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E-chat Review

E-chat Review
About Site
Active Audience 94%
Quality Matches 91%
Popular Age 20-30
Profiles 2 500
Reply Rate 88%
Ease of Use 7.4
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • You don't need to provide your email address
  • Most members seem to be pretty active
  • There are many various chat rooms on different topics
  • Full of interesting people ready to talk at all times
  • All features are free
  • There is no app available
  • There is close to no site maintenance going on
  • If you're using your mobile browser, it may take a little longer for the page to load
  • This site is not ideal for dating
  • You will find most features on the lower part of the page, which is counter-intuitive

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E-chat is a platform shrouded in mystery, from its appearance to its origins. It’s also incredibly minimal design-wise, offering its users an opportunity to chat in real-time. You won’t find much information about E-chat; also, don’t hold your breath for any updates and maintenance! It seems that the only thing that keeps this site going is its users’ unstoppable desire to chat. For a site that almost seems abandoned by its own developers, it seems to be doing pretty well given the level of dedication demonstrated by users!

When Was E-chat Founded?

E-chat was founded in 2012, so it now boasts almost a decade of experience. For a service that is barely maintained, this is a good indicator, indeed.

Who Owns E-chat?

E-chat is registered as a non-profit organization. Still, any information about its creators remains unknown. A truly non-profit organization, indeed, if no one seems to claim ownership.

Registration And Profile

Users will be happy to know that the whole signing up process on E-chat takes only about one minute, and they won’t need to give out any personal or financial information about themselves. While a huge advantage is that people have full access to all the platform’s features for free, there is no way to deactivate one’s account, which might be a little off-putting for some.

E-chat is refreshing in the way that it’s unpretentious and focuses mainly on chatting. It’s easy to get an account on it without exposing any sensitive information, and all one needs to do is choose a username, create and confirm their password to be in! On the other hand, registering so quickly and easily can also mean that you rarely know who you’re talking to, and you have close to zero security! So, the best thing people can do is be careful in their interactions in order to avoid scammers. One should stop all communication with other users if things seem a little weird.

Registration And Profile


When it comes to communication, E-chat excels at it, since chatting is the main feature of the site! This means members are usually responsive and eager to talk to each other, especially since they get to see in real-time who’s online. If you’re a bit more private in your interactions, you’ll be very happy to know that this simple site thought of your needs. People can send private messages in anyone’s chat room, also free of cost! The main advantage of E-chat is the huge number of users active each and every day!

Newcomers should be prepared to receive messages as soon as they enter a chatroom, so get your fingers ready for lots and lots of typing! With so many users, it’s only natural that people will have some lovely conversations, but also some more weird ones as well. If you find it challenging to keep track of all users that you’ve interacted with, it’s good to know that your messaging history will not be deleted, so you can quickly go through it whenever you feel like it.

Anyone can get started on this site by joining a chat room that sparks your interest and getting used to the way things work around here. Once you do so, be aware that all other users in that particular chat room will see you as online, so get ready to respond to messages coming your way.

There are chatrooms available or many different topics and joining them is always free. If you find one that you’re very fond of, you can embed it to your own site. Also, you should feel free to create your own website if you just think you have an excellent idea for one. Joining a chatroom and participating in the group conversation is a unique way of acquainting yourself with the community. By joining a chatroom, users will automatically appear online to everybody in that chatroom. They get to see who’s online in real-time too. Chatrooms are really the one feature that sets E-chat apart from all other platforms of the same nature. One should think of them as themed chats, quickly dedicated to a particular subject that may include LGBTQ+ topics, sex, sports, and pretty much anything else anyone has ever talked about. They are so diverse that anyone can literally talk about sex in one window and about movies in the next, SO get ready to keep your brain entertained.

If you don’t seem to find something quite right for you, you should always have a little initiative and create your own chatroom on a topic to your liking. But people won’t be notified of a new chatroom’s existence automatically, so if you want someone to talk to, you shouldn’t forget to invite other users to join in the fun. If users go for this option, they will be able to customize their chatroom, block people, and remove messages that they don’t want to display.


How To Search For People On E-Chat?

E-chat’s main focus is on the chat rooms. These are basically themed conversations on a huge variety of topics such as sexuality but not only. The theme of a chat room is a pretty clear indication of what the conversation is all about there, so users can choose one that they find exciting. To come across other like-minded people, members can create their own chat rooms. It is not difficult at all, as you can find these options at the bottom of the page.

After you have created and named your chatroom, it’s time to invite other users to join. As each chat room has a unique number, all you need to do is send the link to your room to the site. As the creator of the chat room, you can customize some features. A creator also gets access to a moderator panel from where they can play with different settings and ban other users or delete their messages if they’ve said something wrong, or even worse, if they’ve been abusive.

How To Search For People On E-Chat

How To Delete E-chat Account?

Unfortunately, E-chat will not give you the option to delete or deactivate your account. All you can do is sign in and out the site. This is definitely something to keep in mind before registering one’s profile.

Members Structure

E-chat reunites members of all ages and from all over the world. People here just want to have someone else to chat with, others are interested in a little more than that, whereas some get bored with the platform from the first time they’ve used it. On the other hand, millions of users are active on E-chat daily, so it’s nearly impossible not to find someone like-minded to have an exciting conversation about anything.

Members Structure

Sexual Preferences

With millions of active users, E-chat hosts people with different sexual preferences, as seen from some of the topics discussed in the chatrooms. So, whether users are straight, gay, lesbian, bi, or anywhere else in between those lines, they are most likely to find a chat room or just other users who share their views on the sexuality preferences topic.

Race And Ethnicity

E-chat has done a great job at giving its users the sense of community and belonging. There are different chatrooms dedicates to users of specific races and ethnicity, such as African American, Mexican, Asian and many other groups. Wherever you are from, there are bound to be people like you on E-chat, who will make it for the most enjoyable company.

Religious Orientation

This site is all about being inclusive, so it comes as no surprise that there are conversation topics for users with all religious orientations, be it Christianity, Buddhism, Judaism and more. If religion is a topic that you want to discuss with people outside of your community or perhaps with others of the same religious orientation as you, your best chance is joining the E-chat global community!

Pricing Policies

You can enjoy E-chat’s full services for free, always and from anywhere. As soon as you register, you can let the fun begin without any financial worries. It is a non-profit, after all. So, they are not fishing for users’ money, literally not a dime of it.

Is E-chat Safe?

Since you’re not required much personal information when signing up, there isn’t much to be leaked. Also, all messages are encrypted. You can also use VPN that ensures some extra protection against having your IP tracked. E-chat is safe enough, especially if you don’t share too much information about yourself, i.e., information that you’re not comfortable with other people knowing. While you cannot block other users from contacting you, you can remove someone if you have created your chatroom.

Is E-chat Safe

Quality Of Profiles

You cannot say that user profiles are very high-quality, especially since there is little to no information shared in them. If you want to remain anonymous and enjoy chatting with a stranger, this might be the place for you!

Website Design And Usability

Navigation-wise, E-chat is one of the easiest things that you have ever seen. This site has a simple and clean design that makes finding a particular feature you may be looking for a no brainer. Most features are located in the lower part of the page. While everything might look a little outdated, the fact that it gives you access to everything you need chat-wise so easily makes up for it entirely.

This kind of outdated looks comes with a unique feeling of nostalgia, which may take you back in time to similar chat sites of the 2000s. But, if you compare E-chat with others, more modern places, you’ll see pretty fast just how outdated it is. The design is so simplistic, and the fonts are so bulky that you might find yourself wondering how this platform is still available and doing as well. Most probably, there are many millennials out there hanging out on it. All in all, it’s entirely up to you, your taste, expectations, and goals regarding the amount of fun and interaction you’ll experience on this quite unique platform.

Website Design And Usability

How Does E-chat Work?

The main attraction when joining the E-chat community is definitely the fun chatrooms. These are something like group chats, the only difference being that they have their own particular themes of discussion. With millions of users online every day, you can only imagine the variety of topics. They vary from sex, sportive interests, anime, and depression, covering pretty much all imaginable themes of conversation.

You can join any group that catches your eye, all for free, and if you find that no one has thought of a particular subject that you would be interested in debating, you can always create your own, unique chatroom. Another special perk that E-chat offers its users is the possibility to embed your E-chat chatbox to your own site, and it will be linked to your central system. Keep in mind that you can only insert a chatroom that you’re managing as your own. The latter also comes with a few advantages regarding how you can customize it and remove other users from it. You can adjust the size of the chatbox, along with colors, border, background, language, text color and many others.

How Does E-chat Work

E-chat App

E-chat has not provided any app so far for its users, but you can always access the site through your mobile browser. Given the huge number of users that this platform enjoys, there is no app that is quite a disappointment to some. Using all E-chat features via mobile browsers is not that bad if you think about it. But give the day and age in which we live, E-chats falls short, very short on this particular subject.

E-chat App

Alternatives Of E-chat

Instead of E-chat, you may want to look at WhatsApp, Viber, LINE, WeChat, aTalk, Mini WA+, Omegle, and FaceCat name a few. If, however, you want to chat with strangers because your love life is somewhat lacking, we advise against using E-chat or any of its alternatives. All of these platforms are for casual chats that never result in something as tangible as dates or hookups. When looking for a fully-fledged dating service, define your specifics and go for it. Today, there are dating sites catering to almost any dating intention and lifestyle habits.

Alternatives Of E-chat


All in all, E-chat is unique in all its aspects, and for all its hardcore fans that stuck with it for so many years, it’s definitely the place to be, but you shouldn’t keep your breath for an update! The huge number of chatrooms, all on different topics, and that address every discussion imaginable under the sun is definitely the main attraction on E-chat, along with the possibility of creating your own chatroom! So, if you’re interested in chatting with random people on all matters of life, E-chat is just a few clicks away and ready for you, along with its millions of active users!

Contact Information

  • Company: E-chat, non-profit organization
  • Address: n/a
  • Phone: n/a
  • Email: [email protected]
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