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Lovoo Review 2024

Lovoo Review 2024
About Site
Active Audience 56%
Quality Matches 91%
Popular Age 20-25
Profiles 2 000 000
Reply Rate 88%
Ease of Use 8.9
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Live video section;
  • Millions of users active;
  • Strict security measures and profile verification;
  • Very low rate of fake profiles;
  • A mobile app is available.
  • For the web browser version: you can't access if you are using a VPN on your PC or a private browser.

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It’s clear that if you are here, you care about decent dating websites, and you would like to learn more about them before paying or even subscribing. On LOVOO, you will find a suitable environment where you can find millions of users from all over the world, get to know them, make new friends, and maybe find a soul mate.

They have recently added the video chat section to their standard features so that you can meet the people you like in-person. Would you like to learn more about LOVOO’s features and to understand whether the website is legit or just another dating scam? Follow us in this review!

When Was LOVOO Founded?

Once upon a time in 2011, a bunch of developers gathered in a room, thinking about how to boost online dating and make it safer and more effective. The ability to manage a large number of users has been fundamental, as now LOVOO holds several millions of them.

Who Owns LOVOO?

In 2017, LOVOO was bought by The Meet Group, Inc. Have you ever heard about Meet Me? The same company. They are currently managing many dating websites to provide the best user experience possible.

Its features are actually a result of an objective analysis performed after collection of quite a lot of users’ feedbacks. This feedback has later been checked, especially when they are launching and testing new features.

Thanks to this recent acquisition by The Meet Group, Inc, now LOVOO has the live video option, which has become very popular and used.

When was LOVOO Founded?

Registration & Profile

If you go to the website’s main page, signing up will be a piece of cake. Just look for the “sign-up with Facebook” button and fill the form with your Facebook access data. If you are not willing to share your Facebook credentials, then use a regular email registration. Make sure your email address is active and working, as LOVOO operates a strict security control over profiles. We will talk about them further in the Security paragraph, later on.

As soon as you are logged in, you will be asked to complete your profile. Picture yourself the feeling of being on a decent dating website: would you like to be chatting with a grey shape?

Maybe with a Grey shade, but let’s not go off-topic right at the beginning of this review. You will need to upload a profile picture to go on. It’s free. Once you have filled your profile, you can take a look at the website.


Imagine millions of users, mostly from North America and Europe, swiping pictures all day long and using video cams. Are you already excited by this scenario?

So, after having signed-up, all that you have to do is looking for other users and creating matches. You can use several ways of finding users around you, which we will explore further in the “search” paragraph.

You can chat with everyone, using the Icebreaker feature or the standard chat message. Bear in mind that you only have a limited number of messages if you are using a free account, and you are not subscribing to a paid one.

A match virtually happens when you “like” another user’s profile, and he/she likes you back. You can contact users who have not liked you first. Still, it’s a sort of insurance to wait for them to be compatible with you.

Endure and keep on search!


How to Search for People on LOVOO

It works as usual on dating websites: you put some search filters on, and you launch the search. New user’s profiles will appear on your screen, and you will be able to search through them manually.

There’s also the swipe function: LOVOO offers you a range of profiles it has selected for you, according to your location, age range, of preference. These profiles are showed to you one at a time, and you can say whether you like them or not, using the very common “swipe” function.

LOVOO free members are also able to send one icebreaker message every day. What is an icebreaker message? It stands a middle way between “chat” and “search” features. You send this message out to a random user. Also, there are more messages and icebreaker messages if you are a paying user.

Then, the last one: Play. This is a sort of matchmaking game, based on the roulette’s features. This is how the swipe function is called. So, is this not a new feature? No, it’s not, but we thought it might have been useful for you to understand what “play” means within LOVOO. You are going to see the icon in your app, so now you know what’s for.

How to Delete LOVOO Account

You can’t delete your LOVOO’s account using a specific feature or button. You will need to write to the Customer Support directly, specifying the reasons why you would like to close your account.

If you would like to have all the information you gave them deleted, you will need to specify that. If you are such a privacy worshipper, we guess you have read carefully through the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Settings beforehand.

As you may know, they are actually selling some of your information to third parties. Check this out in the Privacy Policy section, at the bottom of the main page (scroll the page down until the very end of it).

An alternative to account closure is to log out and delete the app. You won’t receive notifications any more.

How to Delete LOVOO Account

Members Structure

There are far more men than women here on LOVOO, but that ratio reflects a population ratio, maybe. What we suppose is that the situation here reflects “real life.” So, there are more men than women, and there are more straight than homosexual people.

The profiles’ quality is high, as the verification process is very strict. We will discuss this further on, in the “safety” paragraph.

As the users are mostly real, their pictures are real, as well. Friendly faces and photos with animals, on holiday, people in groups of friends, and so on. You will perceive, here on LOVOO, a sense of decency form all around you.

Sexual Preferences

As said, the vast majority of people here on LOVOO is straight. There are some homosexual and bisexual people, as well, but if you would like to find the ratio, there are far more straight people.

It’s quite hard to tell why. Maybe homosexual people are going directly to dedicated websites, as they would not like to make the effort of spotting the straight people among all the audience.

It would be interesting to write more about this, but this review is not the right place to do that kind of analysis. Let’s say that the situation here in LOVOO reflects real life: more straight people than homosexual ones, and more men interesting in a relationship than women.

Sexual Preferences

Race and Ethnicity

Can you imagine millions of users online, from all over the world? Consider that they are coming from two of the more ethnic-various continents in the world, Europe and North America.

There are all the ethnicities you can imagine, here on LOVOO. It’s not necessary to go and seek mono-ethnic platforms, here you will find everything.

Religious Orientation

There is no main religious orientation on LOVOO. If you are areligious person, looking for like-minded people, we strongly recommend you to go on a religion-oriented website or app. These apps usually contain the religion’s name within their brand name.

So, it’s easy to spot them among all the others. Usually, it’s also easy to find a review about them, if you are not willing to sign-up without knowing a little more about the website.

Religious Orientation

Pricing Policies

There are two central pricing policies: you can be a free or a paying member, here on LOVOO. Not willing to empty your pockets on an unknown website, yet? You can still sign up and take a look. The main features are usable for free so that you can make an expense after a real experience.

If you aim to use these features, but you don’t buy a membership, you can also buy LOVOO’s credits and use them to buy only those you need at the moment.

Let’s explore the two central pricing policies further.

Free Membership

You can do everything with a free membership. You can search for other users, like or don’t like them, use the play function, and send one icebreaker message per day. Basically, you can learn how the platform works or the app if you are using a mobile phone. This is an outstanding feature, considering that not all the dating websites and apps will get you at this point of autonomy without having prior paid for it.

They need to make a living out of the app, and we can understand that. Still, we try to convey the users’ experience: if you need to pay only to text other users, you can’t really tell what’s the audience like!

And the audience is one of the most critical features in a dating website. So, as a general rule, you can pick only sites that allow you to try them all in a free version. They won’t diminish their might if you will eventually decide to pay, that’s for sure. So, hands up for LOVOO.

There are three plans of membership: 1 month for 9,99$, 3 months for 24,99$ and 12 months for 69,96$. You can also buy credits for the average price of 0,01$ per credit. There are different credit packages, so pick the one you like the most and which contains the number of credits you need.

You can send unlimited icebreaker messages with a free membership. You can also see who has seen your profile ad who liked you. You can browse with the invisible anonymous mode and not be seen by the other user.

Then, you won’t see annoying ads all the time, and you will definitely increase your visibility when other users are searching for you.

How to Cancel Your LOVOO Paid Subscription?

You will just need to go to the membership features and unsubscribe using the “downgrade” button. You can take advantage of all the features you have paid for until the next billing cycle, so you can downgrade in advance if you don’t like the automatic renewal to take place.

How to Cancel Your LOVOO Paid Subscription?

Is LOVOO Safe?

It’s not entirely effortless to prove LOVOO that you are a real person and a regular user. Let’s say that LOVOO apparently has a severe blacklist of IP addresses. Why should you care about this technical information?

If you are using a private browser or a VPN, LOVOO will not send you an Anti-Captcha. Period. You won’t be able to sign-up then, as you need to prove that you are not a robot first.

What if you are signing-up on your mobile phone? Then, LOVOO will send you an SMS to verify your phone number really exists. So, you can’t fool LOVOO if you are a robot. Maybe you can fool us, reviewers, making us believe you have read this review so far and understood it. But not LOVOO.

You will have to do the SMS verification every time you sign-in if you have not verified your profile via email. The website will keep doing this, so you will need to verify your phone or your email address.

Quality of Profiles

As said before, the quality of profiles is generally high. Every profile here has been verified. Plus, you can see those who have not been verified, because they don’t carry the “v” icon on them.

The people here look decent, and even the scam attempts and the bots online are a few. There are, of course, some fake users, as there always are. Feel free to report them using the “report user” button. You will do your job to enhance the general security level and profile quality here on LOVOO, as you will prevent other users from falling into the scammer’s trap.

This is general advice, which is valid every time you visit a dating website that cares about users’ feedback.

Quality of Profiles

Website Design and Usability

LOVOO is user friendly, that’s for sure. Now that you know its main features, and that you know what “play” or “icebreaker” mean, there’s no doubt you are surfing LOVOO without effort.

It will be even more user-friendly if you avail of premium membership, as this way, you won’t be shown any ad, and you won’t be stopped, for example, in sending icebreaker messages.

Sometimes, as a free user, you may forget that you have already used your icebreaker one, and you see the One online, and you have never chatted with her/him. This diminishes usability, for sure.

The design is modern, and we have not experienced any bug here.

How does LOVOO Work?

It works like any other dating website that has live video cam, chat, match, and search features. We have already seen how the chat and match process works, and by taking a look at the main page, you will immediately understand where’s everything.

It works like this: you create our profile, you upload your picture, you verify your profile. You search for users and put “like.” At some point, they will contact you back (a match has been made!), and you can start chatting.

Then, if you like each other, you can share contact and meet in real life. Then it will be up to you and to your own judgment to make things go on well.

How does LOVOO Work?


Good news for you, you dater! There is both an Apple and an Android mobile app for LOVOO. It won’t be hard to find them in your native store, as there are no similar names within the dating app’s world.

Look for it and download it. Remember that here verification is taken seriously. So, you will be asked to verify your identity by SMS. Don’t worry; they will explain everything to you—it’s not rocket science.

Alternatives of LOVOO

As a decent, working, and popular dating website, there are tons of competitors to LOVOO. Tinder, first of all, then Badoo, Meet, OkCupid, Flingster, Ashley Madison, and many others.


Now that you have seen through LOVOO, you can decide wisely if this is the right fit for you. Are you ready to chat and match and join a brand-new community?

Then LOVOO is one of the most decent places online to do so. If you are not convinced yet, you can see it yourself by trying the free version out. Have a happy match!


Contact Information

Company: The Meet Group, Inc

Address: 100 Union Square Drive New Hope, PA 18938

Phone: (215) 862-1162

Email: [email protected]

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