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Chatango Review

Chatango Review
About Site
Active Audience 58%
Quality Matches 87%
Popular Age 29-39
Profiles 609 700
Reply Rate 87%
Ease of Use 7.3
Popularity 9.1
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • It is free;
  • Users can customize it themselves;
  • Operates on many platforms;
  • Easy to use for social network users;
  • A mobile app is quite convenient.
  • No options except chatting;
  • Clumsy design;
  • This app doesn't suggest a possible friends' list;
  • Some users complain about its moderators;
  • Poor users support.

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Chatango is a live chat app that bears many similarities to popular social networks, which makes it quite different from other ones of that type. We live in an age where social networks become a dominant means of communication. There is no surprise that other dating resources tend to borrow their features to expand their audience. Another great feature of this app is that it can integrate into your website, which helps the operating process for its users.

Chatango aims to chat with people from all over the world that are picked at random. In many ways, it resembles social networks in means of operation and navigation. In other words, users who spend much time using Facebook, for instance, will appreciate this app. One may call it an “old school” chatting site as it doesn’t require a long and challenging process of registration and verification. Despite all its apparent advantages, it sometimes gets complaints about its usability and design. Today we are going to find out if Chatango deserves its popularity.

Chatango Review

When Was Chatango Founded?

This site was founded in 2010 by Alec Matusis, who is also famous for creating Chatango Message Catcher.

Who Owns Chatango?

At the moment of writing this review, this app is owned by Chatango, LLC.

Registration & Profile

Chatango registration process is straightforward and is similar to old-fashioned chatting sites that appeared at the beginning of the 2000s. This fact is one of the reasons why many users who are familiar with modern social networks use it. Signing up won’t take longer than a couple of minutes, and no verification via email or Facebook is required. The only necessary information that users need to provide this site with are username, email, and password. After you do this, just click the “sign up” button and start using Chatango.

Registration & Profile


Communication on Chatango happens mainly by chatting. There is no list of suggested friends like on other similar sites. The only thing you have to do to start chatting is to pick a person that interests you and write the first message. Using a mobile app for searching members is more convenient than doing it with desktop or web versions.

How to Search for People on Chatango?

If you use a desktop or web version on this site, enter a particular URL of a user you want to find. While using a mobile app, the search is performed simply by browsing through your directory.

How to Delete Chatango Account?

Deleting an account is an impossible option on this site. Even if you quit using Chatango, your profile will remain there. To exit this site, you will only have to log-out using the corresponding button in your profile menu.

How to Delete Chatango Account?

Members Structure

The number of users who are registered on Chatango is about eight million people in total. There is no direct information about the gender proportion of its users, though. As for geographical structure, it seems that people from all over the world tend to use it at least as a third party. Taking into account that this site is operated via Google Apps, it is quite popular in all countries that have free access to the Internet.

Sexual Preferences

There are no particular restrictions concerning the sexual orientation of users when it comes to Chatango. At least its “Terms of Use” section doesn’t contain anything on this matter. Nevertheless, no direct offense of users is acceptable here. In this matter, this site is similar to others of the same type.

Race and Ethnicity

As was mentioned before, people from different countries all over the world use this site. Most of these countries have a varied population, coming from different ethnic and racial backgrounds. We suppose that users can find whoever they want on Chatango.

Race and Ethnicity

Religious Orientation

No religious restrictions are found on this site. It is supposed that if the country of origin allows its residents to use Chatango, they are welcome there. Given the total number of users, we assume you can find a whole set of beliefs and denominations. However, this is not a religion-focused app, so do not expect to have any faith-based discussions here.

Pricing Policies

Chatango is free, and no special paid features are offered to its users at all. All downloadable stuff is free of charge. This is a very nice relief given how many services today run on paid subscriptions.

Pricing Policies

Free Membership

Free members can use all special features that are available on Chatango. They are quite appreciated by the site’s users and ease the process of chatting.

First of them is a “message catcher,” which is available solely for Windows. This feature sends you a notification of any message you get on this site. It helps to avoid missing messages from users you chat with. Even if you are logged out of Chatango, it will save all information. So, you can respond to all messages later.

Another feature is known as “Mini Chatango Boxes.” It makes this site different from those who offer only a limited space for their users. It allows users to create special chat rooms which they can customize according to their preferences. Users can also block other members from being rude or using dirty language if they want to.

All in all, Chatango users highly appreciate such features as they give a higher level of freedom in using this resource. Not all similar sites have such advanced technologies while being equally popular as this one.

How to Cancel Chatango Paid Subscription?

There is no possibility of ending your subscription on this site. Your profile won’t disappear even if you decide to leave Chatango. If you wish to stop using it, you may clear your profile of all information and click the “log-out” button on your account page.

How to Cancel Chatango Paid Subscription?

Is Chatango Safe?

Some users often complain about this site’s moderation calling it “poor” and “weak.” Some dislike the abundance of offensive language within some members’ messages. Despite this, terms of service assure its users that the administration keeps their eye open on all illegal stuff and prohibited activities. However, they warn Chatango users that they may come across some explicit content and claim that the administration bears no responsibility for what their customers post. Of course, there is a security system aimed at eliminating such profiles. But remember that machines can’t control everything, especially on a site with over 8 million user base.

As in any other similar platform, users have to be aware of all risks that free websites may contain. Don’t give away your private or financial information to anyone, and try to find out more about people you chat with. In any case, you can always block members who threaten you or just annoy you with indecent behavior.

Quality of Profiles

As for the quality of profiles on Chatango, users can modify their accounts according to their wishes. To make a search for suitable partners more effective, add some specific information about yourself. The more authentic your profile is, the more chances you have for a successful interaction.

First of all, remember that keywords are an effective tool for a quality search. They help to sort out all inappropriate users and find the most suitable ones. There is no specific search engine. So if you don’t know anyone registered on this site, you may face some struggles in finding someone to chat with. Keywords are beneficial in such situations. They help to navigate your search and show people who share your interests. Those users who are fond of popular and mainstream things are in a much better position on this site as they may find plenty of people to chat with.

If you want to get in touch with someone from your area, it is better to use your ZIP code as a keyword, which is a regular thing here. Another great feature is that you can add music files, videos, and images that can attract people interested in the same things as you. Decorate your profile with special colors and fonts to make it recognizable and prominent. In this matter, Chatango reminds of a typical social network. This peculiarity attracts more users of young age who spend much time browsing similar resources such as Facebook or Instagram.

Quality of Profiles

Website Design and Usability

As for its design and usability, Chatango reminds of any other social network. It is available on iOS and Android, and anyone can download it on AppStore or Google Play Store. Another thing that makes it quite convenient is that this app is very light, saving your device’s memory resources. It takes very little space and doesn’t affect the productivity of your smartphone or tablet. This app is designed for those who use such apps on-the-go, like in public places or transport. Chatango also has a desktop version, and they bear no apparent differences. Chatango was designed primarily as a mobile app, and most people use it precisely this way. The mobile version is much easier to operate and use via smartphone, while a desktop version looks too poor in comparison.

How Does Chatango Work?

This site helps find people to chat with. Most discussions revolve around common interests and personal preferences. If you are new to this resource, just look through the list of profiles, click the button labeled “Chat,” and start messaging with the person you’ve chosen. If this person is interested in chatting with you, their response may come immediately or later. Of course, it is much easier to use this app if you know someone already registered there. But if you are active in some subculture or popular media, it won’t be difficult for you to find and make new friends.

How Does Chatango Work?

Chatango App

Chatango is available both on iOS and Android. It is straightforward to use on both systems, and it has little difference from other social networks on mobile devices. Anyone can download it for free on Google Play Store or App Store. As already mentioned, the app version is way more usable and pleasant on the eye than a desktop site.

Alternatives of Chatango

This product is definitely not unique. Neither can it offer any truly special features. If you are interested in Chatango alternatives, check out eChat, Friendly, Chatrandom, or pretty much anything else that has ‘chat’ in the name.

If, however, you are looking for some real action and are not into innocent chatting, consider some of these:

  • Ashley Madison – is a site designed for married people searching for some extramarital relationships or communication. It is not about cheating but rather about information and online flirting. This site has a specific audience but uses a similar structure as Chatango. Also, its privacy and security system is much better.
  • AdultFriendFinder – is a resource that is very convenient for swingers and people searching for some extravagant sexual entertainment. One may call it a “swinger’s social network.” It is closer to a typical dating site in its essence.
  • Flingster – is a chat platform featuring sex shows and videos. It offers anonymous sex chatting and communication but is also suitable for organizing real-life dates and hookups.

Alternatives of Chatango


Is Chatango safe?

Yes, Chatango is a safe and secure site, ideal for those who enjoy text-based chatting.

Is Chatango a real dating site?

Yes, Chatango is a dating site but for a long term serious relationships and not casual hookups.

How to use Chatango?

Chatango is portable and compatible and can be used in its mobile, web, or desktop version.

Is Chatango free?

Chatango offers all its services free of cost to the users.

Is Chatango really works?

Indeed, Chatango has a whopping figure of 8 billion registered users worldwide.


Bottom line, we can state that Chatango is a kind of a social network with chatting as the main means of communication. It is suitable for social network-oriented users who search for some new experience and finding friends online. It’s popular with people who appreciate a quick and straightforward approach to chatting. It requires a certain level of creativity from its users as you have to make your profile bright and recognizable there. This site is free, and you can download it from favorite online stores in a couple of clicks. If you spend much time on the go and feel lonely, Chatango can become a helping hand, drawing you out of your loneliness. Aside from chatting online, you can also find real-life relationships with other people. A convenient keyword system can be rather helpful for that matter. We can recommend Chatango to anyone who loves a casual chat.

Contact Information

  • Company: Chatango, LLC
  • e-mail: via www.Chatango.com contact

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