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MatchOcean Review 2024

MatchOcean Review 2024
About Site
Active Audience 58%
Quality Matches 90%
Popular Age 18-25
Profiles 2 000 000
Reply Rate 85%
Ease of Use 9.4
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • MatchOcean cares about the data security of its users.
  • Their website is available to visitors from all over the world thanks to the possibility of choosing from more than three dozen languages.
  • MatchOcean provides its visitors with mobile applications that can be downloaded from both Android and iOS stores.
  • The application for chats features the same options as Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat, and similar apps.
  • The program is free and does not judge its users by their status or income: everyone can find a fortune there.
  • Although MatchOcean has its mobile apps, it is challenging to find them at the Apple App Store or Google Play Market.
  • It is impossible to remove all the uploaded personal information.
  • Sometimes, MatchOcean's developers cannot control the spread of a person's data throughout the Web.
  • All the data shared with others can be backed up and used against the interests of the person.

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Each description of MatchOcean underlines that it is a free online dating app where every adult can flirt or find a real person for dating and serious relationships. The title of the application is eloquent as it stresses that there is the ocean of single men and women who will surely find someone matching their worldview and preferences. Such a non-verbal approach makes thousands of visitors find their true love at MatchOcean. All the available means of communication are present on the website. Thus, the app’s users can communicate via chats, audio chats, and video chats. It reflects stages of communication as the level of trust between interlocutors steadily increases. Also, people can rate photos, send gifts, and so on. All these features serve the primary purpose of MatchOcean: to help people find their love.

When Was MatchOcean Founded?

The website was launched in 2016. In the same year, MatchOcean developed its application for smartphones. However, in the Terms and Policies section, it is written that the text was last reviewed in 2015. This fact makes us think that the website, or at least the idea of its creation, was born even earlier.

Who Owns MatchOcean?

It is difficult to determine the owner of the application. In the Company section, it is marked as unfunded.

Who Owns MatchOcean?

Registration & Profile

To be able to use all the opportunities offered by MatchOcean, it is required to register. The registration process is explained as the legal agreement between MatchOcean.com and the user. Only adults are allowed to become a member of the service: the administrators easily identify those who do not reach 18 years old. Since the members are registered via their email addresses, they have to fill them in manually when signing in to their accounts. The users have to specify their gender and date of birth. Also, it is asked to provide one’s sexual orientation. In such a way, the system will find appropriate matches for the person. There is no option to choose who you are looking for, unlike with other similar services. Instead, it will rely on your selected gender and sexual orientation to find the desired partner. MatchOcean’s users can fill as much information about themselves as they wish. The more data they post, the easier it is to find matches. People may use either their real name or nickname, which will be seen by everybody. However, the personal info, such as email address, is hidden. Thus, members may be sure of the confidentiality maintenance at MatchOcean.


Communication at MatchOcean is possible when two people are in a mutual match. This works in the following way. If a man likes, for example, a woman, he presses on the Heart button, indicating his interest in her. Then, the woman can either respond to his reaction or ignore it. If she ignores it, the man will not be able to write any message to her. But in case the liking is mutual, they may proceed in the chat on the website or mobile app. The service offers dozens of questions about yourself. It significantly helps even the shyest person to open his or her inner world. It is not a secret that a high percentage of MatchOcean visitors are introverts who experience difficulties in communicating with others in real life. But when you answer more questions, the number of matches increases, as it allows the system to find more like-minded individuals. The users may be sure that they won’t be bothered with unwanted messages in case no match is formed.


How to Search for People on MatchOcean?

MatchOcean offers its users a detailed search. When creating a profile, each member indicates not only the country of origin but also the region. In such a way, one can find a person who lives not far from their home. Then, the chances to meet in reality increase, which inspires a matched couple to communicate on a more meaningful level. The app users may search by age, gender, race, nationality, and even hair color and height. After this, among all the available profiles that fit the mentioned above criteria, the search engine offers you those who gave similar answers to the questions. Thus, cooperating with MatchOcean’s system helps you fulfill your primary goals — meet your life-long partner.

How to Delete a MatchOcean Account?

When you are dissatisfied with the MatchOcean service for some reason or you have already met someone special, there is a possibility to delete the account. You may deactivate or delete it permanently. All the information will be saved, and it will be possible to restore the account with the least efforts. For terminating the membership, it is necessary to send a written notice to MatchOcean’s administration. They will consider it and verify your identity. No one else can close your profile. At the same time, users are prohibited from giving their login credentials to anybody. In terms of the application’s terms and conditions, it is underlined that nobody may give permission to others to use their account. It is also prohibited to transfer the rights for the account to any third party. That is why, when you are not going to use it anymore, it is better to terminate the membership at MatchOcean.

How to Delete a MatchOcean Account?

Member Structure

Among the members of MatchOcean, there is no restriction in terms of the income or status of the visitor. Anyone interested in finding his or her love can become a user of this community. However, some people are looking for simple communication with their peers or like-minded individuals. The great advantage of MatchOcean is that it helps to find singles their love and spend an exciting time playing online games or chatting about any topics you wish. A distinctive feature of MatchOcean is a virtual 3D city, where users can walk together with their friends and couples.

Users are categorized based on their age and gender. Thus, the majority of the visitors are between 30 and 45 years. They comprise 33% of the community. The number of juniors up to 24 years hardly reaches 12%. About 25% are singles from 25 to 30 years. Those between 45 and 55 make up about 20% of all the profiles. The last 10% are older adults looking for a chance to interact with somebody exciting, even if he or she lives on another continent. When speaking about gender, the number of women is higher in every age group. However, if to look at older adults and juniors, the male/female ratio is almost equal.

The residents of the United States created the majority of profiles, followed by European visitors. There are no communication problems because of a common language for the US and many European Union countries. The Asian region and primarily China also are among the permanent user group of the MatchOcean application.

Member Structure

Sexual Preferences

When registering on MatchOcean, it is necessary to indicate your gender. Then it asks to choose your sexual orientation among the following options: heterosexual, homosexual, or bisexual. These two features are enough for the system to start choosing appropriate matches from the available profiles. Without any doubt, MatchOcean is open for straight people and any representatives of the LGBTQ community.

Race and Ethnicity

There is no discrimination on the ground of race and ethnicity among the members of the MatchOcean application. One can meet the representatives of Blacks, Whites, Asians, and Mexican Americans there. No one cares about it. If your race is not suitable for the other person, you will not simply get a match.

Religious Orientation

MatchOcean does not make an emphasis on the religious orientation of its visitors. Considering that the geography of members is vast, religious beliefs are various as well. Here, one can meet Christian people (both Orthodox and Catholic), Muslims, Hindus, and also representatives of minor religious groups.

Religious Orientation

Pricing Policy

Even in the title of the application, it is underlined that MatchOcean is a free dating app, which does not require any money investments for creating accounts or communicating with people. Also, it is necessary to be careful and remember that this service does not send any messages requesting to pay or something like this. Only mobile phone service providers are responsible for the billing, fees, and payments for Internet use.

Free Membership

Free membership is guaranteed to all the members of MatchOcean. Without paying a penny, the visitors can enjoy all the perks offered by MatchOcean. Thus, free membership includes the following opportunities:

  • Opening the account and registration;
  • Check who is viewing your MatchOcean profile at the moment;
  • View and evaluate your daily matches;
  • Send and receive winks, gifts, and messages from other members;
  • See when the receiver reads the sent message;
  • Check the number of profiles who are interested in you;
  • Provide free video and audio calls;
  • Texting;
  • Play virtual 3D city game with your friends;
  • Look for singles who live in your area;
  • Use the application from any place and any device you want.

A paid membership is not presented in the MatchOcean application. It is a free dating app that provides all the services at no cost. It is possible to download it for free from Apple App Store or Google Play Market. In case someone solicits for money, it is necessary to email the MatchOcean service and report the existing problem. The platform never asks the clients to pay for their services.

How to Cancel MatchOcean Paid Subscription?

As it was mentioned above, MatchOcean is a free dating app without any paid subscriptions. Standard membership can be canceled or terminated without any limitations. For this, it is necessary to send a written message to the official email of MatchOcean. Then, they will consider it and take the necessary measures. This procedure is clearly indicated in the “Terms and Conditions” section available at the bottom of the website.

How to Cancel MatchOcean Paid Subscription?

Is MatchOcean Safe?

It can be said that MatchOcean is safe. The service ensures the data security of their visitors. You may be sure that unauthorized people won’t have access to any personal information of yours. The SSL encryption prevents the insecure transmission of all user’s data. The security system also helps to reveal fake profiles, which may threaten visitors’ safety. Also, all the accounts are verified via the email address. So, MatchOcean members should be careful with their emails and access to them.

Quality of Profiles

After all the stages of registration, users can complete their profiles with additional information, which will reveal their personality from various perspectives and make them look more attractive. All the images are the real images of people registered on the platform. They are verified by comparing their avatar photo with their driving license or ID, which should be uploaded for verification. In the section where members describe themselves, you may write who you are looking for. Here, you can mention the preferences concerning body type, age, height, and even eye color. The main advantage is that other users see your real pic, and you have the same opportunity.

Website Design and Usability

The MatchOcean website is designed in blue and red colors. All the information is readable and attracts its visitors to stay on the webpage for a longer period. There are not many buttons. Thus, it is easy to understand what to press to continue registration or searching for singles. When meeting a new profile, you may either like it or skip and continue your journey throughout the MatchOcean world. If you receive the mutual like, you may continue dating and getting acquainted with the person closer. Considering that older adults are also browsing through the website, navigation is easy. Without any biases, it is necessary to underline that older generations sometimes feel troubles with understanding new devices and applications. MatchOcean is much easier.

How Does MatchOcean Work?

MatchOcean works solely by matching the profiles that its members create. The system compares the information provided and creates possible pairs, suggesting them to the users. You may like people, see who liked you back, and continue communication with this person. Then, everything depends on you. Good luck!

How Does MatchOcean Work?

MatchOcean App

The application of MatchOcean was created in 2016, as well as the website. It can be downloaded from Google Play Market and Apple App Store. It resembles the website’s interface. Thus, it will not be a problem when MatchOcean users switch from their laptops to smartphones and continue looking for their perfect match.

Alternatives to MatchOcean

MatchOcean does not have many distinctive features. So, there are many alternatives, such as Cos.Match, Badoo, Momo, hi5, Wamba, and more than eight hundred other applications.


MatchOcean is a free online dating app that caters to people from all the continents. Being launched in the United States, it is used by residents worldwide. MatchOcean cares about the data security measures, and its members can be sure that no one will receive access to their profiles. However, one must be careful with sending any personal details to other participants of the service.


Contact Information

Company: MatchOcean

Location: Washington, DC, United States

Phone: (323), Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Email: [email protected]

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