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Chappy Review 2023

Chappy Review 2023
About Site
Active Audience 71%
Quality Matches 90%
Popular Age 20-25
Profiles 750 000
Reply Rate 85%
Ease of Use 8.2
Popularity 8.7
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The gay dating site has made for gay men, the best place for bisexuals.
  • Joining the site can be quickly done with the Facebook account.
  • Secure sending messaging and availability to all members freely.
  • It has a diverse community and has no discrimination language at all.
  • You can't take illegal activity at the dating app; otherwise, it will make you banned permanently.
  • You can risk placing your data, and it can be accessible to everyone.
  • Other than gay men, the app does not entertain any other preferences.
  • They operate only in a few countries; however, the dating site will be launching worldwide.
  • You can only send messages to your successful and perfect matches as per preference.
  • Without having Facebook Account, you cannot sign up.

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Chappy, a mobile application with accompanying by dating website, is a fast-growing dating site that aims to connect gay men looking for a fun, night out, or a long term relationship. Chappy, known as the Bumble app, partnering with Bumble, was founded in 2017. Since then, the dating site grown at the exponential pace in the circle of the gay community. People around us have always been judgmental about the preference of gay folks. Because of the difficulty faced by gay men due to sexual racism, the app presents a judgment-free environment where you find a perfect male match for yourself. The dating app is currently available to fewer countries, decision-makers at it are looking to set the motion to launch the dating site globally within a few years.

This mobile application, the UK based Company, is currently owned and operated by Bumble, shareholder based in Austin, Texas, US. Partners with another famous dating site Bumble. Between 2018, the site has gone for full redesigning and rebranding and even officially called Bumble as an official dating app for gays. The mobile app is the idea of reality star Ollie Locke, who wished to presents a safe and comfortable platform for dating gay men. Locke was fed up with a general gay dating site and looked for an opportunity to make a new form of dating app that would satisfy the need of a gay man. The users can filter their match preferences, and it monitors because they make sure there are no unsolicited and unrefined pictures.

Chappy Review

Can you count on Chappy? Should you join the dating site that is only for gay men? Is it safe to use? How to make a profile on it? Is there race, ethnicity, and religious orientation? And there are many more questions that we are going to answer for you, which takes you to the right decision for your love life. So keep reading the piece and get the answer in the below.

Chappy limited, a UK based company registered office in Primrose Street, London. The dating site offers gay men with a secure and welcoming stage for communicating, connecting, and online dating facilities. They provide gay men free of cost connectivity without any hustle and sexual discriminations with a safe and secure platform by linking Facebook Account.

When Was Chappy Founded?

The gay dating site was founded in 2017 by Chappy limited. In mid-2018, the dating site and app were released in a new redesign.

Who Owns Chappy?

Chappy Limited is a UK based company. The share of the exciting app holds by the Bumble, an Autin based company in the US.

Who Owns Chappy?

Registration & Profile

They are accessible only if you have an account on Facebook. The dating site and app syncs data, information, and pictures from the Facebook profile, and by default, it shows all of them on your profile. All of the data and information in your Facebook profile, including name, photo, and gender, will be automatically displayed on your profile. Of course, you can change or manage your profile photo by clicking, replacing, and deleting them. But you cannot make a profile photo blank.

The registration on the site is just a one-click process. You just have to sign up only through Facebook, and you can turn on mobile’s GPS to avail of location services. By default, syncs all Facebook information, including name, age, gender, and photos.


About the features of an account, the dating site works based on mutual connection and preferences. If you and the other member swipe to the matching function from the account, both the members get a notification that matches each other. You both are now in each other’s messaging inboxes, and you can start communicating with each other. There is the only way to connect with another member is the way to have the same matches.

How to Search for People on Chappy?

It is a gay dating site, and a hundred percent of all its members are gay men. Most of the members remain in the United Kingdom, and the United States. More than half of the gay men are within the range of age 18 to 32 years old.

Members have a right to change their matches preferences as wishes they want. Only that set of matching preferences enables members to search and communicate with each other. However, there is no casual style messaging mode. The dating site restricts members from having access to the only members that match their preferences. There is no such concept of long term or night out on the dating site. According to some recent reports, more than half of its members prefer to make a setting to Cute, which indicates that a member wants to have a fling.

How to Search for People on Chappy?

How to Delete the Chappy Account?

A member can delete his account at any time by going to account setting, Click remove account link. If any of a member deletes his account, the information may still be accessed and viewed on the internet by other members with whom you have shared the information. The site can’t control the data and nor it bears any liability for this.

Members Structure

As of today, members can avail of all features free of cost. Hundred percent of members are gay men, and most of its members are from the United States and the United Kingdom, and many of the members are among the age range within 18 to 32 years of old. The gay dating site is consistently looking for gay men as the dating app is only for gay men. If you have other than gay preferences, then the site might not be the best place for you. You may want to search for other platforms. The app offers a safe and welcoming environment to connect for gay only.

Sexual Preferences

The exciting dating site focuses on proving a safer and more inclusive space for bisexual and gay men to connect with other gay members. Due to the prevalence of judgmental and sexual races society, Ollie Locke availed the opportunity to create a platform for only gay men for their preferred matches. It operates based on mutual connections. If both members on the dating site fit the matching preference that right up on the profile, both members get a notification that you should start a conversation in message inboxes – the only way of connecting with another member once you have the same match preferences.

Chappy scale is its feature through which it provides facility to its members to tailor the match suggestions based on your preferences and wishes. The scale includes ”Cute,” ”Sexy,” and ”Who Knows” features to its members. Cute means that a member is looking for a serious relationship or dating, whereas the Sexy scale indicates that a member is looking for just casual, fun, and night outs. If a member is not sure which option should a member use, he can simply select Who Known. All those features help members to set expectations among them.

Race and Ethnicity

They have a zero-tolerance policy against any material directly or indirectly abusing people based on race, nationality, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation. Recently, the dating site came up with a policy that members must upload their profile photos to encourage transparency. This also encourages protecting the privacy of user’s conversations.

Religious Orientation

You must not make or create any material that attacks people based on religious beliefs. You may be removed immediately from the user’s access to the platform if you come up with such material while using the dating app.

Religious Orientation

Pricing Policies

Chappy is free to join, and all of its features are entirely free. Some other dating sites may have some restriction access to limited options like most essential features, such as messaging. However, you can send messages to another member if you both have the same matches.

Is Chappy Safe?

They offer a safe and secure platform for its members. The dating app provides the facilities to block any user that threats another member. If a member of the dating site extorting money from you, you can simply report him and make him banned permanently. The free dating site also has strict privacy policies, and terms, if violated, can end up with a permanent suspension.

May you be encountered by predatory on other sites? Well, it’s evident because nobody cares about it, but Chappy takes it very seriously. The gay dating site always encourages you to report that predatory who continuously targets you, and you don’t want him to play you around. Don’t worry. You can make him permanently banned.

Quality of Profiles

The dating profile is the same as your Facebook account. Photos, names, and ages receive from your Facebook account. To view, member photo or profile picture can be seen on the front page while about me paragraph contains detailed information of a member. You change, manage the photo, or delete your profile photo you don’t wish to display on your profile. It only allows the Facebook account to get confirmed and verified information to tackle false information on visibility.

Quality of Profiles

Website Design and Usability

The design of the gay dating site Chappy offers a convenient and exciting user experience. The design on the website reflects its brand colors of salmon pink and its black shades.

The usability element of the dating site is also convenient, as all the features on the website are accessible with just one tap to the dashboard. Through the panel, you can add or remove your preferential suggestion. There are three icons:

1.Profile Icon – leads you to your profile. 2.Icon – presents the dating site’s main features that display the profile that matches your preferences. 3.Message Icon – displays a mutual connection through which you can communicate with other members.

How does Chappy Works?

They are a single gay dating site that offers a roulette-type matching system. A member on the profile set preferences through which the dating site connects one member with another only based on matching choice. This ability stands out differently than most of its competitors. Matching preference automatically allows you to send messages to another same match member. You set the scale preference, which makes it easy for them to find you a perfect match.

Chappy App

The dating app is available for download only in the United Kingdom, and the United States. The dating app partners with another famous Bumble, which operates by Bumble’s shareholders. In mid-2018, the dating app was redesign to make it more comfortable and user friendly. You change or manage your profile photo through the app without any hustle. The mobile app is currently available to only some nations. However, they are looking to other avenues for formally launching it within a few years.

The dating site app is widely available for the iPhone and Android users in both countries. The app’s usability is friendly as a member of the dating site feels more comfortable staying tuned while using the app. Some members might not feel well to download the app because of a bad experience with other apps. Chappy app is different from a separate conventional apps, as it gives you the same graphics features that you see on the actual website. The chief reason for having this app is giving fantastic experience to the end-user through the app.

Chappy App

Alternatives Of Chappy

Its top competitors include Grindr, Hornet, OkCupid, Scruff, and Partner app. But what makes Chappy apart from its other competitors is the judgment-free space. It takes the privacy and security of its users very seriously and implements zero liberal policy for those who violate the business rules. The dating site has a competitive edge over its competitors by offering fantastic features for free of cost. In other words, you can send messages to other members with similar matches. Most of the competitors do not offer such smart features free of cost.


Are you looking for a website that is safe, secure, and respects your privacy? Or you want to join a dating site that is only for gay men? Then Chappy can be best for you. It gives you many features for free without any additional ads and hustles. You can make good use of it to find yourself a perfect gay match by edit your preferential setting.

Chappy presents a popular online dating app which a gay man wants to use comfortably. The unique feature of the scale allows you to set the preference to meet your desired man. Chappy will automatically set with a man that has a similar choice as you have. No one is allowed you to send vulgar and unsolicited photos from a member you are not interested in. The gay dating site has given you the full experience with extra clean, safe, and convenient for gay men, making them find what they are looking for further. The use of the website and app is free of cost. So, if you are looking for long term relations or just a night out and you are a bisexual, then Chappy can be the best place for you. No registration process is required; it takes less than a minute to connect you from your Facebook account to the profile. Why not try it now?


Contact Information

Company: Chappy Limited

Address: Registered office, The Broadgate Tower, Third Floor, 20 Primrose Street, London

Email: [email protected]

Facebook: @chappyapp

Twitter: @chappyapp

Instagram: @Chappyapp

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