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Ourteennetwork Review

Ourteennetwork Review
About Site
Active Audience 91%
Quality Matches 90%
Popular Age 20-30
Profiles 453 564
Reply Rate 89%
Ease of Use 9
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • It has many chat rooms and interactive forums
  • The site is free to use
  • On-hand support team
  • Access to view as many profiles
  • The ads on the site are too many and may sometimes be infuriating
  • Older adults stalk the site

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Ourteennetwork is a dating site with a beautiful blend of friend-making, hanging out, dating, and finding love for young folks. It propagates itself as a safe social dating and networking site for teens. Who says love does not happen when we are teens? Well, the fact that certain things are abused does not signify that no good can come from them.

Ourteennetwork is a community dedicated to helping young folks make new friends and find potential matches and love to share the rest of their lives. The site seeks to make dating fun for teens without jeopardizing their online safety and quest for adventurous taste.

Do you desire in-depth information on the Ourteennetwork dating site? Then this is for you. Read through this review to find answers to every possible question you might have about the site.

When Was Ourteennetwork Founded?

Ourteennetwork was founded on April 2, 2009. The site has grown drastically to host a large number of users and continues to grow despite strong competition from other sites. It is still actively functional and welcomes new members daily with the majority from the USA.

Who Owns Ourteennetwork?

According to Ourteennetwork policy, the website is owned and managed by the Ourteennetwork group.

Registration & Profile

The sign-up process for Ourteennetwork is hitch-free and takes just a few minutes of your schedule. To get started, you have to be at least 13 years old to register. Visit the website at ourteennetwork.com, where you find the sign-up option, click to create your account.


First, you need to indicate your gender and the gender you would love to match with before you are required to enter a valid email address that would be confirmed by the Ourteennetwork support team. This allows the support team to secure your account adequately.

Next, choose your preferred password and user name, which could be a pseudonym. Then you should fill in your location and age before you submit.

Once this is done, you can upload a photo and start viewing profiles of those you like to connect with. It is very simple and stress-free. Sign up today to find similarly minded people like yourself to communicate.

Having your username and age on your profile is not enough. The fact that you have filled a detailed profile leaves a potential match with the impression that you are ready to mingle and also improves your chances of finding that special person. Often, what a person wishes for is finding that person that turns out to be a true friend, which can genuinely be possible on Ourteennetwork. You can also upload videos, create posts, enhance networking, and read on the site’s blog.

There are essential questions you would have to fill out so that your profile can stand out from others; however, the site uses an algorithm to suggest possible matches. While anyone can view your profile, you can make it private; this can only be done through the setting option.


Once your account is all set and verified, you can begin to use Ourteennetwork features to search, connect, and interact with potential friends and matches. The messaging feature is one way through which members of Ourteennetwork get to bond and connect deeply with sanctioned matches; you can choose to send messages to anyone without restrictions. Communication on Ourteennetwork goes through protected posts and direct messages.


You have access to many profiles, but then, the search feature is there for you to quickly find a match either by using the age or location filter. You can also search for those online at any time.

There are enough chat rooms and forums where you can find user’s social media handles and connect with them via WhatsApp, SnapChat, Instagram, Tumblr, Skype, Twitter, etc.

With these available features, users can still achieve a level of connection with a potential match, start conversations, and interact with multiple people as desired on Ourteennetwork. These features, coupled with a good profile, would help you find your match in good time.

How To Search For People On Ourteennetwork?

No doubt, Ourteeennetwork has many users who make searching for whom to mingle with less daunting. To search for people on the site, you could do this by using the filter option of your location, or age. You can also search for users who are currently active online.

Ourteennetwork allows users to drop their various social media handles that are often well sorted on the site when you search for those around you; you can easily connect with them via their user ID and keep the conversations flowing.

How To Delete Ourteennetwork Account?

The site would love to keep having you as a member of her community, but if you think it is time to leave the network, then here is how to go about it. Deleting your account is not a tough one; to delete your account, simply send a mail to [email protected], and in a few minutes, your request would be fulfilled.

Members Structure

Every dating platform has its peculiar member structure, and in this case, that of Ourteennetwork is particularly interesting. The site has over 700,000 users and enjoys over 10,000 to 15,000 daily logins.


The majority of users are from the US, Spain, and Ireland. Also, the age distribution on the site is from 13 to 19 scattered between different ethnicities meaning everyone is covered no matter your tastes. Members of Ourteennetwork enjoy high interactions and bustle all day.

Sexual Preferences

Ourteennetwork understands and respects diversity in sexual orientation or preferences. At the point of registration, users get to choose the gender that is of sexual interest to them. So, no matter who you are, you are welcome to join the family. You would find others with the same sexual orientation as yourself to connect with.

Race and Ethnicity

When we visited the site, we found that people of various races and ethnicities are all on Ourteennetwork: African Americans, Asians, Latinos, and many more. So, irrespective of your race or what your skin color may be, we want you to know that there are no limitations in love and friendship. Discrimination of any form is highly prohibited on Ourteennemtwork; it is a ground for expulsion from the site if you are caught.

Religious Orientation

Your religion never denies you access to Ourteennetwork, as much as religious activities are not promoted, members are not deterred in the practice of their beliefs. The site is uninterested in whether or not you are a Muslim, Atheist, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, etc. Whatever your religion is, feel free to connect with your match preference.

Pricing Policies

Interestingly, there are no pricing policies to bother your head about, as the site is free to join without any financial commitments. You do not have to worry about paying a dime.

Free Membership

Membership is entirely free like we earlier said, you are not required to pay a dime on Ourteennetwork to be a member or gain access to all the features the site has to offer. As a free user, you enjoy the options to:

  • View as many profiles as you desire
  • Use the search filter
  • Gain access to member’s social media ID such as SnapChat, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc.
  • Join chat groups and forums
  • Upload videos and music


There is no paid membership on Ourteennetwork, the site which originally is designed for teens does not request any form of payment from users. It is free with access to all of the features the site comes with, as seen in the free membership privileges above.

How To Cancel Ourteennetwork Paid Subscription?

You do not have to concern yourself with canceling paid subscriptions on Ourteennetwork; the site does not require you to make any paid subscription. Everything on the site is free of charge; your only form of payment is the time you need to put into finding your match on the site.

Is Ourteennetwork Safe?

Yes, Ourteennetwork is safe; we encourage you to also do your part in ensuring your online safety. There are often dating rules that guide how we interact online, ensure to practicalize them. Ourteennetwork has an active support team, but we encourage you to do your part and take your safety upon yourself, know what you divulge, and if a person acts suspicious, do not hesitate to cut contact with them.

When it comes to your security and safety, you can be assured that Ourteennetwork has got you. We like to reiterate that you take your safety upon yourself, use your instinct and discretion, get to know people before accepting to meet them in person. Members are encouraged to report suspicious moves of individuals they find uncomfortable. For additional information about OurteenNetwork, refer to the website safety tips for details.


Who does not like their privacy in the online space? Of course, everyone does. The site has put in place terms that secure your privacy and make you feel protected as a member of Ourteennetwork. The customer-centric support team is always available to guarantee users security all the time. Every user has a unique code with which they access their message, to secure the privacy of your online interactions. Also, talking about privacy, from your account’s settings, you can choose to hide whatever you do not want others to see.

Quality Of Profiles

Often, your profile’s quality goes a long way in determining how long users spend on your timeline. A good profile guarantees a prospective match. The most impressive profile should contain basic details or descriptions about a user. The essence of your profile is to give other users a real and interesting hint about your personality.

Your profile preference tells the kind of people you would love to connect with, therefore if your profile appeals to a prospective friend or match, you are well on your way to winning the heart of that special one you have been waiting for. Sometimes, your profile gets you the kind of friend you have always desired.

We found a user’s review where he narrated how he met his best friend on Ourteennetowrk simply because they both shared certain common interests. Of course, this guy would have first seen his buddy’s profile before they got interacting and becoming the best of friends. You give yourself the chance to be found and easily find others that also appeal by creating an appealing and really good profile.

Website Design and Usability

The Ourteennework website is quite easy to use; the site has significantly deployed the varying shades of blue used on the site for aesthetic purposes. Ourteennework is pretty straightforward, notwithstanding the archaic design that is outdated, which we believe would soon be worked upon. It is user-friendly, and the users’ photos on the web page tell you who the audience of the site is.

The site’s usability is guaranteed, as there is nothing complicated about it. So, either you are a newcomer or a constant user of the website, you can tell that navigation is not tedious. Ourteennework can be accessed either via your mobile phone or computer, not to worry, pages load fast irrespective of your device.

How Does Ourteennetwork Work?

Ourteennetwork is a niche dating site for teens, and works quite peculiar. To become a member of this community, you are required to create an account. For users with an existing account, you only have to enter your username and password to log in.

All the features on the site can be accessed for free; you are not required to pay for any service on the site. You get to send messages to friends and prospective matches, search people using the available search filters. Also, there are sufficient chat rooms and forums to join on Ourteennetwork. Interacting on the site is not a tough one as you can find the various social media handles of users. However, through the setting option of your account, you can make some of your details private.

If you are open-minded, and at the same time, careful, you would find out that this online dating site is not a bad one after all. Get in today, create an account if you do not have one, and start connecting and networking with friends and potential matches.

Ourteennetwork App

Well, Ourteennetwork does not have an app at the moment, maybe the site would look into that at a later time. But then, the website can be accessed via your mobile phone, and it functions just fine. However, if Ourteennetwork can create an app just the way most dating sites are doing, their users’ accessibility would be vastly increased, and who knows? This might just be an avenue for more membership.

Alternatives Of Ourteennetwork

There are loads of teen dating sites out there, and we understand that it is impractical to have accounts with all of them, hence the purpose of this review, to help guide your choice and provide you with every information you need concerning Ourteennetwork. Some other alternatives to Ourteennetwork include Match, Teenstown Crushzone, Skout My lol, Teenber, Teendatingsite, and Teenchat.


So, if you are searching for where to find friends to hang out with or want a real relationship, especially the type of relationship built on friendship and grows to “forever together”? We believe you know what we are talking about; then this is the place to find it. Ourteennetwork has a high level of interaction and activities that increase your chances of getting the right person that matches you as a friend or love. With their capable customer support team that monitors activities on the site, users can be assured of catching fun and beautiful experiences throughout their engagement on the dating site. Sign up on Ourteennetwork for free and enjoy all the services the site has to offer, all at no cost.

There are enormous matches to connect with and explore, from this brief review of the site, we believe you are in a better position to decide where and how you want to find your match. Visit Ourteennetwork.com today, get your account, and make your decision whether to stay or not!

Contact Information

  • Company: Ourteennetwork.com
  • Address: Carrer de les Escoles, 2, 1-2, Edifici el Noguer AD600-Sant Julia de Loria, Andorra.
  • Email: [email protected]
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