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Mamba Review

Mamba Review
About Site
Active Audience 54%
Quality Matches 92%
Popular Age 24-25
Profiles 1 800 000
Reply Rate 90%
Ease of Use 6.1
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • It has a large worldwide user count
  • It has a working mobile phone application
  • It is available in many languages
  • It has incredible and unique features
  • It is very security-conscious
  • It is predominantly Eastern European
  • You cannot enjoy it if you do not pay a subscription fee

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Russia is the country with the most significant area of land. It has amassed millions of people, so it is no surprise that they have tons of dating websites and platforms which vary in quality. Mamba is an online Russian dating platform, which is now an awesome world servicing network that caters to millions.

When Was Mamba Founded?

Mamba Review

It was founded in 2003 in Russia by a group of investors that aimed to find a platform that would go on to obtain a worldwide following. This website has so far achieved that goal and has expanded into over 50 nations, hosting about 40 million global members.

Who Owns Mamba?

Mamba is owned by MambaJSCC, which created over a hundred companies to service the world’s social and dating needs. MambaJSCC was founded in 2002, and Mamba dating was one of their first real discoveries.

Registration & Profile

Like most of the decent websites out there, Mamba is not a closed site as it can be found on Google or other search engines. Maybe you didn’t hear about it, and you were invited by a friend via another platform. Well, there is no issue as Mamba is global.

Simply go to Google and type out the keywords; then, you will be redirected to the updated Mamba homepage where you will see a hyper-realistic user interface that will guide you to what you want to achieve. Here you will fill out a few cliché details like your intended username, a working email address, a password, and your age. This usually takes about 5 minutes, as you should take your time and go through this step carefully. On doing this, you will be sent a verification code via Telegram, mobile phone, or Facebook.

You then input that verification code on the Mamba homepage and get redirected to your newly created profile. Mamba places a high premium on security, which is why it goes through this detailed verification process. Ensure you pay a subscription fee at the earliest time to enjoy the full website experience and be a part of the great network.


Mamba Review

Matching is merely fantastic on Mamba as it comes without any hitches or frills. After registration, and even without paying for a subscription plan, you will be sent a variety of matches within a few square kilometers from your actual location.

This is done by Mamba using a complex and sophisticated algorithm that combines your previously stated preferences and scans your phone location to give you the best possible matches that would appeal to you. As a free user of this excellent online dating service, you can send your partners winks and flirts; however, without subscribing, you cannot respond to them if they are, by chance, interested in you.

However, as soon as you purchase a subscription plan, you are now open to all the benefits of being a Mamba member, especially the chatting feature. Ensure you take out a few minutes to regularly update and optimize your page to ensure that you get quality responses.

How to Search for People on Mamba?

Searching on Mamba is straightforward. The website has a distinct design that allows users to spot toggles and useful widgets with minimum effort. You will see the toggle that denotes the search option at the top of the screen that looks like a microscope. Click on it, and it will give you a variety of filters that have been preset to what it thinks will be your preference. You then fine-tune them to what exactly you want, and this would help you get a person of your choice. It has various options like sex, age, height, eye color, and how close they are. Once you sort out these parameters, you simply click Search, and Mamba will furnish you with a couple of results that are likely to tickle your fancy. As a free visitor, you can only send flirts or winks. However, as a paid subscriber, you can text, video call, and even go on an online date with the fellow user.

How to Delete Mamba Account?

Mamba Review

Everyone has that reason for joining an online dating platform, and once that reason is fulfilled, there seems to be no point in staying there. As a result, one might choose to delete the mobile application, stop visiting the website, restrict it from sending chats on Gmail, or even decide to cancel the account permanently. How do you delete your Mamba Account after having found the love of your life through that platform or simply gotten bored? Simple, you will go to the profile interface and click on settings. Scroll just a little bit down to user settings and tap it. After that, click on Permanently Delete. The Mamba customer service team will ask if you are sure you want to do this. Click Yes. Ensure that you turn off the auto-renew option for your subscription and take some time to copy out all the necessary details and contacts, as this is irreversible.

Members Structure

Mamba is originated from Russia, the country with the largest landmass in the world; as such, it is expected that there would be a plethora of diverse users, coupled with the fact that the website is now open to a world audience. Mamba has a total of 40 million global members, most of whom are frequent users.

This is one of the highly populated dating websites out there, and millions of daily users and thousands of newcomers have a great time together. It backs up the massive following by having various offices around the world and being available in 15 different international languages to help new members. Mamba is growing daily and tries very hard to cater to its audience.

  • Geography

Mamba has a worldwide following now, but the fact remains that its core is still Eastern European nations, and the main community is in Russia. Mamba has been around for ages. It has now spread its tentacles to all the continents, especially Africa and North America; however, its top geography remains the Eastern European nations of Russia, Ukraine, and Serbia. It sticks to its core but tries to expand in the best way possible.

  • Age

They say age is nothing but a number, but this does not apply in the world of online dating platforms. Mamba has a stringent no minors’ policy, and it has requirements which state that a user must be above the age of 18 to join this huge platform. It makes this quite clear on the website interface as well as the homepage. If an individual then goes on to circumvent the rules and register, either way, that person will be promptly kicked out on being found out.

Sexual Preferences

Mamba Review

The world is changing, and gender lines are getting less blurry. The no inclusive nature of the past is well and truly behind us. As such, Mamba has followed up to this world policy as they, too, have seen the light. Mamba was created when same-sex unions were generally frowned at, but now the opposite is the case, and Mamba is happy to have users with all sexual preferences.

Whether you are gay, lesbian, transgender, bisexual, or queer, you are as welcome to Mamba as their straight visitors. Mamba also ensures that everyone is not just tolerated but shown love and not denied any special features. It has been roundly commended by the LGBTQ community and their main supporters, blessed with a diverse customer team that translates their drive for inclusiveness into the general page.

Race and Ethnicity

Mamba was created in Russia a couple of years ago. As such, it would be no surprise if they concentrated on a specific race and demographic; however, they quite smartly chose to diversify and spread their tentacles to accommodate various nationalities and different races.

Today, Mamba caters to all ethnic groups without showing a noticeable bias. Mamba has a strong base with various colonies, and this is evidenced in the Visit Demography graph presented on the website. Mamba is not like a lot of online dating platforms.

Religious Orientation

Religion is a vital component of every human being’s life, and Mamba is not any different. Mamba users have the right to follow their religious inclinations and practice what they preach, and Mamba, as an online dating service, respects that. However, it is not for just specific religious demography, as it allows people from different religious backgrounds and practices to act. Mamba is that cool as they ensure that members are welcome and happy on the site. It is not like Christian Mingle that specifically targets Christian visitors; neither is it an Arab exclusive that aims at Arab users. Mamba is for everyone.

Pricing Policies

Mamba Review

Pricing and the cost of membership is usually a make or break in terms of people buying certain services. The pricing for Mamba is as follows:

Duration / Credits / Coins Costs Total

VIP Status

  • 1 Week 9.14 USD/Week 9.14 USD
  • 1 Month 13.74 USD/Month 13.74 USD
  • 3 Months 12.93 USD/Month 38.78 USD

Free Membership

There is a free subscription on Mamba, as is the case on mainstream online dating platforms that offer a similar world-class service. As a free user, you can search and get quality matches with relative ease. You can fall in love or get infatuated with a fellow member and send winks and flirty signs.

However, that is where the fun ends, as you cannot proceed to chat with that person. If you cannot chat, how can you date, and if you cannot snag a date, then what is the point of being on the website. This is coupled with the fact that you cannot enjoy Mamba’s best feature, which is the chance to view fellow users’ live video updates.

Yes, there is a paid subscription option on Mamba, and it is truly remarkable. Once you pay for a subscription plan, you go from a second-class citizen to a first-class member of the awesome online interface. As a paid subscriber, you can now interact through a video chat, voice chat, or send unlimited texts to a fellow member. You will also have the option of advanced search features and better filter opportunities coupled with the special “the longer you subscribe, the lesser you pay” offer. This is a real step up and is essential if you want the full Mamba experience. You can also choose to remain anonymous by hiding your status from general viewing, and you can check out people that viewed your profile and how frequently they do it.

How to Cancel Mamba Paid Subscription?

Mamba Review

For some reason, you might have gotten tired of the whole paid Mamba experience, and you want to get back to cruising the Mamba homepage and checking out the site without parting with a little money. No worries because it is possible to cancel the said subscription. Simply go to the Contact Us section and send the Mamba customer service team an email. The latter has your name, email address, the reason for cancellation, and the current subscription plan. It is worth noting that this process is final, and there are no refunds as Mamba operates a strict no refund policy, so ensure that this is indeed what you want.

Is Mamba Safe?

The Mamba online dating platform is very safe and invests a lot to ensure that it gives users a clean experience. Coupled with regular robot checks and a thorough validation process, this is best out there. It frowns at catfish accounts, responds quickly when they are reported, and promptly deletes them if need be. It has an impressive and super-high application rating on the App Store, and it has passed various national, regional, and international security tests.

Quality of Profiles

The Mamba profile quality is awesome and one of a kind. This online dating platform isn’t just well used, but it sharpens its sword to stay relevant and regularly gives users diverse ways to keep coming back. Your profile interface should be tended carefully as it is your gateway and helps you get interested users. It is better than most online dating platforms and mobile companion applications out there.

Website Design and Usability

The website is cool and easy to use. It was well developed to give members the chance to access what they want with minimal thinking, excess luggage, confusing links, or page directions. It has many easy-to-spot widgets that direct you to the acts you desire to perform on the website or the mobile application.

How Does Mamba Work?

Take time to search for Mamba on your search engine or click on a friend’s shared link. You will be redirected to the Mamba registration homepage, following which you will proceed to sign up, or if you have already signed up, you can now sign in using your user password and unique Mamba username. To enjoy the full benefits of this service, you can pay if you can afford the subscription fees. After you are done with that, optimize your page and proceed to enjoy the ride.

Mamba App

Mamba Review

Mamba has a working mobile app that can be accessed by anyone interested with relative ease. It can be downloaded from the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store for iPhone and Android users, respectively, and is a mere 33Mb.

Alternatives to Mamba

Just like in every multimillion-dollar industry, Mamba has quite some competition in the field. Such competitors include the following:

  • Tinder

This is a worldwide online dating platform that services the bulk of the global population. It is available in many languages and can be accessed by a variety of nationalities. It has been seen as the apex of dating websites as it has been there and done everything that needs to be done in the field. This also has a working mobile application.

  • eHarmony

This is an international online dating site that is the home to a couple of similar online dating services spread among hundreds of climes and a couple of continents. eDarling services a largely German clientele and affords them quality features and a nice experience.


Mamba Review

Mamba was created a few years back to serve a growing demand for a working online dating platform that caters to singles looking to have flings and a long-term commitment. It is safe to say that it has achieved its aim and gotten a tremendous worldwide following. It did that by having an amazing website, even if it is quite biased to its Eastern European users. It has fantastic security and was appropriately developed by the creators.

Members are well taken care of, and it strives to maintain its awesome features and stay improving. It is certainly not a scam. Just take your time, register properly, and enjoy the experience.

Contact Information

Company: Mamba JSCC

Address: 2-ya Zvenigorodskay dom 13, 42 Moscow, Russia

Phone: 7 495 123 4567

Email: Visit the site.

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