proceed to access it by yourself. On clicking, you will see a set of preset filter options you will edit and do to your taste.

On doing this, you will be shown a lot of members that fit the description of what you are searching for, be it race, ethnicity, or denomination. If you don’t see your preferred results, do not fret, all you have to do is refresh, and a new batch would be available for your kind perusal. Once you get a match that appeals to you, you can now send the match a message indicating interest in a heart-to-heart conversation. If the other user replies, that means you two are ready to mingle. To do this, you must be a paid subscriber.


How to Search for People on Christian Mingle?

Every good dating website and application has a secure searching process that gives you numerous results with such little fuss, and Christian Mingle is in no way different. You simply go to the search icon at the top of the website screen and click on it. After clicking, you will see a set of filters that have gauges; you can set for such things as height, weight, race, ethnicity, and home country. Once you sort out the filters and get your results, you send chat messages to the search results. If the fellow user is interested, both of you will proceed from there.

How to Delete Christian Mingle Account?

Let’s face it; sometimes, being on daring applications and websites could be not that entertaining. We don’t want our little ones snooping around, and maybe we have finally found that love, and we got nothing else to do. So now it’s time to close your Christian Mingle account and move on. How do you do it? You simply go to your profile section and check out all the features. You then scroll down to the auto-renewal option and turn it off.

This is important to prevent your account from being debited even after you have left the application. On doing this, you then proceed to scroll down the profile interface and click on permanently delete. You will be asked, are you sure? Click yes. Be careful as there are no take-backs, and once you are off Christian Mingle, there is no way you can redeem the account that you spent hours unending developing to your taste.

How to Delete Christian Mingle Account?

Members Structure

  • Total Members

    The developers of Christian Mingle are Spark Network, and they struck gold by investing money and plans while tapping into the unearthed Christian dating market. Christians all over the world back then were going through a stigma of not having a holy dating website to call their own, and they certainly couldn’t be seen on some NSFW dating platforms. Step into Christian Mingle. This website now has 16 million users worldwide and 7 million from the US alone. This site is clearly on the rise, coupled with 200,000 new registrations every month.

  • Top Geography

    Christian Mingle is available for a broad group of people and a diverse and unique clientele. However, it cannot be denied that there is a notable geographical bias that can be seen as most of the website’s users are based in the US. This has a staggering seven million users, and thousands of them are actively renewing registrations and logging in every other day. The website might have a global reach and worldwide following. Still, there is no doubt that the citizens of the United States of America are the primary beneficiaries of this platform, logging into over half of its users.

  • Age

    Anyone above the age of 18 can join and be part of the Christian Mingle community. However, the site is mostly for mature and serious minds looking for marriage. Members of Christian Mingle are not looking for prom dates or a Friday night out with the guys binging movies and engaging in rendezvous. Members of this platform are looking for long, amazing, and nontoxic relationships that would most likely result in holy matrimony. Hence, the majority of the members of Christian Mingle fall is between the ages of their late 20s and 40. This is usually the time when a woman says to herself, “Hey girl it’s time to get a ring on that finger” and when a guy has a hard look at himself and says “You, man, it’s time to stop hanging out with the boys and start getting boys of my own.”

Members Structure

Sexual Preferences

As a religious-centered dating website and application, Christian Mingle is not as flexible as other dating sites that champion the cause that their members can be sexually versatile. Christian Mingle is largely heterosexual as it promotes the notion that it is for men looking for men and women looking for men. However, as they say, the only thing constant in this thing called life is change. As such, Christian mingle has opened the doors for couples looking to get involved in relationships that aren’t necessarily heterosexual. Now members of Christian Mingle can look for same-sex matches and so use filters and all the normal things heterosexual couples use to find potential partners.

Race and Ethnicity

All races are welcome on Christian Mingle, as is apparent even from the creation story. Germans created this website, and it has a German head office. However, it has its biggest following on a different continent, far away in the US. Christian Mingle is open to all races and ethnic groups as it is as cordial to blacks as it is to whites, and it is as loving to Hispanics as it is to Latinos. This website has one simple condition for joining. Be Christian, open your heart to finding love, and you are ready to go. This is not like some other dating websites that segregate and allow only a specific ethnic group to enjoy its juicy benefits.

Religious Orientation

A mainstream dating website seldom is as religious as Christian Mingle. This online dating platform and application has its major selling point as being religiously inclined. Its members are looking for godly love, and it certainly does not joke with that mantra. All Christian religious groups are welcome as the website even has a church-like scenery. Christian Mingle follows through with its promise of giving users an avenue to find love and process their faith by having a 30% success rate. Members who join this website normally go on record and tell tales of how they found love finally on this application. Isn’t that lovely?

Religious Orientation

Pricing Policies

Christian Mingle is versatile and understanding. It understands that it is not all users that can access payment options; hence they can either be free users or paid subscribers. The payment options are:

Premium Plan

  • 1 Month – 49.99 USD / Month 49.99 USD
  • 3 Months – 34.99 USD / Month 104.97 USD
  • 6 Months – 24.99 USD / Month 149.94 USD

Free Membership

Christian Mingle, just like other notable dating platforms, has options for users that desire a free and unhinged experience. Such free users might not have the full plethora of options; however, they can do a few, such as the fact that there is a free membership option whereby the users have quite limited options. They cannot chat on this platform, but they can search for other users and view profile pictures of other members. Sadly, they cannot view multiple pictures of other users without paying for a subscription, the pros far outweigh the cons of being a paid subscriber, but what can we do?

Free Membership

There is a payment option on Christian Mingle, and you should pick up that option as you are open to a plethora of opportunities that wouldn’t see the light of day if you were a free user. There is a payment option, and once you have successfully paid, you are now live. You can chat with just about any user, sending messages and also replying. You can also use the optimized advanced search feature that opens you to more filters to give you a better result as to what you desire. There’s also an opportunity to hide your online status just in case you do not want disturbances. Moreover, you can check out other users’ profiles without them knowing you were on their pages. Isn’t that great?

How to Cancel Christian Mingle Paid Subscription?

Got tired of paying a few quid for a paid subscription membership option for Christian Mingle? Do not worry as you can cancel your subscription plan at any time. You can do this by going to the contact us section and ensuring you fill out a few things like name, e-mail address, the reason you are doing this, and the type of subscription used. After you do this, you will then get a message saying that this is in process. Take great care when you are going through this as there is no going back whatsoever. Also, there is a strict no refund policy.

How to Cancel Christian Mingle Paid Subscription?

Is Christian Mingle Safe?

In terms of safety and security, few online dating platforms are as safe as this site. It is very reliable and reasonably secure. It has e-mail verification functions that ensure that the users are indeed human beings and not merely robots posing as humans to promote the impressive features of the website.

Christian Mingle has passed various national, regional, and international safety tests. It checks out the site daily to ensure that they are not robots posing as users. Once it spots suspicious activities, it proceeds to do a background check and, if not satisfied, continues to suspend or terminate the said membership.

Quality of Profiles

The Christian Mingle website is quite essential and lackluster as it allows you the most limited functions on your profile interface without any unique nature. It shows you the minimum about a user even if you are paid subscriber just in case you think that this problem is limited to free users. It would be smart to optimize it, however, because this is the first thing a new user would see when searching for a page like yours. Indeed, no one wants to leave a bad first impression.

Christian Mingle Review

Website Design and Usability

The Christian Mingle interface is quite easy to use and does not have too many limitations to both new and experienced users. It has a just OK design that gives users a glimpse of what to expect as members of this platform. It shows it is a Christian site from the beginning as it has church-like inclinations and leanings. It has easy-to-access widgets. This platform makes it easy for users to get what they want quickly and in a matter-of-fact way. It has an awesome customer service team too, which ensures members feel at home.

How does Christian Mingle Work?

After getting recommended trying the service by a friend or a family member, all you have to do now is to go to the website and sign up. After you do this, it will give you a survey to fill about yourself in a few minutes. After this, you can now purchase a subscription plan; then, you can send and reply to messages with any user on the Christian Mingle platform. Use the search option and filter option to state all you want. Ensure you are polite and nice as the block feature is always accessible for members that feel slighted or insulted. This site does not allow NSFW pictures. You will be banned!

How does Christian Mingle Work?

The Christian Mingle App

Christian Mingle has an awesome and working mobile phone companion application. This app is available to iPhone and Android users on the iOS app store and the Google Play Store.

Alternatives of Christian Mingle

While Christian Mingle is an excellent dating website and an innovator of some sorts, it certainly has tough competition in the always-growing dating industry. Such competition includes

  • Adult Friend Finder

    If Christian Mingle is Jack, then Adult Friend Finder is Hyde. This website is centered on adult content and sells sex and almost nothing else. It has similar features to Christian Mingle but has a more NSF-centered base. Members here aim to hookup and have casual flings while abhorring commitment and happily ever after.

  • Elite Singles

    A site centered on giving classy and educated users a chance at finding love. This site is like a competitor-friendly base as members are known to show off achievements and find partners that are impressed by substance instead of style. This site has been termed the LinkedIn of dating applications and websites.


Christian Mingle is a break from the norm and a place that serious Christian couples can take time to find a place to try and find true love finally. It is refreshing as it does not have the eighteen plus content that most dating applications capitalize on to get a few extra clicks. With a proven success rate and so many recent good reviews, this online dating platform are certainly worth trying out.


Contact Information

Company: Spark Networks.

Address: Los Angeles, California, United States

Phone: (866) 660-7924

Email: [email protected]

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