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PositiveSingles Review 2023

PositiveSingles Review 2023
About Site
Active Audience 84%
Quality Matches 94%
Popular Age 25-30
Profiles 1 900 000
Reply Rate 85%
Ease of Use 7.9
Popularity 9.1
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Possibility to see connections recommended to you and potential matches;
  • Members can search for members with the same disease;
  • Users have access to a one-on-one dating consultancy;
  • There are many privacy settings;
  • When it comes to whether profiles belong to a real person, the verification process is done by an admin and not through an automation.
  • Video messaging or group chatting are not available;
  • The homepage does not include a photo gallery of matches;
  • The best features aren't available with a free membership;
  • Uploading videos is not possible;
  • The app does not have all the features that are available on the website.

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PositiveSingles is quite a unique place. All in all, it’s a platform for people with sexually transmitted diseases. This site allows them to address their struggle while making new connections. PositiveSingles is very concerned with privacy and security, so all accounts will go through a thorough verification process before being approved. People come here for support, sharing their experiences, making new connections, and maybe even building relationships. PositiveSingles succeeded in creating a safe and supportive community for those battling with STDs and looking for fulfillment in life by forging connections.

When was PositiveSingles Founded?

PositiveSingles has been changing the game of those with STDs dating ever since 2001. Its headquarters is located in Vaughan, Ontario.

Who Owns PositiveSingles?

PositiveSingles’s CEO is Sunny Zhang, and given the niche aspect of this platform, it seems that he has been doing a brilliant job ever since he launched this platform.

Who Owns PositiveSingles?

Registration & Profile

As soon as someone decides to create a profile on PositiveSingles, they get to find suitable matches almost. It’s necessary to fill out a form that will require users to specify their sexual orientation, the sexual orientation of their ideal partner, their age, the country & state of residence, and, most importantly, their condition. The array of conditions users can choose from includes HSV-1, HSV-2, Herpes, HPV, HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Chlamydia, Thrush, Syphilis, Gonorrhea, and others that are not on the list.

Then, newcomers will provide their name, email address, and create their username together with a password. You can also share your ethnicity, height, profile photo, and relationship status. After confirming your location, you will have to answer three open-ended questions that refer to your profile headline, the information about you, and the matches you are looking for. Once a user goes through all these steps, they will immediately have access to their own homepage.

If there are sections that you skipped, you will always have the chance to edit them and add more information later. The only thing users should click on is their profile tab, select the ‘View’ and ‘Edit’ option, and go on from there. Some of the ways that can improve your profile quality are answering 15 profile questions, giving answers you think your ideal match would give. You can even come up with your own set of questions that you would like your potential dates to answer. All users are free to specify the type of relationship they are interested in and the distance they are willing to travel to meet someone. It is also possible to mention lots of other personal details, such as the type of music you are into and even your favorite jokes.

You can also get your profile verified by providing a photo of yourself, which will greatly increase your chances of attracting other members by letting them know that you are indeed a real person with whom they can connect. This will increase the number of times your profile will be viewed by 20 times or even more.

To login PositiveSingles, go to the homepage or open your app, click on login, and enter your username and password. You should also agree on a Service Agreement and a Privacy Policy, which will be emailed to you, and once you do so, you are ready to mingle. You will be relieved once you see for yourself how quick and easy this process is. However, if you have any issues with the process, or with other members, you are encouraged to report such situations.

Registration & Profile


Unfortunately, only premium members can exchange messages, and even if you receive messages straight to your email address, they will also show up on your messages tab. However, there are more options available for communication, such as chatrooms. If you have a free membership, you will only be able to reply to messages, and not to initiate a dialogue. But you can leave a public comment on someone’s profile and try to spark their interest your way. There is also the option of exchanging emails, which is free of charge and pretty practical.

How to Search for People on PositiveSingles?

Searching for other members on PositiveSingles is not that difficult. You can either search for a particular user or browse through groups from specific categories. Once someone has caught your eye, you can start exchanging emails, messages, winks, or communicate through live chats. You will keep track of your activity on your homepage, which is something like the Facebook news feed. It will showcase all your activities, such as comments, uploaded photos, and more. You can search for other members with the quick search, which comes with a paid membership and allows using advanced filters to narrow down your searches, such as body type and keywords. Once you get your search results, you see which member is online and can interact by sending winks and adding them to your favorite list. If you find that something is not quite right with a user, you can both hide them or report them to the admin. You should also keep in mind that you can comment on another member’s profile at any time. If you feel like available free features are not enough, consider a paid membership. It can significantly improve your searches because it will include searches by location, STD, join date, personal info, background data, and more.

How to Delete PositiveSingles Account?

You can always delete your account by going to your Settings and Memberships Settings section. Then click on your ‘Delete Account’ option, and just like that, the fun is over! However, your information will still be kept in the database for two years.

Members Structure

Members Structure

Most members are from the USA, making for about 1,500,00 of the total number of members. Over 70% are men, and only a third of total users are active weekly. You will be able to enjoy over 2.550.000 conversations and 20.000 blogs every month. Members are active not just in forums, but also on their own profiles. While STDs are the main topic on the platform, conversations are not limited to this.

Sexual Preferences

PositiveSingles embraces all sexual orientations and preferences, though most members are straight and gay men. However, whether you are gay, bi, or lesbian, or somewhere in between those lines, there is room for everybody here, especially since this particular platform addresses such a sensitive and particular subject.

Race and Ethnicity

PositiveSingles is one of the best and largest platforms that gathers people with STDs and encourages them to express themselves or address their issues. It does this without discrimination regarding race and ethnicity. People from all over the world come here to find comfort and exchange ideas based on their own unique experiences.

Religious Orientation

PositiveSingles does not put an accent on religious orientation, so it does not require its users to provide this kind of very personal information. However, since there are members from all over the world enjoying this site, you can only expect that there will be people with different beliefs. And if you want to know this kind of information about another member, maybe you can find a more private environment in which you could talk about this, such as in private messaging or through emails.

Pricing Policies

Pricing Policies

Compared to other similar sites, the paid membership is somewhere in the midfield. There are three different packs available for 1, 3, and 6 months, which you can pay for using your credit card, your Paypal account, or by cheque.

Free Membership

Signing up on PositiveSingles is free of charge and includes quite a few incredible features such as the chance to reply to messages, send winks, asking to view private albums, and uploading up to 26 pics. All in all, this type of membership is not at all a bad deal, considering it’s all free.

However, there are a few added benefits to having a PositiveSingles paid membership. They include appearing on top of search results, initiating conversations, using advanced search filters, and the quick exit button. Also, you will have the opportunity to contact an STD counselor by mail or through live chat. If you find that this is the best option for you, then you will also want to know that one month will cost you 39.95USD; three months will be charged 19.95USD each month, while for the 6-month package, you will pay 15.95 USD per month.

How to Cancel PositiveSingles Paid Subscription?

You can always cancel your paid subscription by going to the My Account section and clicking on the cancellation link. All that is left to do is select the reason for your cancellation and then click Continue.

Is PositiveSingles Safe?

It seems that PositiveSingles has gone to great lengths to provide a safe and secure environment for its users. The platform encrypts all personal information, including financial info. The app also allows you to create your own passcode for even more privacy. Also, PositiveSingles complies with the DMCA, which is always great news. The admin team works relentlessly to improve privacy, because as everyone knows, people with HIV and other STDs are still frowned upon, unfortunately. The only way you can become a member of this platform is if you are someone who battles with an STD, as this website encourages users like you to share their experiences. Any suspicious profiles will be immediately suspended, as the main purpose of this platform is to create a safe environment.

Members can also hide their profiles and stay anonymous for extra protection. You can also cover your tracks by using the Quick exit button, which will automatically redirect you to a different site, but keep in mind that this feature is only available for paying users. Also, those with paid memberships can stay chill because their statement will only read “SUCCESSFULMATCH.” Last but not least, on both the iPhone and Android app, you can use a password lock to make sure that nobody has their nose up in your business.

Quality of Profiles

On PositiveSingles, no nude or racist photos are allowed. You can comment on photos, make your own private or public profile, and view other public profiles for free. Also, you are encouraged to make your profile as detailed as you can. You can add up to 26 pictures in your profile, which you can divide into private and public albums. On member’s profiles, you will find information about lifestyle, background, sexual preferences, astrological sign, and more. You can also upload a video to showcase your personality. Premium users have access to exclusive information, such as when a user was last online. The PositiveSingles profiles are usually rather detailed and complete, as many of this site’s members are serious about presenting themselves as accurately as possible.

Website Design and Usability

Website Design and Usability

PositiveSingles is easy to use and very nicely organized. Functions aren’t difficult to spot and ready to be used right from the homepage. While forums can be a little bit overwhelming to some, you will wrap your head around them quickly. Everything looks pretty good on the phone app, but on a desktop computer, some features might appear a little bit too small. All in all, PositiveSingles is a good and fun way to meet fellow users who appreciate you for who you are and are more than ready to talk and meet you in the simplest manner possible.

How does PositiveSingles Work?

PositiveSingles is one of the few sites that cater to people fighting STDs. This platform allows them to speak openly about some of the issues that come with these illnesses. More importantly, it offers people a chance to find matches with the same conditions, which is a truly priceless opportunity. You will be able to run quick or more advanced searches using advanced filters, which will even include specific keywords. There are many ways in which members can interact with each other, including matching, messaging, exchanging emails, sending winks, and asking people out. There is also a more conventional way to find matches. This is the old swiping method called ‘Let’s Meet’, available both on desktop and mobile versions.

PositiveSingles App

The PositiveSingles app seems to be doing a little worse than the website, but the users who do enjoy it seem to be absolutely hooked on it. Based on the design, it is safe to say that this app has stayed loyal to the site. Many features are customized to provide the best mobile experience, yet the counseling feature is still available only on the website. You can use a password for added privacy and enjoy all the key desktop services right from your mobile phone. The best part is that this app works both on iPhone and Android and does not downsize on any of the desktop features, which is not something you see every day.

Alternatives of PositiveSingles

If you haven’t found quite what you were looking for on PositiveSingles, there are quite a few good alternatives to it, such as HIVDating4u, HIV Mingle, HIVDatingOnline, Hzone App, HIVPeopleMeet, HIV Passions and MeetPositives. While most of these sites are made with HIV patients in mind, MeetPositives, quite as PositiveSingles, caters to a larger pool of users suffering from other kinds of STDs, not just HIV.


There are many things to be said about PositiveSingles. Yes, it is a dating site, but not only. It caters to a niche of people who suffer from STDs, and it does it with class, in a way that not many platforms do. You can use this site to find friends, chat, and also come across matches among like-minded individuals you can share your struggle with.

PositiveSingles creates a comfortable environment in which people with similar issues can share their thoughts in a safe medium. This platform has a strong message, which is that STDs are not a tragedy or a handicap. So, people suffering from them are still entitled to having friends and fun dates with those who appreciate, respect, and understand them. This is one of the main reasons why one of the filters is called ‘Living With’ as opposed to ‘Suffering From’. Best of all, it gives responsible people a chance to find matches with the same STDs so that they would go on with their love lives without putting any more people at risk.


Contact Information

Company: Positive Singles

Address: 10 – 8707 Dufferin St, Suite 160, Vaughan, Ontario L4J 0A6, Canada

Phone: 1-416-628-1072

Email: via ‘Contact Us’ section

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