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Shaadi Review 2024

Shaadi Review 2024
About Site
Active Audience 83%
Quality Matches 91%
Popular Age 18-25
Profiles 1 300 000
Reply Rate 93%
Ease of Use 6.2
Popularity 9.1
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • An incredibly massive amount of profiles
  • A convenient interface
  • Most members are active
  • Effective search filters
  • A lot cheaper than many similar services
  • A large number of ads even for paid users
  • High chances of coming across scam profiles
  • Impossible to view who checked your page
  • Suitable only for heterosexual visitors

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Shaadi’s dating platform is aimed at helping heterosexual singles in finding their soulmates. It’s well designed and easy to operate. This site’s user base has about 1 million members, and the level of successful matches is imposing, which is obvious through numerous reviews on the Internet. This platform is popular because of its deliberately crafted search algorithms and a friendly interface. On the one hand, it has some similarities to other dating sites. On the other hand, it’s hard to call Shaadi typical, as compared to its competitors, because of some exclusive features. So, today we’re going to find out if this site is worth using.

When Was Shaadi Founded?

Shaadi was launched in 1996 by Anupam Mittal as Sagaai.com and initially was oriented on Indian people. Nevertheless, its popularity has spread all over the world.

Who Owns Shaadi?

People Interactive (I) Pvt. Ltd appears to be the owner of this platform. Officially it is based in Mumbai, India.

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Registration & Profile

The signup process on Shaadi has some significant differences from other similar services. It’s not limited to only entering your name, location, or email. The number of lines that users have to fill is much bigger, although the whole process will hardly take more than 15 minutes. As such, you will have to mention your name, country of residence, education, income per year, racial background, religious beliefs, and lifestyle. You will have to compose some sort of presentation of yourself that will fully describe your personality. All this information will be used by search engines to find suitable partners for you.

One more peculiarity of Shaadi is that it allows its users to create profiles of other people they know. This feature is beneficial for those who have shy friends and relatives unfamiliar with dating sites. Registration processes require entering a unique password that the system sends to your phone number. This procedure can discourage creating fake accounts. Later, you will be sent some forms that you need to fill out to complete the registration process.

Connecting your profile to popular social networks and uploading photos is also available on Shaadi. Remember that none of your data will be visible to other members until the administration finishes verifying your page. Some users complain that the whole process takes more time than on other websites, but it’s all for safety.

Registration & Profile


The matching process on Shaadi has some unique features. It is based on the whole range of information provided. Unfortunately, unregistered users can only ‘show interest’ to others by hitting a dedicated button. Registered members, in turn, can use a much more extensive array of features. To balance opportunities, Shaadi allows non-paying visitors to respond to messages from the registered ones for free. There’s also a chat room on this platform.

To start interacting with anyone here, you should find those who suit you first. To perform a search for a possible partner, Shaadi members can utilize filters that truly ease the whole process. Remember that they can only be applied when searching among registered participants.

How to Search for People on Shaadi?

Users can look for suitable profiles with the help of search filters, which sort potential partners by their data and preferences. The total number of search options is more than 20. One can find the most typical characteristics here, such as education, body type, etc. Nevertheless, some advanced parameters are available to receive a better result. You may also use keywords, which can make your search more precise.

How to Delete Shaadi Account?

Sometimes users have to delete their accounts from dating sites. There’re tons of various reasons. Shaadi provides its members with a possibility to delete their pages, which can be done quite smoothly.

First of all, you will have to log in. Secondly, look through the Menu Bar and search for the ‘My Profile’ section. There you will see a hyperlink called ‘Hide/Delete Profile.’ After clicking it, you will see a special menu that’s aimed at confirming your account’s status. Click the corresponding message and submit it. After that, Shaadi will automatically delete your page.

How to Delete Shaadi Account?

Member Structure

We can note that Shaadi’s member structure has no much difference in comparison to other similar platforms. The total number of users is 1 million people. Approximately 65.000 newcomers visit this site every week. Gender proportion’s far from equality, with only 25% of females to 75% of males. It makes this platform almost perfect for lonely women searching for suitable men. The user base is rather diverse and consists of widowed, singles, divorced, etc. It’s also a friendly website for people with mental issues as well as those who have HIV.

In general, it’s tough to find any information about this site’s activity and statistics. We don’t know if it’s a part of the site’s policy or just a coincidence. Nevertheless, it is apparent that the major audience comprises mature grownups from 25 to 40 years old seeking heterosexual relationships.

Sexual Preferences

Shaadi is as straight as it can be. No gay/lesbian relations are allowed here. Any kind of interaction can only be performed by people of opposite sexes. So, as mentioned, the abundance of male profiles makes this site highly suitable for single women. This could have scared off many potential users of the LGBT community. However, Shaadi’s target audience seems to be OK with it. This is the case when narrowing down the community works just right.

Race and Ethnicity

Considering the list of countries catered by Shaadi, we can conclude that representatives of all racial and ethnic groups are present here. Its users come from the USA, Singapore, Australia, the UK, Canada, and India. The population is rather diverse, so you will find a suitable person to start a relationship. Nevertheless, this website was first oriented on people of Asian descent, which has had an individual impact on its user base.

Religious Orientation

Shaadi has no restrictions concerning religious beliefs. In case you wish to find people of a particular faith, you can adjust your filters accordingly. Even the main menu contains several categories that allow users to sort members in the process of searching. A relevant parameter can be found on the bottom of the ‘Main Menu’ page.

Religious Orientation

Pricing Policies

Shaadi is not very cheap, as compared to other similar platforms. Nevertheless, there is much sense in using it as a paid platform because the scope of fee-based services is quite impressive. Free membership is limited to only basics. Thus, it is better to obtain a paid account if you want to make your Shaadi experience more productive.

Free Membership

Free membership allows users to see the lists of registered members and express interest if they wish. Setting up your profile and viewing this site’s blog are also available. Free visitors can also upload photos and show them to others. In terms of usage, Shaadi’s free membership is not very different from others of a similar type.

A paying member has an opportunity to:

  • see others’ contact info
  • start a chat with anyone on the website
  • view confidential pictures
  • get the top positions in search results
  • get VIP assistance
  • and more

Users can get a paid package. In case you want to use Shaadi for three months as a Gold member, you will have to pay $97.00 ($32.33 per month). With $39.67 per month, you will use this website for three months as a Gold Plus user for $119.00.

Those who want to stay with Shaadi for six months in Diamond mode will have to pay $24.50 per month with a total of $147.00. The Diamond Plus variant will cost you $187.00 ($31.17 per month).

A full-year membership, called Platinum Plus, can be bought for $269.00. In this case, you will pay only $22.42 per month.

Beyond any doubt, taking a year membership is a lot more profitable than buying a Gold account. The economy is quite apparent, though it is not as drastic as on other dating websites.

Users can make payments with credit cards, PayPal, and cheques.

The refund system on Shaadi works in a quite interesting way. The management states that users can have their membership refunded in 30 days after obtaining. But this procedure can only be accomplished if members had no invitations to start a chat with others after sending ten interests.

How to Cancel Shaadi Paid Subscription?

There is no direct information on how users can end their paid subscriptions. However, it is mentioned that if a paid subscription is canceled, a person doesn’t get any refund from Shaadi.

How to Cancel Shaadi Paid Subscription?

Is Shaadi Safe?

In terms of safety, Shaadi’s not an excellent platform. Users have to include a lot of information while building their profiles, but the only verification tool is confirming one’s email or a mobile number. So, everyone has to be attentive to avoid fakes and scams. Such sites are somewhat dynamic, with lots of people visiting them every day. Try to communicate with the person you liked and find out as much information as possible first. And don’t forget to read the ‘Be Safe Online’ section available at the bottom of Shaadi’s homepage.

Quality of Profiles

Like on other sites, free members can view only public photos. Hidden pictures are only visible to premium users. Since there is a possibility of coming across fake accounts, a special verification system is used to approve the credibility of profiles. In case you feel that you’ve come across a fake or a scammer, check out a verification icon. That can help to make things clearer. If there is none, you may report this user without a doubt.

Most profiles comprise all information about the holders, excluding contact information, which is still available to paid members. Detalization is on a pretty high level, and managing a page is quite convenient.

Website Design and Usability

Shaadi looks very smart, and yet, it uses a simple approach to web design. No complex textures or sophisticated effects, but only a couple of primary colors and menus can be found there. It is extremely appreciated by those having problems with the Internet connection and using this website as a mobile app. The whole interface is straightforward in use and will be suitable even for users who are unfamiliar with dating platforms in general. However, Shaadi has individual flaws. First of them is an abundance of ads, which are shown even to paid members. It is quite annoying until you get used to it.

Another thing is the ‘About us’ section. After clicking it, you find yourself on an utterly obsolete site with nothing in common with Shaadi. On the other hand, it feels a little like time travel and lets you see how this platform looked a couple of decades ago.

How Does Shaadi Work?

Shaadi exists via advertisement and paid subscriptions purchased by its members. Considering the number of ads, which can’t be turned off even by paid subscribers, it’s quite an essential part of their business.

This site has a considerable range of features, and each of them has its price. In many circles, Shaadi is considered to be one of the best matchmaking services and is credible for many users.

How Does Shaadi Work?

Shaadi App

Many users feel very positive about this app because it is known for its design and convenience. Using it is extremely entertaining and relaxed. It is free and very suitable for chatting when you are commuting, for example. The application has a great feature called ‘Surprise me.’ When you shake your device, it will give you possible matches randomly picked. Who knows, maybe you will find a person of your dreams! In general, there is nothing special about it, since it is merely a useful and well-designed dating app.

Alternatives to Shaadi

Some sites are partly oriented to a similar audience:

  • EliteSingles — is a site helping educated single women search for suitable men. As it is clear from the title, educational background is highly appreciated among its members. Many of its users are only after heterosexual relationships, and it is easy to sort them out.
  • Match.com — is one of the oldest dating services of Match Group. It is known for its highly favorable policy towards their clients. In case you don’t find a suitable partner in six months, you will get six months more for free.
  • ChristianMingle is a website that works for Christian singles. It is acclaimed as the leading Christian dating site on the Web. After a lawsuit in 2016, it started catering to LGBT users, too. So, it differs from Shaadi in many ways. Yet, it can still attract Christian heterosexuals from Shaadi, being well-known for its highly successful results and the numerous couples created there.



Shaadi is quite a great representative of its kind in the industry. It is thoughtfully designed and has a convenient mobile counterpart. Profiles are detailed and helpful in finding out who is hiding behind them. Pricing is not the cheapest around.

Nevertheless, there is still a chance of saving up your money if you buy an account for as many months as possible. Even though this site is most interesting to people of Indian descent, it’s possible to find users of other ethnic backgrounds. Shaadi is accessible worldwide and is quite recognized beyond Indian borderers. Among its flaws, we should mention an occasional occurrence of fake accounts. Nonetheless, paying members have access to the contact information of others so that they can check their credibility.

One more drawback of Shaadi is hugely limited possibilities for free members, in almost all aspects. If you genuinely wish to find a suitable match, it is wiser to buy a paid account. However, even paying participants are not free of annoying ads.

We can recommend Shaadi to experienced users who’re familiar with the dating industry. Nevertheless, it won’t be difficult for newcomers to get used to this website. In case you feel lonely and want to get a new experience, we advise you to visit Shaadi.

Contact Information

Company: People Interactive (I) Pvt. Ltd

Address: 2B (2) II Ground Floor, Film Center Building, 68 Tardeo Road, Mumbai – 400 034, India.

Phone: (1860 200 3456)

Email: via website contact form

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