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BlackPlanet Review

BlackPlanet Review
About Site
Active Audience 66%
Quality Matches 92%
Popular Age 27-35
Profiles 4 500 000
Reply Rate 91%
Ease of Use 6
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • This site makes job postings available for members of the African-American community.
  • This site is a haven for African Americans and serves as a cultural getaway. It has a mobile app.
  • It has an excellent customer service team.
  • The profiles are very insightful and informative.
  • This site has been accused of racial separatism.
  • There has been reported gang presence on this site.
  • The website design is quite poor on mobile browsers.

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BlackPlanet is a social network that helps African-Americans get job postings and provides matchmaking services. This site is a favorite of African-Americans and has helped many get employed and helped thousands of couples get together.

When Was BlackPlanet Founded?

BlackPlanet was founded in 1999, but the version of it that is currently known was launched in 2001 by an internet analyst named Omar Wasow. BlackPlanet was created to help create opportunities for African-Americans by creating a place for African Americans to connect on the internet. With such a powerful and socially-conscious theme, BlackPlanet began to see a massive surge in their site as African Americans rushed to the one place on the internet they could feel “at home.”

Who Owns BlackPlanet?

BlackPlanet is jointly owned by Benjamin Sun and Omar Wasow. Wasow, who is an internet analyst, was running New York Online, a pre-web community he created in 1993 in the living room of his Brooklyn home. When the opportunity presented itself, he collaborated with the CEO of Community Connect Benjamin Sun to create BlackPlanet. It was designed to be a social media site that would target members of the African American population. The site has grown to accommodate 20 million users.

Registration & Profile

Registration & Profile

Most of the proper dating sites are available on the world wide web, and BlackPlanet is not any different. Access the page on your browser, and you will be directed to the registration page. The registration page features a form that has a list of sections you fill as part of the registration process. These sections include the following.

  • Your intended username
  • Your valid e-mail address
  • A password of your choosing
  • Your gender
  • Birthday
  • Your zip code

Once you’ve filled in the required information, click on the sign-up button and proceed to your newly created account.

Your profile doesn’t have much info. For some reason, the profiles on this app focus more on contacts than information on the personality of the person behind the profile.

The account has sections on the task manager, which is located at the top of the screen. These icons include the homepage icon, notifications, the search function, inbox, amongst others.


To get matched and interact on BlackPlanet, you will have to use the search function to search through the numerous profiles for a person that suits your taste. Alternatively, you can use the homepage to search for new friends. You will see many posts from other members of the site on your homepage. You can comment under their posts and introduce yourself or click on a profile you like and use the chat function to send a message.

Remember to be polite, if you’re rude to someone they have the right to block you from seeing their account. If you don’t like the option of sliding into people’s DMs, you can post your own status update and write anything. You could write about being new and wanting to make new friends. This way, people will slide into your DMs instead of you trying to slide into theirs.

How To Search For People On BlackPlanet

To find fellow users on BlackPlanet, you will have to use the search toggle. Once you click this toggle, a list of prospective matches will be presented—you can make your choice. Once you find a profile you like, you can look through it and perhaps send a message to someone who owns the profile. You can also choose to filter your search results. The search results can be filtered according to who is online, gender, age, and zip code.

How To Delete A BlackPlanet Account

Deleting your BlackPlanet account is a piece of cake. Take out a couple of minutes and write out your reasons for wanting to end the account. Ensure that you really want to do this. If, after doing this, you will still feel its best you take your leave, that’s fine. You then proceed to scroll up the user profile section and click on settings. Scroll a little down, and then click on “Permanently delete the account.”

Members Structure

Members Structure

  • Members
    BlackPlanet has a vast community of over 20 million users. This is incredible when you consider that this site only serves a tiny percent of the American population. Despite it only serving the African American community, BlackPlanet has managed to survive and thrive. They are still active and still growing.
  • Geography
    BlackPlanet was created for African Americans so that the precise geographical location would be America. You can join the site if you don’t live in America. The only thing is that you will have a hard time finding a match who will want to have a long-distance relationship with you. So, this site is best enjoyed by people who live in America.
  • Age
    The age range on this site is very diverse; there is a rich mix of people of different ages, from 18 upwards. But you have to be of a legal age which is eighteen or older to join this site. Anyone below the minimum user age will not be accepted into this site. This is done to prevent under-aged children who don’t have any experience in online communication from engaging in conversations with adults on the internet.

Sexual Preferences

The world is quite inclusive these days BlavkPlanet has kept up to the task. This site has predominantly heterosexual people loving for love on their platform. This is helped by the ease of contact, communication, and unique flirting options. However, there is also a sizable lesbian, gay, transgender, and queer population. This online dating platform is all-inclusive, cordial, and respectful as regards people’s sexual preferences, orientations, and taste. Identifying your taste on this site is superbly easy, thanks to the matching, chatting, and distinct user profile section.

Race and Ethnicity

88% of the population on BlackPlanet are blacks. This is obviously because the site is for African Americans. This site was created to meet the needs of African Americans concerning culture, employment, and romance. However, people from other races are allowed into this site. The only problem is that most of the African Americans would only want to date a black person and wouldn’t be that interested in other races.

Religious Orientation

Most of the users on this site are either Christian or Muslim. Many are atheists and agnostics. There is not much religious diversity on this site; however, there is mutual respect between people of different religions. If any form of religious discrimination is discovered, the perpetrators will be kicked off the site.

Pricing Policies

Pricing Policies

BlackPlanet is entirely free to use. You are given free access to the features of the site without having to pay a dime. The founders make their money from ads, and even that doesn’t seem like much because the ads are very few. As a result, you can talk to whoever you want for; however, long you want for no cost at all.

However, there is an upgraded premium version that comes with some extra features. The pricing variations are as follows:

  • One month for $15
  • Three months for $35
  • Six months for $65
  • A year’s subscription for $88

Free Membership

The free subscription plan on this site is one of the best subscription plans available on the internet. For no money at all, you get to use really great features on this site. It’s as good as the paid subscription for other dating sites. If that isn’t amazing, then what is?

The paid subscription offers you additional features that you won’t normally have with the free subscription option. You gain access to search filters that help you narrow your search results down to minute details such as hair color and eye color.

You get access to the site’s blog and weekly newsletter. The highest-rated profiles on the site will be suggested to you. Also, the ads will completely disappear. The best part is how improved the chat function is; you can send voice notes, have video calls, send videos and images.

How To Cancel A BlackPlanet Paid Subscription

Everything has an expiry date, and this cannot be overemphasized in this unique and frankly volatile world of online dating. As a result of the vast array of dating applications and websites, it’s not an uncommon occurrence for a very loyal and satisfied customer to switch allegiances. Ending your paid subscription is not a chore at all, as all you need to do is follow a few easy-to-grasp steps. You first proceed to contact the customer service team, and this can be done by scrolling down the website homepage. After you’re done with that, proceed to send a well-constructed e-mail detailing the reasons why you want to end a paid subscription. Before long, an e-mail will be sent to you, and you will officially become a none paying subscriber. Be careful what you wish for as BlackPlanet operates on a strict no refund policy. This serves as a tool to avoid people jumping in and out of the site, not knowing what they want.

Is BlackPlanet Safe

Is BlackPlanet Safe?

BlackPlanet is a very safe site. It is so secure that President Barrack Obama was confident enough in its security to open an account on this site at a point. This site is very safe and will keep your private information secure. This site is obligated to provide the government with only the information that is legally required.

Apart from your given information, everything else depends on you. There are going to be catfishes and scammers on this site, but it is up to you to protect yourself by not giving out any information that could potentially harm you. However, this is nothing to worry about, so long as you’re careful, you’ll have a fun time on this platform.

Quality Of Profiles

The profile section is no work of art. The logic behind is not compelling from any perspective you choose to observe it. The design is a bit too basic. It’s almost as though they haven’t upgraded their website for quite some time—the profile lacks a picture gallery and lacks any information about the search. This is except the picture, their username, and their contact information. This could be worked on, and hopefully, the website owners will see and get some improvements done.

Website Design and Design

Website Design and Design

BlackPlanet is a haven for individuals that are in dire need or seeking relationships; it’s just a chill spot for some people who desire to meet, mingle and flex on this site and for those looking for work opportunities. Because of these precise reasons, the website’s design differed from what was commonplace for most other dating sites. The design of this site is more like a social media interface than that of a dating site. There is a community section where you can make posts and share them with other users. Other users will be able to like and comment on your posts; you will also be able to like theirs and comment.

The interface design is basic; the functions are easily graspable, not complex, and a breeze to understand. You have your mailbox, a unique search toggle that acts as a gateway in meeting and finding out about potential partners, employees, and acquaintances. There is also a customer service unit that monitors activities, curbs out potential fraudulent doings, and ensures that you feel right at home in this close-knit community.

How Does BlackPlanet Work?

From the moment you successfully register your account, you can begin to use the site instantly. As a member of BlackPlanet, you can pick from two options, either you are a paying subscriber or a free user, both of which have their peculiar pros and cons. As soon as you’ve gotten past the registration, you can then begin to enjoy the numerous functions that the site offers its esteemed users, coupled with interacting with other members on the site. BlackPlanet is also quite unique in the sense that it is more than a mere money grab. It is a big family or community that aims to give users awesome benefits at rates that won’t cripple the financial standing of a user. Just adhere to the regulations, and you’re in for a swell time. No discrimination or bigotry is allowed on this site; anyone who does anything about bigotry, sexism, or activities than run foul of the site’s terms and conditions plus rules and regulations in any form will be kicked off the site without warning.

BlackPlanet App

BlackPlanet App

Yes, BlackPlanet does have a mobile app, and it works for iPhone and Android. The app was introduced in 2009 and was free for anyone who wanted to download it. However, it did not take off immediately; the app wasn’t on the iPhone and Blackberry, so it had very little awareness and recognition. Now the app has 500 thousand downloads and decent ratings. The app is much better than using the website; it has a nicer interface, better functions, and better aesthetics.

Alternatives Of BlackPlanet

Alternatives Of BlackPlanet


Zoosk is one of the most popular dating sites for black people. It has hundreds of thousands of active users and a great record for matching singles. The app has advanced filters for searching and a swiping function. This is a great place for black singles to mingle.


This site is popular for its algorithm feature. It has a feature that helps you find perfect matches by gathering information from your profile and searching its database for a profile that best fits yours. This app is for those looking for serious relationships. The price variations are quite affordable.



Though the design and aesthetics are long due for a renovation, this site does succeed in its objectives. It creates a community setting and helps African Americans find opportunities. The consistency in their delivery and the socially conscious approach they take makes them stand out. We highly recommend this site, go give it a try!

Contact Information

Contact Information

  • Company: Community Connect
  • Address: 4 NY Plaza Suite 501 New York, NY 10004
  • Phone: Unavailable at this point.
  • Email: [email protected]

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