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Reveal Review 2024

Reveal Review 2024
About Site
Active Audience 64%
Quality Matches 92%
Popular Age 18-25
Profiles 1 500 000
Reply Rate 89%
Ease of Use 8.5
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Women can choose their own matches
  • Men have no access to women's profiles unless chosen by the women
  • Less ghosting and unresponsive male matches
  • Eliminates potentially abusive male users who are rejected
  • No real algorithm-based matching
  • Profiles are limited
  • Free searches are limited to age and distance
  • Your match options are less outside of high user density areas

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Reveal dating app aims to put women in the driving seat when it comes to making online matches. So often men resort to what is called “fishing’. This involves men swiping “yes” to all women’s profiles that are presented to them and waiting to see who likes them back. They can then choose their preferred option, often not responding to women that they deem less desirable.

Reveal’s studies of why women are less inclined to date online than men resulted in them creating a Reveal app. Mail Online points out statistics that show that almost one-third of males using online dating swipe right automatically when presented with potential matches. Now women get to swipe as they choose anonymously and engage with men who they find attractive.

Studies have shown that women are nervous about rejecting unwanted suitors online because some men can be aggressive and insulting. Even threatening. Reveal aims to eliminate that possibility by presenting only those profiles in which Reveal users have already expressed interest. Some have speculated that this role reversal is sexist and merely reverses the fishing tactics that women have complained about.

This speculation fails to take into account the prevalence of male to female harassment online. In the post-Weinstein society, women’s concerns are no longer something that can be swept under the rug, and Reveal dating is seeking to put women back in control when choosing their match.

Reveal also takes into account the form of harassment that follows when a woman’s colleagues or social circle become aware of her dating profile. This unwelcome attention puts many women, especially high-tiered professionals, from using online dating platforms entirely.

Reveal aims to eliminate those kinds of shenanigans entirely, allowing women to browse on the down-low. Only male profiles are presented to female users, enabling the ladies to choose their potential matches without fear of social repercussions or responses of more aggressive wannabe male suitors online.

Reveal is not just a lady’s site, just so you know. They are a little more risqué than that and are not some old-fashioned site catering for Romeos and white picket fences. They also allow for couples on the site who are seeking something a little more experimental than a church ceremony.

Reveal Review 2020

When Was Reveal Founded?

The reveal app was launched in late 2017 in the United Kingdom.

Who Owns Revea?

Reveal app was created by three school chums Tom Buzzard, Sean Ferriter, and Edward Harvey. They came up with this idea in response to female friends’ complaints regarding experiences with online dating. Their female friends had suffered embarrassment when colleagues had discovered them on dating sites. The reactions would vary from exaggerated flirtatiousness all the way to men they worked with, asking them on dates.

Women also complained about being matched with men that would not respond to messages because they had merely swiped their profile automatically. Women wanted to know men’s intentions before starting up conversations that lead to dead ends. They created Reveal as a threefold solution to fill what they believed was a gap in the online dating market.

Registration & Profile

Reveal follows the standard operating features such as popular dating apps like Tinder and Bumble. Registration is a breeze and will only take you a couple of minutes, but you must be over 18. This site can only be used by linking your Facebook profile, but don’t worry; it will not show up on your Facebook feed.

This app requires basic questions such as name, age, height, and location with an option of a 500 character ‘about me’ bio. You have plenty of opportunities to show off your best side in the 6-slot photo upload. You can import your best pics from your Facebook or load up some recent shots from your camera roll.

Although the bio section is limited, you can use this space to let your potential squeeze know about your interests and how you see yourself. This bio is important because profiles on this site are not incredibly detailed, and you may find a better match that way. Try not to use the space to let men know that you love romantic walks on the beach or that your favorite color is gold-blue. Avoid cliches and show some personality. After all, users should reveal themselves on this app.


Reveal site does not use any fancy algorithm-based matching technology. You will not be required to fill out a personality questionnaire that asks you the kind of questions that make you want to stab yourself in your eye with a pencil. The matches are pretty straight forward, and you are only presented with the men you have expressed an interest in. Nice.

The men that you have lovingly hand-picked from the swathes of low hanging and luscious fruit will only know of your loveliness once you swipe right. They will naturally be instantly grateful for your patronage and swipe right in return.

Reveal will then send you a notification that you have been matched and invite you to send your hand-picked Adonis a message. Then comes the big reveal. You and your match can click an icon above messages that reveals your intent to step up the pace and get it on.

Don’t worry girls, you can keep your stable full of ponies in the “Pending Section” where you can store all your prospects who have yet to give you a right swipe. Out of nervousness and awe, of course.

How To Search For People On Reveal?

The search filters are pretty bare-bones on Reveal, but that’s okay if a bone is what you are seeking. Reveal gives you the option of distance and age to create your matches list. The distance filter ranges from 0 to 150km, which is about 93 miles. You have a range of ages between 18 and 65+.

From these basic filters, you will be sent a cornucopia of delectable men, with their photos, names, and ages. If they pique your interest, you can tap the photo to access further visual feasts. If you like, you may swipe already, but you can click on further info like bio (Just in case, he is into taxidermy and river dancing.)

Then it’s entirely in your own lacquered fingertips to decide who will win your hand or any other piece of anatomy that you care to offer. This can all be done at your leisure and on the move while waiting to buy condoms or having your wedding dress fitted. Reveal leaves it entirely up to a lady’s discretion.

How To Delete Your Reveal Account?

If you have found your Prince Charming (or your stallion), you may delete your account with Reveal dating in three ways:

  • Email them at [email protected] providing your name, address, phone number, and email address
  • You may delete your account online via the app by selecting “Delete my Account” option found under the Settings tab
  • You may request account cancellation through the post at Reveal, Kemp House, City Road, London EC1V 2NX. Include account details in the mail.

Just email them with your username and request that they delete your account. For security purposes, they require users to email from the email account associated with the Reveal account they wish to have deleted.

How To Delete Your Reveal Account?

Members Structure

Reveal does not disclose any stats on its exact number of users, keeping their confidentiality in mind. We took a look at their Twitter and Instagram followers, which are all under ten thousand. Besides, this app is only a couple of years old, so it unlikely has a huge user database. Besides, given its concept, we assume that REveal has more female users. After all, ladies have all the power on this app.

Sexual Preferences

Sorry for the LGBTQ community there is no option for you as yet on the Reveal app. Still, the Brand assures users that there is such a version in the pipeline. There are options for couples who want to broaden their sexual experiences on this site, though.

Race and Ethnicity

Reveal is most popular in the UK, so it is not the most ethnically diverse app. Besides, its relatively small database does not contribute much to racial variety.

Religious Orientation

Reveal does not ask users about their religious beliefs, which clearly means this is not their focus. Anyone can join, but you cannot expect to find people for spiritual discussions here.

Religious Orientation

Pricing Policies

Reveal dating app is available for free download on Android and iOS versions from Google Play and the App Store. The Reveal app offers subscriptions via their website, App Store, and Google Play (with in-app options).

Free Membership

  • Free profile and bio
  • Free profile picture and 6 additional photos
  • 10 free right swipes each 12hrs
  • Free age and location filters

  • Unlimited right swipes
  • Unlimited messaging
  • Upload videos and more
  • Enhanced search filters for matches
  • Access to unlimited profiles

How To Cancel Reveal Paid Subscription?

There are three methods of canceling your Reveal paid subscriptions:

  • If you purchased your subscription through the App Store, log in on your iOS device. Tap Apple ID and Log in if it asks you to. Navigate to Subscriptions and tap “Manage.” Select “Reveal” and slide the auto-renewal tab to “Off” or select “Unsubscribe.”
  • If you purchased your subscription on your Android device, open the Google Play Store app. Search for “Reveal,” then select “Cancel” or “Unsubscribe” and finally “Confirm.”
  • If you subscribed through Reveal directly, you may email them at [email protected] or write to them at Reveal Dating Ltd, Attn: Cancellations, Kemp House, City Road, London EC1V 2NX.

How To Cancel Reveal Paid Subscription?

Is Reveal Dating Safe?

User privacy is a top priority to Reveal Dating LTD. They have designed their entire app around user privacy and security. Users are free to make lasting connections without concerns about their personal information security. The Reveal team is constantly updating its security systems to improve user’s private information and its safety.

Access to personal data is designated to a small and well-trained sector of the in-house staff who are subject to confidentiality agreements. Reveal follows standard third-party agreements in most current applications.

Users have to link their Facebook profiles, which helps combat the abundance of creeps with fake profiles out there. It became such an epidemic that many users have sworn off online dating.

Quality of Profiles

Profiles on Reveal are hardly the most detailed out there in the online dating world. The basic information of a user is provided along with six other photographs, excluding the profile picture. This site does not employ matchmaking technologies that require extensive information and relies on a more manual profile search system.

This site only uses basic filters in their matching system. Their object is to get users communicating and transforming any connections made on the site to real-world interactions. Profile information can be supplemented by uploading images as well as videos, but there is no live cam or video chat option available currently.

How Does Reveal Work?

Reveal dating app allows women users to browse potential matches anonymously and only reveal themselves to the men of their own choosing. Through an age and distance filter, women can browse nearby matches without being identified and right-swipe men they like. Only when the man expresses interest back is the lady revealed.

Reveal App

Reveal app is sleek and easy to use with a feminine design with pink/purple accents (well, it is made for the ladies.) Access to searches and other features is intuitive and easy to navigate with one hand.

The profiles are clear and do not inundate the user with those massive grid-like galleries that dominate the screen. The layout is similar to the Bumble and Tinder-style apps but has some unique touches that set them apart.

Alternatives of Reveal

Tinder is the giant of the online dating app industry with a ginormous user base from all over the world. They provide all aspects of dating preferences from hookups to long-term romance. There has been discontent with the authenticity of profiles on this app, though.

Badoo also has a large user base but of a younger demographic than most other online dating platforms. Badoo has options from friendship and chat to serious dating and allows users to share images and videos and find a match through mutual interests.

Zoosk has an incredible 40 million members, so if your match is out there, you may well find them here. They accommodate both long-term and short-term relationship seekers and have extremely high user activity.

EliteSingles also takes a feminine perspective in their dating app, which curates highly compatible matches and presents them to female users. They stress quality over quantity and provide proper vetting in their user profiles. They also filter out work colleagues and those in your immediate circles via your Facebook accounts.

Match.com is one of the most successful online dating applications in the world, having paired up more users than any other site. It lets users find matches based on interests and match words in each other’s profiles. With over 8 million users, they are a contender for sure.

Alternatives of Reveal


Reveal has emerged in the post #metoo angst of 2020, where women’s rights have become center stage in many aspects of social and professional life. More and more women are looking online to find matches who suit them before they meet them in the flesh.

It has been estimated that some 72% of adult Americans use or have used online dating platforms, and male users take up more than the lion’s share of this figure. Reveal has attempted to address the reasons why women are more reluctant to date online.

Unlike men, women are objects of attention when they are found seeking companionship online and might be made embarrassed and self-conscious in their workplaces. Reveal app is novel in that it empowers women to seek their match freely without exposing themselves to public scrutiny.

Daily Mail referred to a Tinder survey where 33 percent of the males admitted to swiping on every woman’s profile to increase their odds in the dating game. This is compared to 93 percent women who only swiped the profiles that they liked. Reveal certainly has spotted their gap.

It’s all fine and well in theory, but are men really into that kind of thing? Are they willing to take such a passive role in their online dating? One can hardly see the men flocking to a site where their female counterparts limit them.

It doesn’t take a behavioral scientist to point out that men are more prone to actively seeking their matches. Would they not be happier where they could swipe away and see what comes up? We think Reveal might land up being populated with a lot of women with rather discreet yet empty nets.

That is why it is not surprising that the Reveal site and apps are so under the radar that they are basically invisible online. We had to check the website dates to see if they were still up and running. If social media presence is anything to go by, ladies aren’t champing at the bit at the chance to be the ones in charge. Or perhaps it is the men who have been frightened away?

Contact Information

Company: Reveal dating LTD

Address: Kemp House, City Road, London, United Kingdom, EC1V 2NX.

Phone: n/a

Email: [email protected]

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