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Edarling Review 2024

Edarling Review 2024
About Site
Active Audience 94%
Quality Matches 75%
Popular Age 25-30
Profiles 1 250 000
Reply Rate 75%
Ease of Use 6.6
Popularity 8.0
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • You can send likes and smiles online chatting with anyone else on Edarling.
  • You can observe the complete profile of your possible match.
  • There is a chance for you to get a list of matching profiles compatibility every day.
  • You can fill out preferences to complete the profile that might help you in finding your significant other.
  • A personality test can be the best thing that can happen to you.
  • The customer service is a little lenient.

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When Was Edarling Founded?

The dating website, called Edarling, was founded back in 2008 in Berlin. The expansion of Edarling in Switzerland, Austria, Spain, and France happened a year later in 2009. By the year 2012, the wings of this company spread over the United States of America too. Nowadays, it is a well-known dating platform, which operates almost worldwide.

Who Owns Edarling?

The company’s head office is located in the birthplace of Edarling, which is Berlin. The company, named Affinitas GmbH owns it. At present, the company has about 300 employees working together to make your life bright and happy.

Registration & Profile

The Registration process of Edarling is as easy as filling out a few details in the form online. It might take you less than 15 minutes to complete the entire process.

Once you visit the Edarling website, it will ask about your identity and gender details about the person you are supposed to meet. After that, you will be asked to provide a password and email like on any other dating site. You will also have to select a username unique enough to attract the attention of other users online. It should be both expressive and concise.

After this step, the only thing that matters is timing. Since you are supposed to have the personality test, it would take you more than a few minutes to complete your registration. It is worth taking, though, because it helps you in finding your future partner quickly.

The questionnaire that you will see on the front page will have details about your love life and lifestyle. Such aspects might make it easier to find someone that can become precious to you.


The main idea of the website is based on bringing two people closer to each other with the help of a scientific personality test. Edarling analyzes your psychological type and finds another compatible user based on what you need.

Once you find someone compatible and attractive enough, it gets easier for you to connect with them online. After registering and login on to the website, you just have to open the menu. In the mobile app, it will be on the right side. There, you will see a message column that will help you in organizing your communication with others.

How To Search For People On Edarling?

Searching for people is a simple task that helps you find a perfect person who can hold your hand for a lifetime. You have to register online and fill in the questionnaire carefully. The personality test is based on modern psychology that allows you to find someone that can be your soulmate.

As a result, when you search for someone in the ‘matches’ tab on the menu, you’ll be awarded with a compatible profile. If you are not satisfied, the website will use a “power exchange” aspect to find someone else suitable enough. You can communicate with them and see if the person is right for you. Change the key information on your profile to get more options and try the search with other main points

How To Delete Edarling Account?

The process of deleting an account entirely from Edarling is quite simple. At first, you will have to open the app. If you are using the website version, you can just go directly to ‘my account’ and reach the personal information section. Find the ‘Delete my Accunt’ link, click it, and press the corresponding button. Before removing it officially, you’ll be asked to confirm your action with the password.

If you’re using your phone, the process is a bit different. You have to go to your profile for that. The front page would directly show a button to delete your account. The only common thing in both ways is that you would have to choose a specific reason you’re deleting your account.

How To Delete Edarling Account?

Members Structure

Every month, you will find 188,000 people registering online on Edarling. With about 670,000 searches on Google every month, the website is sure to grab fame worldwide. About 30 million users are located in as many as 26 countries at the present date. Almost 85% of them are well-educated youths, striving hard to find a person to love online.

With 47% male and 53% female, the website is planning to fulfill all users’ innermost desires. Many singles are looking for a long-term relationship with the help of this website.

Among these 26 countries, the ones that are using this website effectively include Germany, Austria, Turkey, Italy, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Poland, Switzerland, and many more. The first matchmaking advertisement of Edarling was launched in Europe back in 2011. This advertising campaign happened in many places, such as Spain, Germany, and France.

Sexual Preferences

When it comes to sexual preference, the company doesn’t limit your desire. You won’t have to think twice before registering online. If you want a partner of the same gender, you can find them easily on Edarling. The user base is big enough to find whoever you want, regardless of your sexual preferences.

Race and Ethnicity

You will find singles of any races and ethnicities on Edarling since the platform is well-known around the globe.

Religious Orientation

The company has no restrictions when it comes to the religion of a person. No matter what your background is, you wouldn’t be left alone in any case. Based on religion and preferences, the website strives to find you a perfect partner that can respect you for your personality and background. If religion doesn’t occupy much space in your life, you may just leave this issue, which is not a mandatory question to answer on Edarling.

Religious Orientation

Pricing Policies

When you decide to become a member of Edarling, first, you need to see through all the details of the subscriptions available. The company makes sure to keep all the information you provide while paying safe.

Three types of memberships are available on Edarling. The first is, of course, the free membership, which is similar to all other dating websites. The second option is a trial version of the premium account to get a glimpse of the paid subscription. The most affordable package is called a premium mini membership that allows you to use your time and money effectively.

Free Membership

The primary membership option that is available for all individuals is free communication tools. Edarling offers introductory services in the set of options that can help you find your other half quickly. This free version is available to ensure that the new users can get an idea of how premium membership works and choose it to use the site in full.

Following options are available free of charge:

  • You can upload photos online easily;
  • Sending likes and smiles is easy with a free account;
  • Partner suggestions can allow you to find someone new;
  • You can also see the result of the personality test.


  • A new feature called “what if” can help you in getting about 20 partner suggestions.
  • You can leave comments on various photos and posts of other members.
  • When the website offers partners for you, you can access all their photos.
  • Sending and receiving an unlimited number of messages is easy with a premium account.
  • It will be easier to see who has visited your profile.
  • The website will allow your profile to be suggested to the users online more often than the ones of free members.
  • You will get a detailed explanation of your personality test.


  • Premium mini membership is available for three months at 40€.
  • You can use a premium classic for six months at just 25€.
  • Last but not least, premium comfort is available for twelve months at 23€.

How To Cancel Edarling Paid Subscription?

The first thing you have to do for canceling the subscription is logging in to your profile. Head over to your account and select the membership option. There, you will see the cancel button so that you can shut off the auto-renewal system. You will be asked for a specific reason for the cancellation of your premium membership.

After canceling the premium membership permanently, you will receive an email to confirm your decision. If you follow this process, you can still access premium account features until your subscription period expires.

Sometimes, while using this option, you might get an email saying that your cancellation process is pending. You can contact the company’s customer service and ask them how to complete the cancellation process. It is also possible to reactivate it by going to the membership option on your profile before your subscription period.

How To Cancel Edarling Paid Subscription?

Is Edarling Safe?

Safety is the first thing that comes to mind when a particular user strives to purchase a premium account of any dating website. The situation is the same with Edarling. Still, the site encourages you to create a profile online with a little research.

Edarling gives you tips and tricks concerning safety. They provide several precautionary measures so that you don’t fall into the trap of a faker.

A website that can save personal information that you have shared while registration is the best for online dating. Edarling keeps you safe, so you don’t need to worry about data leaks.

The information may be collected in the form of your IP address, or it can be any other thing you shared for payment. Without your consent, your information is not shared with third parties.

Quality of Profiles

When you use your email to log in to your Edarling account, you will be directed to your profile at first. The majority of the members available on the website are there to find a long-term partner. That is why all the profiles available on Edarling are filled with essential details.

The website will also ask you for some personal info so that your profile can become more attractive. Most Edarling profiles are sufficient to find a perfect match for you. At the same time, you are supposed to make your profile quality higher by sharing all the needed information.

One of the essential aspects that can allow you to make your profile top-notch is filling out personality-related questions. The primary purpose behind this unique facility is the algorithm that provides you with a chance to meet the person you need in your life. The quality of your profile improves if you fill out more information. That way, you can get more likes, messages, and clicks.

Quality of Profiles

Website Design and Usability

When you open the website, you’ll find a small form asking for your and the potential partner’s details. You can directly register your account online by clicking the option below the form. If you need to know more about this website, you can go through it before registering online.

The navigation through the site is easy, no matter how good you are at surfing the internet in general. Everything is clear and straightforward to make your user experience better. The colors are calm, the fonts are simple and large, and every option is marked obviously, so it is very hard to get lost. You may also reach a help center to guide you through everything.

How Does Edarling Work?

The website works successfully, as we know from the satisfied users. When a particular person registers on the site, the company reminds them about the benefits of VIP membership. Once you purchase the premium account, you will get a chance to use enhanced features that can change your love life.

Before you register and purchase a premium account, you are asked to answer all the personality questions. Do so, and you will get the people who match you well and would love to hang out with you. The algorithm was specifically made based on all the psychological and personality aspects that bring extra to the site’s effectiveness.

Edarling also makes sure to give you profiling tips and provide the other information about how it is keeping you safe. You also get to see a special counseling section for the users dealing with depression because of a breakup.

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Edarling App

The app is available for both Apple and Android phones. You can use your mobile phone to take the test, which is the same as the one on the website. Filling out preferences in your profile helps you in finding compatible users daily. You can also view the complete profile of your matches and send smiles.

Alternatives of Edarling

  • Tantan
    About a hundred million people are using this app worldwide. It is a new circle of friends where you can quickly connect with other members and find a date online.
  • MEEFF – Make Global Friends
    The company has about 4 million users online striving to find a perfect partner. Even though a significant amount of users belong to Korea, other members come from 190 countries.


It is a convenient platform that focuses on the protection of the users online. At first glance, you will find that this website is unique and uses science to find a partner for a long-term relationship. Even though the premium membership amount is high, you can always use the free version to do basic things.

Contact Information

  • Company: Affinity GmbH
  • Address: Kohlfurter Straße 41/43, 10999 Berlin
  • Phone: 030 22 386 739
  • Email: [email protected]
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