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Wapa Review

Wapa Review
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Active Audience 55%
Quality Matches 89%
Popular Age 25-30
Profiles 583 560
Reply Rate 88%
Ease of Use 9.1
Popularity 9.4
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Rigorous verification process once you have signed up;
  • Usable interface;
  • A lot of real lesbians and bi-curious girls from all over the world;
  • “Trip” feature
  • The app translation in some languages is not very accurate.

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A government website, a national TV, a volunteer-oriented organization — it’s a little hard to find Wapa in the first place. Still, once you do, you will be immediately struck by its extreme friendliness.

Wapa is a deep breath of fresh and loving air for all the lesbian and bi-curious people online looking for a decent and happy place to share their stories, create a community, and, eventually, find a date and create a match.

What’s more important: this is not a sex app. That’s what it has claimed from the very beginning. So, if you need a hookup app, don’t even try to go on reading. Instead, if you seek a friendly place to be yourself, discover more about the Wapa service and how it works.

Wapa Review

When Was Wapa Founded?

It was long before 2015 when “Wapa” was born that the term grew popular on the web as a synonym to a beautiful girl. It comes from the Spanish “guapa” word, meaning “sexy and beautiful lady.”

This short word is nodding to a geek and global audience, reminding us of a web trend and the safe space of gentle compliments and friendly cheers.

Who Owns Wapa?

Wapo y Wapa Limited is the owner of Wapa. It ensures that the apps on the App Store and Google Play Store keep working and are frequently updated. Also, the company cares about the marketing campaigns and strict verifications of the users.

You may have seen other lesbian dating apps, but here the environment is men-free, for real. No arrogant individuals are trying to use their alleged superpower to make lesbians straight again.

Who Owns Wapa?

Registration & Profile

Go straight (ups!) to your mobile apps store and download Wapa. It won’t be challenging to find it compared to the website. So, click on it and download it. As easy as it sounds, you can open the app as soon as it’s installed and take a look around.

You are asked nothing more than a bunch of questions — if you identify yourself with a woman or whether you agree not to show explicit sexual content here (as this is not a sex app). Wapa is a friendly place, and they are trying to let you know that from the very beginning.

After these questions, you are requested to create your profile. This is because you can’t join Wapa without it, and some fields, like name and age, are compulsory. If you don’t want to activate your current location, you won’t be able to find people around you, so the mating part will not be on the main course.


Chatting can’t be easier. You just have to open one’s page and select the chat balloon. An instant chat will display, and it will be up to you to break the ice with the first lines.

There are no random messages, emails, public chatrooms. At Wapa, the only way of communication is the regular chat. So, feel free to be yourself and express your thoughts or interests in a person’s profile and photos.

If you start with the people who have liked you, there may be more possibility of having a match. As always, the chat is your ring, and you know your best hits and punchlines. Bear in mind that nudity is not tolerated and that you may be blocked, or worse, banned, for being too harsh or explicit.


How to Search for People on Wapa?

It’s easy to search for people here. You can use the filters at the bottom right of the page to select filters. The profiles will be directly shown on your main page — you will see only the girls nearby.

If you don’t want to see accounts from your area, use the next icon, the “trip” one. Like in the “local section,” it sort-of replicates the swipe function of many dating apps.

Then, you can select the “global” tab and go for every single profile online. You can see them all together, not one at once. After you have marked a user as a favorite one, you will see that girl in the first icon, the “favorites” one. An easy way not to lose anyone you have liked before!

How to Delete Wapa Account?

You can delete your Wapa’s account by going to your “edit profile” section. There’s a “delete profile” button at the bottom of the page.

The easiest way to have your Wapa account removed is by talking to customer support as they know how to handle this properly. Depending on where you are located, various laws might protect you. There are the California Consumer Privacy Act and GDPR in Europe.

If you want your account deleted, they must do it for you.

How to Delete Wapa Account?

Members Structure

Wapa boasts members from all around the world, and the greatest part of them is English speakers. With a Premium membership, you can enable the message translation, so no big deal if you can’t speak English fluently.

The app translation itself may not be very good in some languages, though. If you are here hoping to find something exotic, brace yourself and take a deep breath. Girls really come from all over the world.

Sexual Preferences

If you didn’t pay attention, here’s once again: lesbian or bi-curious. No room for you if you are a man curious about bi-curious women. This is a place where a community is growing and sharing a like-minded view.

Wapa is not a voyeuristic app nor a sex app. There’s no exception, as the entrance barrier creates many hurdles for scammers and fakers.

Race and Ethnicity

The primary ethnicity is Caucasian, but there are many of them. There’s not a clear ratio, as it also depends on your location. If you are currently living in a place where the ethnic variety is low, and you don’t select the “trip” or “global” features, it will be quite hard for you to find many ethnic groups.

The recommendation is: try not to focus only on ethnic groups. You may find the love of your life or your next best friend, and she may not be exactly the ethnicity you were thinking about. Open-mindedness is better than being alone. Not always, but most of the time. Feel free to disagree.

Race and Ethnicity

Religious Orientation

There’s no reference to religious orientation. Plus, not many religions allow people to like the same sex, so this may be a huge reason to leave your childhood religion behind.

It’s recommended for religious people always to find their own websites. Here the content is not that much explicit, but around the web, it usually is — especially on dating or hookup sites. So, find your own religion-oriented brand.

Pricing Policies

Two primary memberships dominate the landscape here on Wapa. You register and create your profile by using a free membership, and you can stick to it to start browsing profiles, swiping, and chatting for as long as you like.

Then, you can decide to experience some Wapa’s nice tricks, and you can pay for a Premium membership. Let’s see more in detail what you can do with each.

Pricing Policies

Free Membership

With a free subscription, you can create a page and upload no more than five pictures on it. You can chat with everyone as much as you like, but you will see no more than 100 girls around you.

Basically, there’s nothing you CAN’T do as a free user. Still, a premium membership will disclose extra perks, which may be helpful to enhance your experience on Wapa. Let’s see them together.

You will receive a notification every time someone is reading your messages. You will be able to shoot instant photos, have no annoying advertisements, and see up to 100 people around you. The girls you can view with a standard free membership are only 100, no more.

You can check the full history of the tracks. Moreover, you are allowed to browse other people’s pages anonymously and choose to view only profiles with a picture.

You can upload ten pictures to your Wapa page and block your close-ups (privacy settings), translate messages, send longer texts and audio messages.

Finally, you can block the app (privacy settings). Basically, you can do everything for just 3,99$/1 month, 7,96$/3 months, or 23,87$/12 months. This is very cheap if compared to the average of dating services.

In some moments of the year, you can also have seven days of a free trial. Then, you will be charged 3,99$ and will have a month of the premium membership.

Paid Membership

How to Cancel Wapa Paid Subscription?

Just go to your account settings in the apps store and downgrade. Every membership renews at the next payment cycle. This allows you to downgrade just on time, some days before renewal.

If you are still paying for a month and would like to cancel a paid subscription no matter what, try to ask if you can get a refund. Use the Help section falling under the first icon on the left and fill out the form.

If you wish, you can write a letter to the email address indicated at the end of this review along with other contacts.

Is Wapa Safe?

It is. Everyone here is like-minded, and there is a friendly community welcoming you as soon as you sign up. No scam attempts have been noticed, neither any mention of them in users’ reviews.

Not every place is safe if you ignore the basic rules of online dating. It’s good to know that your payments are encrypted and secured from random online scammers, but use your common sense and stay cautious.

They care a lot about security on Wapa, so it’s up to you whether to break the rules and reveal your credit card details or address to strangers.

Is Wapa Safe?

Quality of Profiles

The verification before you can create a profile offers you a safeguard against fakers and scammers. So, the overall profile quality is higher than normal.

In the unlikely case, you find an unpleasant or too cheeky user; you can stop chatting or block them. If you suspect she is a He, do not hesitate to report it to the webmasters. You can do that by using the “help” section that is under the first icon in the main toolbar.

Select your issue, and hopefully, the webmasters will do their verification to check if that page is real.

Website Design & Usability

The design of Wapa is standard — black and dark grey background, violet tabs, and not that many icons. It’s not a busy interface, but at the same time, you need to open tabs to know what they are meant for — like on any other application, basically. It’s the main advantage of developing a mobile app instead of a dating website: you don’t have to overthink a modern vs. minimal interface. You go for minimal, as all developers now do.

The usability is high. Let’s sum every feature up in the next paragraph.

How Does Wapa Work?

You register, create your profile, and you are in. Let’s see all the tabs and what they are here for. From the top left to the top right: the three parallel horizontal lines will show you a sidebar containing your sexual preference, your profile, “block the app” icon, and the “do not disturb” icon. This blocks the notifications from bothering you on your phone all the time; finally, you have the “help” button.

You can upgrade and avail of a paid membership by touching the upgrade button below. Then, right to the three lines, your sexual preference is explicitly written. After that, you have the chat icon, the small flame icon, and the mini-gear for the settings.

The tracks are like Facebook’s likes: if a person comes to see your Wapa profile or likes you, you will see her here. Within the settings, you can adjust the distance of users displayed and unity of measure of this distance. Then, you can disable sounds and notifications.

In the second toolbar, there are your favorite users, then the closest, then the local random function. Another useful tab, the voyage section, will allow you to look for people from around the world, while the global one will display them right on the main page.

The last one is blocked users. Hoping nobody will ever be under this section, it’s useful to have it. You can unblock them whenever you like.

Wapa App

The app is fast and easy to download. It’s available both for Android and Apple devices. There’s no web browser version, so the only way for you to take advantage of all the services is to use it from your mobile phone.

Imagine all the fun chats and exciting new friendships you can make wherever you are: on the go, walking, running, driving. No, not driving, that was a joke, keep the eyes on the road, please!

Alternatives to Wapa

Let’s list some of the most famous lesbian and bi-curious apps on the Google Play Store: Zoe — Lesbian Dating, Her, Just She, Spicy — Lesbian chat and date. You’re free to try them as well!


Here is a shortlist of frequently asked questions where most likely you’ll find the answer to yours.

Is Wapa safe?

Wapa makes a point to delete the phony profiles since the system is centered around making the network only for the Queer ladies. It takes effective measures to make sure every member of the site is well protected and not being harassed.

Is Wapa a real dating site?

Wapa is the restrictive portal for the lesbian and eccentric ladies over the world. It accomplishes work like some other dating application. Eccentric ladies can locate their ideal match using Wapa. Wapa positions number 1 dating application intended for the Queer people group. Overviews express that many Queer ladies had profited by the system, and they had the option to discover their optimal match dependent on their Interests, highlights, dislikes, and so on.

How to use Wapa?

Wapa supports both Android and iOS stages. All that the client needs is an email address where the validation code would be sent for enrollment. After enlistment, individuals can check for their optimal match dependent on a few filters. Individuals can likewise discover other enlisted clients dwelling close to them using the area settings. They can even send demands for adding somebody to their friend list. Individuals can join the “Groups” they like and take an interest in the occasions posted and have a conversation on the subjects of interest.

Is Wapa free?

Wapa application is free to download, and clients can enroll for free to appreciate the basic features. However, premium participation is required to get to numerous highlights in the network.

Is Wapa really works?

Wapa is intended for Queer ladies, which implies that individuals paying special attention to a genuine relationship can enlist themselves. It is a unique online geo-social organizing platform that connects individuals of various ages, interests, sexual inclination, and highlights. Numerous reviews led to expresses that around 60 percent of the Queer ladies had the option to locate their ideal in the wake of the meeting through Wapa.


You’ve seen enough of Wapa for now. Reading a review is one thing, but you should definitely test the platform by yourself and find whether it’s the right fit for you. It all comes down to your needs — does Wapa have everything you need?

Well, go there and try it.

Contact Information

  • Company: Wapo y Wapa Limited
  • Address: Level 3, 18 Stanley Street, Auckland Central, Auckland 1010 New Zealand
  • Phone: no phone contact on the website nor within the app
  • Email: gdpr@wapoapp.com

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