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Blk Review 2024

Blk Review 2024
About Site
Active Audience 70%
Quality Matches 92%
Popular Age 25-30
Profiles 1 000 000
Reply Rate 86%
Ease of Use 8.9
Popularity 8.4
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • A beautiful and safe place to chat and date only to a specific ethnic group;
  • Highly usable
  • A lot of users online
  • Highly understandable interface
  • No web browser version, only the mobile app

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Blk’s primary goal? To make black people chat and date. That’s the main website’s goal, but before classifying it as a regular dating/hookup website, consider that every website is hosting a community.

So, every online niche can be considered as a big family gathering for Christmas. Everyone in a dating/hookup website should feel safe and free to express him/herself.

Follow us in this review if you would like to understand more about this popular dating app. We will go through its most popular and used features, hoping that an overall look will help you know if here the magic happened, and there is really that community we were writing for at the beginning.

Aren’t you looking for a community, but just for a hookup or for good sexting? Well, we don’t judge. If you are curious about those features as well, read on. Everything will be clear at the end of this review.

Blk Review 2020

When Was Blk Founded?

It was a sunny and glorious day for the online dating world when a bunch of developers met to develop a new Android and Apple app. No computer needed, in the goal, they had in mind: make black people meet and date.

Who Owns Blk?

Blk is a part of a network of dating websites, all owned by Affinity Apps LLC. The other apps are Chispa – dating for Latinos, Fth – Christian Dating.

The main goal of this network is to create ethnic and religious communities, hoping that this helps people feel safer in an environment and makes them date more. In Latinos and Black people, it’s sometimes just a matter of body type, and only occasionally, shared experience.

While in Christian dating, the idea is that in Fth, you can find people like-minded and with shared experiences, possibly.

Who Owns Blk?

Registration & Profile

Creating a profile is the most natural step here. If you worry about that part, don’t be. As maybe all the apps on the official Android and Apple stores, Blk helps you out signing-up quickly and safely.

They already have details of your phone and your connection, don’t they? So all that you need to sign-up is your name, e-mail, and a safe password, which will be memorized by your phone helping you for next time.

Logging-in is quick, as well. So here we go with the hardest step: creating a meaningful profile, which can help you enhance your positive feature and put the bad ones into the shade! Or maybe, this could not be the right approach.

Maybe your profile should just tell, in a humble yet fun way, who you are. There are no super-men nor super-women on dating websites. And if you find them, be suspicious and don’t trust them at first type.

People on dating websites seek real people and meaningful interactions. Here in Blk, there’s no actual community, as there are no public spaces where people can chat in public chat rooms and send jokes to each other publicly.

Here, the only way to have to create a shared experience with other users is the private chat. And your business card is your profile. So, keep it short but don’t be shy and manage your poetry skills.


You can’t actually chat with whomever you want, here in Blk App. You have to be “liked” first. When you see through profiles, you can go to the swipe section and see one profile at once. Here you can choose if “yes,” the person you are seeing might interest you.

Or “no,” he/she can’t. By selecting a “no,” the person will not be able to contact you again, except for certain cases, which we will see later on. You can also send a “heart” to that person, and he/she will see that you are putting him/her in your favorites.

How To Search For People On Blk?

The “like” feature might be handy for you to create new friends and matches. You can also browse profiles freely using the “search” feature, but we recommend using “match” section.

Imagine this: will you feel unique if you are the result of the research? Or, if in a crowd of people, another person will select you because you are beautiful, or fun in your description?

There’s no unique answer to this question. Still, many people prefer being selected by a match. You can also like a person back, and there is the possibility of being even more confident, in this case. What a better starting block than a mutual like?

How to Search for People on Blk?

How To Delete Your Blk Account?

Bear in mind that by going offline, you sort of freeze your account. By deleting the app, you are sort of freezing it, but you will be able to download the app again in the future.

We suggest this way: if you are bored by Blk, or you have found a match, and you are successfully dating at the moment: just delete the app.

Then, if you have decided you have found what you were looking for and you don’t want your profile to be on Blk anymore, just go to the account section and go for the tab “delete profile.”

This will take you out forever. We are joking, you will still be able to subscribe again, but you will need to do all from the beginning. One last thing: if you are afraid your information is sold to third parties, we recommend you read the Terms and Conditions carefully before subscribing.

Everything is written there. You will find the info such as: how much you can expect to be hidden from the public, or how many details of you will remain to the webmasters. Everyone has his own policy.

How to Search for People on Blk?

Members Structure

There are thousands of users online on Blk. The total amount of members keeps changing every day, but you can tell from the large numbers of likes you can put every month: there’s a crowd here.

You can be of whatever sexual preference, race and religious orientation you like. Still, this is a website where black people look for black people. It’s a weird being of another ethnicity and being here to find “the other one” as you like.

The average age range spans from 25 to 55 years old. There are younger and older people, but that is the main ratio.

About geo-localization: you can’t download the app from certain countries. The vast majority of users are from the US and Canada, so this is the central geographic pertinence.

Sexual Preferences

You can be here on Blk if you are looking for a straight relationship or a homosexual relationship. Still, there are more straight people online, and a lot more men than women.

A usual thing, for dating websites and apps, so nothing to be worried about. If you are a straight woman here, you may find someone faster.

Race And Ethnicity

The primary ethnicity is, of course, African-American. To be honest, we haven’t found any profile picture which differs from the overall black trend, so we can’t say there are outsiders.

Still, we received some feedback telling us that there are sometimes Caucasian and Asian users, as well. But mainly, this is a black people’s website.

Religious Orientations

There’s usually no telling of which is the primary religious orientation on a dating app or website. You can chat with a person directly and ask for it, but sometimes it sounds rude to ask on a platform meant to be light and not to take people too seriously.

We are not saying that it is wrong asking for a religious preference when you are meeting someone. Just consider this as a premise for a longer relationship, ad go on chatting.

But we always recommend looking for specific religious websites, if you are a religious person. You can look under the brand description; they are usually specified when it comes to religious orientation. There are plenty of them, so why relying on the case and stay here on Blk if you are a religious person and looking for a like-minded one?

Religious Orientations

Pricing Policies

There are three different memberships you can have, here in Blk: a free one, without paying, not even for the sign-up. Then, a Premium account, and the top one, the Elite account. With an Elite account, you have basically no limitations on the features you find on the website.

Let’s check all the features out so that you can have a broad idea of what expects you if you are willing to pay.

Free Membership

Features of the free membership are a good start if you are a dating app newbie, and you would like to learn a bit more about how it works. We suppose that if you are not a newbie and consider yourself an expert, you will also be able to judge Blk by this review.

Either way, thanks to the free membership, you can take a look with your own eyes. You will be able to become part of this beautiful community of black people from all over the world. You can put “like” under people’s profiles, and decide to focus on people next to you.

You can browse people’s profiles on your own, using the “search” feature. There is an opportunity to select filters and to create a perfect profile of what you were looking for. Then, there’s the swipe option: you can swipe right or left, and create a match if the other person likes you back.

Here you are receiving specific profiles according to your own taste. The website is doing the dirty job for you. Who could ask for more?

There are two paid memberships, Premium and Elite. If you go Premium, you can rewind the like you have left under a person’s profile. This way, you can give them a second chance.

Then, you can send 100 likes per month. This feature will boost your profile and help you find better quality profiles in your area. As well as another useful feature you get with a Premium account: your profile will be at the top in research for your geographic area for 30 minutes each month.

Last but not least: you will see no annoying ads. They may not be as pushy as in other dating websites. Still, it’s better not to have them popping up out of nowhere.

The paid membership starts from $9.99, with one-month, three-month, and six-month packages being available.

How To Cancel Your Blk Paid Subscription?

Canceling your paid subscription is, as always, a matter of time. If your renewal is within two weeks, you can go to the downgrade button in your account section, and that’s it. If the membership has automatically renewed and you did not want this, you can’t go back.

Here’s the thing: no dating websites or apps will give you refund because you were unfocused. So, our recommendation is to bear in mind the renewal date, when you subscribe to a paid membership.

If you would like to try to ask for a refund, no matter what, just write to the Customer Support and ask them for help. They will tell you directly if you are entitled to a refund.

How to Cancel Your Blk Paid Subscription?

Is Blk Safe?

Blk cares a lot about your privacy and Security online. They are using advanced and updates security measures, such as payment encryption.

We haven’t experienced any scam attempt from other users, so we hope it will be the same for you. If you are chatting with a user, and he/she keeps asking for money, sends you external links, or asks you for money to show you pictures.

This user might be banned if you report this bad behavior on time to the webmasters. Don’t be shy, as reporting is a civic action and prevents other users from being scammed, as well. Not everyone has your common sense. So, share your experience and let the admins do their job.

Quality Of Profiles

We must say that the overall quality is quite high. Not all the profiles are real, and we can tell that using our experience. Some of them are poor quality profiles, paid fakers, and some of them chat like they are bots.

So, look for real people. This is the only way not to be disappointed.

Website Design and Usability

Navigating through the toolbars is the best way for you to understand how the website works. The design is very modern, and the apps work well. Our take is that the Blk app is a very good one, it’s light, it works, it’s not that much energy-consuming.

Very usable and user-friendly, then.

How Does Blk Work?

Basically, all the features are displayed on the main page. Here you can go to different sections. Like most of the mobile apps, you can go back using a back arrow, and you will be back to the main page in the blink of an eye.

From the main page, you can go to the search section, to the chat section, to the profile editor, and the account/settings part. We have taught you how the swipe thing works, so now it’s a matter of seeing the interface with your own eyes.

How does Blk Work?

Blk App

There are only mobile apps, so if you are wondering about sitting in our favorite armchair and putting your computer on your lap while sipping a cup of warm tea and cuddling, you can do that. Just switch the computer with the iPhone or Android phone.

There’s no web browser app, and the developers are not claiming they will develop it soon. So, we should stick to the mobile app, for now.

Alternatives of Blk

We have prepared a list thinking about what may be your highest goal: you are a person looking for a black mate, that’s it. Our take is that using a “general” dating app with a million users may help you more than an ethnic-oriented one.

So, our list includes at the top: Zoosk, Match.com, Elite Singles, Tinder, OK Cupid, Grindr. These websites will allow you to find a lot of ebony people online. These apps are free and working. Then there are some specifically black apps, like Black People Meet, Real Black Love.


If you are fond of ebony people, because you can’t just stay without them, Blk may be an excellent place to be in.

There are a lot of free alternatives online and on the mobile app stores, so we hope this review helped you understand if Blk is a right place for you to be in.


Contact Information

Company: Affinity Apps, LLC.

Address: 8750 N. Central Expressway, Suite 1400, Dallas, TX 75205, or Consumer Information Division, 1625 North Market Blvd., Suite N112 Sacramento, CA 95834

Phone: (800) 952-5210

Email: [email protected]

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