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Minder Review

Minder Review
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Active Audience 91%
Quality Matches 91%
Popular Age 23-24
Profiles 2 100 000
Reply Rate 84%
Ease of Use 9.7
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The dating service which you can use for free;
  • Minder Religiosity Barometer — shows how religious you are;
  • The biggest and the most popular Muslim dating site;
  • Minder is for pious Muslims aged 18-65;
  • It aims to help people seek a serious partnership;
  • There is no advertising;
  • A cool app is available for download.
  • Not many users around the world;
  • The application is available in English only.

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Unobtrusive flirtation with drinks at the bar? No, not this one. Minder is not the site for those who are unsure about their intentions or seek occasional meetings. Finding a partner is not always easy for pious Muslims. And while your relatives and friends get married, you are still in search. But how to meet Muslims who are ready to get married? The developers of Minder have taken over this responsibility and created a serious dating platform, especially for such cases.

When Was Minder Founded?

Minder Review

The app was launched in 2015. About 8,400 users were then “invited” to the beta phase. Now, Minder has more than one million downloads of its app globally. The service was first publicly available for download in the United States and Great Britain, and then Germany and other European countries. At the beginning of their history, the developers emphasized: this application is not to search for dates or a partner for one night. The main goal is to help users find a husband or wife.

Who Owns Minder?

The founder of Minder is Harun Mokhtarzada. This 35-year-old Harvard graduate is the son of Afghan immigrants and lives in Washington with his wife and three children. Several of his acquaintances were once single and struggled without partners. This problem finally gave him the idea to develop the dating profile specifically for Muslims. Because Tinder’s application was so popular at that time, it served as an inspiration for Minder. The name itself is the pun from mixing two words, “Tinder” and “Muslim.” Harun had a cool idea and the demand of the market. When he combined it with the technical skills he had, it was the start of Minder.

In addition to occupation and ethnicity, you can try the Barometer” feature to read a user’s religiosity because this dating platform is not just to search for a partner for a day, month, or year. It aims to unite people from the future because the dating rules in Muslim culture are strict and differ from those of the typical American ones.

Registration & Profile

Minder Review

To start a registration and account creation, you need a Facebook account. It is easier to sign up via this social network because it will require your profile photos from the Facebook page. You can upload additional images if desired. The Minder application checks all the data you insert and accepts it after verification. The review can take up to 24 hours and only after it you will be able to use it. No one forces you to provide personal information and settings of the Religion Barometer. Specifying this is voluntary. However, stating these details raises your popularity and level of trust from other users.

The registration process is easy and doesn’t take a lot of time. You can use the Facebook profile to sign in the next time. And if you wish to ass more details or edit your profile on Minder, you can always do it later in the settings of the app or on a site. The design of this dating platform is attractive and straightforward.


Religious dating is really serious in general. Muslims are not allowed to date for several months, seek a person of their religion just to make love, and then say a farewell goodbye. But if you want to get married, find your life partner, and have children, it makes sense for you to use Minder. The community it provides is open-minded but very conscious. Its members have certain life values, principles, and moral rules. They cannot step over and follow the wisdom of their religion.

How to Search for People on Minder?

Mokhtarzada got inspired by Tinder when creating his dating site. And you can trace the similarity even in the process of searching. Among other things, on Minder, you also have to swipe to like or dislike people. At first, you see only the image of a potential partner. When you swipe your finger on the display on the left, the user profile to the other side disappears into the digital recess. They do not even notice the rejection, and you can continue swiping without the torments of conscience. If you like the profile of the person, you should swipe to the right on them. If both of you swipe to the right, a “match” appears. You can now chat.

How to Delete Minder Account?

Minder Review

Before you delete the account, remember that you will clear and lose all the data as well. The information you cannot save includes your conversations, favorites, likes, personal details, and matches. If you are unsure about whether to use the app, you can first hide your Minder profile. There is a feature called “Undiscoverable.” You will find it in the “Preferences” section on the app or site. The other users will not see your account in the feed and will not be able to swipe on you. If you change your mind later, you can make the profile visible again and continue searching for your soulmate.

But if you decide to delete the account forever, go to the same “Preferences” section, and there you will find the button called “Delete Account.” Maybe you have already met the loveliest person and get ready for marriage. Or Minder has disappointed you, and it is time to stop using it — in any case, the service respects your choice.

Members Structure

To receive the best user-experience on Minder, you should first understand what qualities in your life partner are the most important for you and look for them. In this sense, the person’s profile in the application can tell a lot. Pay attention to the graphs like attitude to marriage, whether Sunni or Shiite and study their religiosity level. The husband and wife must be on the same spiritual wave. Before any meeting with a person, you will have plenty of time to discuss the most important issues for you. The user’s answers to them will become a hint to you — is this your chosen one or not?

Sexual Preferences

Minder does not provide opportunities to specify sexual preferences because this site is for serious relationships. All people here seek long-term committed relationships that will result in marriage.

Race and Ethnicity

You can specify your country of origin and other ethnicity-related information when registering. To add more details about yourself, you can tell you what languages you speak or who your parents are in the profile description section.

Religious Orientation

Minder Review

This section is the most important on the dating site. A lot of graphs serve to specify the religious preferences of Minder users. Women should tell whether they wear a hijab or niqab and whether they are attracted to men with a beard. Men, in turn, can note whether they are looking for a wife in hijab or niqab and whether they have a beard. In all dating applications for Muslims, you need to choose a religious direction, Sunnis or Shiites, indicate whether you are on a halal diet and whether you follow namaz.

Pricing Policies

Minder dating service is for Muslims who seek serious relationship and cannot stand the inappropriateness of other dating sites. Many traditional services do not offer possibilities for specifically Muslim meetings. This frustration was what Harun Mokhtarzada noticed about his friends. And he decided to create a site which would have it all for the Muslims and this idea was not at all about money. Many features on this platform are free, and you can find your soulmates using only basic functions. Of course, if you decide to invest a little in building your relationship, the site will provide you with even better functionality. But this is your choice, not an obligation.

Free Membership

Among the free service that Minder offers are:

  • Initial registration;
  • Sending messages;
  • Matching;
  • Two hundred swipes per day;
  • Search criteria;
  • Specifying the searching algorithms with filters;
  • Uploading photos;
  • Editing profile;
  • Viewing profiles;
  • Seeing the people you liked;
  • Regarding the people on which you have swiped to the left.

Minder Review

The paid membership will provide you with the next:

  • Sending telegrams;
  • Unlimited swiping;
  • Placing your profile in the top;
  • Advertising of profile;
  • More search filters;
  • Seeing those who liked you;
  • Undoing swipes;
  • Liking people you have not;
  • Hiding the online status;
  • Browsing in an incognito mode;
  • No ads.

The premium membership gives you vast possibilities for matching and browsing. On Minder, even free users can enjoy the site to the fullest, but if they decide to pay, they will receive advanced features. It is reasonable to do when you have been using the site for long and did not manage to find your soulmate. Maybe you notice that you pass on many cool people and wished you could redo your choice.

The premium users get full access to the lists of people who have liked them, the people they rejected, and those who added them to favorites. It is easier to browse the dating site when you know your popularity among other users and can redo the past actions. Minder cares about the users who are willing to find a serious relationship. Muslim dating sites are their powerful resort. When you can assess the overall situation, using the dating app becomes more pleasant.

The Prices for the Subscription

  • One month for $10;
  • Minder doesn’t offer multi-month subscription or tariff plans.

Telegram costs:

  • One credit for $2;
  • A pack of three credits for $5;
  • A pack of ten credits for $10.

How to Cancel Minder Paid Subscription?

The billing of the Minder Premium takes place through the Google Play Store or the Apple Store. To cancel the membership or its autorenewal, you should go to the setting of the online application store installed on your device. Or check the payments section on the site.

Is Minder Safe?

Minder Review

Minder is the dating site that values the protection of its users against any violations. All users undergo the verification process within 48 hours after they apply for access to the site. After the moderating team revises their profile, users can safely browse the site. Because all suspicious people are detected at the very beginning, fraud or fake profiles are rare on Minder.

In general, the founders of this dating platform do not advise communicating too long and have an endless dialogue via the app. Your inner voice and soul should tell you that the person is yours not long after starting your story on Minder. If you feel that the person attracts you, then it’s worth meeting. You can go on a few more dates. Religion does not condemn this. If you suddenly realized that you do not enjoy real-life communication, there is nothing wrong with this. Do not despair — the main goal of dating sites is to offer you comfortable use. Because your security should go before anything else, the meetings must occur in a public place or relatives’ presence. Not necessarily, parents, it could be a brother, for example.

Of course, it is essential to observe ethical standards in correspondence. Women can post pictures where only the face and hands are open. The rest is not worth showing to strangers. The topics of discussion should also be within the framework of Islam. Minder cares about your security on its platforms, and you can always report a violation of policy, scams, or offends from the part of another user. The will be blocked, and you will be able to continue browsing.

Quality of Profiles

Minder Review

The profiles on Minder meet the high standards of the Muslim society. Every photo goes with a short description under it, the essence of what the user decided to tell. Mokhtarzada took this trick from “Ishkr,” another Muslim dating platform. Besides, the potential match should state to what ethnic group and religious orientation they belong. For example, whether they are Sunni or Shiite. The “Barometer of Religiosity” shows the ratio of how serious the person is about religion: from a very conservative to preferably a Western cultural Muslim. The men can specify whether they want a woman with a niqab, which is a veil or a scarf. And women can choose a man with a beard. This appearance detail can be considered a religious duty among strictly religious Muslims.

The profiles on Minder are pretty strict and straightforward. They contain personal details, family origin, education, and profession. Then people can specify their religious views or skip it. But staying silent about these preferences will exclude them from the search as may people set religious criteria during matching. Any information you provide on Minder will be public. Consider what you can state and what you would like to tell the person face to face.

Website Design and Usability

Minder Review

The concept of the site is popular in many countries. Minder is not yet available in all states, but it works perfectly well in the regions where there are many Muslims. At the moment, there are still very few members in Eastern Europe. But all of the users are attentive and friendly.

The only language available for the app and the site is English. This choice is pretty convenient for English-speaking users or those who live in such countries. But for Muslims who want to get married and have few matches in their region, speaking the foreign language makes things only complicated.

Minder is “almost” identical in structure to Tinder. You can find the matching members via GPS location. If you go to the “Near Me” section, the system will introduce you to those who are withing an easy reach. Swipe right if you like the person, and swipe left if you don’t like them. If the likes coincide, Minder allows you to chat. However, a significant difference in the application is related to religious origin. Clicking on a profile reveals interests, nationality, and related religion of the person. The red color runs through the entire application. It is effortless to use because there are no odd features; everything is on its place and works smoothly. So, you can enjoy using Minder without experiencing bugs.

How Does Minder Work?

The site has been around for several years and aims to meet specifically Muslim marriages possible. In addition to the usual information about appearance, profession, and hobbies, religious values play a particularly important role here. The user can indicate whether they are starving by regularly studying the suras in the Qur’an or by making sure that their food is “halal,” i.e., permitted by Islam.

Minder has some cool special features which distinguish its work from the other apps. For example, sending “telegrams” when you have accidentally skipped on someone. If you want to redo the action, the premium features can correct their mistakes. The system lets you send the notification to anyone, even if you did no swipe right on them. You need credits to send telegrams, which you can buy if you are a paid member.

Minder App

The dating applications of Minder are available on both iOS and Android platforms for free download. Their interface is simple and pleasing. The apps work smoothly, and you will surely enjoy using them on-the-go.

Alternatives of Minder

Minder is still the first in the competition of the Muslim dating apps. It is a serious digital platform, “where amazing Muslims meet.” The target group of this service is not narrow because the Muslim community is huge. But there hasn’t been so many cool dating apps for the Muslims before. If you are a Muslim seeking your soulmate, you can also try “MuslimLife” or “MuzMatch” services. The functionality of Minder is the best, there are a lot of free features, and a huge userbase.


Minder Review

Minder provides a big and friendly community for all Muslims who seek serious relationships. It was created by an ethnic Muslim who understands all the requirements and problems of Islamic people like nobody else. The developers sought ways to create a platform available for all and give the users maximum free features. For this reason, using the site without description is equally pleasant as with it. Premium members receive advanced search and matching possibilities and can redo the swipes or send telegrams. This dating platform takes care of the users’ security and manually checks all profiles when registration. All in all, Minder is a serious dating app that focuses on the religious rules of morality.

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