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Tantan Review 2024

Tantan Review 2024
About Site
Active Audience 76%
Quality Matches 92%
Popular Age 18-25
Profiles 1 500 000
Reply Rate 88%
Ease of Use 7.1
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • A large percentage of the profiles are genuine. While Tantan cannot avoid scammers and catfish accounts, fake accounts are quite minimal on the app.
  • The price is affordable compared to other sites: it has less than a $10 monthly subscription fee.
  • It is highly reputable among other dating sites in Asia.
  • There are fewer matches in rural areas than urban ones.
  • Quite an amount of prostitutes can be found on this site.

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Tantan is a Chinese dating app that was launched in May 2014. It has ever since been doubling its user base every three months, and it has grown ahead to become one of the largest in the world, even competing with Tinder. It is the world’s third-largest dating app after Tinder and Bumble.

Currently, the Chinese dating app is now popular in India, and it has well over 270 million users all around the world. The growth of this dating app is not unrelated to the fact that young adults who increasingly spend a lot of time on the internet now prefer meeting and dating on the cyberspace.

Tantan is a Chinese dating app with a huge amount of users. The main goal of this dating app is to connect Chinese with possible matches, and this includes westerners, who are looking to date Chinese.

When Was Tantan Founded?

Tantan, one of the leading Chinese dating app, was founded in May 2014.

Who Owns Tantan?

Who Owns Tantan?

The CEO and founder of Tantan are Yu Wang.

Registration & Profile

With just a few taps that would take approximately ten seconds, you can get registered on Tantan. It’s no hassle at all.

Registration can be done either by using your Facebook account or your phone number. A verification code will be sent to your mobile number if you register with it. For registration, you can upload six pictures or less. Your birthday is also required for registration, so your zodiac sign and age can be ascertained. It is important to note that an under-aged user (below 18 years old) cannot have his/her registration approved on Tantan.

Because it can be skipped, most people don’t have enough information on their profile, so checking profiles might not yield a substantial result. Instead of this, there are various ways to communicate like quizzes, videos, and even audio messages.

Like every other dating site, Scammers and con artists often hide behind fake accounts to perpetrate evil acts, and they often make use of fake and unverified accounts for this. A user can report a profile that seems shady, and the app would surely penalize such a profile if they are found to have violated rules.


Interaction can only commence when you’ve already been matched with someone. To know them better and to foster communication, there are quizzes you can take with your matches. These quizzes are made in such a way that it would make it easier for you and your match to not only get to know each other better but also to break the ice. These quizzes can be the regular or, in some other case, intimate. However, before starting these quizzes, your consent and your match’s is required.

Asides chatting via direct messages, the Tantan dating app also has several other features to aid communication: you can make a video as well as a voice message and send it to your match. You can even send photos to them. With all these features in place, it is practically impossible for you and your matches to run out of things to talk about.

Also, if you are planning on meeting up with your match, the location feature comes in handy to share your exact location with your match.


How to Search for People on Tantan?

There are search filters for people on Tantan, and they are all available for free. You can search for people based on preferences like location and age.

How to Delete Tantan Account?

While Tantan is a pretty amazing dating app, people still decide to leave for one reason or the other. If you also feel the need to leave the app, you can follow these simple steps to delete your account.

Deleting Account through the App

  1. Log in to your Tantan account on the app.
  2. Click “Settings”
  3. Click “Security”
  4. Proceed to click on delete account.

Deleting Account through Email:

  1. Go to your email account that was registered with / linked to the Tantan Dating app.
  2. Write an email addressed to the Tantan app support via this email address: [email protected]
  3. The Subject of the email must be “REQUEST TO DELETE MY ACCOUNT.”
  4. The body of the email must be a request by you for the cancellation of your Tantan account, followed by your honest reason for deleting the account.

How to Delete Tantan Account?

Members Structure

A total amount of 270 million people are using Tantan. Out of these 270 million users, 4.5 million are paying users. China has the largest amount of users, with 90 million people registered. Tantan caters to adults, but the average age grade of Tantan users is between 18 and 24.it should be noted that about 3.6 billion matches have been made on Tantan.

Sexual Preferences

Being a Chinese dating app, Tantan is indirectly influenced by the Chinese conservative style. Several casual sexual undertones and slang that you can get away with on Western dating apps like Tinder are frowned at on Tantan.

Being a dating app, you might think that an amount of freedom would be afforded. However, with the heavy Internet censorship in China, slang like “hookup buddy,” “meet for sex,” and even “get a room” are usually flagged as inappropriate or foul language. Any user who attempts to use these words would receive a warning, and if such a user persists, reprimand might follow.

Sexual Preferences

Race and Ethnicity

In a way, technology has helped bridge the racial gap amongst humans, especially with the advent of dating sites and apps like Tantan. Casual sex, love, and long-term relationships are all at the tip of your fingers with Tantan.

Even though the racial gaps are bridged considerably, racial differences are still a huge determining factor, as some people find it harder to get a match. On the other hand, some people find it considerably easy to get matches because of their race. This shows that there is a huge imbalance, as Tantan doesn’t favor everyone equally.

Some races that are considered “attractive” are more at an advantage than others. Since we are all visual beings, you can either find the physical appearance of a possible match attractive or not, and more often, people who are considered unattractive don’t get a lot of matches. For example, Westerners – Caucasians specifically – are usually more successful on Tantan than Asian men.

Asian men and men of color are often marginalized by Caucasians, Latinas, and women of color, whereas Caucasian men are more advantaged. On the other hand, Asian women rate Asian men averagely. Asian men tend to find Caucasian girls more attractive mainly because they are considered more “original,” unlike Chinese girls who tend to undergo quite an amount of plastic surgery.

With all these, you might think that Caucasian men would find it easy to make a long-term relationship with Chinese women. The reverse might be the case because while Chinese girls find Caucasian men attractive, they don’t often want long term relationships with them mainly because of the complications that come with their cultural differences.

According to most western men, Chinese girls are more interested in using them as casual flings while improving their English. Most Chinese girls don’t see a long term relationship with Western men even though these Chinese girls find them exotic.

Religious Orientation

Being the leading dating app in a very shy and conservative country, Tantan provides considerably well for the religious people. From their clean interface that doesn’t display any erotic image to their hostility towards prostitution on the app, Tantan has ensured that they provide for everyone, no matter their religious orientation.

Religious Orientation

Pricing Policies

On Tantan, you can decide to use the free services where you only have access to a limited amount of features. On the other hand, being a VIP member means that you get more access to a wider range of features.

Free Membership

As a free member of Tantan, you get a limited amount of features for free. Below are some of them:

  • You can like other people’s profiles.
  • You can play in-app games.
  • You can create a profile.
  • You can search through filters
  • You can browse the “Moments” tab.
  • You can edit your profile.
  • You are entitled to 120 “swipes” per day.

Paid membership / VIP membership gives you uninhibited and unrestricted access to all features on the app. With a VIP membership, you can either opt for the monthly, quarterly, or annual subscriptions. For the monthly subscription, you get to pay $8.99. For quarterly subscription, you have it discounted by paying just $16.99 for three months, which is calculated as $5.66 monthly. For the annual subscription, you get to pay $54.99, which is a discounted price considering that it is calculated as $4.58 monthly.

  • You get an unlimited amount of “swipes.”
  • You get an exclusive badge.
  • Your username gets highlighted in other member’s search results.
  • You can change your “location” filter.
  • “You get unlimited “Rewinds.”
  • You get 5 Super likes daily.
  • You see the number of times that you have passed another member.

You can subscribe to the paid membership either through your Credit card or through your Mobile Phone.

How to Cancel Tantan Paid Subscription?

To cancel your paid Tantan subscription, all you have to do is open your Google Play Store or IOS store. Check if you are signed in with the correct email. Go to your menu, click on subscriptions. You then have to select Tantan subscriptions and cancel it.

How to Cancel Tantan Paid Subscription?

Is Tantan Safe?

While Tantan is considered secure, it is not without its inadequacies, and when these security flaws were made public years ago, it resulted in a huge controversy.

Hong Kong-based entrepreneur, Larry Salibra, who was fascinated by Tantan’s close similarities and even superiority to Tinder, decided to check further if the similarities between the two apps were limited to the interface or if Tantan’s back-end was also as polished as Tinder’s.

Mr. Salibra did reverse-engineering of the app using XCode, Apple’s developer kit. It was then that he discovered that the app had a complete lack of encryption and this could enable a competent hacker to access usernames, user’s real name, password, dating preferences, sexual orientation, left/right swipes, hobbies, interests, chat messages, phone numbers, locations and even read conversations in the app.

Not only this, but hackers could also stalk Tantan users if they wanted to. All the hacker had to do was use three different coordinates, pass them all through the triangulation method, and then get a match location with the highest accuracy. With this, you can stalk the Tantan user.

After several failed attempts by Mr. Salibra to reach Tantan’s CEO, he decided to go public with the discoveries. Yu Wang, the CEO, then contacted Mr. Salibra with promises to fix the security inadequacies in newer versions. The security flaw had since been fixed, and there has been no further security problem on the app ever since.

Quality of Profiles

Since registration can be done with minimal information, profiles are usually very scanty save for pictures and usernames (that are often pseudo names).

Quality of Profiles

Website Design and Usability

When it comes to design and usability, Tantan is topnotch: Its design is clear. Considering that other dating apps and sites often make use of raunchy and sexually suggestive pictures of models, Tantan can be said to be quite appropriate.

The functionality and usability of the app are easy to understand and navigate even for the semi-literate. Since the target users of Tantan are usually in the 18-24 age-group, the app has several functions and is youth-friendly yet decent with its exotic but appropriate interface. The fact that most of the app’s features are available for free makes it even better.

How Does Tantan Work?

Tantan is a dating app that helps you meet and communicate with other single people who also might be interested in you. Registration on Tantan is quite simple and doesn’t require you to enter sensitive information of yourself.

It is similar to Tinder in the sense that it makes use of the good old “swiping” techniques to match people. To further aid communication, you can play in-app games and quiz to know more about each other. You can upload as many as six pictures on Tantan. Tantan has awesome free features, and it is quite affordable in comparison to other dating apps.

How does Tantan Work?

Tantan App

Presently, Tantan is only available as an app as it has no website platform. Tantan app can be downloaded for free on both Apple Store and Google Play Store. The app can only be used on a Mobile App, and the app has several functions and features.

Since you can post pictures and updates about yourself, it can be considered more as a hybrid between a social media app and a dating site. Members can also take pictures directly in the app and post the same.

Alternatives of Tantan

Some of the alternatives to Tantan are:

Ashley Madison, Adultfriendfinder, Elite Singles, and Tinder.

Alternatives of Tantan


Tantan is not your regular swiping dating app as it makes use of other features and functions. The fact that you can use most of these features for free makes it better and more popular among Chinese and Asians. You don’t have to go through a rigorous registration process to join, and you get to see other possible matches as soon as you join. However, if you are into overtly specialized dating apps, you might not exactly find it intriguing, especially since the interface contains no sexually provocative pictures. Also, you cannot make use of sexually suggestive words.

To make up for Tantan’s lack of sensuality, it contains several games which can help you get to know your matches even better.

Contact Information

Company: TanTan (Mobile App)

Address: Head Office Address: 409, 4th Floor, Building 9, Guanghua Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100020, China

Phone: Not available

Email: [email protected] (for feedback), [email protected] (for business queries)

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