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Mixxxer Review

Mixxxer Review
About Site
Active Audience 56%
Quality Matches 90%
Popular Age 25-35
Profiles 1 230 000
Reply Rate 91%
Ease of Use 6.5
Popularity 9.3
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Nudity is permitted
  • Interface easy to understand
  • Easy signup
  • A mobile app is available
  • There is a large number of fake profiles, the ‘entertainers’
  • The app is not available in your app store; it’s a web app. You will need to download it from the website directly
  • The app is quite slow

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Switcher, cheater, or just looking for a one-night stand – if you identify yourself as one of those three, there’s enough room for you in Mixxxer. An honest hookup website, where biological needs – so to say – are expressed freely, without violence and unnecessary harm to public decency.

A clue is in the name, full of ominous exciting content: within this platform, you will be able to search for people’s profile, share content with them, boost that arousing feeling you had at the beginning, and then hook up.

That’s the purpose, at least. In this review, let’s find out if the goal is achieved: what are the main features here in Mixxxer? Do you have to avail of a paid membership just to have a little fun? Is it worth it?

To understand if you can enhance the possibilities of having company in your bed tonight, or if the website is just hinting a horny and red-lighted world, read on.

When Was Mixxxer Founded?

It was 2001 when the mixxxer.com domain was acquired. Not a starting date, yet, just a bunch of ideas in some developers’ heads. Then, the final crush on a sex dating website. Once the format has been set, creating a website is just a small step further.

Once Mixxxer.com has been created, all the users needed to come and join the website. So, the features started growing; the site itself was providing some of them, called ‘entertainers,’ to lure users to avail of a paid membership.

Mixxxer has gained thousands of users so far. From a small sex-oriented website to a large dating and sexting platform. Let’s see who is owning the empire.

Who Owns Mixxxer?

The Mixxxer.com domain was bought by GoDaddy.com in 2001, as said before. The app is currently owned and managed by Socialsoft Networks LCC, a US company based in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

You can’t actually download the app if you are living in some non-US countries, so this is a true US-based and US-operating company.

Registration & Profile

Registration & Profile

There are two ways you can sign up for Mixxxer. You can compile your signup using a Web browser and then go on downloading the app on your mobile browser. There’s no app on the App Store and Google Play Store, because of the explicit nude content of Mixxxer. Sounds fun, doesn’t it? Or you can download the app and sign up directly from your phone.

If you see no point in the first option, consider it if you are on your computer. You can take a look at the website’s main page, read the Privacy agreement, and the Terms and Conditions on a bigger screen.

Then, since you have come so far, you can make your free subscription, too! The personal details you will be required are email, password, age, and gender. No nickname for now, as you will be able to edit your personal info directly on the app.

No email verification is needed because the fact that you are signing up from your phone is a sort of insurance for the webmasters. Now you are on Mixxxer. A piece of cake, isn’t it? Now let’s see how you can chat and meet new people.


They claim, ‘there is no dating here.’ Still, having at least an approach might be an excellent way to set an adult encounter. So, here’s how the app works – see the toolbar at the top of the screen?

Here you can pick a section you’d like to be in. With the small-squared icon on the right, you can go and see a bunch of profiles next to your location. Don’t focus on the ‘how-to’; let’s explain the search features further in the next paragraph.

See the profiles? There is always a cartoon bubble on them, allowing you to chat with them. You can start with your favorites or select mutual likes. Either way, you can only chat if you pay for a membership.

There is no actual ‘match’ like it happens in Tinder, for example, but you can use a virtual match as an icebreaker. Then, think about it: you already know that the other person likes you back.

How To Search For People On Mixxxer?

By the toolbar, you will be able to surf the app. You can choose to see all the profiles at a time, selecting your current location, and scrolling the page down. Or, you can pick one profile at a time.

There’s a fin swipe function allowing you to click on a red cross on the left if you don’t like the profile. If it encounters your taste, click on the man/woman green icon on the right.

Then, a third way: see the magnifying glass at the top right of the screen? You can use it to create your own research. Bear in mind that your research’s success also depends on the number of users online.

So, if there are a few users online, you won’t fulfill your expectancies, and you won’t find that much by using the magnifying glass option. So, use it wisely.

How To Delete A Mixxxer Account?

It isn’t always a piece of cake to delete your account on a dating/hookup app. As they are keeping your data for commercial purposes, most of the time. No fraud, mate, you can read their privacy policy thoroughly from the Terms and Conditions and from the Privacy Policy agreements. You can scroll down the main page, and you will find them both at the very bottom of it.

So, about deleting your profile – here, you can go to the accounts settings and delete your profile permanently if you would like to. Remember that what’s shared, it’s shared. So, the website is not responsible for other users taking screenshots of your private photos. You need to be aware of this before subscribing, but you consider the risk as a real life risk.

Members Structure

Members Structure

There is a higher number of straight men than that of women, that’s for sure. Most of them are North America-based, but users are from Europe, Asia, and Africa, as well. In the FAQs, Mixxxer is claiming that there are no fake profiles on the website. You will spot a lot of them easily by looking for the ‘Mixxxer entertainer’ mark.

It’s not about their fake-radar working bad. It’s about trying to enhance the user’s experience on the web app by luring them with fake profiles. Contractors, paid by the website, run these. Maybe they are real people, but it’s doubtful you will eventually hook up with them.

There’s no info on whether they are real people, or if they are, they should work on their fantasy. They are giving standard answers, and if you give them a hint, you have noticed that they are bots, they are not taking it. Let’s go on and analyze the audience further.

Sexual Preferences

There are more women than men, and they are straight. There is quite a high ratio of homosexual men, though. Let’s say it’s not a place where lesbians, transgenders, and straight men can find a hookup, because of either the small number of users of a kind and because of fakers.

Race and Ethnicity

There are a lot of different ethnicities, mainly African American and Caucasian, though. There’s no telling, as users keep on subscribing and unsubscribing, it always depends on their success within the platform.

Religious Orientation

There’s no telling of religious views, here on Mixxxer. Religious people should look for certain religious websites or apps if they are a religious person looking for other religious persons. The environment might not be safe enough to avoid nudity and explicit sexual content. You could have expected this from a ‘sex app.’ Kind of ominous!

You can report users to the webmasters, in case you are suffering from abuse. The report option works well, use it whenever you feel threatened by other users.

Pricing Policies

Pricing Policies

There is only one kind of paid membership, which is pointed out at the beginning of your Mixxxer experience. Let’s see what you can or can’t do using a free membership, and what happens if you avail a paid one, instead.

Free Membership

A free membership will allow you just to take a look at the website. You can search for users, see profiles, put a ‘like’ – let’s call it that way – but you can’t reply to messages.

If you would like to reply to other users’ messages, you have to pay for a membership. It is cheap if compared to other dating websites because it will cost you $7.99 per 1 month, and $19.99 per 3 months.

How To Cancel a Mixxxer Paid Subscription

Downgrading your membership is as easy as upgrading it: go to the payment section and select your account settings. You will not be charged again if you are unsubscribing before the next valid billing cycle.

If you notice hidden fees on your credit card, bear in mind that this may happen all the time. The payments are secured and encrypted, so maybe you have left a tick on some box somewhere. Read the payment pages carefully when you subscribe so that you won’t be disappointed by hidden fees later on.

Is Mixxxer Safe

Is Mixxxer Safe?

Privacy, that’s what all the users are concerned about. Mixxxer claims they are designed to address and to answer to these concerns. Picture the same environment in real life like you are going up for a hookup, and a paparazzi takes a picture of you.

If you have a job, or if you have a family, or if you are a switcher, imagine all the scenarios opening up from now on. The same issue occurs when you are posting your nude picture online.

This is the reason why you can’t find the app on the Apple and Android store anymore. A useful feature in regards to privacy is the so-called Privacy Filter. When you activate the Privacy Filter, a user’s picture is overlaid by a transparent filter, covering up their face. Don’t worry about your shape being covered: the filter is designed to hide your face only.

Another concern is the accuracy of the location. Will other users be able to see your home address? Not exactly, as the accuracy is one mile, more or less. You can also turn off your location in the Privacy Controls toolbar.

Quality Of Profiles

Mixxxer tries to enhance the user’s experience on the app by luring you with fake profiles, and that’s a fact. Anyway, if you take an overall look at the main page, you will see a lot of hot bodies and beautiful people online.

Both girls and boys. There are some profiles run by contractors, paid by the website, who maybe are real people. They make the overall quality higher, so there’s no real point in talking about the variety of profiles. You can judge it yourself by subscribing for free.

Website Design and Usability

Website Design and Usability

Despite the highly friendly interface and modern design, the app has a lot of fatal flaws. A lot of users claim they have had problems with the app on their mobile device.

In the FAQ section, you can read this tip: clear your cache, your cookies, and all the data about your location. Then, try to refresh the page every time a technical stop will occur. They are talking about ‘blank pages,’ but some users experienced freezing pages, instead.

The web app is a little heavy, and it slows your mobile device down. It’s a shame you can’t use it from your laptop, as there are many more hookup websites that offer you the same services without the need for all these slow-downs and without the need to circumvent your online application store.

Because Mixxxer does not offer that many functions, this is a terrible flaw.

How Does Mixxxer Work?

As said before, the app claims, ‘there is no dating here.’ Still, having at least a date might be an excellent way to set an adult encounter, which is ending up with sex. So, the app works with the standard step-by-step path: subscribe, see the profiles, and browse them. Put a bunch of likes. Be contacted or contact someone.

By the small-squared icon on the right, you can go and see a bunch of profiles next to your location. While you are experiencing that typical great excitement of new hookup apps, some notifications will appear. There will be hot members on the website, likely bots, liking your blank profile picture very much, and they will keep on suggesting you buy a paid membership to reply them back.

By the cartoon bubble on profiles, you can chat with people. You can start with your favorites or select mutual likes. A lot of ways to communicate, and it’s not hard to understand how the web app works. Everything is plain and displayed in front of your eyes. You can see it, but you will need to pay to use it.

Mixxxer App

Mixxxer App

Let’s say a little more about the web app. You may be frightened by this concept if you have never heard about it. Nothing to be scared of: a web app allows you to use the same services as an app like Google Maps, which is a top-rated mobile app you are using every day, not even thinking about it. The thing is you can’t find this specific Mixxxer app in your store. You will need to go directly to the website and download it from there.

Alternatives of Mixxxer

Alternatives of Mixxxer

Let’s note here some of the most important names in the industry – Adult Friend Finder, Ashley Madison, Instant Hookups, Xpress, and many others.


Being on a hookup website without being able to message users back is quite annoying. But if you think that Mixxxer very minimalistic features were exactly what you were looking for, that’s the time. Go on and subscribe, but remember there’s no app on your mobile store. It will be good if you have found this review useful for your needs.

Contact Information

Contact Information

  • Company: Socialsoft Networks LCC
  • Address: 1603 Capitol Avenue, Suite 310 A130, Cheyenne, Wyoming, 82001
  • Phone: no phone number is displayed on the website
  • Email: [email protected]
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