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Blued Review

Blued Review
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Active Audience 94%
Quality Matches 88%
Popular Age 25-35
Profiles 40 000 000
Reply Rate 91%
Ease of Use 7.3
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Vast Database: With such an extensive user base of more than 40 million gay users worldwide, you'll get the man of your fantasy world.
  • Easy Signup: The signup process is simple and does not require any sophisticated procedures.
  • Instant Notifications: You don't miss out on any updates.
  • No Delay: There's never a delay in the notification.
  • Live Function: The live function lets you showcase the real you to the world.
  • Video Call: Video call is also a great way to know people in a better way.
  • Live Stream: Some people find the live stream function beneficial.
  • Misuse of Report feature: Blued gives you the option to report live streams of other people, which is a useful feature.
  • Spam: Due to the easy signup process, the site contains many spams.
  • Blocking account: Some people also report that there account gets blocked for unknown reasons.
  • No reply: People complain that they don't any message replies on the app.
  • Blocking option: One can only block up to 50 users, so that's a concern amongst many users.

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Blued is an online gay dating mobile app widely used in Asian countries. Since its headquarters are in China, most of its users are based in China, Vietnam, and South Korea. With over 40 million users worldwide, it is the most extensively used app globally. The Blued app is available in about ten different languages, making it even more popular amongst people from different ethnic backgrounds. The people using this app are more into just random hookups and sexual arrangements.

Since it has an extensive user database, it is one of the best options for the online gay dating world.

When Was Blued Founded?

The Blued app was launched in 2012 and beheld a tremendous growth as a result of its marketing strategy.

Who Owns Blued?

Blued is owned by BlueCity Holdings Hong Kong Limited, which is known for developing application software.

Registration & Profile

Registration & Profile

The registration process is a matter of a couple of seconds. Unlike other dating apps, Blued does not require your email or phone number to register a person. You just need to install the app using Google Play Store or App store, choose a username and password, verify yourself by completing the Captcha. You’ll be redirected to a page that will ask you to fill in some necessary details such as date of birth, nickname, weight, height, and social background. You can choose to upload the profile picture or skip the step during signup. The password that you’ll be using during the signup should be 6-30 characters in length and a mix of letters, numbers, and special characters. You can also link your email address or phone number just in case if you forget the password in the future. To make it quick, you can sign up using your Facebook or Twitter account as well.

After you are done with the signup process, Blued lands you to the suggestion page where it will show you some profiles for you to initiate with making contacts. This way, you can directly start enjoying the app by looking at profiles of different members and making connections. You can follow the profiles you find relevant, and their posts and updates will be shown to you.


There are many ways one can use to converse with people over Blued. The private chat and live features are available for free, so you can chat and share videos and pictures with anyone on the app. If someone is new to the Blued, he/she can also join groups or public and private video live streams. By doing such things, you’ll get into the eyes of other people frequently. Another way to help increase your reach is to start giving your live streams and send a private Livestream invitation to your contacts. You can also post comments on the pictures posted by the people you follow to initiate the conversation.

The live broadcasting feature lets you broadcast pictures and videos that you want to share with your friends and followers, making more connections.

How to Search for People on Blued?

Right after creating the account, Blued shows you profiles that you can connect with. You cannot directly search for a person on blues, but you’ll see many profile suggestions you can follow and increase your connections. The profile contains useful information about the user, such as name, location, age, how distant the user is from your site, the duration for which the user was online. Similarly, other people will also see your profile suggestion and connect with the people who want to follow you.

How to Delete Blued Account?

You get the option to delete your Blued account from the settings tab. Click on the ‘Delete my account’ button in the settings, and the account is deleted. You can retrieve the account within seven days after it gets deleted. After seven days, the account permanently gets deleted, and you can not reactivate it again. If you want to deactivate the account, you can only do it for less than seven days, as mentioned above. For reactivating it within the seven days, just log in with the username and password, and the account will be back.

Members Structure

Members Structure

Blued is used by more than 40 million people from different countries. From the year it was launched in 2012 till now, Blued has increased its reach. It is not only used by Asian countries but also to many English countries, the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia. Most of its users are from Asian countries as it is headquartered in one of the Asian countries, i.e., China. The majority of the users are adult youngsters who are mostly interested in just casual or sexual relationships. Since it is a gay dating app, all the users are males.

Sexual Preferences

Blued is a men oriented platform, so 100% of its users are men with just a few fake female profiles. Gay men from across the world use this app.

Race and Ethnicity

The majority of the population is from China, as Blued originated from China and has its headquarters there. It is also used in other Asian countries like Vietnam and South Korea. In the last few years, it is increasing its importance in some of the English countries as well.

Religious Orientation

There’s no particular religion dominating the app. It has a mix of people from various faiths.

Pricing Policies

Pricing Policies

Most of the app features are available for free, but to stand out of the rest, you need to become a part of some paid subscriptions. The pricing in Blued works in the form of Beans. Beans is the name given to the currency used in Blued. You can also use beans for sending virtual gifts in both private and public live chats. By doing this, you can increase your social wealth. The wealth points are given to earn one wealth for every 100 beans you spent in the chats. It helps in increasing your social wealth. You are allotted with certain levels as you grow your social wealth. For every ten levels you achieve, you get a special icon on your profile that changes its color. After ten degrees, the color changes. With the change in color, your reputation gets increased, and you are highlighted, amongst others. After reaching level 12, you can earn free-flying comments.

Free Membership

Almost all the essential features of Blued are free of cost. You can follow people, make connections, chat with people, make live streams, connect with people via live streams, view private photo albums, etc. You can explore the entire platform with free membership. Because of the free features, it is popular amongst gays across the world. It is rated as one of the top apps amongst the gay dating platforms. It is rarely found that any gay person is unaware of this most popular app. Blued has become the most preferred platform for gay dating. Since people prefer to use mobile apps for online dating, Blued only offers the mobile app and does not have any desktop version.

Blued works on a credit system, which is termed as beans, as explained above. The packages are described below:

  • 42 Credits – 0.99 USD
  • 125 Credits – 2.99 USD
  • 420 Credits – 8.99 USD
  • 550 Credits – 12.99 USD
  • 1,106 Credits – 23.99 USD
  • 1,386 Credits – 29.99 USD
  • 1,695 Credits – 39.99 USD
  • 2,540 Credits – 59.99 USD
  • 4,116 Credits – 89.99 USD

The credits work in the form of beans. You can use the seeds for various purposes, such as placing flying comments and sending gifts. Once you achieve certain levels with the help of these credits, you start getting free-flying comments each month based on the level you attain. Below mentioned are the standards and the respective free-flying comments.

  • Level 12-15 – 10 Free Flying comments
  • Level 16-19 – 20 Free Flying comments
  • Level 20-23 – 30 Free Flying comments
  • Level 24-25 – 40 Free Flying comments
  • Level 26-30 – 50 Free Flying comments

With the help of this free-flying, you will make your profile amongst one of the most significant profiles on Blued.

How to Cancel Blued Paid Subscription?

The Blued subscription is based on credits. There are no monthly or yearly subscriptions. You do not have the option to cancel the loans after purchasing them. And when the credits get finished, it’s upon you if you want to buy more. You can purchase the credits according to your convenience. There are several plans from which you can choose the most relevant for yourself.

Is Blued Safe

Is Blued Safe?

As being the most successful gay dating app, Blued has defined its terms and conditions, and it follows them strictly. The support team is always available if you have some concerns regarding the app. Along with that, if you are not comfortable tasking with someone on the app, you can block that person immediately. There’s a limit to blocking, i.e., you can block up to 50 persons in total. If you feel that someone is misusing your pictures without your concern or any such kind of suspicious activity happens, you can email the Blued team, and they will take quick actions against that person.

Quality of Profiles

The Blued app excels in terms of profile quality. You see a full-sized picture of the user along with the name and age when you open a profile. Almost all the app profiles seem genuine, so watching a user’s view is enough to get an idea of the person. Appearance matters the most to the people using Blued, so most of the people using the app try to make their profile pictures engaging. In the profile, you can find the last seen the person on the app. You can enhance your profile quality by purchasing the credits, which will make you more influential.

Website Design and Usability

Website Design and Usability

The Blued app is excellent in terms of design and usability. It does not have a desktop version because people love to operate dating apps using their mobile phones. The app is neatly built and has all the features on the landing page. After getting started, you’ll see all the features available at the bottom of your smartphone screen. You can easily navigate through the tabs and understand the working of the app in just one go. You can quickly sign in and out of the app. You can buy credits or beans from the upper right corner of the app. The message bubble lets you know the number of unread messages. You get an easy option to directly messaging a person after opening the profile.

How Does Blued Work?

The working of the Blued App is relatively simple. The easy signup process encourages members from all age groups to use the app without any trouble. After signing up, you just need to start making connections by following people, joining live streams, sending messages, etc. Blued provides you suggestions of the people once you signup. You can choose amongst the people by viewing their profiles. You can start chatting with them at the profile by sending them messages and joining their private live streams. You can make them feel that you are interested in them. Due to its wide range, you can choose from millions of people. The location feature lets you know the people near you and uses it, which allows you to meet in person. To avail of the premium features, you can opt for a plan of your choice.

Blued App

Taking about the app’s infrastructure and the overall design, it has got just the perfect features that an online gay dating app should have. After going through various Blued reviews, it seems that the current members are highly satisfied with what the app offers and how it functions.

Alternatives of Blued

Alternatives of Blued

Some of the popular alternatives of Blued are listed below:

  • Jack’d
  • Surge
  • Bender
  • Scruff
  • BoyAhoy
  • Hookup
  • Gaydar
  • Grindr
  • Hornet

These all platforms are highly competitive with Blued. All of them offer the same functionality with slight differences. It depends upon the users that which platform the user is more comfortable with. If you talk about Blued, it is the platform that people from across all the age groups like.



This casual hookup dating platform will work well for you if you are the kind of person who’s not interested in making serious and lasting relationships. It is worth the attempt as it offers all the essential features completely free of cost! It’s up to you whether you want to promote your social health or not. There are some standard plans as well in which you have to spend less than 1 dollar, so that’s worth experiencing too. You can try purchasing the credits and see the effect on your profile, and then you can continue if you find that effective. Once you started to be recognized by the people on the app, there won’t be any need to spend more money on your social wealth, and you’ll earn a great place in people’s hearts.

Contact Information

Contact Information

Company: Blue City Holdings Ltd

Address: Room 028, Building 2, Yard 32, Baiziwan, Chaoyang District, Beijing,PRC

Phone: 400-898-9588

Email: [email protected]


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