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eHarmony vs. Christian Mingle: best sites for hookups

eHarmony vs. Christian Mingle: best sites for hookups

Reputable dating sites can be resourceful when seeking to meet like-minded individuals. There are so many hookup sites, but deciding on the best isn’t a walk in the park for most singles. Christian Mingle and eHarmony have been a viable choice for many, but that doesn’t mean you will blindly sign up.

Both eHarmony and Christian Mingle are commendable for serious relationships. Which of these two websites deserve your attention, membership, and time? This guide covers the similarities and differences you must factor in before deciding.

Christian Mingle has been active since 2001 and is affiliated with hooking up singles interested in Christian dating. Since it is faith-based, the pool comprises people with almost similar beliefs and religious practices. The site boasts of spearheading 30% of long-term commitments that led to marriage, making it a go-to site for Godly relationships.

eHarmony is renowned for attracting genuine members since predators keep off this site. The site offers an incredible dating experience with pleasant fixtures. Unlike other dating sites, you are likely to find personalized hookup suggestions factoring compatibility and preference.

Where will your happiness lie between eHarmony and Christian Mingle? Read this comparative guide for an informed decision –there’s a winner at the end.

eHarmony vs. Christian Mingle: The Key Differences

Both dating sites thrive in curating long-lasting relationships for their members. eHarmony and Christian Mingle have been resourceful to millions of members globally. Christians would prefer the former, while newbies will find the latter appealing. But how do the two contrast? The key differences are in registration and premium memberships. Both have a detailed registration process, with eHarmony being lengthier. You can set an account on Christian Mingle within ten minutes, as you can skip some sections if you find it unnecessary. Should you upgrade to find love? Yes! Both sites limit access to vital features till members subscribe to a package. Christian Mingle cheapest plan is worth 49.98 USD and lasts for a month, while eHarmony will charge USD 390.90 for six months. Christian Mingle has the upper hand on this –check out the price comparisons later in this article.

How are eHarmony and Christian Mingle Functions

You must register on both sites before finding matches. Each site has a user-friendly sign-up process, only that eHarmony’s might be overwhelming. Finding matches on eHarmony is hassle-free as you will choose from those availed based on your preference, compatibility, and personality assessments.

Christian Mingle avails a list of potential partners to its members; you can contact any of them if they are interesting. If none of the suggested matches appeal to you, the search system is available for you to find personalized hookups.

How about the contact tools? eHarmony’s users can send automated questions to initiate conversations. You can also send winks to a user who gets your eye or bookmark them for later contact. Members of the free plan cannot send messages to other users. You should know that messaging is the only way for eHarmony members to converse privately.

Those subscribing to Christian Mingle can send messages upon upgrading. You can add users to a favorite list, send winks or smiles as you pursue a date.


Below are some of the things that might appeal to users of eHarmony and Christian Mingle:

eHarmony Christian Mingle
  • Comprehensive profiles
  • Hookups are based on compatibility
  • Nice layout with a user-friendly interface
  • Fairly equal gender memberships
  • Users’ safety is prioritized with an excellent support team.
  • Verification of profiles
  • Receive automated daily match suggestions, increasing the chances of finding a spouse.
  • Browse and view complete profiles
  • Accessible via web and app
  • Quick and straightforward registration process


Some of the downsides of using eHarmony and Christian Mingle are listed below:

eHarmony Christian Mingle
  • Creating a profile is lengthy
  • Expensive membership plans
  • Customizing search options are unavailable.
  • The free trial period elapses within a short time and offers meaningless usability.
  • Not suitable for LGBTQ community
  • Most of the features are basic and unappealing
  • You can’t do a lot with free membership
  • Only caters to the Christian community
  • The layout is dull and unappealing.
  • You won’t miss scams and fakes.

eHarmony vs. Christian Mingle: Design and Usability

Christian Mingle has a responsive, simple design. The layout is appealing with specific functions and tabs. You can access everything easily, even without tech-savvy expertise. Christian Mingle has a dominant white color with clear fonts and uncluttered photos.

eHarmony features a minimalist and appealing design to its users. There are only a few features available on the website, making it easy to navigate. You can view the match list in a grid indicating profiles’ names, ages, and locations. The only ad you will notice on eHarmony is that compelling you to upgrade.

Web and App Design

eHarmony’s web and app designs are simple, user-friendly, and easy to navigate. There are no ads to keep you off track. You can easily find your way out by navigating the favorite list and interact with people you like. Users who are always on the go find the app impressive since it comprises all of the web’s features. Photos are blurred both on the web and app unless you upgrade.

Christian Mingle is compatible with Android and iOS devices. You can also access it via the web. The site has a nice layout with a user-friendly design, easy to navigate interface. You will find the app version responsive and easy to access with a swipe function —the two tie.


Both eHarmony and Christian Mingle are accessible across all versions.

eHarmony Christian Mingle
Android App
Web/Desktop Version

eHarmony vs. Christian Mingle Member Base

eHarmony is unquestionably popular for its popularity in over 190 countries, while Christian Mingle is famous for faith-based relationships. eHarmony has a higher rating in the US market and also leads in compelling prospective users to sign up. Christian Mingle is limited to 25 countries because of its faith-based theme that puts off prospective users who mind such biased relationships. eHarmony wins on this!

eHarmony’s members base tallies to over 40 million worldwide users. Most of the subscribers are recorded from the United States of America. The site records a weekly activity of 15 million users.

Like eHarmony, Christian Mingle has been home to at least 30 million users globally, with most of them hailing from the USA, UK, and Australia. The website notes a weekly activity of 50000 visits and activity.

Male/Female Accounts

eHarmony has an almost equal gender proportion of its members; 48% are female while 52% are men. Christian Mingle boasts of equal membership of men and women, each at 50%. A majority of the users on both Christian Mingle and eHarmony are aged 24 to 35.

Registration and Profile

Both Christian Mingle and eHarmony have an age limit for new users; you must be 18 and above. You need 5-10 minutes to register and create a profile on Christian Mingle. Signing up can be done via email (verification is inevitable) or Facebook. The target audience finds the registration process straightforward. Instead of personality and compatibility questions, Christian Mingle asks about religious beliefs, commitment level, and family. The last step involves setting up preferences for ideal hookups.

eHarmony receives many new users and deploys a lengthy registration process that will require at least 15 minutes. You can sign up via Facebook or email. The assessment features 150 questions that are essential in determining who suits your date. The final section requires you to narrow down on things you might find appealing in a partner.

Starting out on a dating site comes with lots of anxiety and mixed feelings. First, you are unsure of the genuineness of other members but still want to take a chance and sign up. The quality of profiles will significantly influence your dating experience. Both eHarmony and Christian Mingle pride themselves in having quality matches as they scrutinize every new profile before confirming it. Both have excellent technical teams that cross-check profiles and eliminate suspicious ones. Although hard to decide on the quality of profiles, eHarmony wins as no one or only a few people would pay costly subscriptions to scam other members.

eHarmony vs. Christian Mingle: Differences in Searching and Matching

Who are you likely to find on the websites? How are the sites’ matchmaking and searching tools? Christian Mingle suggests partners daily to its users based on preferences and compatibility. The site pairs its users based on the information provided during account creation. You can also use the free search tool to look for singles fitting your criteria using filters like location, ethnicity, and religion.

The search function is available to find people within your preference.

eHarmony does its best in partnering users by following compatibility percentage, preferences, and personality assessment. Unfortunately, there is no way for users to decide who their partner becomes by using search keywords.

eHarmony provides 5-7 match suggestions resulting from their algorithm. Unfortunately, there is no search function for users to find hookups within their preferences. The only trick to have your way around potential partners is to be truthful while taking the personality and compatibility tests. It’s a win for Christian Mingle because it avails the search tool for customized match suggestions.

So, what are the success rates on either Christian Mingle or eHarmony?

As the name suggests, Christian Mingle caters to singles interested in like-minded individuals and spark faith-centered dates. This fact makes it almost impossible for non-Christians to sign up. Besides, most subscribers are heterosexual, eliminating the possibility of same-sex hookups. eHarmony attracts mature Christian audiences, but that doesn’t mean you will miss people ascribing to the LGBTQ community. It’s hard to decide on this as both sites are geared toward heterosexual relationships –it’s a tie!

Possibility to Meet your Love

eHarmony is on the lead in finding genuine love. This can be attributed to the costly premium memberships. Christian Mingle also has higher possibilities of finding love, only that it is limited to cater to singles rooted in the Christian faith.

Possibility to Find Casual Hookup

None of the two websites have higher possibilities for casual hookups. It seems like the users intend to find commit-worthy relationships. However, some people have hooked up casually on Christian Mingle.

Quality of Profiles & User Safety

eHarmony’s profiles are detailed following the mandatory extensive questionnaire available when creating a profile. The ‘About Me’ section, preference, and compatibility level are available on each user’s profiles. Besides, the informative compatibility icon tells of the user’s personality and reflects their attitude toward relationships.

Christian Mingle equally has reputable profiles based on the procedural registration profiles. Fraudulent profiles can be noted when signing up because of the extensive test. Some users skip submitting some vital information though it isn’t mandatory. The support team is unmatched as they work around the clock to distinguish genuine profiles from fake ones. For instance, the team notes the details you submit about your location, occupation, and location and compare them with your IP address for validation.

Verification of Users

Both Christian Mingle and eHarmony websites are commendable regarding user verification. Christian Mingle, for instance, does a thorough check on profiles during registration and suspends any that might appear suspicious. The site also has strict requirements for profile creation that might tire fraudulent individuals. You are guaranteed to interact with genuine members.

Although eHarmony doesn’t verify email registration, it deploys a technical team to scrutinize accounts that seem predatory, scams, and fakes.

Fakes or Scam

New users should be wary of scams and fake profiles. Unlike other dating sites, both eHarmony and Christian Mingle have a team that screens every profile and gets rid of fake profiles. Using either of the two dating sites doesn’t expose you to a suspicious profile, but you shouldn’t lower your guide.

Pricing Policies

Every user intending to enjoy both sites’ functionalities must upgrade.

eHarmony provides its users with three within-average subscription membership plans; light, plus, and extra. The less inexpensive plan (light) is worth USD 390.90 and runs for six months. Acquiring the middle-range subscription (plus) is worth USD 550.90 and runs for one year. You can also get a lengthier membership plan (extra) that runs for 24 months; you will part with USD 860.80.

Christian Mingle has three affordable pricing options; for one month, you will be charged USD, three months will cost USD 104.98, and USD 149.90 for twelve months.

Free Membership

Christian Mingle free members have access to the following functions:

  • Register
  • Create and profile
  • Use search filters
  • Catch a user’s attention by sending smiles
  • Browse and like profiles
  • See who viewed and liked your profile

eHarmony’s free functions include:

  • Sign up and create a profile
  • Send winks to members you like
  • View a subscriber’s account
  • Send five questions (automated) to other users
  • Bookmark profiles you like
  • Search for people outside your preferences

Final thoughts: The Winner is eHarmony

Deciding who wins between eHarmony and Christian Mingle is tough, yet one must win. Christian Mingle is an excellent choice but only for specific individuals (singles into Christian dating). Countless reputable real-life relationships have been founded on eHarmony. Since eHarmony doesn’t cater to a few, it becomes the perfect choice and automatically wins.

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