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iLove Review

iLove Review
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Active Audience 67%
Quality Matches 93%
Popular Age 20-23
Profiles 1 600 000
Reply Rate 91%
Ease of Use 7.6
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The website is user-friendly, and new users can easily register and create their profiles.
  • It does not charge money for creating a new profile.
  • iLove applications are available for both Android and iOS devices.
  • It offers free live chat options.
  • Users can connect their iLove profiles with other social media accounts and share content on the iLove website.
  • The users can permanently delete profiles at any time.
  • The iLove website only supports English and German languages.
  • A premium subscription is required for special benefits on the website.
  • Users can send only three messages a day without premium memberships.
  • People who are not interested in sharing their Facebook or other social media content might find this platform insecure.

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iLove, as one can guess, is a dating platform to choose a partner from a pool of 6 million users. It is where one meets their loved ones, flings and simply, a partner. This dating platform was technically built to find out a partner locally as well as across borders by using advanced technology. Moreover, this website has proven to do better from the rest of the dating websites due to its amazing premium and free features. So there is no more waiting, is there? Below, the article will give an overview of the pros, cons, features, pricing, and working style of the website!

iLove is a social dating platform, where people can find partners according to their interests and passions. It is a worldwide platform that provides people the opportunity to flirt with similar interests and likes. Anybody can simply open an account and share their contents from other social media like Facebook, Instagram, etc. iLove offers users both free as well as paid access facilities. People sitting anywhere around the world can access the iLove website using their PCs, laptops, or other mobile devices. The website works on the idea that common, likes and interests are the foundations of a successful relationship and mainly aims at helping people find good matches.

When Was iLove Founded?

iLove Review

iLove is a German-based dating platform found in June 2003 in Berlin. It was initially found as a subsidiary of the Jamba AG, especially for the use of people in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Later in December 2004, the company was able to reach among the leading dating websites in the country with around 2.3 million users.

Who Owns iLove?

The iLove website is currently owned by the company named iLove GmbH. The company is currently located in Berlin, Germany, and is a part of the Freenet AG group.

Registration & Profile

The iLove registration process is quite simple. Any new user can click on the ‘sign up’ icon provided at the top right corner of the website to create an account. Registration can be done with their Facebook or Gmail accounts in just a few steps. Users should provide their date of birth, as only those above the age of 18 are allowed to register on iLove. The website asks for the person’s sexual orientation and has to select either male or female. Since the website includes a location-based search for finding matches, the sign-up process asks for the postal code or geographical location. A new user needs to provide a username and password to open the new account, and an email verification procedure follows this. Once the registration is done, users can edit and make changes to their profiles according to their interests.

Users can add profile pictures and update their interests on the iLove website, based on which matches are made, and interactions begin. Additional information that can be updated on the profile includes body type, hair color, eye color, profession, education, religion, languages spoken, etc. Moreover, users can connect their other social media accounts with iLove, which will make it easier to put content on the dating website.


iLove Review

Communication on iLove is largely through online chats. Users can find people having similar interests and begin a conversation with them through an instant messaging system. Both the website and mobile application provide the feature of chat rooms for its users to interact. Users can get quick notifications on receiving messages and also when someone searches their profile. Moreover, people can also communicate with groups of people with the same chat room feature. Along with chats, people can also send gifts or images according to their interests.

One of the characteristic features of the iLove website is that of the ‘match game’. After uploading their images in profiles, users can play the ‘match game,’ which helps them find matches based on the similarities. This feature makes it easier for people to find partners based on their matches and begin communication. This is one of the most-loved features that can be seen as part of most iLove reviews.

How To Search For People On iLove?

iLove provides its users and advanced search facility. While searching for partners, people can, first of all, give their preferences for sex and age. People can also customize based on preferred locations. This feature is helpful for users who desire to find partners in their locality. Location-based search also includes giving the nearest postal code and a distance range within which the user wishes to find a match. Apart from these, one can also search for online people at the moment, mostly active on the website, new to the platform, or even those who have provided profile pictures.

Along with these specific search features, the iLove website also gives its users many random profiles with profile pictures, names, ages, and location details. For those who are looking for people across the globe, this random search option is useful.

How To Delete iLove Account?

iLove Review

Just as creating a profile is simple on the website, permanently deleting a profile is also quite easy. Users can log in to their profiles and select the profile icon to edit the profile. The edit profile option helps the user update his/her preferences, account information including password and email, and permanently deleting the account. The iLove website has the ‘delete my account’ option below the preference editing section, which users can select while wishing to deactivate the account. The website asks the user to give their passwords, after which one can select the ‘delete my account’ option given. The user account will be deleted permanently.

Members Structure

The iLove dating platform was started primarily for users from Germany, Australia, and Switzerland. The membership grew to around 2.3 million by 2004, making it one of Germany’s leading dating websites. Following this growth, the company expanded its reach to the countries of Poland and Russia by 2004 and further to the UK in 2006. This increased the overall membership. By 2012 iLove website became popular at a global level with members from all over the world.

Presently there are around 6 million iLove users across the globe, with a large number coming from Germany, followed by Austria and Switzerland. Within the 6 million users, around 54 percent of the users are male, and around 46 percent female. Moreover, a majority of iLove users come within the age group of 18-35.

Sexual Preferences

iLove Review

People creating a profile on iLove have to mention their sexual orientation, and the users have to select from either female or male. Users can provide sexual preferences while searching for matches on the website. People can select whether the user is a man or woman who prefers to find a man or woman. The platform provides equal space for both homosexuals and heterosexuals. However, one cannot find choices for transgender while creating a user profile.

Race And Ethnicity

iLove is a dating website that aims to provide dating services to all kinds of people from around the world. It does not involve in any racial segregation. One can find partners to flirt and date from all parts of the world on the go. There are no barriers to searching for people from any country or race.

The location-based search included in the website helps to find a suitable match next to the user. Enabling GPS will help users find users in their own locality, which will increase chances for meet and date.

Religious Orientation

iLove Review

There is no particular religious orientation for the iLove website. It does not offer religious dating experience to any group. It involves dating and flirting options for every community. There is no special categorization based on religion.

The searches and matching are done based on system algorithms. These are carried out by the help of preferences added by users to their profiles and their post photos.

Pricing Policies

iLove website offers free registration with priced features. The iLove dating app is available for download free on platforms like Google Playstore with in-app purchases.

The website allows free membership for registration. If interested, they can further choose paid packages that provide additional features. The premium package allows a user to contact other members. The users can purchase various other features for enhancing their dating experience.

Free Membership

iLove Review

The website offers free registration, which can allow the user to create an account by providing personal details and interest. One added advantage is that there is no long questionnaire during the registration, which provides a simplified procedure.

They can connect to their social media profiles and share their best photos, which can be viewed by other members. They can use live chat features free of cost. However, the users will not be able to connect with other members using this plan.

iLove offers a Paid membership as the Premium Plan. Referred to as Flirt package allows the users to connect to other members and chat with others who use the package. It is not possible to contact other users without a premium package unless the Provider explicitly appoints it.

There are various other paid services within the iLove website. The cost and conditions of these services will be available on the activation of the service.

How To Cancel iLove Paid Subscription?

Users can cancel the paid subscription at any time without being made to provide reasons for the same. The cancellation of the premium membership will not affect the account or the basic membership. Users can cancel the subscription in various ways by using SMS, Email, or letter. It might depend on the order channel possible. The users can also opt to delete their account, and all data associated with their account by email, SMS or Phone

Is iLove Safe?

iLove offers data protection to its users in its privacy policy. The personal data provided to the iLove website will be used solely to provide a better dating experience. iLove allows its users to share and publish personal data, preferences, and posts visible to all users around the world.

The website asks only for email id during registration. Using premium service might require further data. The data stored will be deleted after the cancellation of membership. Users might request for profile termination to iLove by email, chat, or phone.

Quality Of Profiles

iLove offers dating experience to help one find their partner on the go. The profile is created with the data that is entered during registration. The likes and dislikes of the user help in matching with suitable profiles. The profiles do not involve information like blood type or favorite cuisine. Rather, the matching depends on things that can make the user happy.

iLove does not assure legitimate accounts on its website. Like all websites, it also has it’s own amount of scam profiles.

Website Design And Usability

iLove Review

iLove was built on the thought of finding people who have similar likings and their way of being happy and flirt with them. The website uses several scientific algorithms and the likes of the users to find the perfect match.

It has several critical features. At iLove, the preference is named as ‘passion’. The users can upload pictures and assign interests to themselves through their profiles. This builds the profile feed, which helps other users to know and contact each other.

Users can connect to their social media profiles like Instagram and Facebook and choose to share their best photos and videos from them. This also gives a method for updating the preferences on the user profile.

How Does iLove Work?

There is a swipe action selection that enables users to view profiles easily and quickly. They can get rid of suggestions that they do not prefer through this service.

iLove website believes that more interests should be added to profiles to add to the chances of dating and flirting success. It also allows free live chat across all platforms. There is also a location-based search that enables the users to find people near their geographic location. This helps to find a suitable match at a place near them. This is done by enabling GPS on the smartphones of the users, which helps to track nearby profiles. Hence, singles can meet and interact with people in the same locality.

iLove App

The iLove website has an application for its users, which can be downloaded on Android smartphones or iPhones. The iLove app is available for free download on Google PlayStore and App Store for Apple.

The rating on Google Playstore is high for iLove. The lowest score is one and the highest is five. The app is compatible with a number of iOS devices like iPhones, iPad, and iPod Touch. The application also comes in with no advertisements, which can block or slow down the user experience. A tablet-optimized version of the iLove app is also available, which gives a better user experience.

Though the app is free for download, it offers a range of additional content and features which can be obtained by making in-app purchases. The services are also available on the PC.

The iLove app gives a better experience with daring and flirting. It allows users to find profiles and flirt during any point of time with easy access.

Alternatives Of iLove

Various dating sites are available on the internet today. Some of the alternatives of iLove website that can be used are Twoo, Tinder, Singles around me, and Match.com. Most of these dating websites have their application on Google Playstore with a rating of 3.8 to 4.


iLove Review

iLove is a dating website that works based on the likes and preferences of the user. This article provides an iLove review. The website does not involve a series of questions during registration. The website shares the feeling of finding someone who can be happy with the user.

The iLove website offers location-based search and connectivity with other social media profiles like Facebook and Instagram. The users can opt for a free membership or purchase a paid membership. Connecting with other users can only be done using a premium membership.

The user profiles are encouraged to contain their preferences, which will help in finding better choices. The iLove application on Google Play Store and App store helps users flirt on the go at any point in time. The web site maintains its privacy terms. The data provided by users will only be used for providing suitable choices.

Contact Information

Company: iLove GmbH

Address: Karl-Liebknecht-StraBe 32, 10178, Berlin, Germany.

Phone: 0228/14-0

Email: [email protected]

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