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Single Muslim Review

Single Muslim Review
About Site
Active Audience 69%
Quality Matches 90%
Popular Age 25-40
Profiles 980 780
Reply Rate 70%
Ease of Use 7.2
Popularity 4.4
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • It is a matrimonial site for the Muslim community.
  • It has a user-friendly and attractive web design and mobile app.
  • The site has an enormous Muslim following base.
  • Religious base sites, not everyone can register.
  • It has a rigid and strict Islamic code of conduct.
  • The site has limited features for free members.

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A real man will propose you marriage, a loser will ask you for Zina. Single Muslim site will give an ultimate package to find yourself a single Mulism mate. They serve as the Muslim leading matrimonial site that focuses on thousands of Muslim singles from across the world. They design their service to introduce single Muslims to a happy and secure Islamic marriage. The Muslim based website is completely free for women.

The website applies modern technology with Islamic principles and codes to help singles to find them an ideal Muslim marriage partner. Some of the significant website’s qualities are the following:

  1. The site is for a single Muslim with a safe, discreet, and secure platform.
  2. There is a massive search engine through which you can find a Muslim marriage partner online.
  3. Single Muslim has over two million active members.
  4. You can send messages to other users you feel compatible with.
  5. You can know who views your profile.

The website has vast Muslim followers in the United Kingdom, Single Muslim has Pakistani, Canadian, American, and Australian-centered websites. The matrimonial site is committed to providing high quality and reliable service to its users and wants every later to get a fantastic experience. The website strives to maintain the etiquette of Mulsim users. They believe in meeting the Islamic code of conduct that they have written on their webpage. The matter of etiquette will make sure the entire experience halal for themselves and others.

When Was Single muslim Founded?

Single Muslim was launched on 1st August 2000. The matrimonial website is designed for Muslims, and its headquarter is based in West Yorkshire, England.

Who Owns Single Muslim?

Single Muslim is founded and operated by the managing director Adeem Younis. He perceived the idea for the Muslim singles when he was an undergraduate student at Leeds University. The website also joins in a partnership with Muslim Marriage Events.

Registration & Profile

Registration & Profile

The registration process on the SingleMuslim is easy, free, and quick. You can click on the register, fill up your basic information, and upload a profile photo; uploading a profile photo is optional. The registration on the website is completely free, and you can start your search for your perfect marriage soulmate on the site.

Your profile will go into the approval process once a member approves your profile of the SingleMuslim team. You will then become visible in the member’s database. Other users on the bridal-based site will be able to view your profile and send you messages.



The site is made for single Muslims to serve Muslims and offer a unique experience to singles Muslims. The website operators are Muslims, and they know the Islamic principles and code of conduct of a Muslim family and society.

Profile posting is completely free. However, you must subscribe to allow yourself to contact and receive messages from other members that match profiles. They have a vast database full of other users, which means you can find the right marriage soulmate.

When prospect users visit My message page, they can see the bunch of conversations that you were having with the members, including hidden messages. You can navigate the website, and you will be informed of any new unseen message with the site menu.

Conversation with other members automatically places messages accessing you to keep the record of the message sent and received from your partner.

You can further delete the whole conversation you were having with the members. You can mark a conversation as spam or block the other members from messaging you. If you access the website through your mobile phone, they will optimize the site, and you can fit web design on your mobile phone.

How To Search For People On Single Muslim?

How To Search For People On SingleMuslim?

SingleMuslim offers the latest technology to give reach over 2 million members’ databases with a safe and interactive environment. The users of the site can take advantage of the extensive online database service with complete privacy.

You can use a quick search option through which you can find other online singles in your locality. You have inserted some keywords based on the user’s preference and likes.

You can also make a search based on religion, education, personal and professional preferences. The site has uniquely optimized the functions of the website, even a user with little knowledge of computers and the internet can search for people.

When you finalize your search based on your preferences, you can save the search and load specific profiles for future use. The save search gives you the option to track back the match profile whenever you wish to visit. When you keep your prospect partner profile, you will then be given an alert message through your email.

How To Delete A Single Muslim Account?

You can delete your single Muslim account anytime you wish. Login to your profile and click on the Account section. You will see the delete profile in the menu, click on delete profile. The site may further ask you the reason for leaving the matrimonial site.

However, you will not be able to delete your single Muslim account if you are paying for Gold Membership. You can cancel your Gold membership account once your membership expires.

Members Structure

Members Structure

Single Muslim members’ status has changed over time. In 2010, the site crossed the milestone of 130k memberships. The marriage achieved four average marriage events in a day. Then, the number passed and reached a staggering 10000 numbers.

More than half of the site’s members are British Muslims. Around 10 percent out of 2.4 million Muslims in the UK are registered with the website. The site welcomes about 40000 new visitors every day.

Sexual Preferences

SingleMuslim is based on Islamic ritual and traditions. There is no room designed for the LBGT community on the site. As a male, your sexual preference should be a female, and as a female, your sexual preference should be male. The religious-based site prefers singles to have a genuine and halal sexual preference.

Race and Ethnicity

Prospect members of the single Muslim should be Muslim, whereas no race and ethnicity are encouraged on the dating site.

Religious Orientation

Single Muslim the world’s largest Muslim matrimonial site. The site encourages only Muslims and finds a life partner based on the Islamic code of life. Furthermore, the site supports arranged marriage between the match members, not for time passing.

The site allows members to make a profile with faith-based information. Other members also use the same religious-based data to track other members of the website. Single Muslim tends to be more religious-based than most of its competitors in the market.

Pricing Policies

Pricing Policies

SingleMuslim has different types of membership packages. To get a higher rate of £10 per month, you must avail for an annual membership. After an initial payment of £120, the membership will be marked at a great price for just £10. You can cancel your monthly payment at any time. However, you will be required to cancel your auto-renewal payment before the 28-days cancellation notification.

To pay for the premium, single Muslim gives you multiple options to pay them by the following methods:

  • You can pay through credit card by using phone call at 0844 800 9255
  • You can pay through your Bank Credit Card.
  • Single Muslim gives the option to pay through PayPal.
  • You can send a cheque or postal order to the site.
  • Cash at any Royal Bank of Scotland Bank.

For further information, you may contact the support team about upgrading to a premium account.

Free Membership

The matrimonial site is free to join. There are no charges at all for entering the site. A free member can use the dating features; however, the full site access will be opened when you for the paid membership. Muslim women can join and avail of the gold membership free of charge, and Muslim men have to pay for a gold membership package to avail of all the features offered by the website.

A Paid membership gives you greater access to the site’s features and unlimited usage. The paid account gives you the ability to know who views your account and greater access to other similar match profiles. You can receive unlimited messages and receive countless texting coming from your prospective life partner.

How To Cancel SingleMuslim Paid Subscription?

You can discontinue your subscription anytime you want. However, you can’t suspend the current period subscription. You have to notify the support team for stopping your account subscription before the expiry of the current period.

Is Single Muslim Safe?

Is Single Muslim Safe?

The matrimonial site is incorporated under the Data protection law. All the details and database are encrypted, and they are inaccessible to unauthorized personnel. Your registration will be kept secret with the site because they know it’s always uneasy for singles to come confidently over the dating site.

You rest assured that the Single Muslim service is discreet to use. The security and data protection apparatus has made it unique that no one can access your data and information. Therefore, you can have complete peace of mind while using the matrimonial site.

They claim to guarantee their members’ complete privacy. They tend to provide protected and secured services for their users to find a safe and economical choice of an ideal partner with its success stories. The site has proved that it provides reliable comfort for its users to get their life partner.

While using the site, you must know the security protocols in the followings:

  • The site is not responsible for the misplacement of your username and passwords used in different IP addresses. You must take all precautionary steps to prevent the misusing of your information above.
  • The responsibility lies on the user if they have some understanding that another unauthorized user has used their username and password.
  • If you forget your username and password, you must immediately contact the support team to check it.
  • The site reserves the right to cancel the username and password if they think you have breached the security protocol.
  • The site has the right to change any or all the passwords you use on the website.
  • You must contact the team. You observe some suspicious activities on the site.
  • The website can suspend your username and password if you have breached the code of conduct.
  • The website can review all the communication on the website for security reasons.

Quality of Profiles

The site gives 0 and 5-stars profile ratings based on the level of completion. You must maintain the quality of the profile by inserting just 75 words in the About Me section for one star. More than 75 words in the About me article gives two stars rating. Adding less than 75 words in What I am looking for forgives one start, and more than 75 words in the same section give two stars. And a primary profile photo gives you one star.

With the impressive profile rating, you can tell your profile is worth viewing, and you will get an increased interest from the other users.

All the photos uploaded on Single Muslim go by their standard process, to make sure that there is nothing containing offensive, vulgar, fake contact detail or prohibited content. You can’t upload the images or photos of your family, the pictures of individuals below the age of 16. Further, you can put pictures or photos that breach the copyright of others. The site has disallowed the images that contain email, advertisement, and other weblinks.

The site strictly prohibits users from uploading, such as on profiles that target any race, ethnicity, gender, disability, or religion of any individual. Images containing inappropriate content such as sexy, adult, semi-nude, or un-Islamic are prohibited on the Single Muslim. Users can breach the terms and conditions; otherwise, the website reserves the right to strike down any profile if they feel inappropriate or beach the company’s policy.

Website Design and Usability

Website Design and Usability

The website has some catch and unique graphics. The attractive website interface has made the work smooth for users. The usability of the site has witnessed a more easy experience among the users. Even a user with mere knowhow of the internet users can navigate throughout the website.

How Does Single Muslim Work?

The website provides an effective way of finding other users an ideal single Muslim match. Single Muslim has a unique search engine through which you can access different membership profiles based on likes and matches. The site aims to find a match with complete faith within a successful and prosperous Islamic marriage. Be part of the world’s leading Muslim marriage platform and find your ideal life partner.

SingleMuslim App

SingleMuslim App

Singlmuslim has a highly-rated mobile app through which a user can easily access the site database. Whether you are at work, restaurant, or home, you can still have greater access to the site features.

The world’s largest Muslim introduction agency has a compatible mobile app; both iOS and Android users can freely download the dating app. The site app still gives you greater access to more than two million site’s databases, and you can search like-minded and match life partners in the most effective and most comfortable way.

Single Muslim uses the latest technology in the site app to provide its user with a safe, interactive Single Muslim app environment. Users can take more significant advantage of its extensive online database, and we are confident that you will get your soulmate out of those million users.

Alternatives of Single Muslim

Single Muslim outclassed other Muslim based dating sites in the dating arena. Single Muslim has a following huge base in different countries. The main site focus is to join the single Muslim with other Muslim matches around the world. The site has different webpages in different countries, and they are popular among the Muslim community.

SingleMulism has made the room difficult for its competitor to take the market share. Single Muslim revenue has crossed 100,000 GBP, making it more difficult for other dating sites to come and take the market share from SingleMuslim.com.


Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions that will help you to get a notion about the Single Muslim dating platform.

Is Single Muslim Site Safe?

The site is safe and reliable. First of all, you can’t view the profiles of the site’s members if you are not registered on the platform. Secondly, the site’s moderators verify all the profiles and photos before they appear on the site. Thirdly, you can always inform the site’s administrators if a particular user seems to be suspicious to you. They react quickly, and such users are being banned.

It’s also recommended to follow some simple safety rules and not provide personal information to other users of the platform. This will help to avoid scammers on the site.

Can Single Muslim Be Considered as a Real Dating Site?

Single Muslim is the biggest dating platform for Muslims. Muslims created it, and Muslims are managing it. Traditional and religious aspects are very important for users of the platform. So, the site owners try their best to follow all the religious and cultural rules of the Muslims.

How to Use Single Muslim Platform?

First of all, you need to register and create a profile on the platform. Then you must decide whether to buy a premium subscription or not. Pay attention that the set of options within a free subscription is extremely limited. You won’t have any possibilities to start communicating with other members of the platform. So, it’s better to acquire a paid subscription. Being a paid subscriber, you can start sending messages to other participants of the platform, apply search filters, and so on.

It must be mentioned that it’s also possible to download and install the Single Muslim app. The app is a convenient way to be in contact with the platform’s users without being dependent on the location.

Is Single Muslim Site Free?

The site offers its members free and paid options, though you can’t get many dating possibilities being a free subscriber. A free subscriber can only view the public photo galleries, and like the members’ profiles. No ways to contact the users of the site are provided for free subscribers. To start using this dating platform’s possibilities in full, you must be a paid subscription owner.

Is the Single Muslim really works?

The site works. The proof of this is 10.000 marriages. The site has a section where you can read about successful love stories. It is worth concluding that the platform is focused on marriages and family creation.



Marriage is not a fairytale, it’s the name of trust, tolerance, and enduring a hard time together. Marriage is an essential part of the Islamic virtual, and finding a great life mate is the duty of every Muslim. But finding a real love life seems to be hard work in this world. However, Single Muslims has made it easy and accessible to many Muslims worldwide to find their matches. The site has more than 2 million active users, which means it has a large number of databases through which you find yourself a perfect match or life partner.

Single Muslim is now the world’s largest Muslim matrimonial site that connects single Muslims with their similar match based on preference. You can have a more significant life partner on the site. You don’t have to wait further. Register and fill up information on your profile and start looking for a perfect partner. The world’s largest site is just in your hands, go and get the app from your play store and start looking for matches that will eventually become your marriage partner. Do you want to be the next success story of the site? I am sure you do.

Contact Information

Company: Single Muslim, PO BOX 386, WF2 9WA, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 (0)844 800 9255

e-mail: [email protected].

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