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Chatspin Review

Chatspin Review
About Site
Active Audience 59%
Quality Matches 92%
Popular Age 18-25
Profiles 2 000 000
Reply Rate 89%
Ease of Use 6.4
Popularity 8.6
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Highly understandable
  • Fast
  • There is both an Android and an Apple mobile app.
  • A lot of users online
  • Maybe too many research filters

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Chatspin a fast and popular app that lends you the camera service for a little while—to help you meet new people from around the world. All you need to do is to be in front of your desktop. Switch the camera on, and then switch Chatspin on.

An excellent way to make new friends, to improve your language skills, or just to take a look outside your tiny village: this is what Chatspin will help you do. We will give you an overall look at this app, trying to find out what works and what does not as well as useful features and negligible ones.

Follow us to know whether Chatspin is the best way for you to spend this afternoon or not.

Chatspin Review 2020

When was Chatspin Founded?

2015 was the year when chat roulettes were already old-style communication, and Instagram’s constant growth was tackling social media spread. Founding Chatspin was a courageous idea in those times.

This American video chat app is one of the most famous in the world now, with its thousands of users and faces. From the development of a simple idea, using top-class marketing and excellent care of detail, Chatspin got to the place where it is now.

Who Owns Chatspin?

The company has its headquarters in Sacramento, California, a street like many others in that area. According to justia.com, Chatspin is a registered trademark owned by Brentwood Holding Group Inc. The same corporation is, probably, the owner.

Registration & Profile

The registration process, as far as you can switch your device on, is monkey-proof—type “Chatspin” in your research browser. Bear in mind that you can use Chatspin from your web browser, from your mobile browser, or your iPhone, and finally, your Android phone.

So, talking about the web browser version—search for Chatspin and go to their main page. Here you will have to look for the “start chatting now” button. Everything is as easy as it sounds; you won’t have to give them your credit card details. You won’t have to provide your personal ID register. All that you will need to do is to type your username, sex, and location.

Unlike Chat Roulette, a similar app in some ways, in Chatspin, you are allowed to use age and sex filters. Actually, you can do many things, but it’s not the right time to talk about them, we will experience them later on this review.

Let’s talk about the filters—they justify all the questions the webmaster is asking you for your registration, don’t they? Now you have filled all the fields in the registration form, and you are ready to get on board and start your Chatspin roulette.

Registration & Profile


The communication process is simple. If you are a shy person, it may be a little more intense, as you are not chatting with people via text. You are actually speaking to them through your camera.

You can’t hide under a coat if you tell a bad joke and no one laughs! So, be prepared with the “next” button. If you see they don’t laugh, if you don’t like the person in front of you, or if you would just like to move forward, click the button!

No one will remember your lousy joke, your constant silence, and your strange yellow hat. Just joking: our recommendation is to be as polite as you should be in real life. Don’t feel justified in doing unsocial things, just because the other person is not here next to you.

You may feel like you are virtually kicking people out of your apartment, by switching to “next” and moving forward, but it’s not really like that. So, behave and chat properly! Then, if you really don’t like being in front of a camera, just use the text chat. Yes, there’s a text chat. Nothing’s missing here.

How to Search for People on Chatspin?

You have found your soulmate, your best friend, or the most stylish person on Earth. Unfortunately, you have met this person on Chatspin, and you don’t know if you will be able to chat with him/her again.

Don’t worry about that. There’s the browser solution! Here you can look for people by their name. So, remember it, in case you’ll forget it, you can use the filters to try to reach him/her out.

It’s not that easy, so if you are into someone, save the nickname and use it in the future.

Let’s talk a little about the research filters: there are age, location, nickname, and face filters. Face filters, if you are familiar with Snapchat, are something like Snapchat’s filters. Basically, they are fun and a quite good conversation starter. Use them, but don’t abuse them.

How to Delete Your Chatspin Account?

An account is like a bicycle in your garage. Wheels are involved in this comparison, but let’s not consider them as much as this: they may get rusty if you leave them for a long time, catching moisture and dust.

This is quite a nonsense reason to close an account. Still, you may need to close your account to delete your personal information from their server forever.

Go to the account settings and look for the “delete account” feature. If you would like all your personal information to be deleted and not sold to third parties—we can’t see the point here, but you can be willing to do that—write to the Customer Support and ask them directly to do so.

How to Delete Your Chatspin Account?

Members Structure

You can find a lot of different members here. Imagine a square where people gather. That’s Chatspin. There may be no reason in looking for similarities with real life, but you must understand that admins here on Chatspin care a lot about safety on the website.

Therefore, the environment looks more like a massive community than a scammers’ haven. We need to state this, before talking about the audience, because if you are, for example, looking for a dating website or app, you might be already aware of how the natural environment here is like.

Not everyone is always friendly; let’s say it that way. Now let’s analyze the audience further.

Sexual Orientations

It’s quite hard to tell that, as not everyone here is seeking a mate. Plus, you can’t actually select your sexual orientation. So, in the end, it’s quite tricky to find a ratio. You can choose your preferences in the research filters.

These will show you only people who fall under the main category you have selected. The filters are a lot, so take a look and see if you like them!

Race and Ethnicity

There’s no primary ethnicity represented here. You will find most people from North America, but there are some from Europe and Africa. Not that many from Asia and South America, maybe.

The primary language spoken is English, although some people are here to practice English, and which is not their first language. There’s no really any advantage in saying all this information beforehand, as the users vary a lot through time, and there is no entry barrier.

We mean that people are not paying for being here, so they subscribe and unsubscribe very easily. The precise ratio is hard to find.

Religious Orientation

There’s no telling of religious orientation on Chatspin. We always recommend looking for specific religious platforms if you are a religious person seeking like-minded people.

Let’s say the environment is safe enough for you to avoid violence, abuse, offense, nudity, and so on. The report function works very well, so feel free to use it whenever you feel threatened by another user’s behavior. But there can be no guarantee of the moral safety of the environment. You will need to use your own judgment.

Religious Orientation

Pricing Policies

There is a free membership available, which allows you to do everything on the website. Of course, with a paid membership, you can always do more. Here, you can do better research to find people. For example, you will be able to pick whether you would like to chat with men or with women.

Free Membership

With a free membership, you can create your profile, chat, video chat, select face filters, and some research filters (we will talk about them further in the next paragraph). So, if you are wondering whether Chatspin may be the right fit for you, you can just give it a try. For free.

You can buy one month of a paid membership for $22,99 or 1 week for $7,99. With a premium membership, you can choose to chat only with women or only with men.

Or, you can choose the country—you can keep the chat private and use cryptography and circumvent moderators legally. You can also go backward to a video chat you liked before, but which you have skipped in a rush.

You can delete ads. And, the last one, you can show a VIP badge on your profile. Every other user will see that you are a paying user which may boost the trust you are trying to build with the community here on Chatspin.

How to Cancel Chatspin PaidSsubscription?

It’s not difficult to do that, even though they would like to have you on board for as long as possible. So, go to the “plus” icon in the center of your screen.

This will display you all the pricing policies and the membership you are subscribed to. Did the deadline pass, and you didn’t notice? Then, your membership has been renewed. No scams, you have signed for it by accepting the Terms and Conditions of the website. If you would like to stop your membership from being renewed, you should just unsubscribe beforehand. That’s it.

How to Cancel Chatspin PaidSsubscription?

Is Chatspin Safe?

Safety is one of the core concerns of webmasters here in Chatspin. They are trying to assure you as much security as possible, especially for what concerns payments.

The website’s security measures are strict. Of course, they try to prevent other users from scamming you in easy ways. There are the catfish scam, the perfect con, the e-whores, and so on. You should use your common sense and Internet common sense, most of all.

Quality of Profiles

The profile contains a lot of information, so you can use filters to seek specific types of people. There are users from different countries on Chatspin. Some of them are looking for the perfect pair, while others are just here to have a chat. In general, people here don’t feel the sense of community that much.

Everyone is here on his/her own, with his/her personal experience, trying to take the best of this platform. If you are a part of a bigger family, the trust and confidence you create will allow you to feel positive about other people’s misbehavior. So the profiles’ quality is generally high.

Quality of Profiles

Website Design and Usability

You can’t lose yourself on Chatspin. It’s virtually impossible, as all the tabs are plainly displayed on the toolbar, in your browser or app view. You can just select the thing you would like to do, or the page you would like to be into, and that’s done.

A highly usable website with a modern and friendly design—the pictures shown to you are not arousing and dirty, they are regular people with smiles on their faces, hugging each other and shaking hands. The whole idea the design is conveying is a friendly place vibe—not only according to the appearance but also according to the audience, the users.

How does Chatspin Work?

Open the main page. Do you see the “plus” icon in the middle of it? It’s the upgrade page, so don’t push it, you don’t need it now. See the small gear on the top left of the page? Settings, of course. Use them to select your research filters, your notifications, and so on.

Be careful, as the chat will suddenly start as soon as you enter the website/app. So, you should be sure your hair is ok; your makeup is on, your cat is not on the keyboard, beforehand.

Press the “pause and go” button to pause and play the chat. Skip users using the cursor. Everything else is within the interface, like the face masks to grant you anonymity online, or the Snapchat-like filters. They are fun to use, especially if you don’t always know how to start a conversation. Fun is always a good conversation starter.

These are only the main functions displayed. They are a lot if compared to the average random chat app, but the main page is not busy. It won’t be hard for you to use Chatspin; that’s a fact.

How does Chatspin Work?

Chatspin App

The Chatspin’s app is available both for Android and Apple. You can easily download it from your App Store or Google Play and install it. Just like you are already used to do with other apps.

You will need to access the app by typing your name only. Then you will be on board. The app is highly useful as well, and as easy to understand as the web browser version.

Would you like to chat on a business trip? If you don’t have a laptop with you, you can still use the Android or Apple app of Chatspin.

Alternatives of Chatspin

The best alternatives are the one-and-only Chat Roulette. Even though Cat Roulette does not have all the functionalities available here in Chatspin, another good one is ChatRandom.


Still unsure about random chats? Well, we can understand they are quite different from regular chats and video cams. Maybe the whole idea of random video chats comes from the speed dating experience.

So, you need to like that, for instance. You need to like the thrill of shifting in the middle of a conversation. You have to feel the magic in the air once you have pushed your “next” button.

This is how Chatspin works. We hope this review has helped you find the type of people you were looking for. As Chatspin has really a lot of features, more than the average random video chat app, we strongly recommend trying it. After all, it’s free!


Contact Information

Company: Chatspin

Address: 1625 North Market Blvd., Suite N 112, Sacramento, California 95834

Phone: (800) 952-5210 or (916) 445-1254

Email: [email protected]

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