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MeetMindful Review

MeetMindful Review
About Site
Active Audience 69%
Quality Matches 90%
Popular Age 20-45
Profiles 990 360
Reply Rate 82%
Ease of Use 6.3
Popularity 8.6
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • It has more female than male users.
  • It has a fantastic user interface.
  • Matching and searching is a breeze.
  • It has a working mobile application.
  • It is only useful for hookups and casual dating.
  • It has relatively few members.
  • The mobile app is full of bugs and ads.

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Since the turn of the last decade, many online dating platforms have appeared. Most of them have followed what is now referred to as the Tinder model. The rest have tried to maintain a sense of pride and uniqueness. Chief amongst the online dating platforms that attempted to carve a niche for themselves is MeetMindful.

When Was MeetMindful Founded?

MeetMindful was created in 2015 to give both the young and old users of online dating platforms a chance to get more intimate scenery from the comfort of their homes without having to go scouting outside. Armed with a strong war chest and blessed with an admirable workforce, this online dating site has experienced a surge in popularity over the last few years.

Who Owns MeetMindful?

MeetMindful, Inc. owns MeetMindful and has invested in numerous ways to gain a leg up in the American media industry over the past years. With an online dating website named after the parent company, MeetMindful, Inc. has big plans, and they are slowly realizing the dream and earning massive plaudits for the quality of the service provided.

Registration and Profile

Registration and Profile

Becoming a member of one of the biggest US online dating platforms is not a hard task. All you have to do is google it or use a friend-shared link. If you click on the latter, and you get redirected to the website homepage.

Once you are there, you can now fill in the signup details, which are your prerequisite to an excellent time on the site as they contain things that can and will be used to make the user experience worthwhile and sincerely surreal. Following this, you then put on your reading glasses and go through the privacy policy. Check the terms and conditions to see if you can honestly keep up, after which you can finally register to be a part of this closed community.

On registration, you will get an email verification link; click on it and get redirected to your online profile. You are now well and truly live. Text anyone on MeetMindful as long as they like your page. If you don’t like that and want something catchier, simply subscribe to get unlimited messaging services and enjoy the ride. With a signup process that clocks well in less than five minutes, this sets the tone for the user’s online experience and gives a feeling of reality as to what to expect from this service.



Matching has become one of the main features of dating platforms since the turn of the century. As phones began to use GPS, and the world turned into just one big village, matching has replaced manual searching as the most popular and useful means of finding a partner online.

On MeetMindful, people can expect some matches to appear from time to time on your timeline. They are the results generated from your location and stated preferences. You can check them and text them, hoping they reply. This is the life of a free user who can only like a few profiles per day, but as a paid subscriber, you will get unlimited suggestions.

How to Search for People on MeetMindful?

How to Search for People on MeetMindful?

Searching could be a very delicate part of an online dating platform. Let us face it, even in these days of computer-powered algorithms that make matches almost perfect, the search is still the most important of them all. It is the alpha and omega of website functionality. To search on MeetMindful:

  • Go to the toggle option on the screen.
  • Take your time and sort out the filters, which are more or less your playbook, to finding what pleases you on a date.
  • Click on the search results and get blessed with a bunch of equally single members who are certainly ready to mingle.
  • After you are done with that, proceed to chat with relative ease, either as a paid or free user.

How to Delete Your MeetMindful Account?

How to Delete Your MeetMindful Account?

Did you get what you truly wanted from being a member of one of the fastest-growing online dating platforms in the whole US? Maybe now is the time to move on. You want to delete your MeetMindful and don’t know how to go about it? Worry not because it is quite a piece of cake.

You first go to the profile option, after which you proceed to click on the settings icon, which is common to most applications. Continue to scroll down and find the ‘permanently delete’ option. MeetMindful will surely ask you if you want to do this. Confirm and delete your MeetMindful account permanently. Keep in mind that this decision is irreversible.

Audience Structure

Audience Structure

Founded in 2015 and having a selective membership admission procedure, it is of little wonder that MeetMindful is quite aware of the type of people it allows in its community. MeetMindful has a total membership of just over 300,000 users, which are reputed around the internet as being some of the most engaging and easy to talk to members.

This website has such a small user base as they seemingly operate on a quality over quantity basis, which has sadly been thrown out of the window by fellow competitors and alternative dating sites.

  • Geography

MeetMindful is exclusive to the US residents, which is why it has just over three hundred thousand users and yearly subscribers. It doesn’t cater to the needs of citizens that fall outside the jurisdiction of the United States of America. However, its mobile app is available to almost everyone who wants to be a part of MeetMindful. But members must reside in the United States to enjoy the service as a robot checks members’ location and seemingly blocks off logins that happen outside the said territory.

  • Age

MeetMindful is a law-abiding and respectable online dating platform. It tries very hard to avoid breaking the law in that process. MeetMindful has a stringent no-minor rule, which ensures that teens cannot join whatsoever. This is because the website has a lot of NSFW content that aims at capturing the attention of horny users and not merely the minds of minors as they are easily impressionable. Moreover, it is a punishable crime to expose minors or children to explicit sexual content, and MeetMindful is quite mindful about getting involved in potential litigation.

Sexual Preferences

Since the turn of the century, organizations and the mainstream media have become friendlier or at least tolerant of the LGBTQ community. MeetMindful is a new-age online dating platform as it is open to both male and female users, and they can get involved with either male or female attractions, too. There is a provision for this at signing up and at every juncture of the step-by-step process. This online dating rookie has been lauded as courageous and insightful by the LGBTQ community.

Ethnicity and Race

MeetMindful is a modern, loving, and unprejudiced online dating platform that focuses on giving members an awesome time. It offers them a range of options, which do a lot of service to paid and free users. It welcomes all races and ethnic groups.

MeetMindful gives them a solid medium to find members of their race to go out with and members of another race to get acquainted with. Be you Black, White, Asian, Hispanic, or Latino, MeetMindful is always a step ahead, meeting the mindful. The website does not discriminate or ostracize members that come from a minority. It is not like some dating websites on the World Wide Web that are particularly centered on one specific race or nationality.

Religious Orientation

Like the US, MeetMindful is one of the most diverse, versatile, and tolerant religious environments out there. It is very clear in its policies as it unequivocally states that it allows members from all religions and religious inclinations without a hint of distrust. The site is not religious-centric, and it certainly does not give users the chance to spew religious propaganda.

This site allows all religions, and any denomination is quite welcome here. It is certainly no Christian Mingle or Arabs only. Relax and enjoy your time on MeetMindful and ensure that you do not get kicked out of something so beautiful. Make sure that you do not discriminate or make fun of a person’s religion on MeetMindful. Be mindful as members can be reported to the head office and removed with relative ease without the option of a refund.

Pricing Policy

Pricing Policy

Pricing varies for most online dating platforms, and MeetMindful is certainly no different, offering free usage and paid subscriptions, which are as follows:

Duration / Credits / Coins Costs Total


  • 1 Week 14.00 USD / Week — 14.00 USD
  • 1 Month 29.00 USD / Month — 29.00 USD
  • 3 Months 16.33 USD / Month — 49.00 USD
  • 6 Months 13.17 USD / Month — 79.00 USD

Free Membership

Unlike most similar dating services, premium members of MeetMindful do not really have an edge on free users. MeetMindful has many options for free visitors, so they would not miss out on the fun. They can chat with relative ease, get matched effortlessly, and be blessed with a wide array of users that fit their initially stated specifications and expectations. Free users can search easily and with no pressure whatsoever. However, this online dating platform is centered on profile likes, and free members can only make three likes per day, hence a potential of 3 chats per day.

MeetMindful is an amazing online dating platform that aims to bridge the gap between members and promotes all-inclusiveness and value for coverage. It is obliged to give paying subscribers more as the fact remains that they are investing more into the service than free participants that are here just as a pastime.

Paid subscribers of MeetMindful have such perks as unlimited likes, unlimited matches, and chat with just about anyone. They also have advanced search options, which give them more specific filters, making the compatible user search more of a walk in the park than an arduous journey.

You can also make your account invisible to other users at any time you desire with relative ease. There is no real gulf in standout attractions, but there are clear and juicy enough incentives in the paid subscription package to make you want to pick that option.

How to Cancel Your MeetMindful Paid Subscription?

Following a great time as a paid subscriber of MeetMindful, you now decide to cancel your paid subscription to either leave the site entirely or just save up for more important stuff. The process is quite simple and does not require much fuss. You, first of all, send an email from the ‘contact us’ section.

In this email, you will have your username, password, payment subscription plan, and the type of subscription. You will then be asked if that’s what you truly want. This is final, as there are no take-backs. Click on yes and ensure that you cancel auto-renew to avoid being charged even after taking a break from the service.

Is MeetMindful Safe?

Is MeetMindful Safe?

It is safe and secure as it conforms to numerous safety checks and standards, bearing in mind that MeetMindful has passed countless national, regional, and international security checks. However, to guard against personal safety breaches, ensure you do not give out your private details. MeetMindful has a fantastic rating on app stores, which proves its superb safety prowess amongst alternatives and competitors.

Profile Quality

Profile Quality

The profile quality is detailed. MeetMindful raises the bar when it comes to the matter for other dating sites. You should frequently update your profile as it is your gateway to the hearts and good books of fellow members of this online dating platform.

Website Design and Usability

Website Design and Usability

The website is awesome and top-notch compared to what the rest of the online dating industry is doing. On MeetMindful, you can easily access widgets and toggles. These are made visible by using familiar symbols and links, which will immensely help users as they would not be forced to google how to operate it. It has a cordial website background that sets the scene for what is to come, and all the functions are similar to the mobile application.

How Does MeetMindful Work?

How Does MeetMindful Work?

MeetMindful is one of the rising online dating platforms, which have come out of the United States of America in recent years, and it has had great success in such a short time. How does it work? Log in to the site and then chat with ease whether you are a free user or a paid subscriber. You have to pay a little extra to chat unlimitedly, though. This website isn’t designed to find marriage partners and the likes, so get ready to hook up! Payment for a subscription plan is relatively easy, too.

The MeetMindful Mobile App

The MeetMindful Mobile App

The MeetMindful mobile application is available on Apple App Store and Google Play Store for iPhone and Android users, respectively. It is essential for members on the go and has been described as just as awesome as the site. It has got positive customer reviews.

Alternatives to MeetMindful

The online dating industry is very wide and greatly competitive. The case is not different for MeetMindful.

Competitors include the following.

  • Mamba

It was founded in Russia and has spread its tentacles worldwide. It is reputed for being a charmer and frequently updating its functions, offering a plethora of unique features to loyal subscribers. Mamba has over thirty million subscribers and a dedicated follower base.

  • PinaLove

This is a new and awesome online dating platform that aims at the Filipino market. It gives Filipino women a chance to hook up and have a great time with international clients. It is on the rise and, despite some growing pains, is one of the beat sites coming out of the Asian continent.


In this section, you can find a big library with all the information you need to better understand how the platform works. All the common questions of users have been gathered here with their respective answers so you can quickly find them and take advantage of the information without needing to reach out to the Meetmindful support team.

Is Meetmindful safe?

Yes, the team works around the clock to ensure every user who registers is verified. In the same manner, the platform’s activities are constantly being monitored so everyone can enjoy a safe and rich experience.

Is Meetmindful a real dating site?

It is not only a real dating site but also a unique and amazing one. Here you can find people who would not sign up for any other dating platforms. Individuals with great goals in mind. People who want to grow and learn. They come here to get away from the “swapping culture” and meet real people that they can connect with. There is no place for pet dating.

How to use Meetmindful?

Keep in mind that this is a place for people interested in growing and meeting people who share that interest. It is a community created for souls who seek something deeper than a simple hookup. Anyone can spend the night, but rarely ever someone stays for the next day. Here, people want the kind of connection that leads to someone staying for long.

Here you can forget about just swiping on profiles and judging a person by a quick glance at their profile picture. A little more effort is needed to get a match on this site.

You can filter profiles just like on other sites; however, on Meetmindful, you get much more information about each user. You see their full profile before being able to like or pass on them, and you may want to take your time with each one. Read carefully and analyze the person behind that profile.

Once you have made up your mind, click on “Like” or “Pass,” and the next profile pops up for you to check out. When someone likes you back, you get a match, and that is the perfect time to write that person a message and start interacting.

Is Meetmindful free?

You can use the platform for free, but you will have to deal with some limitations; nonetheless, you can still meet awesome people and enjoy the service. A free account allows you 10 matches per day, you can like up to 3, and you can chat with your matches.

Is Meetmindful really works?

Yes, this platform is about quality over quantity, and for that reason, it works so great. On Meetmindful, likes actually mean something. People matching you are those that want to get to know you. Not only exchange a couple of messages but interact on a deeper level and hopefully build bonds and create a relationship.



MeetMindful is a modern online dating website full of promise, which has delivered on its promises of giving its subscribers an excellent service to fulfill their hookup needs and provide them with a sense of importance. MeetMindful also has a fantastic mobile phone application that is available for all smartphones.

MeetMindful is so easy to use that occasionally, it raises eyebrows from the outside. It gives you the chance to do so much as a free user, and it is merely the future of online dating.

Contact Information

Contact Information

Company: MeetMindful, Inc.

Address: 1062 Delaware St Denver, Colorado 80204, United States.

Phone: 1-866- 304-6444

Email: [email protected]

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