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iMeetzu Review

iMeetzu Review
About Site
Active Audience 91%
Quality Matches 93%
Popular Age 20-27
Profiles 2 100 000
Reply Rate 92%
Ease of Use 8.3
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • can communicate via text chat or webcam
  • can connect with people you met and keep in touch later
  • very easy to navigate
  • it is free to use
  • can proceed without the profile creation
  • can meet people internationally
  • no profile verification
  • sometimes users may be inappropriate
  • you will most likely find friends to chat with than serious relationships here

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iMeetzu is a website that combines chatting and webcam communication experience, connecting people from different parts of the world. It also serves not only as a place where people can meet randomly but also as a dating site, as you can keep connecting with the users you like. You can find any person you want and start getting to know them more in any way that you prefer. Together with tête-à-tête communications, you can participate in public chats and socialize with other online members. iMeetzu is more than just an online chat with strangers, as you can actually make friends or find romantic relationships there. This website has numerous exciting features, and let’s start by reviewing some significant pros and cons of iMeetzu.

When Was iMeetzu Founded?

iMeetzu website was created in 2009 and became the first site that combines chatting with random people and a social network for further connection. Since then, the website did not change much, but it is still popular among users worldwide.

Who Owns iMeetzu?

The website was created by two 22 years old college students who decided to bring something new to online dating and communication.

Who Owns iMeetzu?

Registration & Profile

There are two ways in which you can use the iMeetzu website, as it is possible to proceed without the profile creation or take some time to register. If you decide to use it without the registration, just go to the website and select which chat do you prefer to enter. After that, you will be connected with another user straight away.

If you decide to use all the available iMeetzu features, you will have to create your own profile, which is entirely free to do. It will not take you much time at all; all you have to do is to click a Register Now button which will take you to the signup page. Then, you will have to provide the information on your gender, date of birth, and a valid email address. You also should create a password and a unique username. If you want to stay anonymous on the website, it makes sense for you to create a nickname that does not mention your real name and surname. You can also upload a picture and add a short bio to mention something about yourself and your interests. After these simple steps, your profile will be created, and you can get all the benefits of iMeetzu.


You can communicate with other users on iMeetzu in different ways, just select what is more comfortable for you and meet new people without extra effort.

There is a video chat option that requires users to have their webcams and microphones switched on. You will be matched with the other online user and start communicating straight away. You can end the video call any time you want and switch to a chat with another user. There is also a possibility to participate in a group video chat, connect with many users, and discuss some interesting topics. You can discuss everything you want, from favorite TV shows or video games to something more sensitive. Moreover, you can broadcast your webcam to everyone or allow it to be seen only by specific users, whom you can approve. Overall, the webcam communication on the iMeetzu site is very amusing and well done, so if you prefer video calls, you will definitely enjoy it.

If you do not want to have a video connection anymore, or simply prefer writing messages instead of calling, there is an option to communicate via text chats. You can not only exchange text messages but also upload pictures and share them with another person. This way, you can share a photo of yourself if you are ready to disclose your personality or let other people see what surrounds you.

It is possible to have wholly anonymized conversations so you can hide your username and other details. At the end of the chat, you can make your conversation private to conceal any information that you have shared, so no one will access it in the future.

If you are a registered member, you will be able to save contacts that you had a conversation with. This way, you can communicate again with the members that you have saved. Also, with a registered account, you can connect with other registered members through comments and like comments of other users.

You can see that iMeetzu is not about simple chatting with anyone but also a well-built tool that helps you to connect with other people and keep in touch with them in the future. Also, it is straightforward to select a type of conversation that you want and have access to all the needed tools without switching to another website.

Communication/Matches iMeetzu

How to Search for People on iMeetzu?

After registering on iMeetzu, you can search for people that you want to get in touch with either from a browser version or from a mobile app. You can filter out members by their age, gender, and more detailed information. As in any popular social media, you can send friend requests to any user that you like. You can also meet new people via the messaging tool if you both decide to disclose your usernames.

How to Delete iMeetzu Account?

If there is a need to remove your iMeetzu profile, all you have to do is log in to your account, go to My Account menu settings, click Edit Profile button and scroll all the way down until you see the account deletion option. To confirm the deletion request, you should enter your password and click the Delete Me button in the end.

There is also an option to request account removal through the email or contact option on the iMeetzu website.

Members Structure

iMeetzu community is friendly and welcoming, so you will feel great communicating with other people once you join this website. Most of the members are in their mid-twentieth, but there is no age restriction, so you can search for members from any age group that interests you. However, keep in mind that people older than 18 years old can register and use this website.

As iMeetzu gathers an international community, most of the users speak English. You can find some members that speak other major languages, like French or German, for example. Nevertheless, the number of people belonging to the English-speaking community will exceed other members.

Members Structure iMeetzu

Sexual Preferences

iMeetzu connects all the people, no matter their gender or sexual orientation. Therefore, you can easily find any person of any sexuality that interests you. You just need to start communicating with other members and find out the critical details for you.

Race and Ethnicity

Any person can register on the iMeetzu site, as there are no restrictions on a specific ethnicity. Everyone on the website is equal and friendly towards any other person.

Religious Orientation

There are no religious classifications on the iMeetzu website, so you can find a person belonging to any religious group. Generally, people do not talk much about religious preferences on the website chats. However, if it is something essential for you to, you can always ask another user about their religion or mention your preferences in your profile information section.

Pricing Policies

One of the most pleasant things that you find out by using the iMeetzu site is that it is entirely free. You can register and enjoy all the available features without paying a cent. It is an excellent value for free, and there are no hidden charges or additional payments for extra functionality.

Free Membership

If you are a guest iMeetzu user, you can start a video or text chat with a random member without registering. However, you will not be able to save a conversation later. If you are a registered member, you can benefit from more features and connect with members in different ways. You can create a free account and find users that interest you, leave comments, and enjoy personal or group chats with members from all over the world. The registration provides you more opportunities to find someone you like and even start a relationship with a soulmate you have found on the website.

Free Membership iMeetzu

As all the iMeetzu features are available for free, there is no premium subscription for which you should pay. To have access to all available features, you should simply create your personal account for free.

How to Cancel iMeetzu Paid Subscription?

iMeetzu is free and does not require any paid membership. If you do not want to continue using the app, you can simply delete your account.

Is iMeetzu Safe?

iMeetzu does not collect your personal information and tries to keep the community as safe as possible. However, no identity verification is required while registering the site, and anyone can access chats without registering. That is why there is a chance that some people may misuse the website. Therefore, to keep yourself safe and secure your data, you should be aware that sending your private information to chat members is not always a good idea. It is better not to mention your personal details in public video chat rooms, as even something minor can be used against you. If you keep in touch with a user for a long time and feel like you want to continue communication offline, share some details only in a tête-à-tête chat. Do not forget that you can always communicate in a fully anonymized chat and make all the data private after the end of chatting. If you see a user that breaks community rules, being offensive or inappropriate, you should block and report them to the website moderation team.

Is iMeetzu Safe?

Quality of Profiles

You can browse through registered iMeetzu accounts to find a person that interests you. Most of the profiles look like the ones in typical social media; they have a picture, basic information, and a profile description. Some profiles can be more descriptive, if a user decides to indicate an extensive biography, containing information about their personality and interests. Most of the registered users, however, do not have that much information on their accounts. As iMeetzu encourages starting communication with anyone, you can easily befriend a user and message them to get to know them more.

Website Design and Usability

iMeetzu website is straightforward and may not look that fancy on your first visit. It seems like the design of the site was not updated much since its creation in 2009. The website is user-friendly, and you will find it intuitive to use and navigate around. It does not have any extra features that you do not need. You will easily find big buttons that provide access to any communication option that you want. If you are a registered member, you will also have access to the search functionality and the profile menu on the top of the page.

Even though the design is not that exclusive, all the beauty of iMeetzu is inside its features and members.

Website Design and Usability

How Does iMeetzu Work?

iMeetzu connects users from any part of the world through webcam or text communication. It is possible not only to find random people to chat with but also to communicate with members as in a social network or a dating site. You can select which type of private chat do you want to have or participate in public chat rooms. With iMeetzu, you can match with people that you would not meet in real life and be honest with them without being afraid of being judged. Even though the website is more about communication with new people and getting to know as many members as possible, you can still find a person that you like and become more than just chat friends.

iMeetzu App

You can download an iMeetzu mobile application either by following the link on the website or by searching for the app in the iOS or Android app stores. The mobile app does not differ much from the desktop version. All the functionalities are kept and modified to be easily used from the smartphone. You can text or participate in webcam chats easily from your phone, the app runs smoothly and is perfect to use on the go. Therefore, if you do not have access to your laptop, you can still enjoy all the beauty of iMeetzu anywhere.

iMeetzu App

Alternatives of iMeetzu

Nowadays, there are numerous chat apps and websites that aim to connect different users. You may have heard about the Omegle website that offers free messaging with random users among text chats. However, the functionalities of this chat platform are limited, as, for instance, one cannot share pictures with other users. Among video chats, there is a popular Chatroulette platform, where you can match with random people and easily switch between them. These days, however, Chatroulette became overly sexualized, and many people there behave unsafely and are not moderated.

All in all, if you want to have a great and friendly experience, iMeetzu is a perfect choice. You can always select which type of conversation you want to have and use the website as a social network or even find a date there.


To sum up, iMeetzu is an excellent place for people who are open to new connections and communication. It has a friendly community of members that are always welcoming new people. It is possible to communicate via text messages or a webcam, having wholly anonymized chats or saving them in the end. You can meet users from all around the world and chat with people that you would never meet in real life. You can always be yourself and share your thoughts and interests with other members, find like-minded people, and connect with them even more than in a simple chat. Even though it is not a typical dating site, you can still find a soulmate and boost your relationships. If you want to have fun and meet new people, you should consider becoming a part of the iMeetzu community.

Contact Information

Company: iMeetzu

Address: 2577 Smith Road, Stone Mountain 30085

Phone: 7708792920

Email: [email protected]

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