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Charm Date Review 2024

Charm Date Review 2024
About Site
Active Audience 77%
Quality Matches 85%
Popular Age 18-25
Profiles 5 000 000
Reply Rate 86%
Ease of Use 9.1
Popularity 9.0
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The average profile here is high quality: the women look hot, sometimes even professional models;
  • The interface is highly understandable;
  • The design is modern;
  • There’s a mobile app.
  • It’s not a secret that some profiles belong to hookers, here in Charm Date. Be careful to spot them;
  • The website is a little expensive.

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It’s the best website where Russian people can meet and match. This is the online description of Charm Date, and as a company, they should be proud of the work they have done.

Imagine a place where Russian and Ukrainian people go when they feel lonely. Here in Charm Date, you won’t find just a nostalgic community, but a place filled by real people, with real stories, and a thing in common: they generally speak Russian, or they understand it. The website is in English, though, so everyone will know what you are saying here, even if during your Russian class you were sleeping all the time.

At least, they claim to do so. By this review, we hope we can help you understand if this website looks like a big fake or if you just have to dig deeper. No spoiler. Read on to find it out!

Charm Date Review 2020

When was Charm Date Founded?

Charm Date is not an under-aged hookup website. It was born in 1998, and since then, as the webmasters are claiming, it has helped a million singles to find their match online. They state they are packed with verified profiles, so there is long-term expertise at work here. Let’s get through this surprising website together.

Who Owns Charm Date?

Right now, the Charm Date brand is owned by qpidnetwork.com. We are talking about a broad network of dating websites specializing in ethnic profiles and meetings with foreign women and local men. They are owned by Elite State Macao Commercial Offshore Limited, a company based in Macau.

We have listed all these family websites joined under the Qpid network’s flag in the “alternatives and competitors” section in this review. Scroll the page down if you are curious, and you would like to learn more about this!

Who Owns Charm Date?

Registration & Profile

As soon as you look for Charm Date in your search engine, you will find that the main page contains all the information you need to register, or sign-up, to the website. Fill in the form with your first and last name – no one will check on it, your marriage is safe! – then email, password, and birth date.

Then it’s done, you are signed-in. The easiest way possible to let you in. But it’s not over yet, you will need to understand how the website works, and a sort of pop-up path is now open in front of you.

You are going to follow it. Don’t quiver, don’t paw, don’t tremble: just do what they tell you to do. You will be shown some gifts you can offer to people here. You will receive some gifts at first, but don’t get used to them, you will need to pay from now on.

Registration & Profile


One of the gifts you will get as soon as you get into the website is a chat voucher. You have 2 of them, as well as a “hi sending” ticket—use them wisely. Otherwise, you are going to waste them with false fake profiles.

These are your opportunity to get to know the website more. Don’t judge a book by its cover: we understand you may think now: well, I don’t like this, all the profiles I’ve seen here are total fakes, porn actresses or just paid cover girls. Maybe there are some hookers, and we can’t tell this. But here is our take: first, not only should you not judge a book by its cover, but you really should stop judging people. Are they hookers, so what? If it’s not legal in the country you are living in, then move on.

If it’s not the audience you were looking for, move on as well. But we highly recommend you to stay and learn by experience instead of viewing a bunch of profile pictures which are fed to you to make you stay.

You can then chat regularly, by sending out messages to people and waiting for them to answer. Or, you can just “say hi.” You will find both the tabs on the main page, on the left.

How to Search for People on Charm Date?

Well, we have talked about chat, but not about how to search for people. We know for sure that if you sign in with a male account and are looking for women, you will find lots of them, and you won’t even need to look for them!

One second after we landed on the main page, four messages came into our inbox. Only two of them were relevant to us: there was a nice girl, probably a musician, who was asking us if she could play our magic flute. Then another one, a tailor for sure, asking in a rather pushy way to see our size. The third one was directly asking us to marry her.

Now that you have a broader point of view, go for the search button at the top of the page: a big “search” button, which you can apply some filters to. For example, height, education, children, and so on. The same fields you can fill in your profile are displayed here to enhance the possibility you find your perfect match.

How to Search for People on Charm Date?

How to Delete Charm Date Account?

Go on the profile, then edit the profile section in the main toolbar. But no, you won’t be able to delete your account for good. You need to write to the Customer Support directly and ask them precisely to delete your account and all the information inside it.

We know this seems a little tricky to be performed, and we wrote to Customer Support. They have not answered within 24 hours, but we hope they will take our advice and change this feature soon enough.

Members Structure

Be giving an overall look to the website, it is clear there are more women than men. Men are generally not from Russia or Ukraine, and women are 100% from those countries. So basically, the website is either for Russian/Ukrainian women or for any other country’s men. This makes a choice a little narrow, but perfect if you identify yourself within one of these two main groups.

Members Structure

Sexual Preferences

There are only straight people here, no homosexual or bisexual option is available, and no transgender people are allowed. Well, they are allowed, but they should really fake another identity, which we don’t recommend. At all.

Race and Ethnicity

There is no ethnicity related to Russian girls. They are generally Caucasian, with blonde air and pale skin, but not always. They also have brown and black hair, even though you can’t really tell the ethnic type below makeup and clothes. Let’s say “Caucasian” as a synthesis.

Religion Orientation

There is no predominant spiritual attitude here. Usually, religious people go to specific places if they would like to gather identifying themselves as religious people. Here we can only say that the greatest part of female users is Russian or Ukrainian. That’s all that we can say about their cultural background.

Religion Orientation

Pricing Policies

You have several assets, here in Charm Date. The only thing you can buy is Qpid credits—with those, you can acquire a premium membership directly. Then, you will have limited chat vouchers and get free bonus points.

You may wonder what Qpid credits are: they enable you to have a safe and easy chat with other members who are actually paying an account or a membership on the Qpid Network sites.

We will talk more about these websites in the “Alternatives & Competitors” section.

Free Membership

You can have some chat vouchers for free. With them, you can chat, send messages, and access the live chat for a limited amount of time. You can also receive bonus points for free. These points will allow you to have a certain type of free messages.

We are not too specific as these features are under maintenance, and they are being changed these days. So be sure you check them correctly before every use.

Free Membership

A 2 Qpid credits pack will cost you $3,99. If you would like to buy 16 of them, they cost $96. One hundred credits cost $399. All the Qpid packages include a month of Premium Membership worth $9,99.

A Premium Membership will allow you to send five first emails, and have a chat or several chats for a total time of 20 minutes. You will also be able to see all the users’ profile photos uploaded on the website.

How to Cancel Charm Date Paid Subscription?

Canceling your paid subscription won’t have any extra cost for you. You will just have to go to the right section in your profile, on the left. Once you have found the tab, the job is done.

Always check your credit card bills even after you have unsubscribed, so that you won’t pay for hidden costs without even noticing. About their refund policy: bear in mind that credits are not refundable. They can be used for 180 days, and you can use the trick of buying new ones to make the deadline shift ahead.

Also, bear in mind that you should give them some time to change your membership status. Unsubscribe 7 days before the day of renewal, at least.

How to Cancel Charm Date Paid Subscription?

Is Charm Date Safe?

The website is currently using GoDaddy and McAfee to help them detect and fight fraud online, mainly in the purchasing section.

So, your payments are in trustable hands, and you should not be bothered that much about payments. What you should need to care about is your behavior online. We understand that a beautiful girl can make you lose your mind. Keep yourself together and don’t share your credit card details to anyone, nor click on malicious links.

You can send gifts and flowers, use them! Better safe than sorry.

Quality of Profiles

The quality of females here is very high. In an aesthetic sense, as they all look gorgeous. We doubted in the first place if they were real. Now we are unsure about reality but sure about the fact that many of them would like to be paid from you.

It’s up to you, again, to find a balance. If you like the fact of paying them, they won’t be shy about asking. If you do not like these interactions, switch to another dating/hookup website.

There’s no telling about the average quality of male profiles, they look more real than female ones, for sure, and maybe the average quality is a little lower. As we are talking about people, it is not our intention to say that some of them are lower than some others. Our sentences are related to body shapes and beauty, in the most general sense possible.

We don’t mean to offend anyone here. Let’s say the males here are more “normal.” The women are gorgeous, and they have amazing photos. And, finally, they care a lot about filling all the profile sections correctly.

Quality of Profiles

Website Design and Usability

The website is highly user-friendly. There’s no way you are losing yourself, here in Charm Date. You just can’t: everywhere you are, there are some breadcrumbs (nerd term) showing you where you are and maybe even where you are headed. Joking, only you can decide where you would like to go.

The design is modern, so no old-fashioned clumsy add-ons and pop-ups insight. There is a toolbar that you can use to surf comfortably through the website.

How does Charm Date Work?

Basically, you can chat, access a live chat, send messages, and have the unique opportunity to verify your identity in doing so.

This is a feature we haven’t discussed yet, but we will explain this to you soon enough. What do you think the Qpid SEAL is? No, not a strange marine animal who likes to emit random sounds. “Seal” just means Screened and Examined. Then, finally, Affirmed and Labeled.

In a few words, Qpid Seal allows you to verify your profile for free, and to state and claim in front of other users that you are a real person who has provided the website owners with a valid ID document and photo.

If a profile is carrying a seal identification, this means it has been screened and validated. To get a Qpid Seal, you should share your name, phone number, address, date of birth, and ID with a photo. What’s the point of disclosing all this information?

The website owners claim this verification will highly increase your profile rate. Bear in mind that your personal details will not be displayed to other users. See the small button next to some users’ profiles? It’s the seal. Now you can recognize it, and you can tell who’s real on the website.

How does Charm Date Work?

Charm Date App

Good news for you, dater! There’s a mobile app for both Android and Apple Store, which you can easily download from your Store. You can connect your mobile account to your computer’s one, in order not to lose all the contact you have acquired on the computer.

Maybe you are only looking for a mobile app? Well, we can’t judge, pick the medium you like the most, and enjoy your Charm Date experience from wherever you are.

Alternatives of Charm Date

Some websites are similar to Charm Date in the sense that you can find a decent hookup from other countries in the world. These websites are AsiaMe.com, where you can find people from Asia. If you fancy more Latin America, there’s also LatamDate.com.

Finally, you can go for CharmLive.com, which does not actually have an ethnic differentiation within the live dating websites around.

Alternatives of Charm Date


No better place to find Russian and Ukrainian women, even though the greatest part of them on Charm Date is willing to be paid. Are you just willing to have a nice and horny chat with people living next to you?

Everything is about your expectations. If you can stick to a paying-earning relationship, or a chat-only one, well, Charm Date has wonderful women online. You won’t be disappointed by profile quality or website’s security, fluffy pages, insane bugs, and so on. Here you will have a plain and smooth experience. Is this what you are looking for? Then Charm Date is just waiting for you.

Contact Information

Company: Elite State Macao Commercial Offshore Limited

Address: Av Inf D Henrique The Macau Square, Macau

Phone: 18008013129

Email: [email protected]

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