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SugarDaddyForMe Review 2024

SugarDaddyForMe Review 2024
About Site
Active Audience 84%
Quality Matches 75%
Popular Age 40-45
Profiles 1 200 000
Reply Rate 88%
Ease of Use 8.2
Popularity 8.6
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Honest goals;
  • One of the first of its kind;
  • Many profiles online;
  • Not too many features, which makes the website user-friendly.
  • The interface is a little old-fashioned;
  • The membership is a little expensive.

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Isn’t the SugarDaddyForMe’s goal clear enough? When everyone seems to be looking for a perfect pair through love and beauty on “normal” dating websites, here the intentions look more explicit and don’t leave room to misunderstanding.

A man can look for anything. Better if a woman to cuddle, mentor, and care about. But a woman, it’s better for her to be here looking for a sugar daddy. You can usually find everything on this kind of dating/hookup websites, so this is the main goal, but many users are getting around it.

Still, if you are a sugar-daddy person, you will find here many ways to meet people with your same goals: chats, matches, emails, profiles to be looked and all the places packed with photos.

Do you think you would like to make your fantasy live? This may be the right place for you. Follow us through this review, where we will tell you more about scams and legit aspects of this popular website.

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When was SugarDaddyForMe Founded?

SugarDaddyForMe, not to be confused with sugardaddy.com, was founded in 2004 to help sugar daters to find their best match using the might of online connections.

It has been a while. So, you can understand why they put that much effort into reporting harassing and violent acts and banning users, instead of renewing the graphics in the profile. They have chosen an old-fashioned approach, trying to build trust and confidence instead of fashion approval. We can’t do anything but be grateful for this opportunity.

Who Owns SugarDaddyForMe?

The website and brand are owned by Gautam Sharma, an entrepreneur who states to have founded the website thinking of a place where only women who would like to be pampered would go.

As he said in an interview, he had recently divorced and found it hard to find that kind of girl in real life. So, he founded SugarDaddyForMe.com, and everything else is history.

Here only minded-like people sign-up and meet. Given that original purpose, the website now has thousands of users, and not everyone wants that specific kind of relationship.

Who Owns SugarDaddyForMe?

Registration & Profile

The sign-up process looks like a medical studio subscribing. It is rather old-fashioned, but according to our experience, extremely functional. First of all, type “sugardaddyforme” without spaces in your research browser.

There’s a sugar daddy website as well, so be sure you don’t go to the wrong site. Now you need to fill this medical form with all the information they need from you: your age, location, nickname and password, and so on.

They will not get too specific now. You will be able to edit your profile later. Bear in mind that, while you are researching other users, you can select filters that involve yourself, as well.

Were you a sugar daddy, before? Now, in the research, you can change your mind and decide that you are a sugar baby. We are seriously wondering how they can keep that high rate of no-fake profiles, but that’s it, that’s the feature.

So, compile only the fields you need, and listen to their useful advice – see that balloon on the left? You will be able at some point, after having skipped the “upgrade” pop-up, to be on the real SugarDaddyForMe website.


These are the three primary forms of communication here in SugarDaddyForMe. As a free user, you are allowed to no one of them, unless you find another person who’s paying for a full-coverage membership.

This may happen, but it’s not always the best choice to rely on chance.

You can look for a profile and leave a sort of “like” under it or the uploaded pictures. This is, likely, a match. The other person will see your interest, and he/she may contact you, for instance!

You can also choose to see the people online and take a look at their profiles—this an excellent way to start a chat.


How to Search for People on SugarDaddyForMe?

See on the left, the “search” button? This is the quickest way to perform a browse every time you want. If you are more skilled and you think you know much about the website already, you can use the “advanced search” parameters.

Remember when you skipped and have not compiled all the fields in your profile? These filters are meant to detect these fields and to give you a final result. In the quick search, you can only select age, gender, location range, and distance from you.

In advanced search, you have a few more possibilities. Ok, they are not a few, at all. You can create a psychological profile of her/him without having ever dreamed about this hypothetical profile.

Our recommendation is to bear in mind you are looking for a human being, not for a cow. Ok, the filters are fun, and they allow you to discharge the body type, which you really can’t stand. But then, are you sure that eye color is that important for you?

It up to you to judge the priorities you have in your dating matches. That was just our suggestion. Once you have set up a date, put it into your weekend planner! The main page, top right of the screen. Don’t be shy and show the webmasters you are achieving real goals!

How to Delete SugarDaddyForMe Account?

It’s no big deal. You don’t like the website, and you think you will not be staying here for long? You can delete your account by going to the “edit account” icon, the main page.

The website should not retain your personal pictures and information, but to be sure of that, write to the Customer Support directly, asking about this point explicitly.

How to Delete SugarDaddyForMe Account?

Members Structure

There’s no telling if everyone who’s here is looking either for a younger woman to pamper or to an older man to spoil. What we can tell for sure is that not everyone here is into a sugar daddy/sugar baby experience.

The overall quality looks high. All the ladies here are caring about the image of themselves they see in the mirror, that’s a fact. All the men declare they have a steady income, and they look good.

Quality is an unpredictable variable sometimes, but maybe the subscription cost discourages a lot of people from being on SugarDaddyForMe. So the final result is generally a good one.

Sexual Preferences

The website is meant to be for all sexual orientations—straight, gay, bisexual, a sugar daddy looking for a sugar baby or vice versa. You are allowed to be who you are here.

Of course, you should consider the primary purpose of the website: here like-minded people find themselves in a sugar daddy/baby relationship, mainly. So, you should be at least open to this option, if you are here. This is just a tip of what you will find here, as well. About sexual preference, this is our take.

Sexual Preferences

Race and Ethnicity

All the main ethnic groups are equally represented here. If you are living in the US and update your localization to a US one, you will find it easier to find the same ethnic mix there is in the US. More or less.

We can’t draw an everlasting picture, as the number of users keeps increasing, and some of them are unsubscribing, as well. The ratio can change through time.

Religious Orientation

There’s no predominance of a single religion, here in SugarDaddyForMe.com. As there is no such a parameter to browse users, no such a field to add in your profile, there’s no telling about the average of users concerning religion.

So, if you are looking for a more religious website, you should maybe look for sites where the name of the religion is inside the brand name of the website itself.

Religious Orientation

Pricing Policies

You have three main price policies here in SugarDaddyForMe: you can stick to a free membership, but there’s nothing you can do with it. You don’t own your profile, basically, so you can only edit it and upload photos.

You can’t chat nor use any function on the website. Although this may seem like an unpleasant firewall, it prevents malicious users from coming in. Just picture this: you are a scammer, and you would like to take advantage of innocent users online, at a meager price. You have good hacking skills, and that’s it.

Here in SugarDaddyForMe, there’s little you can do with only good hacking skills. You need to pay to talk another user out and get his/her credit card details. Now that you understand this, let’s see the difference between a Free, a Silver, and a Gold membership.

Free Membership

With a free membership, you can create your profile and upload a profile picture. You can also send up to 3 profile pictures. You can also give the website a chance and get a paid membership. Consider is as a trial period.

Free Membership

You have two options here: a Silver membership or a Gold membership. With a Silver membership, you can send and receive emails and chat messages. Unfortunately, your storage is limited, regarding emails, and the chat will disappear every time you log out. With $29,95/month, you get Silver membership.

If you would like to avoid these limitations, you can go for a Gold membership and pay $34,95/month. You will have full access to chat and email with all the storage you want. You can also have a profile highlighting and fast profile approval.

Finally, you earn a “smart match” newsletter you will receive per mail, and you will be at the top of other users’ searches.

You may be wondering: well, if I am a sugar baby and I have not that much money, how can I succeed in finding anyone on this website? There’s an answer for you: the third type of membership.

Not for you, but for sugar daddies willing to pay for an extra: for 14,95 extra bucks every month, they can allow non-paying users to answer back to them.

Are you a sugar daddy? Then prove it and pay for full membership!

How to Cancel SugarDaddyForMe Paid Subscription?

The website states explicitly that there is no refund policy for subscriptions that have already been paid. There are no exceptions to this rule, so if you would like to end your membership, just stop it by going to your account settings. At renewal, it just won’t be renewed.

If you have any issues, contact the Customer Support, and they will answer back within 24 hours.

How to Cancel SugarDaddyForMe Paid Subscription?

Is SugarDaddyForMe Safe?

You can read SugarDaddyForMe’s privacy policy by going to the main webpage without logging-in. Scroll the page down until you get the “Privacy policy” tab and click on it.

If you have one spare hour, you can read it all. Here’s a debrief: your data is not sold to third parties. Your credit card number is secured. That’s it.

About security, you will find security measures that are strong enough to encrypt your data to store them safely. SugarDaddyForMe seems to be caring a lot about your safety online.

Quality of Profiles

The details you should provide to this site make your profile very detailed. At least, once it has been filled in properly.

Consider also that to display all the website’s features, you should pay for full membership. This will help you understand that the overall quality of users is very high.

Then, there is no email verification: namely, you can access the website without being a verified user. Still, you can speed the verification up by paying for a membership.

Also, once you have been verified, other users will see this on your profile picture. All these measures are supposed to give a better shape to the website and to make scammers run away.

Quality of Profiles

Website Design and Usability

A good design is usually the best way to make users stay longer. This is not the case of SugarDaddyForMe, a website with thousands of users worldwide. There’s no point for them to give up their traditional design.

What’s very good here is the usability, instead. Once you are on the main page, you can see all the icons plainly displayed in front of you. Basically, you can choose among them without needing to research every function.

How does SugarDaddyForMe Work?

Among these buttons on the main page, you can select what you would like to do. These are the best way to navigate at first, while secondly, you should use the sidebars.

You can browse users, initiate a chat, or send an email (only if you are a paying user), you can save your dates in the planner tool, which is very useful.

You can see your favorite users, your saved searches, edit and preview your profile and see photos. Last but not least, you can see who’s online now and maybe start chatting right away.

Everything works well; we have experienced no bugs on the website. About the sidebar: here, you can browse users using the quick search function. With the main red toolbar at the top of the page, you can do the same things.

The only difference from the main page’s icons is that you will see the top toolbar all the time, and you will be able to surf the website without going to the main page all over again.

How does SugarDaddyForMe Work?

SugarDaddyForMe App

There is no Android nor Apple app for SugarDaddyForMe. You can still use their mobile version, which is compatible with all mobile browsers. It’s light enough to be used on the go while you can’t access Wi-Fi.

Even though it’s light, it’s not that light, so be careful of not consuming too much energy of the Internet, while you have SugarDaddyForMe on. Also bear in mind that scammers prefer public Wi-Fi. Make sure you are using all the necessary precautions to take your identity secured, and your credit card details and your payments, as well.

Alternatives to SugarDaddyForMe

There are a lot of sugar daddy websites out there. Let’s name a few: Sugardaddie, AnastasiaDate, SeekingArrangement, Marry Me Sugar Daddy, and many others.

Alternatives to SugarDaddyForMe


Looking for a mutually beneficial relationship may be one of the most important goals of your life. Just imagine how hard it may be without all these sugar daddy’s dating websites.

You would be all alone in the real world, without a clue, and advice. Why not relying on a dating website, like a thousand users already do? Maybe you are not convinced in trying SugarDaddyForMe, for now. So, if the quality users and the high usability have not convinced you, we wish you good luck!

Contact Information

Company: SugarDaddyForMe.com

Address: Calabasas, California, Los Angeles Metropolitan Area

Phone: 8009755616

Email: [email protected]

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