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Meet An Inmate Review 2024

Meet An Inmate Review 2024
About Site
Active Audience 84%
Quality Matches 95%
Popular Age 18-25
Profiles 3 000 000
Reply Rate 92%
Ease of Use 9.1
Popularity 9.0
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • top one website among similar sites
  • easy to find a pen-pal
  • free to use and write inmates
  • you can provide emotional support to prisoners
  • you can enjoy exchanging letters
  • website is safe to use
  • all inmates are located in the US
  • you cannot send pictures or gifts in your letter
  • is designed mostly for friendship, not relationships
  • always need to be cautious while communicating

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Meet an Inmate is not a typical dating site that everyone got used to. The purpose of this website is not to connect people, so they can meet each other and start a relationship. It is more about communication and support. It connects inmates who register on this website and people who are willing to write them a letter. Meet An Inmate represents a positive community, helping inmates avoid feeling lonely and connecting with the rest of the world. This website can be the right choice for you if you want to have a pen-pal and keep in touch with other people.

To start with, let’s review some general advantages and disadvantages of Meet An Inmate, so one can have an overview of what to expect from this site.

When Was Meet An Inmate Founded?

The history of Meet An Inmate website started in 1998 when no other similar site was trendy. People could exchange mail with prisoners either if they knew them, or in rare cases, see a person in a local newspaper. After this website was created, the lives of inmates have changed, as it is now possible for them to keep in contact with the real world and not feel that lonely. Therefore, Meet An Inmate is a breakthrough in this field, as it made it popular to communicate and support people whom you do not know and who were once in trouble.

Who Owns Meet An Inmate?

Meet an Inmate is not owned by any other company and is a project of a single person who once decided to make a positive change.

Meet An Inmate Review 2020

Registration & Profile

To use the Meet An Inmate website, a person should be at least 18 years old. There is no standard registration process that we have got used to. You should not create an account if you want to start using the website. Everything you need to do is to find a person that you would like to start chatting with. As all communication happens through the regular mail, the website does not need any data from you to use it.

For inmates, however, there is a specific registration procedure, where the person should provide a picture and some details. The information for prisoners should include their unique number, address where the letters will be sent, and some personal information and description of a user.


If you found an inmate whom you want to write to, it is time to buy some paper and envelopes. The primary source of communication that Meet An Inmate website advice is the regular mail. All the letters are sent via the US Postal Service, but it is also possible to write some messages from another country. It is an excellent opportunity to find a pen-pal and start enjoying a charming letter exchange, which happens so rarely nowadays. On the envelope, you should indicate your address, as the inmate should send a letter back. As every envelope is usually opened and guards examine the content, it is better not to include any gifts or photos to the letter, as it may not be allowed.

If another person asks you to give out your phone number and call each other instead, better think twice, because it may become expensive for you. Calling to prison is limited in time and costs more than regular phone calls.

Also, in some prisons, inmates have access to the email communication. Usually, they use some specific websites for that, and for some, it is possible just to receive an email, but not to reply.

All in all, the best and most appropriate source of communication remains the regular mail.


How to Search for People on Meet An Inmate?

It is easy to find an inmate that you want to communicate with on the Meet An Inmate website. It is possible to use the keyword search if you are looking for a specific inmate. Alternatively, you can look for a person by gender or select new profiles or the ones that have not received any mail yet. It is then possible to filter the results by age and see the name and a picture of a person. You will see a list of features members first, followed by regular profiles. When accessing the profile, you will see some necessary information of an inmate, including one or two photos. Firstly, you will see their number and address where you can send your letter. Then, there is a short introduction about this person, which usually describes where they came from and what do they enjoy doing and what they are looking for. After that, there is essential information about their race, date of birth, height, religion, and education. You will also see the earliest and latest estimated release date of the inmate. There are also available details on a person’s profession and how do they spend their time in prison.

How to Delete Meet An Inmate Account?

As a regular user, you will not create an account on Meet An Inmate, so there is nothing that you would want to delete. As a prisoner, you will have to send a letter to the website office to ask for the removal of your account. It is possible to either delete or put the profile on hold in case if an inmate receives too much mail or is simply not interested in this service anymore.

How to Delete Meet An Inmate Account?

Members Structure

All the listed members on the Meet An Inmate website, are people who are in prison at the moment. You can find both men and women profiles and filter them out by age. These users are pleasant individuals who are feeling lonely and want to have some good connection with the outside world. Many of Meet An Inmate users are friendly, fun, smart, and nice looking. The fact that they have appeared in prison does not mean that they are bad people; they have just made a mistake.

All inmates that you will find on the website are located in the United States. You will be able to see the exact location on every profile. Also, the website accepts applications from people who were sentenced to more than six months only.

Meet An Inmate is used by many people who want to support inmates and find a pen-pal to exchange letters with.

Members Structure

Sexual Preferences

While applying to be listed on the Meet An Inmate website, an inmate can specify if they prefer to receive letters from men, women, or both genders. This does not indicate a person’s sexual orientation, as most messages do not have a sexual intention, but just friendly communication. You can always find out what is the aim of the person on this website in their profile description or by starting exchanging letters with them.

Race and Ethnicity

Meet an Inmate does not limit the access to the website based on ethnical belonging. Therefore, there are all kinds of people with any race registered on this site. The race is indicated on every profile, so if it matters to you, you can always find this information.

Religious Orientation

Together with ethnicity, there are no limits on religion when it comes to registering on the site. Every inmate has different religious preferences, which is indicated on their profiles. Unfortunately, you cannot filter out the profiles by religion criterion, so if it matters to you, you will have to examine the user profiles for this information manually.

Religious Orientation

Pricing Policies

It is totally free to use the Meet An Inmate website if you want to start mailing someone. If you’re going to list an inmate on a website, it will cost 60 US dollars per year to add a female member to a site, whereas for males, it will cost 90 US dollars per year.

Free Membership

As Meet An Inmate is not a usual dating website, but more a listing of people who need communication, you should not pay for any services if you want to write a message to someone. Everything that you need to start communicating with other people is available for free. You can search for the inmates by gender and age, and view their profile information. After that, you can decide whether you are interested in communicating with them and make the first step. If you are located outside the US, you may have to pay for mailing service, as most of the inmates only accept letters from the regular mail. Other than that, Meet An Inmate does not require any money from the user.

The only feature that is paid on the Meet An Inmate website is listing an inmate. You can register them on this website if you know the person who is currently in prison and is sentenced for more than six months. All you need to do is to provide by email all the relevant details (photo and description) or request a website team to send an application to an inmate. Also, Meet An Inmate does not accept applications from sex offenders.

After being listed on the website, the application will appear on the regular tab and the list of new members. There is also an option to feature a profile, meaning that it will appear on the top of the search results.

How to Cancel Meet An Inmate Paid Subscription?

If an inmate no longer wants to be listed on the website, it is possible to send a letter to Meet An Inmate and ask to remove the account or put in on hold.

How to Cancel Meet An Inmate Paid Subscription?

Is Meet An Inmate Safe?

If you are worried about your safety while communicating with inmates, you can take some precautionary steps. Firstly, you can indicate a postbox number in the letter return address, not to disclose your personal location. You can also identify a person on the inmate locator service that is available on the website. Sometimes you can find a picture of a person, their appearance details, release date, and the crime they have committed. Information about some inmates may not be that explicit, as it depends on the US state in which some details may not be disclosed. Links to the relevant sites are available on the Meet An Inmate webpage, which is very convenient.

Also, do not send any money to a prisoner, especially if a person demands it. If you are communicating for a long time, you can send some minimal amount of cash as an exception. This way, a prisoner can buy some basic needed stuff in a shop. But be careful, as a person may lie to you to get more money or scam you. You can report this behavior to Meet An Inmate team, so they can review the profile and suspend it if needed.

Other than that, if you keep your sensitive information private, pen-pal communication is safe and pleasant.

Quality Of Profiles

Most of the Meet An Inmate listed profiles are similar, as the profile submission goes through a standard process. All the information available on each profile is descriptive enough, so you will understand whether you would like to start communicating with this user. Every prisoner account contains one or two photos, information about their location, and the address where you can forward your mail. Also, you will see a piece of general profile information provided by the inmate, which usually mentions who they are, their interests, and what they are looking for on this website. There are also some basic details on the characteristics and appearance of the person available. Generally, all the Meet An Inmate site profiles are described pretty well for you to see if a person interests you.

Quality Of Profiles

Website Design and Usability

Meet An Inmate website is very simple, and there is nothing extraordinary to look for here. The design itself is pretty outdated, mostly because of the black and white theme and bold text. It is effortless to navigate the website, as on the top bar, you will find tabs with all the information that you need. You can search for an inmate and their gender, see the help section, list, or verify an inmate. There are no annoying advertisements or some not needed information. Everything is pretty straightforward, so anyone can quickly understand how to use the website.

How Does Meet An Inmate Work?

The concept of Meet An Inmate is relatively straightforward. Of course, you should have a desire to communicate with someone to become a friendly pen-pals. Then, you will have to find an inmate on the website and decide if you want to start messaging them. As all the needed information is mentioned on the profile, you just need to copy the address and write a letter to them. It is as easy as that and will not take you much time or effort.

How Does Meet An Inmate Work?

Meet An Inmate App

Unfortunately, there is no Meet An Inmate mobile application that you can install on your smartphone. However, nothing disturbs you from browsing through the website from the phone browser, and it will work well. You can easily search for the inmate profiles and read their information from your mobile. Also, as the website is simple, it will not consume much traffic and will work even with a poor internet connection.

Alternatives of Meet An Inmate

After the creation of Meet An Inmate site, several more companies became interested in this concept. Therefore, you can now find the websites as Love A Prisoner, Write A Prisoner, or Prison Inmates that are focused on the same idea of a pen-pal communication. Most of these websites are similar but do not have as much trust or amount of members as Meet An Inmate does.


In the end, it is worth mentioning that Meet An Inmate website is spreading a positive attitude among people. It has good intentions of helping inmates feel that they are needed and loved and have friends and a connection with the outside world. Healthy communication helps to decrease the number of recidivism and help an inmate to go through hard times. In the end, they are great and fun people who just made a mistake once. If you are interested in exchanging letters and helping other people, consider taking a look at the Meet An Inmate site.


Contact Information

Company: Meet-An-Inmate.com

Address: Arlen Bischke, PO. Box 845, Winchester, Oregon 97495

Phone: N/A

Email: [email protected]

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