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ColombianCupid Review 2024

ColombianCupid Review 2024
About Site
Active Audience 60%
Quality Matches 89%
Popular Age 20-30
Profiles 1 500 000
Reply Rate 85%
Ease of Use 6.4
Popularity 9.1
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Excellent clear and romantic interface.
  • It has reliable security and safety.
  • It has a chat room.
  • It has a working mobile app.
  • It is only available to Colombians.
  • It has no email verification options.
  • It has a cumbersome profile completion process.

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This branch of the famous Cupid group of companies. ColombianCupid optimizes its platform and strives to give its millions of customers the best service.

When Was ColombianCupid Founded?

ColombianCupid is a part of Cupid Media Pty Ltd, founded in Australia in 1999. This company specializes in developing database-based dating sites.

Who Owns ColombianCupid?

ColombianCupid is owned by the Cupid group of dating sites, who are reputed to be the leader in online dating services. Boasting tens of unique dating platforms using the term Cupid, the Cupid group of companies has the main aim of helping couples find sustainable and beautiful love. Little wonder it is named after the angel of love, Cupid.

ColombianCupid is merely one of the many subsidiaries, and it is worthy of note that this Cupid subsidiary is one of the newest.

Who Owns ColombianCupid?

Registration & Profile

All you need is to fill in the form with your name, location, email address, and password to register and to be a part of the ColombianCupid. Have the following handy as there are indeed no take-backs coupled with its strict policies. The registration process takes a mere five minutes of your time as it utilizes speed as a way to gauge your honesty or frankly lack of it. Also, there is no email verification process. It has its advantages and now begs the question. Is this site safe? It does not do email verification. ColombianCupid makes use of a location tracker to curb frauds — this is done to prevent undue interference on dating profiles and protect members from attack, and a potential loss of funds. There is a three-strike policy on this site as if a person attempts to register three times and fails background checks such a person would be permanently locked out of ColombianCupid.


Members can communicate with each other with relative ease; communication is one of the least problems on this site. You must be a paying subscriber to message others and enjoy the wealth of opportunities available in finding love, making friends, and getting acquainted with the man or woman across the city. Worthy of note is that there are more men than women on this site. Overall, the better your profile, the more responses and response ways of fellow ColombianCupid members.

Most of the users are real people, and so do not bother with fears of you chatting with a mere robot or a violator. Anyway, if somebody disturbs you, you can block annoying members using the block feature that is available on your profile page. It has a search option that helps filter awesome matches, doing so with the sole aim of leaving you with a smile on your face. There is a super cool chat room on this site as let us face it, once in a while, who does not love the banter and the comrade nature of funny dating app chat rooms? So, as members of Colombian Cupid, just act cool, and you’ll get a response.


How to Search for People on ColombianCupid

You go to the toggle right up and proceed to search for your match. The site then gives you a plethora of filters to choose. These range from height preferences to weight specifications to eye colors to unique character traits and basic hobbies. It gives you the perfect matches. Then, you can arrange your pitch and proceed to message the intended user, kindly note that you must be a paying subscriber of this website to enjoy this feature entirely.

How to Delete ColombianCupid Account?

Just as it is easy to join the dating website platform or application, so is the fact that it is quite easy to delete it and pretend that nothing happened. Times change, people change, and desires change too. Hence it is not far from a possibility that indeed members of this unique site might get bored or maybe even find a better alternative to their dating fantasies. To delete your ColombianCupid account, you go to the contact us section, which is located under the profile section or at the bottom of the website screen. On getting the contact details, you proceed to message the email or call the hotline provided for users. You then clearly state that you want to delete your account at the earliest possible time. Sometimes it does not have to be that long, as all you have to do is to go offline for a long time, and the account will be automatically deleted. Kindly take care and be sure that this is what you want as the website operates on a rigid, no take-backs policy.

How to Delete ColombianCupid Account?

Members Structure

  • Total Members

    ColombianCupid is made up of a select bunch as it has a meager 110,000 members as well as over 4,000 paying users, making the website a second home for many. It is mainly due to its difficulty in registering and its closed target audience.

  • Top Geography

    ColombianCupid does not mince words. It is centered on making the most of the singles Colombian scene. It makes use of the location feature, and once it is discovered that an intending user is not a Colombian, he or she would be blocked from signing up.

  • Age

    This website has a strict no minors’ policy, and it has a minimum age of 18. Necessary checks and important steps are taken to ensure minors are not allowed on this platform. There is no maximum age as older people can join in on the fun too.

Sexual Preferences

All sexual orientations are welcome on ColombianCupid as there is no bias or discrimination whatsoever. Men and women are welcome on this site as is apparent from the homepage, which denotes that a man can be interested in a man or a woman, and the woman can be interested in a man or fellow woman. It is done with grace as ColombianCupid aims at getting Cupid to hit you with his bow and arrow no matter your sexual preference or spec.

Sexual Preferences

Race and Ethnicity

All races are allowed on this ultra-modern platform, as is the mantra for the entire Cupid associated dating companies. However, members must be from Colombia or at least based in Colombia or have great Colombian affiliations. It uses a location tracker to curb frauds as it is not rare to find out that a couple of no do goods are posing as Colombian men and women to play on the emotional instability of fellow users. However, Colombia Cupid is a hotbed as it allows all races to be a part of this lovely experience. Races such as Whites, Blacks, Latinos, Hispanics, and the rest are certainly not left out, unlike a couple of other competitors that are so focused on appealing to a specific type of client, not caring for the harm it does to those that feel maligned.

Religious Orientation

This website is open to all religions. You can find Catholic Christians, Pentecostal Christians, the unorthodox, Muslims, and the less popular religion sects. ColombianCupid is known to have no bias or hate towards a sect. You would assume that since it is a website based in Colombia, then it would be a strictly Roman Catholic faith site, but that is, in fact, and all due honesty extremely inaccurate. This site caters to the religious masses and provides a comfortable home to a diverse clientele. Please note that it does not allow for religious propaganda on the website or mobile phone application.

Religious Orientation

Pricing Polices

ColombianCupid is not a free website; neither is it a charity project. It is paid for and uses such customer charges to ensure that the best quality services can be provided for both old and new members. The pricing policy is as follows:

Duration / Credits / Coins Costs Total

Platinum Membership

  • 12 Months 12.50 USD / Month 149.99 USD
  • 3 Months 23.33 USD / Month 69.98 USD
  • 1 Month 34.99 USD / Month 34.99 USD

Gold Membership

  • 12 Months 10.00 USD / Month 119.98 USD
  • 3 Months 20.00 USD / Month 59.99 USD
  • 1 Month 29.98 USD / Month 29.98 USD

Free Membership

Do you want to be a free member of Colombian Cupid? Okay, that is fine. However, are you ready to be a clear and obvious “second-class citizen” of an illustrious dating website? Free members can search for matches and enjoy the most basic of features. They can log in and view the website and also download the application for free and scour around. Free members can even update their profiles and do so at a regular rate with ambient poise. However, sadly free members can be on the site and look at love stories and beautiful people, but most importantly, they cannot chat.

Free Membership

They are the real deal. Paid members can now join chat rooms; they can chat with any members that tickle their fancy or get their hormones surging. They are also provided with full and advanced matching options, which give them a clearer and more realizable option or dream of finding that awesome partner. Paid members can also upload more pictures which ensure that they can be seen from different interesting angles. Also, as a paying member, you can choose to put an end in the annoying Ads that are constantly on the website home page and occasionally creep into the user profile.

How to Cancel ColombianCupid Paid Subscription?

You go to the contact us section, which can be located on the user profile section or at the bottom of the website screen. You then fill out your name, email address, the reason for displeasure, and proof of payment of subscription. These are quite necessary as it proves that this is indeed not a mere robot and is indeed a user on the verge of calling it quits. On filling all the necessary details, a termination notice will be sent to your mail within a few minutes or occasionally an hour. Kindly take note that there are no refunds of this action as it is important that you, as a member, know that is the last possible resort. No take-backs and certainly no cold feet later on.

How to Cancel ColombianCupid Paid Subscription?

Is ColombianCupid Safe?

ColombianCupid is very safe, and it has shown this time and time again over the last few months. The website is super protected and secure from hacks, attacks, etc. It has conformed with and passed various national, regional, and international security checks, which are garnered at rating online dating site’s safety and ease of access. It shows off its safety from how it detects fraudulent accounts by using the location feature right from the start and sign up process on the website homepage. Sadly, there is a loophole as no email verification, and this begs a lot of questions. ColombianCupid has amazing reviews on the Google play store, so it is clear to everyone that it is getting something right. No one gets an average of 4 stars and does so without actually deserving those four stars.

Quality of Profiles

Profile quality is average at best, with limited features and a limited interface that does not show off the user’s strong points. However, you must nurture the profile carefully and graciously as it is the first thing a user would see to check out. Your profile is the potential gateway to a fellow user’s good books, so treat it as such and try to make the most out of its limitations. Care must be taken when crafting a catchy profile.

Quality of Profiles

Website Design and Usability

If there is one thing that stands out in Colombian Cupid, it is certainly its website design. This website has an awesome design that was well thought out as it has a rich color. Let’s not forget the super cool widgets that are quite easy to access. It is very usable and has widgets in the right places. There is also a super cool customer support team that attends to users of the site cordially and right on time. The website sets the scene for what is to come.

How does ColombianCupid Work?

You sign in and wait for acceptance, you take out your time and do this as accurately as possible as it has three strikes, and you are out policy. On registration, you proceed to pay for a subscription plan, which is your gateway and only permission possible to now chat with other users with relative ease. You then proceed to search and use the filters to get what you want. Be polite and sweet when you are chatting with other users. Also, there is a chat in case you get tired while you are in the message windows of new friends. Do you not like the interface? Simply download the app.

ColombianCupid App

The app is available on the Google play store and the iOS app store for Android users and iPhone users, respectively. This mobile companion application is merely a copy of the site, and it is quite easy to use – just like the website that we are all used to. It is great as this shows that Cupid is following new world practices as we all know that every company out there aims to get apps that users can use on the go. The app is completely free and links you to your page on the original website.

Alternatives of ColombianCupid

As with all major companies, worldwide ColombianCupid has major competition for the ever-moving dating game, such competition includes:

  • Biker Planet

    An awesome, accomplished, and well laid-out site. Biker Planet has been servicing the dating needs and demands of the North American biking community for quite some time now. It makes use of an awesome matching interface and has one of the best websites designs out there.

  • eDarling

    One of the famous eHarmony family members, eDarling, is the biggest German inclined dating website in the world. It makes use of great customer service, a hyper-sweet website design, and let us not even go into the perks it receives as being a member of eHarmony.



It is one of the best dating sites in Colombia and one of the best in the South American continent. It gives members a chance for love and fun, and it does so by putting customers first and ensuring that they have such value for money. It is modern, keeping with the goals of Cupid the brand and also possesses awesome security features that give users that sense of safety. It is affordable, downloadable, and very usable. A nice proposition for the single and search men and women out there.

Contact Information

Company: Cupid Group of Companies

Address: Level 52502 / 5 Lawson Street Southport QLD 4215, Australia


Australia: (07) 3063 4019

United Kingdom: 0808 164 8301

United States / Canada: 1-844-387-8034

International: +61 7 3063 4019

Email: [email protected]

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